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EP 101 | The Wood Brothers


Nobody sounds like The Wood Brothers.

The Wood Brothers are blessed by dedicated fans who love their singular style that fuses gospel, blues, jazz, folk, country, and rock.

The band consists of Oliver Wood on guitar, younger brother Chris Wood on bass, and multi-instrumentalist Jano Rix, who brings percussion to the band with his guitar, drums, keyboards…

Jano Rix..plays a guitar that’s modified to also be a percussive element.

The harmonies are sublime..the songwriting solid.

I love this band and these guys.

One of the keys is Chris Wood who brings jazz chops from his years with Medeski, Martin, and Wood.

What a band…

Best of all, they’re honest. No grandstanding..just outstanding music.

The boys talk about their time with Levon Helm, Drummer& Vocalist for The Band.

The Bands influence on their music.

This interview took place backstage at The Imperial Room, Vancouver BC.

March 28, 2017

EP 100 | Nathaniel Rateliff


Welcome to Podcast 100!

When Nathaniel began writing for the new album And it’s still Alright, the songs initially centered on the pain of his unraveling personal relationship, but the theme of the album took a different direction when Richard Swift, his longtime friend, and producer of Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats’ two acclaimed albums, passed away in July 2018.

This time, there’s no Night Sweats riding to the rescue.

While the songs are quieter and more reflective,  they are no less urgent and indelible.  These are strong stories  and even stronger songs

“I’ve always been trying to write songs that hit you in the stomach but I like ones that make people feel like things will be just fine.”

Nathaniel Rateliff

EP 99 | Virus Crisis in Food and Wine


Welcome. We hope this finds you well and safe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives.

Imagine what effect it’s had on the food and wine businesses we know and love.


I reached out to as many owners and winemakers as I could find in a single day in the hope that their answers could become your answers.

The basic questions were

How are you doing and how is your business handling this crisis?

How can we, the consumer help sustain your business?

Suggestions?  Ideas? Are you open and if so, under what restrictions?


Chef Robert Belcham – President of the Chef’s Table Society of BC  (Vancouver)

Exec Chef Mark Filatow – Waterfront Wines and Wine Bar (Kelowna)

Sandra Oldfield – Founder Elysian Projects  (South Okanagan)

Miles Prodan – President and CEO of BC Wine Institute (Kelowna)

John Skinner – Founder of Painted Rock Winery and member of Okanagan Wine Imitative (OK Falls)

James Iranzad – Partner in Gooseneck Hospitality (Wildebeest, Bufala, Lucky Taco, Bells & Whistles) (Vancouver)

Tim Meeks – Food and Wine Fan and  Senior Nurse   (Seattle)

Jean-Benoit Deslauriers – Head Winemaker Benjamin Bridge – (Gaspereau Valley Nova Scotia)

Michael Bartier – Founder/Winemaker Bartier Brothers Wines (South Okanagan)

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The Vancouver Food and Beverage Community Relief Fund aims to help those in the hospitality industry with critical financial needs

EP 98 | William Prince Interview



Winnipeg singer, songwriter  William Prince has released his second album Reliever.

How far has he come from the first album Earthly Days and its great single Breathless?

Feature appearance on CBS Saturday Morning.  Feature article in Rolling Stone.

Now touring Europe and America.

While writing the songs, for Reliever,  he lost his Father but became a Dad.

Even though William can trace his heritage back to Chief Peguis he doesn’t want his music to be judged as First nations – just judged as great songs. Period!

EP 97 | Frazey Ford- U KIN B THE SUN


“Don’t be fooled by the glittery jumpsuit. Frazey Ford is out for blood.” – NPR


Frazey Ford releases U kin b The Sun. It’s stunning.
Currently the Number 1 album on the CKUA Top 30. For the second week in a row
Or maybe it’s three. Frazey Ford is a blur.

One of her messages is…
Get out of the way
You’ve had your day 
And it’s no longer how we gon’ play
The kids are having none of it.
From: The kids are having none of it. 
This is the complete podcast interview. With tracks 
Purple and Brown


EP 96 | Gord Sinclair- Taxi Dancers


Special guest Gord Sinclair. Bassist, singer, and songwriter for The Tragically Hip. On Friday the 28th he releases Taxi Dancers the first solo lp following the death of Gord Downie and the end of The Hip. Terry talks about the new album Taxi Dancers and what life is like post Tragically Hip and the emotional journey he underwent to create the album.

EP 95 | Andy Shauf-Neon Skyline


Andy Shauf’s new album The Neon Skyline presented in full storytelling concept.

