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Ep 119| Rhiannon Giddens Podcast


This is the first repeat that we’ve presented on the Podcast.
It comes from working on a Mulligan Stew special celebrating our many years at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival.
One interview stood out.
This one with Rhiannon Giddens.
It was 2018 and she was returning to the festival for the first time since taking time away from her friends in Carolina Chocolate Drops.
She was now a solo artist with T Bone Burnett producing and mentoring.
That’s a matter of record.
What was outstanding were her comments 2 years ago on Black Lives Matter, civil rights, the history of black struggle in America, and her place in that struggle.
Powerful words and opinions. As essential today as they were 2 years ago.
We present Rhiannon Giddens. The complete interview.

Recorded live at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Rhiannon Giddens talks to Terry David Mulligan about stepping into the spotlight as a solo artist, the influence T-Bone Burnett has had on her career, her latest record ‘Freedom Highway’ and her thoughts on the recent sea change in American politics.

EP 118 | Margo Price Interview


If you Google Margo Price, you’ll discover that almost everyone who writes about her has a slightly different description of her will and her way.

That’s because she writes and sings about pain, loss, loneliness, failed romance, and giving herself a good talking to.

Her gift is that even though those songs are about dark things she sings them with passion and joy and a thrilling voice.

Margo is called an outlaw in Nashville. Likened to Janis Joplin in California, New York loves her.

Every song takes her closer to stardom but only on her terms. Personally she’s a Mother who has children but has already lost one in early death.

She lost her friend John Prine, lost a Grammy nomination.

Her husband battled COVID 19, she’s off the road for the first time in years..tending her garden.

Has a memoir coming next year and every day it seems she starts another war of words in her social postings.

Supporting Black Lives Matter, women’s rights, white privilege, and many others.

Our complete conversation covers all these things and 4 tracks from her new album That’s how rumors get started

Enjoy your time with Margo Price – I sure did

EP 117 | Rod Lurie Director of The Outpost


“With a script by Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy, based on The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor by Jake Tapper, the film emerges as an action thriller which never loses sight of the futility of the war being fought.

You could also watch this intensely powerful movie, which Lurie directs with a keen understanding of the mechanics of battle and an overriding humanism that puts flesh-and-blood on the bones of the tragic story being told about Bravo Troop 3-61 CAV, one of the most decorated units of the 19-year conflict”

Peter Travers  Rolling Stone

Rod Lurie attended West Point and served four years as a combat arms officer. Started the Broadcast Film Critics Assn with Joey Berlin.

Then turned his attention to writing and directing in TV and film.

It all came together when he wrote and directed the Golden Globe and Academy Award-nominated The Contender.

This conversation about his latest film The Outpost is a reflection of my admiration for Rod and all he’s done. The Outpost plays to all of his strengths., the characters of the real soldiers involved and honoring the men who battled that day. His toughest critics were the families of those who died. It was vital that they saw their loved ones portrayed as the warriors they were.

EP 116 | Colin Cripps Interview


This is a Zoom/Audio interview. Your choice.


Colin Cripps is one of those musicians/artists who may never receive the full spotlight the lead singers get but if you ask that artist in the spotlight, they’ll tell you they wouldn’t be in the studio or out on stage if Colin wasn’t there with them step for step.

In other words, invaluable.

Currently, he’s a member of Blue Rodeo and The Jim Cuddy Band.

He’s played with and produced Crash Vegas and Junkhouse.

Produced and written with ex-wife Kathleen Edwards, Tom Wilson, Colin James, Headstones, Sarah McLachlan, Bryan Adams.

Many many more credits can be found online.

Speaking of online,  Colin is a Guitar Geek and he lives in a World where other guitar geeks compare notes on guitars and gear.

They all speak another language ..about tone and bridges and strings and colors.  They go crazy for colors.

Colin has some 40-50 guitars.

Each brings something different to music.

Colin takes us through the differences and who played what on which records.

Jeff Beck. Eric Clapton. Keith Richards. The Beatles. Elvis Costello. Metallica. Jimmy Page. Hank Marvin. Mark Knopfler. Cliff Gallop.

It’s time to Geek OUT !!

