December 8th, 2018 -Two Amazing Women Jane Ferrari and Jann Arden  

Two of BC’s best Fitz Family & Tantalus plus Two Women who should run the World Jane Ferrari and Jann Arden




Jane Ferrari –  The voice of Yalumba (Barossa, Australia)


Jane Ferrari – Yalumba

Jane is one of the World’s great storytellers and Yalumba is one great story. Yalumba is Australia’s oldest family owned winery.

Right off the top, Jane tells the gripping story of how the family and staff saved the winery many years ago.

The very best part of this story is that Yalumba make sensational wines – for the world.

Canada’s has been a Yalumba fan for years. The other story to watch for is when its founder Samuel Smith left Dorset England  in 1847 and found himself in Victoria, BC.  He  fell in love with the location but felt he had to move on to find a land for his vines.

In 2010, Wine Enthusiast named Yalumba ‘New World Winery of the Year.’

“The world of wine is a big family and I like it for many reasons.

It’s hellishly competitive in a commercial sense, but the Antinoris, Dujacs, Faiveleys, of the world and the Pol Rogers, Browns, Tyrells, Felton Roads, – they are all inspirations.”  Robert Hill Smith – Yalumba –  Fifth Generation Owner

 The world of wine is a big family and I like it for many reasons.

 Gordon Fitzpatrick – Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards (Summerland/Peachland. Take your pick)

 Gordon Fitzpatrick is well known to  Canadian wine fans.

 In 1986 his family started Cedar Creek  Estate Winery and 8 years later they bought Greata Ranch located on the  main highway between Peachland and Summerland.

In 2014 Cedar Creek was sold to the Von Mandl Family and Gordon made serious plans for Greata Ranch, which had been somewhat forgotten over the years.

A mere 4 years later Fitzpatrick Family Wines have become a destination for fresh whites and a serious house of bubble.

I found Gordon on the back deck overlooking the Chardonnay and Pinot Vineyards and Okanagan Lake.

Congratulations again to the complete team that helped to create a rising star in Canadian Wine.

Gordon Fitspatrick- Peachland


At the 2018 national Wine Awards Fitz won 5 Gold Medals

Gold – 2014 Fitz Brut Sparkling Wine, $32.99

Gold – 2015 Fitz Brut Sparkling Wine, $32.99

Gold – 2014 Fitz Sparkling Rosé, $42.50

Gold – 2014 Fitz Blanc de Blancs, $42.50

Gold – 2017 Pink Mile Rosé, $19.50

Jann Arden – Feeding My Mother: Comfort and Laughter in The Kitchen as my Mother lives with Memory Loss

“Jann Arden is one of the most honest and talented women I’ve ever met, and her love for her mother is so rich.” —Chef Lynn Crawford

Even though Jann and I have known each other for 30 years it didn’t make the book any easier to read.

The pain of watching her Mother fade away commands each and every page of this cookbook and then you turn the page and it’s

a recipe for split pea soup.



We talk about dealing with the slow loss of her Mother and Candy Grams for Mongo.

That’s exactly what a Jann Arden concert is like..crazy fun one moment and heart wrenching  the next.


As each day steals more and more of her Mother’s  memory, it’s her  kitchen  and the food in it that connects her Jann and her Mother.

Amazing book.

Fascinating performer.

Wonderful friend.



David Paterson – GM and Winemaker at Tantalus (Kelowna)


Tantalus is situated on the eastern slopes of the Okanagan Valley, overlooking the shores of Lake Okanagan and Kelowna.

Originally known as Pioneer Vineyards, the site was first planted to table grapes in 1927 and today is known as the oldest continuously producing vineyard in British Columbia

David Paterson is a Kiwi and a Canadian, having been born in Vancouver. He received his winemaking degree from Lincoln University NZ & following time spent working in the local NZ industry he travelled the wine world gaining experience at premium wineries in Oregon, France & Australia.

