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There’s always one. One winery that doesn’t want to play the game the way all the others do. The Hatch is a true team effort  Worker bees in the vineyards, climbing over barrels and tanks. Here’s the deal. They create some of the best wine choices in Canada. Under The Hatch banner you can find

Gob Smacked


Black Swift

Screaming Frenzy

Crown and Thieves

Truck 59 Cider house

Jason Parkes Custom Wine Club

Smoke show BBQ Truck

There’s a new winery home for Black Swift and another for Crown and Thieves coming.And who leads this bunch?Blame Jason Parkes.  Winemaker. Singer/Songwriter. Husband. Troublemaker


the hatch

3225 Boucherie Road
West Kelowna
V1Z 4E4

Nestled in the beautiful Cowichan Valley, you’ll find this picturesque 50 acre Estate Winery. The amazing micro climate allows us to grow 7 different varietals, ranging from fruity whites, to full bodied reds that are unique to Vancouver Island.

Enrico wines are winning medals across Canada and the United States including the first prestigious Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in B.C. Wines awarded on Vancouver Island.

Enrico Winery
3280 Telegraph Road
Mill Bay, BC
(250) 733-2356

Unique, small-lot, and terroir-driven are terms best used to describe our wines. Our focus is showcasing hand-crafted wine made exclusively from Naramata grown grapes. Hillside wines display unique and compelling characteristics allowing wine drinkers the opportunity to share in the discovery and  development of the Naramata Bench as a collection of serious terroirs.

Veteran winemaker, Kathy Malone, brings out the best in Hillside wines with a gentle touch and minimal intervention. Simple. Elegant.

Our charming courtyard and modern farmhouse tasting room offer a friendly and casual setting to explore and taste our award-winning wines. 

Hillside Winery and Bistro

Hillside Winery
1350 Naramata Road
Penticton, BC
Canada V2A 8T6

Moon Curser Vineyards is a boutique, family-owned winery on the East Bench of Osoyoos, BC, a South Okanagan border town known for its hot summers, lakeside fun and vineyards. Moon Curser has been in operation since 2004, when Chris and Beata Tolley purchased an old orchard in need of replanting, and set about converting it into what is now the Moon Curser Home Vineyard block, winery and tasting room.

The Moon Curser name pays tribute to the gold smuggling history of Osoyoos. The Moon Curser wines, however, break from tradition – the winery’s focus has always been on making premium wines from old-world grape varieties not previously planted in the Okanagan such as Tannat, Dolcetto and Touriga Nacional. These varieties have not historically been a part of the South Okanagan viticulture, but thrive in the distinctive terroir of the Osoyoos East Bench and continue to deliver unique, world class interpretations of these wines.

Moon Curser Vineyards

3628 Highway 3 East, Osoyoos, BC, V0H 1V6, Canada 

Stew Sponsors

Noble Ridge Vineyard Winery lays in the Okanagan Valley at the northern most tip of the only desert in Canada. The winery is named for the noble varieties of grapes grown and the ridge that divides the land on which they thrive. 

But this noble name is more than just a nod to the land. It’s a statement of values and a reminder of the hard work and dedication on which the winery was built.

Noble Ridge Vineyards

2320 Oliver Ranch Rd, Okanagan Falls, BC
Canada V0H 1R2


Coyotes has sponsored Mulligan Stew for over 20 years!
Opening it’s doors in 1993 in the heart of Banff, Coyotes made a name for itself with its Southwestern and Mediterranean cuisine.
 Fresh squeezed juices, locally made pasta, Alberta beef and daily baked focaccia are a few of our offerings.  
We use over 20 suppliers and distributors to source the best ingredients for scratch cooking.  We hope you enjoy your Coyotes experience!    

Coyotes Southwestern Grill

206 Caribou Street Banff Alberta Canada

403 762-3963

We search out the best producers dedicated to the best sustainable practices. We buy these ingredients at the fair asking price, acknowledging the cost and commitment involved. We honour the connection to these farms by identifying the provenance of our ingredients on our menu. We know that this has helped further develop awareness and demand in the market place, thereby helping small local farms be viable.

Today, guided by our culinary philosophy, we buy direct from a network of over 60 producers. We also grow an edible garden at the restaurant, producing many herbs, berries and edible flowers during our short growing season.

River Cafe Calgary

25 Prince’s Island,
Calgary, Alberta

A celebration of Canadian regional cuisine.

Our culinary philosophy is deeply rooted in sustainability. Decision-making around all aspects of operations is governed by a commitment to championing local food economies. 

We connect directly with growers and producers at their farms, gardens and ranches, and carefully choose those purveyors who are responsible stewards of the land.

Deane House

(403) 264-0595
806 9 Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta

Situated about 35 minutes southwest of downtown Calgary in a historic hamlet, called Turner Valley, discover Eau Claire Distillery. The new distillery is housed in the circa-1929 Turner Valley Movie Theatre and Dance Hall that in early days served as town hall, political rally centre, dance hall and community gathering spot.

Located In a place of storied history our distillery can talk to Turner Valley’s checkered and illustrious past. To the east was a famous house of ‘ill repute’; to the west a general store. In the hills, an aptly named landmark feature called Whiskey Ridge hid moonshine stills. On the north end of town was the notorious street called Whiskey Row.

Eau Claire Distillery Ltd.
Telephone: 403 933 5408

113 Sunset Boulevard SW
Turner Valley, Alberta,
Canada T0L 2A0

The Wines of British Columbia truly are a reflection of the land where the grapes are grown and the exceptional people who craft them. We invite you to join us to savour all that makes the Wines of British Columbia so special.

Behind every bottle of BC wine is a place and a face; the Wines of British Columbia reflect the stories of the land where the grapes are grown and of the people who tend them. The variety of soils, slope of the vineyard, weather and proximity to water (be it lakes, rivers or ocean) contributes to the unique variety of BC wine. Spectacular summers followed by warm autumn days and brisk nights allow grapes to ripen slowly, developing balanced fruit with complex, exceptional flavours.

The wines of British Columbia

p: 250-762-9744    

tf: 1-800-661-2294