Mulligan Stew April 25th 2020-LIVE- Spring Fundraiser from my home week 2


Everyone at CKUA Radio wishes all of our music fans a safe Spring, the cleanest hands you’ve ever had, and a peaceful Spring.

It’s the Spring Fundraiser for donor-supported CKUA.
We’ll be in our home studios with David Ward at the controls in Calgary.
In the last 30 minutes of the show, we’ll also go live on the CKUA Facebook page. 
This year, because of the pandemic, there are no volunteers to take calls and pass on your comments, dedications, and feedback.
So we both need to hear from you. Let’s get this job done. Like dinner.

Throughout AprilMulligan Stew and everyone else at CKUA have been saluting the doctors, nurses, caregivers, first responders, and in-store teams keeping us fed and protected with Saturday Beatles song sing-a-longs! People from all over the province have been participating from their balconies, porches, backyards, garages, cavern clubs, and more!

At 5 PM MT this Saturday April 25, we conclude this series with one final Beatles song. But what song will it be?

Please tell us what Beatles song you want us to close with on social media using #singforspring and tag @ckuaradio and @tdmulligan and we’ll run a twitter poll on Friday to determine the winning entry! We’ll play it on Saturday at 5 PM MT.


Thank you



photo credit: Kate  Siobhan Mulligan

“they do not adapt to the market needs but rather feel it is the market that needs to adapt to the needs of the agave”

For fans, the search for real mescal/mezcal  starts in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico

The tasting session with Sosima in Oaxaca was a Christmas present from my daughter Kate.

Her husband Pete was along for the tasting, to take some photos and make sure I found my way home.

Sosima is a  third-generation mezcal master from San Miguel Suchixtepec.  Olivera’s grandfather and her father brought Sosima and her six brothers into the world of making mezcal from a young age. She was taught the art by her Grandmother and Aunt.

She’s proud of her chontal ancestry—the indigenous people of Oaxaca—and explains that her people are a peaceful and united group that continues to make mezcal in the traditional approach: not only for drinking but to sustainably cultivate the plant for future generations to come.

There’s a saying in Mexico about Mescal

“When something is bad..the answer is mezcal

When something is good..the answer is mezcal”

photo  credit: Kate Siobhan Mulligan


They are the Maestro Chontales Tres Colibris (Three Hummingbirds) from Sola de Vega in Oaxaca.

Eight families with a long tradition of Mezcal making.

We welcome to Mulligan Stew Podcast The Mezcalistas

Mezcal FaneKantsini (@fanekantsini) 

Mezcal FaneKantsini – Home | Facebook

Mulligan Stew April 18th 2020- LIVE- Spring Fundraiser from my home


Everyone at CKUA Radio wishes all of our music fans a safe Spring, the cleanest hands you’ve ever had and a peaceful Spring.

It’s the Spring Fundraiser for donor-supported CKUA.
Allison will host Wide Cut Country Saturday at 10 am -Noon Mtn (9 am – 11amPacific)
And I’ll be riding SHOTGUN.
We’ll be in our home studios with David Ward at the controls in Calgary.
In the last 30 minutes of the show, we’ll also go live on the CKUA Facebook page. 
This year, because of the pandemic, there are no volunteers to take calls and pass on your comments, dedications, and feedback.
So we both need to hear from you. Let’s get this job done. Like dinner.
Thank you


EP 103 | Quibi CEO Meg Whitman


Quibi is a subscription-based streaming platform designed to deliver short-form scripted and unscripted content to your cell phone. The name is a mash-up of the words “quick” and “bites,” a nod to the fact that episodes of Quibi shows will run roughly seven to ten minutes in length.

Meg Whitman is the CEO of Quibi.   Prior to Quibi, she served as CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and President/CEO for the Hewlett-Packard Company.

Also senior executive at Disney. Ran for Governor of California. A key part of Mitt Romney’s Presidential bids of 2008 and 2012!

Quibi could be the future of entertainment. We’ll see.

EP 102 | Roy Forbes


As much as Canada loves Roy Forbes’ songs I think it’s his voice that goes straight through your heart.

No fooling around. This voice is memorable. There’s only one like it.