David Paterson Tantalus Winemaker & GM

He landed at Tantalus in 2009 and with many  successful vintages under his belt with the winery he took on the role of GM as well in 2016. Prior to joining Tantalus, David was working with celebrated South Australian producer Henschke Cellars.

As such he got to work the vineyards at the world famous Hill of Grace.  Riesling has always been the leader at Tantalus however, through  David’s guidance Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Blanc de Noir have caught our attention.

Outstanding wines and  leadership. That’s David Paterson at Tantalus.



Gotham and Hy’s announce a wine partnership

Joseph Luckhurst Road 13

3 Questions

-What wine as a gift

-Best wine of 2018

-Trends for 2019

Dan Wright – Winemaker at Unsworth

Best interviews of the year








Mulligan Stew Dec 1st 2018- Special guest Tom Coxworth, and much more!

2 hours of tunes to celebrate the turning of the season, a month and the blur known as The Holidays.

Special guest
Tom Coxworth talks about Folk Awards and events in Calgary this weekend plus who might show up on Sundays Folk Routes.
(Don’t forget tonight he also guests on Andy’s show)
I have new music from Mark Knopfler, a great rework of I Can’t Win by Joey Landreth, a demo of  George teaching Paul and John “while my guitar gently weeps”, First Aid Kit, Dan Mangan AND Calgary’s Shaye Zadravec singing Chris Cuddy’s “Dear Elvis“. 
Oh. Our first Christmas track. Lonesome Christmas by Eric Clapton.
Got some Frazey Ford, Sting and Shaggy, Rosanne Cash and Bruce Springsteen, Jann, Mick, Elvis, The Hip, The Persuaders original Thin Line Between Love and Hate. Dave Mathews Band Live, Tom Petty at BobFest, Los Lobos and Aaron Neville.


Mulligan Stew Dec 1 2018
welcome to Mulligan Stew Year 23 with TDMulligan
lonesome christmas eric clapton happy christmas
can you get to that frazey ford single EP
get a job james taylor other covers
if you cant find love sting and shaggy 44/876 Coming UP on The Stew – John Fogerty and The Hip
green river john fogerty the long road home
thin line between love and hate the persuaders best of
bobcageon The Tragically Hip Phantom Power Podcast on Spotify.Google Play Music. Apple Podcasts
Peace (live) los lobos just another band
respect yourself aaron neville and mavis staples bring it on home – the soul classics
postcard first aid kit ruins
sea of heartbreak rosanne cash and bruce springsteen the list
subscribe to mulligan stew podscast Spotify. Apple podcasts.Google Play Music
while my guitar (demo) The beatles White LP – Deluxe
the long goodgye jann arden these are the days
Mulligan Stew – TD Mulligan NEXT – Memo from Turner – MicK Jagger
memo from Turner Mick Jagger Performance soundtrack
warehouse (live) dave mathews band best of what’s around Coming UP – Tom Coxworth
cold in the summer dan mangan more or less
just a biy away from home mark knopfler down the road wherever with uncle mully
i cant win joey landreth single
dear elvis shaye zadravec single
good rockin tonight elvis boy from tupelo
everybody must get stoned tom petty BobFest – 30th anniversary at MSG
tom coxworth interview Folk Routes
bruce cockburn 3 al purdys bone on bone
another way donovan woods both ways

December 1st, 2018 – Heads UP/VanWineFest/BC Cider Week/Wine &  Oyama Sausage/1000 stories

Heads UP/VanWineFest/BC Cider Week/Wine &  Oyama Sausage/1000 stories

 Making plans for the run-up to Holidays or for  early 2019?

We have three stories for you.  A primer of the next VanWineFest, also advance notice on the 3rd BC Cider festival and a check in on the amazing December to be had at the wildly popular Oyama Sausage at Granville Market.  Joanne Sasvari editor of Vitis will pair wines with Oyama’s legendary offerings.

And we finish with Bob Blue, maker of a Bourbon aged Zin called 1000 stories.  Ready?