The interconnected songs were all written, performed, arranged and produced by Andy, and follow a simple plot: the narrator goes to his neighborhood dive, finds out his ex is back in town, and she eventually shows up.

Some of his characters can be found in his last album The Party.  All are sympathetic people who share countless inside jokes, shots, and life-or-death musings when the night gets hazy.

It just happens to be one of the best albums I’ve heard in quite a while.  The delight in the songs may not reveal themselves on first listen but the second time..the puzzle starts to show itself.

Please enjoy this chat with a true star in the making…if he wants to go down that road.

EP 94 | Daryl Cloran Shakespeare and the Beatles


William Shakespeare’s As you like it has been called his Romantic Comedy (RomCom).

It’s got laughs,   love and rejection, women dressed as men, men dressed as wrestlers.

And Director Daryl Cloran was challenged to weave  the magic of The Beatles into the dialogue.

Instead of soliloquies..we get I am the Walrus.

25  Beatles songs, William Shakespeare AND wrestling.  Let’s go.

Opens tonight at The Citadel in Edmonton

“As You Like” by RMTC and Citadel performed at the John Hirsch Mainstage as part of the master playwrights festival.

“As You Like It” cleverly blends Shakespeare’s gift with language and 25 Beatles songs performed live, including She Loves YouI Want to Hold Your HandLet It Be and Here Comes the Sun. Will you love it? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

“Like it? I loved it. This one’s a hit.” –  Georgia Straight

“You’d have to be a real nowhere man not to be on your feet and singing along.” -Vancouver Sun

Tickets for the first week are nearly sold out. Book yours, and make sure to arrive early for the pre-show Superstar Wrestling match!

“As You Like It” runs from Feb 15 – Mar 15, 2020 at Edmonton’s Citadel Theatre.

Music begins at 7:05 p.m. Wrestling begins at 7:15 p.m.
More info at

EP 92 | Colin Linden and Tom Wilson


Although they each have successful solo careers, Colin Linden,  Tom Wilson, and road warrior  Stephen Fearing together are Blackie and The Rodeo Kings.

In 2020 the boys celebrate being together and making music for 25 years.

How did they kick off 2020?

Jan 4 they played The  Ryman Theatre, home of The Grand Ol’ Opry.

Stephen Fearing packed his bags and went touring his solo album  The Unconquerable Past!

Colin won a Grammy for Keb Mo’s Oklahoma,  which Colin co-produced in his home studio in Nashville.
Just days ago  Tom Wilson gets a Juno nomination for Lee Harvey Osmond.

And Blackie releases King of this Town.

The coming tour may take the entire year!

What started off in  1996 as a one-off tribute album in celebration of the music of Willie P Bennett has evolved into 25 years of Blackie and the Rodeo Kings.

Quite simply one of Canada’s finest bands.  Ever!!

Enjoy the stories!

EP 93 | Oscars and Oz


The Academy Awards are a week away!

Gary Cogill  a highly respected Dallas film reviewer/interviewer and

Hayley is a much respected Dallas Sommelier and blogger/podcaster.

They both now live in Hawaii and work together on Cogill Wine & Film. A perfect pairing.

On instagram  @dallasuncorked


My suggestion was:  Let’s choose your Oscar Winners and pair them with the perfect wines.

Gary and I exchange opinions on

best film

the acting categories

and best director.


Hayley pairs with wines from

Adelsheim in the Willamette Valley,

Dana Estates/Vaso Cellars in Napa,

ZD Wines in Napa.


Australia is on fire..We can help!!


Jane Ferrari – Independent Consultant & Voice of Yalumba

                              (Barossa Valley Australia)


Wildfires have destroyed  many regions, towns and lives in Australia  and it’s not done yet.

Jane Ferrari –  was for years the voice of Yalumba Wines. She was/is a natural storyteller. Jane would tell stories about Yalumba, Barossa, and Australia.

My most important question to Jane was – How can we Help?

Wildfires have destroyed  many regions, towns and lives in Australia  and it’s not done yet.

Jane Ferrari –  was for years the voice of Yalumba Wines. She was/is a natural storyteller. Jane would tell  stories about Yalumba, Barossa and Australia.

My most important question to Jane was – How can we Help?

Here’s a follow up note from Jane:

Hi Terry – this is the Instagram site that shows specific food and wine bushfire affected folk across the country

This is the excellent summary of the bushfire affected areas  nationally, put together by young consultant Trish Barry Cheers


Hi Terry – this is Max Allen – excellent Oz wine journo – on what we can do long term to support the fire affected areas




There you go folks…support is only a click away.


Please pass the Tasting Room links above to those who could support and help.


And Thank You Jane Ferrari!