The high lonesome sound of Canada.

He’s been at it for almost 50 years.

Sunday he celebrates his 14th year of hosting Roy’s Record Room on CKUA Radio, province-wide in Alberta.  Name me another show that plays

Vinyl, 45’s and 78’s. Sexy slick tracks from the 20’s through to the 50’s.

A tower of those 78’s fell on top of Roy in his studio and his retina was so damaged he lost his sight. Roy has driven himself to just carry on.

Roy’s Room  IS the history of modern music. It’s how we got to where we are.

Roy has also just released his 11th album Edge of Blue.  It’s a  soul album by a skinny white kid.

It’s very good…

Here’s the complete interview with tracks…

Let’s Rock with Roy


MulliganStew April 11th 2020-We say hello to The Beatles and Goodbye to Barry Allen, Bill Withers and John Prine




The first 6 words of a classic Lennon/McCartney composition called Hello Goodbye.

The NEXT Saturday 5PM #SingforSpring Song.

Province-wide, we sing a “Thank You” to all the health care workers, first responders, drivers, shopkeepers, essential services and more.

Step outside (sunny -2) open a window, step out onto the balcony, hit the front or back porch..roll down the car window.  If you can turn on the phone video.  Sing for all those heroes out there and post your video to

#singforspring.  On Instagram or Facebook

Thank you ALL


Our guest this week is one of our own..Rockin’ Roy Forbes. Host of  Roy’s Record Room.

He’s celebrating the 14th year of “The Room” on CKUA and he’s just launched his latest and greatest album Edge of Blue.  (The complete interview can be found at on Our Podcast)


NOTE:  This show was recorded on Tuesday because of the short week. I was more than halfway through the show when I discovered that John Prine had died.

I decided to just keep on going and let the Stew play out in real-time.

If it sounds like I got a tad choked up at times…I did. Like many, John and I shared a lot of years, a lot of songs together.


I decided to play a farewell song to John..and the natural choice was the last track on The Tree of Forgiveness.  When I get to Heaven is the song.

Some of the artists we’ve surrounded John with are

A new song from Mavis

Two from Colin James

Lyle Lovett

Two artists we lost this week.  Bill Withers and  a long time friend..who I loved dearly

Barry Allen

Barry Allen.


Roxy Music-Supertramp-John Hiatt-Patti Smith-Linda Ronstadt and The Stew ends with over 12 minutes of the classic Boz Scaggs track Loan me A Dime. With the Muscle Shoals stars and Duane Allman on guitar.


Bill Withers

The playlist is below…

Please remember


You are not alone

CKUA Spring Fundraiser is launched…

Be Safe

Be Kind




Mulligan Stew April 11 2020 #SingforSpring
Hello Goodbye The Beatles One
Lean on Me Bill Withers Still Bill
Tumbling Dice Linda Ronstadt Simple Dreams
She’s no lady Lyle Lovett Pontiac #SingforSpring
All in it together Mavis Staples Single Guest – Roy Forbes Edge of Blue
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer John Lee Hooker The real folk bluies
Riding in the Moonlight.Mr Luck Colin James Blue Highways
Happy Birthday Rob Derkitt From his family
Honky Tonk Part 2 Bill Doggett best of
Special Guest – Rockin Roy Forbes Edge of Blue
This is The Stew with TDMulligan Year 25
If you need me Barry Allen Speed of Dark
Into the mystic Colin James Take it from the top
Hello in There John Prine John Prine
with a little help the Beatles Sgt Pepper
Love is the drug Roxy Music best of NEXT – Roy Forbes brings Edge of Blue
Bloody well Right Supertramp Crime of the Century
Complete Roy interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Roy Forbes Interview Edge of Blue
Don’t let go Roy Forbes Edge of Blue
Roy Forbes Interview
Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Lydia Ann Roy Forbes Edge of Blue
Roy Forbes Interview
Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
rumble strip Roy Forbes Edge of Blue
Roy Forbes Interview
Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
more than a little bit blue Roy Forbes Edge of Blue
Congrats Roy on 14 years of The Room edge of Blue and Roys Record Room
John Prine Oct 10 1946 – April 7 2020 Say goodbye to The Mailman
when i get to Heaven John Prine The tree of Forgivness
Goodbye John Prine We loved you
have a little faith John Hiatt Best of
Because the night Patti Smith Easter
Have a wonderful weekend . Easter. Please be safe and Be Kind
Loan me a Dime Boz Scaggs Boz Scaggs

EP 101 | The Wood Brothers


Nobody sounds like The Wood Brothers.