Harry Hertscheg  – (Executive Director of 41st Vancouver International Wine Festival)

 Vancouver International Wine Festival has been described as “the largest wine festival in the Americas” with 25,000+ admissions. It is Canada’s premier wine show and widely considered to be one of the best wine events in the world. At age 41, it is also among the oldest. Its slogan is “The Wine World is Here”. For the past six years, VIWF has been voted the #1 Food, Wine & Hospitality Event in Canada by New York’s BizBash.

Harry Hertscheg

41st annual (founded 1979)

8 days, Feb 23-Mar 3 (Bacchanalia Gala, Feb 23)

25,000+ admissions

16 countries

160 wineries; including 53 from featured region California

54 events (20 are California events)

1,500 wines projected, including an estimated:

42,000 bottles poured and/or purchased.


Harry Hertscheg is the perfect guy to guest here as he loves his WineFest numbers  plus he’s been on TRR many times and we seem to have developed a “shorthand” in getting through all the information the festival contains.

Most importantly, California is the featured wine region this year.  After all the fires, droughts then  floods they could use all the love we have to offer.

Remember, one of the ways we can help them recover from the disasters is to buy their wines and send our support.  California is the single most popular wine region in BC.  Now is when they need us most.

But first, you have to have a ticket to get in.  Harry has some ideas for you.

Shawn Pisio – (Organizer/Co-Founder of BC Cider Week)

 When he’s not organizing BC Cider Week, Shawn and his team run TXOTX – (pronounced Choech)  which is Basque for “to drink cider from a barrel”

One of my highlights of 2018 waas attending, tasting and doing interviews at The Pipe Shop, foot of onsdale in North Vancouver.

It’s one of the few shipbuilding rooms still standing.

30 plus cider makers all pouring their very best. So many stories and tales.

Cider has just exploded in popularity.  One of the people responsible is Shawn Pisio (and Rich Massey) who has a passion for cider than knows no bounds.

So, just like the VanWineFest, the BC Cider Week is fast approaching from April 26th to May 5.  The last day,  May 5th,  is the third gathering of cider makers at The Pipe Shop but Shawn also has info on  two cider  events in Kelowna and two on Vancouver Island at Tod Creek and Sea Cider.

300 Vancouver early bird tickets sold out in 45 minutes. BUT there’s more coming in January.

Shawn is here to tell you all about it.

Christmas in Oyama

Jerome Dudicourt  (Manager of Oyama Sausage. Granville Market)

jerome dudicourt – oyama


Joanne Sasvari (Editor of Vitis and Vancouver Eats cookbook)

For many of us, Christmas really doesn’t start until we stand in line at the Oyama Sausage Counter at Granville Market.

Most line-ups are a pain but at Oyama you need the wait time to check out every square inch of food displayed in the coolers..glorious cheeses, amazing sausages, pate to-die-for, smoked wild Boar, Porcini Mushroom pate, Toulouse Sausages, sweet ham, game everywhere. The signage is fun and informative.

Our first guest is Jerome Dudicourt, the manager & trained chef who speaks of his store  like it’s priceless, which it is.

And then Joanne Sasvari the editor of Vitis  comes into the picture with her wine choices to go with Jerome’s December specials.

From Vancouver Island to the Okanagan Valley, B.C. wine is rapidly gaining global attention for its quality, diversity and innovation.

Vitis aims to capture the excitement by telling the stories of wineries and the passionate people that own and operate them, as well as offering accessible insights into the finer points of wine and current trends.

Keep a notepad handy..there’s something  here for everyone.



Many meat and cheese lovers from across the Lower Mainland make an annual pilgrimage to the Granville Island shop before celebrating the holidays with family and friends. Here are some of the highlights of the coming month.

Swedish Ham Tasting – Friday, Nov, 30th and Saturday, Dec. 1st

For two days only, Oyama will offer complimentary samples of its legendary Swedish Hams. The hams are perfect for holiday tables and often sell out, but customers can reserve theirs in advance to avoid disappointment.