Colin talks about and shows/plays these guitars

1955 Fender Telecaster in Sunburst (Keith Richards. Jimmy Page)

1963 Fender Stratocaster in Fiesta Red (Hank Marvin. Jimi. Mark Knopfler)

1964 Gibson SG Standard in Cherry Red (Colin’s Fave)

1962 Epiphone Casino in Royal Tan (The Beatles made them famous)

1958 Fender Jazzmaster in Roman Red (Elvis Costello. Only 4 in this color)

1958 Gibson Explorer. The Holy Grail of originals. James Hatfield’s is worth 1M.

EP 115 | My Darling Vivian-Matt Riddlehoover interview


My Darling Vivian was a line that Johnny Cash wrote at the top of the 100’s of letters he sent to his girlfriend Vivian Liberto when Johnny was in the army and based in Germany. Well before he was famous.

Johnny and Vivian were crazy about each other and when John came back home they decided to get married and have a family.

Four daughters later Johnny Cash was a big music and film star and Vivian was raising the girls well away from the spotlight.

She did make a public appearance at a courthouse when Johnny was busted at the US/Mexican border for drugs.

The shot taken of her in black and white made it appear that she was a light-skinned African American, even though she was Italian.

Radio in the ’60s stopped playing his songs and concert gigs dried up.  Such was the racist society in America at the time.

Vivian filed for a divorce to basically get Johnny’s attention. Problem was,  he did notice and got divorced.

June Carter had entered the picture and that’s where the headlines went.

Vivian’s life was badly portrayed  in the Hollywood film I Walk the Line

Vivian’s daughters  Rosanne, Cindy, Tara, and Kathy Cash were determined to tell their Mothers story and found two perfect filmmakers to partner with.

Matt Riddlehoover – (John’s Grand son-in-Law) Director, writer, editor.

Dustin Tittle –  Grandson of Vivian and John)  Producer

Screen this seriously great Documentary at the website

EP 114 | Eric Burton of Black Pumas


Nov 20  2019 reporter Christie Carras wrote in the LA Times..


“The best new artist category at the Grammys is always expected to introduce some unfamiliar names. But this year’s ticket, announced Wednesday morning, features one that’s nearly unheard of, prompting the question (and inevitable Google search): Who are Black Pumas?”


Who indeed?

For example, I’m sitting in my son Sean’s kitchen on Salt Spring Island and he plays this amazing voice and band. What’s that?

“Black Pumas,” says Sean.

I made a  note and couldn’t wait to discover a band I’d completely missed.

Black Pumas are a soul-funk duo from Austin, Texas.  Guitarist-producer Adrian Quesada and singer/songwriter Eric Burton.

Eric needed to find his voice and Adrian had lots of music he’d created and produced but they needed a great singer to make magic.

On this Mulligan Stew Podcast, we welcome Eric Burton who spent years busking on the streets.  For a small change.   First in the Southwest of the US, then on the Santa Monica Pier in LA and finally on the streets of Austin Texas. (where he got busted for no permit)

Austin is where it all came together and those are the stories Eric brings to this Podcast.

Eric Burton, from busking in the streets to a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.

What you hear in Eric’s voice is the pride in having done what he set out to do

“..make people respect you and have value for yourself”


EP 113 | Corb Lund – Agricultural Tragic


“The songs on Agricultural Tragic sparkle with a kind of authenticity that only someone who lives that life can project.”  –  American Songwriter

“Canada’s finest outlaw songsmith returns to the clever humor that made him a star… one of 2020’s most well rounded and re-playable releases.”  –  Exclaim Magazine

“Do yourself a favor and get your freshly sanitized hands on a copy of the new (album)… Pre-empting any hype or hyperbole, Agricultural Tragic is a record with instantly detectable depth and energy.”  –  Edmonton Journal


“Eloquent and plainspoken, the excellent Agricultural Tragic finds the affable country rocker exploring his roots as a rancher and rodeo rider while striving to adapt this traditional identity to the challenging modern world… Corb Lund radiates authenticity from first note to last.”  –  No Depression

The reviews are just starting to come in.

Album released Friday, June 26..and our conversation aired on Mulligan Stew CKUA Radio Saturday, June 27th.

Here’s the complete interview.

You hear me ask Corb about tour dates and he can’t really answer because they haven’t all been confirmed but we can give you these just released by Warner Music

Plus one BIG date

Corb Lund will make his long-awaited debut at the legendary Grand Ole’ Opry in Nashville, TN on August 29 th, 2020.