The Wood Brothers are blessed by dedicated fans who love their singular style that fuses gospel, blues, jazz, folk, country, and rock.

The band consists of Oliver Wood on guitar, younger brother Chris Wood on bass, and multi-instrumentalist Jano Rix, who brings percussion to the band with his guitar, drums, keyboards…

Jano Rix..plays a guitar that’s modified to also be a percussive element.

The harmonies are sublime..the songwriting solid.

I love this band and these guys.

One of the keys is Chris Wood who brings jazz chops from his years with Medeski, Martin, and Wood.

What a band…

Best of all, they’re honest. No grandstanding..just outstanding music.

The boys talk about their time with Levon Helm, Drummer& Vocalist for The Band.

The Bands influence on their music.

This interview took place backstage at The Imperial Room, Vancouver BC.

March 28, 2017

Mulligan Stew April 4th 2020-#SingforSpring


The first song Saturday is perhaps the most important one.

I decided to start all four shows in April with a Beatles Song, so we could ALL sing to and for the first responders, health care heroes and store staff who are risking their health to feed us and make sure we have the medicines we need.

The STEW starts with All you need is Love.

Throw open a window or step outside on your balcony, porch, deck or roll down the car window and sing the song.

Please shoot a short video of you or the people around you and post it to either Instagram Stories or Facebook. Most important Hashtag  #SingforSpring



Let’s make some noise for those who are putting their lives on the line.

Next Week it’s  Hello Goodbye

April 18 its Hey Jude

April 25 – the Beatle song is whatever you guys say it is.


My thinking on these two hours was to keep the singing there’s some

Ben E King


Tom Petty.

They All follow The Beatles.

Then it’s handpicked music for a Saturday Night

Mercy Now – Mike Ferris

Buckle Up – New Pearl Jam

Sooner or Later – Eliza Gilkison

Hip Huh Her – Booker T

Can’t find my way home -Steve Winwood Live

One – U2


Linda Ronstadt

Robert Plant – Allison Krauss

The Wood Brothers

Elton John

Sarah Harmer

Billy Cowsill and The Co-Dependants

Lots of music to move to..

OR just lay there and think about Spring.

Take CARE of each other and #SINGFORSPRING




Mulligan Stew Are you ready to sing the song?
#SINGTHESONG For our Healthcare Heroes
All you need is Love The Beatles One
Start me up The Rolling Stones Honk
Stand by me Ben E King Greatest Hits
Free Fallin’ Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Greatest Hits
Please support our Health Care Heroes #SINGFORSPRING
Think Aretha Franklin Greatest Hits
Jesus etc Puss ‘n Boots No Fools No Fun
when will I be loved Linda Ronstadt Heart like a wheel
#singforspring Please post your videos for our first responders Instagram or Facebook
Can’t find my way home (live) Steve Winwood Greatest Hits Live
Let’s not call it love The Radio Grande Town and Country
Paper in Fire Alan Doyle Rough Side Out #SINGFORSPRING
Mercy Now Mike Ferris Shine for all the People
One U2 Achtung baby
Nutty Monte Alexander Wareika Hill
Mulligan Stew Hour Two
when I’m 64 The Beatles Sgt Pepper
Buckle Up Pearl Jam Gigaton
Up on Cripple Creek (live) The Band The Last Waltz
Once were Brothers Robbie Robertson Sinematic
in my life The Beatles Rubber Soul
#SINGFORSPRING Please Salute The Healthcare heroes.
Sooner or Later Eliza Gilkison 2020
Hip Hug Her Booker T and the MG’s Best of Booker T #singforspring
I’ll be your baby tonight (live) The Co-Dependants Live
Fortune Teller Robert Plant & Allison Krauss Raising Sand
I can change your mind The James Hunter Six Nick of Time
get out my life woman (live) The Wood Brothers Live at The Tooth and Nail
Bennie and The Jets Elton John Yellow Brick Road
Take me Out Sarah Harmer Are you gone?
Please support our Health Care Heroes #singforspring thank you
Rich Girl Lake Street Dive Fun Machine
#singforspring Thank you

EP 100 | Nathaniel Rateliff


Welcome to Podcast 100!