Game Weekend – Thursday, Dec. 6th to Sunday, Dec. 9th

On this weekend the shop will offer dozens of handmade game specialties – everything from Lapin Maison Terrine to Goose Prosciutto to Wild Boar Prosciutto. The unique flavours and textures make show stopping charcuterie boards for festive entertaining, as well as providing easy and convenient lunches and snacks during the busy holiday season.


Christmas and New Year’s 2018

Oyama will again make a range of special creations for the holidays, including Pate en Croute, Sec Ardennes, and Wild Boar Galantine. The shop’s full list of offerings may be found at from December 1st onward


Starting December 15th, the shop will open its Fast Lane service, allowing customers who placed their entire order in advance to bypass the regular counter.

Bob Blue – Founding Winemaker at Bonterra and 1000 Stories

Iconic winemaker Bob Blue on the phone from Mendocino.  Bob is showcasing his most recent project – 1000 Stories Bourbon Barrel-aged Zinfandel

 A graduate from UC-Davis, Bob is considered a pioneer in the organic wine arena and is the founding winemaker for Bonterra, America’s #1 Organic wine. Bob was mentored by Paul Dolan and Dennis Martin and traveled to Bordeaux, Burgundy, Australia and the Rhone to broaden his sense of style. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Drinks Business Green Awards in 2014, recognizing him for his 25-year commitment to the highest standards of organic viticulture.


1000 stories opens with vanilla and cherries, hints of barnyard.  A sweet attack followed quickly by pepper, cooking spices, vanilla? AND Twizzler. (Liquorice)

By the time you taste that first mouthful you are engaged. Welcome to BC Bob!!

The second half of the interview is all about Organic wines..their growth and rise in popularity.

Because Bob has been an industry leader in organic wines for almost 30 years he’s the guy to talk to about how organic wines won all of us over.

Winery of the Year in 2014 from Wine Enthusiast.



The Forks food and wine program in Winnipeg

Holiday Wines and Gifts.



Ep 34 | Bruce McCulloch Podcast

Dec 1, 2018

This week, from the vaults, Terry talks with writer, actor, and comedian Bruce McCulloch. Bruce is best known for his work on the CBC sketch comedy series The Kids in the Hall (maybe you remember him as Kathie the Secretary, Cabbage Head or as pop singing sensation Tammy.)
Terry talks to Bruce about his book Let’s Start A Riot: How A Young Drunk Punk Became a Hollywood Dad. Their conversation touches on family, his musical tastes, and includes a story about the time he put his wife through “The Jukebox Test” when they first started dating.

Mulligan Stew Nov 24th 2018-Music for Three Down Football!

Music for Three Down Football…

Not so much the game but for the Saturday Night.
You know things will be jumping outside CKUA Radio on Jasper Ave. So we’ve
just decided to Go-with-the-Flow and play EVERYTHING.
If you like LIVE tracks here’s what’s coming UP
Live tracks from …
Paul Simon  Diamonds on the soles of her shoes
Billy Joel   Piano Man
Leonard Cohen – Dance me to the end of Love
Ray Charles – The Right Time
The Wood Bros – Ophelia
Little Steven and the Disciples (with Bruce Springsteen) – 10th Ave Freeze
John Mellencamp – Cherry Bomb
The Rolling Stones – I can’t turn you loose
Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul  (with Bruce Springsteen) – I don’t
want to go Home –
And Saturday night tracks from …
Van Morrison
Herbie Hancock with Sting
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
Leon Bridges
David Gogo
Alabama Shakes
Dan Mangan
Joni Mitchell
Linda Ronstadt
kd lang and Tony Bennett
The Beatles
David Bowie and Mick Jagger
So.  Let’s review.
3 down football
Saturday night on  Grey Cup Weekend
2 hours of handpicked, killer music for your dining and dancing pleasure.
Add whatever you have on the BBQ and your favorite beverage.