Tour dates

November 8, 2020 – Cranbrook, BC – Key City Theatre

November 10, 2020 – Duncan, BC – Cowichan Performing Arts Centre

November 13, 2020 – Victoria, BC – Alix Goolden Performance Hall

November 16, 2020 – Penticton, BC – Cleland Community Theatre

November 17, 2020 – Williams Lake, BC – Cariboo Memorial Centre

November 18, 2020 – Quesnel, BC – Quesnel and District Seniors Center

November 19, 2020 – Prince George, BC – Vanier Hall

November 20, 2020 – Vernon, BC – Vernon & District Performing Arts Centre

November 21, 2020 – Trail, BC – Charles Bailey Theatre

November 22, 2020 – Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom

November 24, 2020 – Edmonton, AB – Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

November 25, 2020 – Lloydminster, AB – Vic Juba Community Theatre

November 26, 2020 – Regina, SK – Casino Regina

November 27, 2020 – Saskatoon, SK – Coors Event Centre

November 28, 2020 – Cadillac, SK – Cadillac Community Hall

November 30, 2020 – Calgary, AB – Jack Singer Concert Hall

December 1, 2020 – Winnipeg, MB – Burton Cummings Theatre

December 4, 2020 – Sudbury, ON – The Townehouse

December 5, 2020 – St. Catherine’s, ON – Warehouse Concert Hall

December 6, 2020 – London, ON – London Music Hall

December 7, 2020 – Toronto, ON – The Great Hall

December 8, 2020 – Peterborough, ON – Market Hall Performing Arts Centre

December 9, 2020 – Ottawa, ON – National Arts Centre

December 10, 2020 – Montreal, QC – Le Belmont


EP 112 | Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall on Fathers Day


Hello all.

I hope you are safe and well and happy.

Welcome to The Mulligan Stew Podcast. We’re over 100 shows now…

OK. Its Fathers Day weekend.

It’s also Summer Solstice

I always hear a phrase…. “I’m in the family business”

Now, that works if your family are Store Owners, or Office Workers, Doctors. Nurses. Teachers. Farmers etc.

We have two guests today who are friends and fathers.

Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo and The Jim Cuddy Band.

Barney Bentall. Leader of Cariboo Express. High Bar Gang. BYU and his own solo career.


How has the family dynamic changed when their sons and daughters follow them in the music business.

Share the stage. Maybe even write songs together. (maybe being the keyword)

And how do family members like being the subject of songs they hear on the radio?

I was excited to get these two pals together and exchange life experiences.

We connected on Zoom and you can find the complete conversation below:

EP 111 | Dan Magnan Co-Founder Side Door Access


Has the Side Door become the Front Door?


Singer/Songwriter Dan Mangan shared a “movement – an idea” with me on Mulligan Stew Radio.   Jan 6, the first show of  2018.


“We are building a platform where artists can earn a living by trimming the overhead of touring. We help you find magical small spaces with dedicated hosts and attentive audiences.

We want to help create human, tactile experiences offline. Music, Speakers, Dance, Theatre, Comedy – you name it.”


It was called Side Door Access.

Two years later and thanks, in part to a worldwide pandemic,  it has become a sensation.

Yes, artists can still play barns, basements, backyards, stores, coffee shops, libraries, etc

But now they can broadcast from HOME…and feel/see the audience

And best of all make a living

Here’s the latest from Dan Mangan…on the Side Door Story, his career, family, COVID 19, and the moment when he realized that his life was about to change.


EP 110 | Dawn Pemberton



It’s like the storyline out of a bestselling book.

In the middle of a political battle for the life of a nation and a virus that takes the lives of 1000’s of its citizens,  a  black man dies at the hands of a police offer while his squad looks on.

The truth is caught on a phone camera and shown to The World.

Days later..citizens all over America and The World are walking, shouting and rioting in protest and a slogan from 2013 reappears,  Black Lives Matter and THIS TIME

It appears the message is actually getting through.

Dawn Pemberton is a wonderful singer, songwriter, and educator who shows up on albums all the time plus her own release  “Sayin’ Something”

She leads The Roots and Wings with The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer, sits in with the Good Noise Choir, and tries to lead by example.

Her father was born in St Kitts.  Her Mother in Barbados.

They moved to Canada and restarted their lives. Dawn has lived in Canada all her life and still has to deal with racism.

Who better to share her feelings on Black Lives Matter and the movement on the streets than Dawn Pemberton.

My thanks to The Shouting Hour last Sunday who showed the way.