When Nathaniel began writing for the new album And it’s still Alright, the songs initially centered on the pain of his unraveling personal relationship, but the theme of the album took a different direction when Richard Swift, his longtime friend, and producer of Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats’ two acclaimed albums, passed away in July 2018.

This time, there’s no Night Sweats riding to the rescue.

While the songs are quieter and more reflective,  they are no less urgent and indelible.  These are strong stories  and even stronger songs

“I’ve always been trying to write songs that hit you in the stomach but I like ones that make people feel like things will be just fine.”

Nathaniel Rateliff

Mulligan Stew March 28th 2020- SATURDAY NIGHT MUSIC FOR SHUT-INS 


Strange Days my friends.

We hope you are safe, well and settled.
All this week I was thinking…
“What can I play that will help lighten somebody’s load?”
We’re all in our encampments trying to get through a tough time but it IS Saturday night. 
The two-hour playlist started to take shape from the last song backward. 
I saw a video for a Tedeschi Trucks Wheels of Soul tour Live at Red Rocks. 
It was a 15 minute medley of two Sly and the Family Stone tracks. The band on stage must have been 15 people. Background Singers..double drums – horns up the wazoo. Wicked guitar duel. 
And that’s how The Stew ends. 
So. Knowing that was the ending of The Stew,  the start of the show was easy peasy. 
Neville Brothers
Amy Helm
Annie Lennox
James Brown
Joe Cocker/Mad Dogs 
The Hip
Black Pumas
Stones and CSN Live
Buddy and June Miller 
and the final 30 minutes has three artists 
A special edit of Tower of Power
Stevie Ray Vaughn Live at Carnegie Hall
And Tedeschi Trucks 
Oh…also in the mix a special appearance by Bob Chelmick. The Prince of Poems. 
Saturday night music for shut-ins. 
FYI. The  100th MulliganStew Podcast features Nathaniel Rateliff 


Welcome to The Stew with terrydavidmulligan March 28 -2020 – Keeping our distance
Didn’t it rain Amy Helm didn’t it rain
Brother John/Iko Iko The Neville Bros Fiyo on the bayou
Walking on broken glass (acoustic) Annie Lennox Shining Light EP Coming UP – James Brown and Joe Cocker Stew Podcast – Nathaniel Rateliff
ain’t that a groove James Brown and the Famous Flames Best of James Brown
Space Captain (live) Joe Cocker. Mad Dogs and Englishmen Live at Filmore East
Mulligan Stew – with tdm NEXT – Bob Chelmick brings The Words
Bob Chelmick – speaks Mary Oliver’s The Old Poets of China
Gone to Shiloh Elton John and Leon Russell The Union
Nothing Harry Manx and Steve Marriner Hellbound for Heaven
Mulligan Stew Podcast – Nathaniel Rateliff
Long time running The Tragically Hip Road Apples
How come you never go there Feist How come you never go there
Colours (acoustic) Black Pumas Acoustic NEXT – Stones and CSN – Both live
Under my Thumb (live) The Rolling Stones HONK – Live at London Stadium
For what it’s worth (live) Crosby, Stills, Nash CSN 2012
Gypsy Woman The Impressions Greatest Hits Mulligan Stew – Next Emmylou. Buddy & June Miller
Tragedy Emmylou Harris Red Dirt Girl
I’m gonna make you love me Buddy and June Miller Breakdown on 20th Ave South
Stay Maurice Williams and the Zodiaks Oldies but Goodies
This is The Stew Year 25 with tdm
Oakland Stroke & East Bay All the Way Tower of Power Back to Oakland & Step Up
Things I used to do (live) Stevie Ray Vaughn Live at Carnegie Hall
Thank you for listening AND donating
Sly Medley (live) Tedeschi Trucks Band Live at Red Rocks Wheels of Soul 2019