diamonds on the soles of her shoes (live) paul simon live at hyde park
sweet thing van morrison astral weeks
big yellow taxi (live) joni mitchell miles of aisles
sister moon herbie hancock and Sting possibilities
The Grey Cup Stew
here comes the Sun The beatles The beatles (white LP)
Willin’ Linda Ronstadt heart like a wheel
The Grey Cup Stew with Terry David Mulligan
Piano Man (live) Billy Joel Live at Shea stadium
dance me to the end of love (live) leonard cohen Live in Dublin
long time. Wrong time sharon jones and the dap kings give the people what they want The Grey Cup Stew with TDM
The right time (live) Ray Charles Live at Newport
Ophelia (live) The Wood bros Live at the Barn
shrimp and Grits Tedeschi Trucks Band
The Grey Cup Stew with tdmulligan
10th ave freeze out (live) Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul with Bruce Springsteen soul Fire live
cherry bomb (live) John mellencamp plain spoken live at chicago theatre
I can’t turn you loose (live) The rolling stones Stucky Fingers Live2015`
bad bad news leon bridges good thing The Grey Cup Stew with TDM Podcast Spotify.Apple.Google Play
Helpless kdlang recollection
blackbird The beatles The Beatles Super Deluxe
Mulligan Stew Podcast can be found at Apple Podcasts.Google Play Music. Spotify
Tom Cat Prowl david gogo 17 vultures
real real gone van morrison enlightenment
hold on alabama shakes boys and girls
dancing in the streets David Bowie..Mick Jagger Dancing EP
wonderful world kdlang-tony bennett a wonderful world
just fear dan mangan more or less
i dont want to go home (live) little steven and the disciples of soul with Springsteen Soul Fire Live

Ep 33 | Steve Poltz Podcast

Nov 23, 2018

Steve Poltz joins Terry live at the 2018 Edmonton Folk Music Festival to discuss co-writing songs with Jewel, including a story about the time they almost lost the lyrics to her chart-topping hit “You Were Meant for Me”. Between live songs, Steve also tells Terry about rediscovering a half-completed song he co-wrote with Jewel, and how Molly Tuttle aims to bring that song to completion in 2018.
Songs performed include “Mother Russia” and “Fistfight at a Vegan Lunch”.

November 24th 2018- A Church. A Fort. A Chef and One of NZ’s Best,  Felton Road.

A Church. A Fort. A Chef and One of NZ’s Best,  Felton Road.

OK.  Let’s take them one at a time.

Evan Saunders –  Winemaker at Blasted Church  (Okanagan Falls)

Evan Saunders

Evan grew up on the Canadian prairies.

Became a Micro-Biologist at UVic.

Which led to the wine course at Brock in Ontario and finally his first
winery at Osoyoos La Rose and a 3-year mentorship with their winemaker
Pascal Madevon.

Now Evan’s  talent has been fully recognized at Blasted Church, south of
Penticton, overlooking Skaha Lake and part of the Okanagan Falls Winery

Blasted Church is unlike any other winery in Canada.

They make over 30 different wines, even though they keep changing, their
labels are totally one-of-a-kind  and very likely bother some wine fans who
happen to be religious.

Best of all, they make wine fun and funny AND they come through with solid
wines in the bottle.

Evan has created several new wines. The revered series featuring Answered
Prayers AND Nectar of the Gods (in partnership with pal  Pascal Madevon)

Plus Bible Thumper.

Down the road watch for Evan’s influence on the Blasted Church reds  That’s
his specialty.

Heads UP – we didn’t have room for all of Evan’s recommendations for last
week’s Winter Whites.

Here’s his list of Winter Whites  which he talks us through on today’s show

2017 Sauvignon blanc – 25% barrel fermentation, about 6% Semillon, estate
Sauvignon blanc

2017 Small Blessings Semillon – about 45 cases, barrel fermentation, 11
months on lees, Semillon from the North shore of Osoyoos Lake

2016 Bible Thumper – barrel fermentation, Viognier, Roussanne blend

2016 Nectar of the Gods – Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cot noir blend,
22 months in barrel, about 50% new French oak  ( It’s not White. Evan will


Rolf de Bruin – Fort Berens co-founder. (Lillooet BC)

Rolf de Bruin Fort Berens

Rolf and his wonderful wife/partner Heleen Pannekoek share the management
duties at  Fort Berens  in Lillooet, BC

They were the first winery in the area but  Rolf tells us about the four
growers now operating in the area plus yet another winery   Cliff and Gorge
will open at Texas Creek Ranch,  Spring 2019.  Plus a new GI has been
approved for Lillooet and so beginning with their next vintage they will be
able to use Lillooet VQA on their labels.

Fort Berens Winery

Rolf was also happy to announce the release of their exceptional  Reserve


Cab Franc


Plus their Classics

Pinot Noir

Cab Franc


In May they planted their new Red Rock Vineyard with 4 acres of Merlot and 5
acres of Cab Franc.

Early in 2019, they plan to plant more Riesling, Cab, Gruner, and Merlot.

Things are looking good in Lillooet.  Have a listen to Rolf and then make
plans to give them a visit in 2019.

Nigel  Greening –  Felton Road  (NZ)


Maker of one of the world’s finest Pinot Noirs. No Question.

This Central Otago icon produces stunning biodynamic wines year after year.
These guys really know their stuff.

In 2010 Felton Road was designated a Grand Cru winery of New Zealand. This
Grand Cru status, currently only held by two other wineries (including Ata
Rangi), recognizes the premier producers of Pinot Noir in New Zealand.


Winemaker Blair Walter is a master of less is more, Pinots are unfined and
unfiltered and challenge the very best the world has to offer.

Felton Road is situated on warm, north facing slopes of glacial loess soils
in Bannockburn, in the heart of Central Otago. The modern gravity fed winery
receives 100% estate grown fruit from its three vineyards that are all
farmed biodynamically and are fully certified by Demeter. Minimal
intervention in the winemaking with such practices as wild yeast, no fining
or filtration, allow the unique vineyard characters to further express their
considerable personality.

Since the first vintage in 1997, Felton Road has acquired a formidable
worldwide reputation.

Felton Road is one of the legendary names in New Zealand wine. They’re
probably the most famous of the Central Otago wineries, making some highly
regarded Pinot Noirs.

It was my great pleasure  to spend a number of hours talking to Owner, part
time chef and team leader Nigel Greening.

Looking for one of the best wineries anywhere in NZ?

You’ve just found it.  Felton Road.

Chef Andrey Durbach – Il Falcone (Courtney, BC)

Andrey and Sian Durbach moved to the Comox  Valley, Vancouver Island over
a year ago from Vancouver. They had been  running multiple  downtown
Vancouver restaurants. High Tempo Rooms.

Sian and Andrey Durbach

Before he became an outstanding graduate of the CIA,  Culinary Institute of
America in NYC, he had first made a name for himself in Vancouver working
with Bishop’s, Il Giardino and Café de Paris.  He launched Etoile in 96.
There he learned the hard lessons of running a restaurant. Sold the place
and hit the road re-learning the trade.

When Sian and Andrey returned to Vancouver 2 years later they partnered with
Chris Stewart and opened Parkside, La Buca and Pied-a-Terre. Cafeteria
followed with its $20 or less menu. My favorite was Sardine Can. A tiny
room in Gastown.

No matter what the location I always noticed and liked his cooking.

Well,  imagine my delight to discover that Sian and Andrey had opened Il
Falcone in downtown Courtney.

Why Courtney?

Andrey explains in the interview that he and Sian finally wanted to work for
themselves and the best place was a former Mexican restaurant in Courtney.
Surrounded by burnt yellow stucco walls enclosing a courtyard filled with
black cherry, fig, and other fruit swear the restaurant was
somewhere in Italy.  Perfect. We’ve been three times and all three we sat
outside under those trees. Glorious.

And the food?

Italian dishes with no excuses…Nothing but the best. It helps that they’re
surrounded by hundreds of farms, fisheries specialists and foragers working
the land. One of the best cheese makers in Canada is right around the

Andre says he and Sian pretended to be Italians moving to the Comox Valley
and they did what they’d do back in Italy..source and cook local. Cook like
the Italians would.

The wine menu?  Almost exclusively Italian.

For anyone who’s traveled to matter what small town you were in,
there would always be one Italian restaurant as its centerpiece. That’s what
they’ve tried to do here. Just off the beaten path..a discovery waiting to

Is it worth the flight or ferry? Yes and absolutely yes.

As Andrey told Montecristo magazine..

“My kind of diner is one who loves unctuous, delicious food, and is willing
to chance the unfamiliar. It’s a diner who knows and trusts the kitchen and
the servers, a person who wholeheartedly invests in the visceral experience
of a meal. This is what I’m after.”

I guess the question for you is – are you that diner?


Holiday Wines

Wine Gifting

Best interviews of the Year

Mulligan Stew Nov 17 2018-Winnipeg Special!


It’s smack in the middle of the country.

Influences, whether it be The arts,  food or wine come from East and West.

So how is it, that Winnipeg and Manitoba consistently gift all of Canada with singers and songwriters?

Bands and artists?

All the way back to The Guess Who, Neil Young, BTO, The Weakerthans, Crash test Dummies and so many others.

We have three guests on this week’s Stew.  All three call Winnipeg home.


The Bros Landreth.  Sound like a  latter day Little Feat.

Joey and David. And their buds as supporting band.  Great playing and songwriting.

Joey has a new album coming out. Touring Alberta this week.

Saturday Calgary – Sunday Lethbridge – Tuesday Red Deer –  Wednesday Edmonton.

The Bros album comes out in the Spring.

Carly Dow – Two albums from Kick starter. The first was the very successful Ingrained.

Now comes Comet.

Filled with hooks,  poetry and an understanding of human nature.  Nature period.

Carly is, after all, an Environmental  Scientist.

One of Carly’s best friends is Madeleine Roger who also has a new album out.

Cottonwood was also a Kick-starter project.

Yes, she sounds like a young Joni Mitchell.  That’s just the way she’s built.

Speaking of building, her twin brother Lucas (Roger Roger) builds guitars. Madeleine builds beautiful Kayaks.

And exceptional music. Here is a voice for a generation.

Well done Winnipeg.

Check out the playlist below…

The Beatles demos from the White Album Super Deluxe.

New Los Lobos, Dan Mangan.

Eric Clapton Live, U2 , Whitehorse, Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart, The Band and Staple Singers, Madeleine Peyroux, Kinks, Paul Simon.




Mulligan Stew Nov 17 2018
The Stew is ON THE AIR
The Fear Los Lobos single from Next Album
angel of harlem U2 Rattle and Hum
Baby, scratch my back Whitehorse The Northern South Vol1 Mulligan Stew – The Winnipeg Special
all day and all of the night (live) The Kinks Live at the BBC
Isn’t she lovely Stevie Wonder Hitsville
hand in hand Paul McCartney Egypt Station
Mulligan Stew Year 23 with TDMulligan
I want a little girl (live) Eric Clapton One more Car. One more rider Live
while my guitar gently weeps The Beatles The Beatles Super Deluxe
TDMulligan – The Stew
Revolution (Demo) The Beatles The Beatles Super Deluxe
Back in the USSR (Demo) The Beatles The Beatles Super Deluxe
Winnipeg Interviews Coming UP Bros Landreth.Carly Dow.Madeleine Roger
(Looking for)The Heart of a Saturday Night Madeleine Peyroux Half the perfect World
The Weight The Band & The Staple Singers The Last Waltz
The Winnipeg Special NEXT Bros Landreth and Carly Dow
The Bros Landreth (David and Joey) Winnipeg Special
Made up Mind Bros Landreth Undercover
The Bros Landreth (David and Joey) Winnipeg Special
I am a fool Bros Landreth let it Lie (Deluxe)
Carly Dow Interview Winnipeg Special
Cut and Run Carly Dow Comet
Carly Dow Interview Winnipeg Special
Comet Carly Dow comet
Mulligan Stew with tdm The Winnipeg Special
Madeleine Roger Interview The Winnipeg Special
Sweet Little Lies Madeleine Roger Cottonwood
Madeleine Roger Interview The Winnipeg Special
60 years more Madeleine Roger Cottonwood
Madeleine Roger Interview The Winnipeg Special
automobile madeleine roger Cottonwood
Maggie May Rod Stewart All out 70’s
The Werewolf Paul Simon stranger to stranger
peaks and valleys dan mangan more or less
Mulligan Stew Thank You

November 17th – Winter Whites!

Winter White Wines – If they exist, what are they?




It was a comment about a year ago. Almost blew by me.

A winemaker used the phrase “I’m making Winter Whites”.

I’m sorry – what?


“A Winter White – what is that?

Well,  it’s a white wine that has enough texture and mouth feel to pair with Winter roasts, stews, soups, root vegetables etc.

OK..what whites have that ability?”

That’s where the whole idea got started.  This hour is dedicated to focusing in on white wines than can carry their weight through the Winter.

I sought out winemakers and wine experts who could explain Winter Whites and then recommend wines we could get our hands on.

Our guests include:

Chris Rielly – Head Sommelier at (David Hawksworth’s)  Nightingale Restaurant in Vancouver


Nightingale Restaurant

Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson – Drinks Editor Winnipeg Free Press

Kurtis Kolt – Georgia Straight Wine Writer

Rhys Pender – Master of Wine

Michaela Morris – Wine writer and judge

Jason Parkes – Winemaker The Hatch 

Jason Parkes – Winemaker The Hatch

Valeria Tait – GM and Winemaker at Bench 1775

Val Tait

Kathy Malone – Winemaker at Hillside

Kathy Malone

If you join us for the hour you will indeed find out that Winter Whites do exist and we’ll tell you which wines to look for.


Here’s Chris Rielly’s List

Chris Rielly Head Sommelier at Nightingale

2016 Clos du Soleil Capella Sauvignon Blanc/Semillion Similkameen Valley

2013 Haywire Vintage Bubb Okanagan Valley

2016 Gustave Lorentz Pinot Gris Alsace france

2016 Pietradolce Carricante Etna Bianco Sicily Italy

2017 Yalumba “Y” Series Viognier South Australia Aus


Here’s Ben’s List:


Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson

d’Arenberg The Hermit Crab Viognier Marsanne (McLaren Vale, Australia)

$23 Everything Wine

Guigal 2016 Cotes du Rhone white (Cotes du Rhone, France)

$29 Everything Wine

60% Viognier, 15% Roussanne, 10% Marsanne, 8 % Clairette, 5% Bourboulenc, 2% Grenache blanc.

Torres 2017 Esmerelda (Catalunya, Spain)

$16.99 BCLDB

Moscatel and Gewurztraminer, spice and stone/tropical fruit with a hint of sweetness.

Testalonga Baby Bandito “Keep on Punching” Chenin Blanc (Swartland, South Africa)

The Winemakers have lots of suggestions. FYI – One name that pops up three times is Ava from Le Vieux Pin.



Blasted Church

Fort Berens

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Ep 32 | Jenn Grant Podcast

Nov 16, 2018

This week on the Mulligan Stew podcast, we throw back to warmer days when Jenn Grant was in Alberta performing at the 2018 Edmonton Folk Music Festival. Jenn joined Terry at CKUA’s festival broadcast tent to share live renditions of songs from her latest album ‘Paradise,’ backed by her husband and musical collaborator Daniel Ledwell. Plus, Jenn shared a few details on her forthcoming album, produced by Portland’s own Tucker Martine.