Mulligan Stew Jan 11th 2020- 50 years of #1 Albums-Neil Peart


Ran across a headline that reminded us/me that we have just gone through a music time warp.

As 2019 turned into 2020 and a new decade also became 50 years since 1969 became 1970.


Here’s a list of artists and albums who made the transition from one decade to another. FIFTY  FREAKING YEARS AGO.

And they didn’t just transition – they became #1 albums that changed lives and made history.

The biggest was The Beatles  Abbey Road – #1 for 11 straight weeks

Led Zeppelin 2 – #1 for 6 weeks

Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge over troubled water 10 weeks at #1

Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young – Deja Vu #1 for a week

CCR – Cosmo’s Factory – Their 4th #1 album.  In a Row

Santana – Abraxas was #1 for 6 weeks

Paul McCartney had a #1 solo album for 3 weeks

And The Beatles had Let it Be at #1 for 4 weeks.

It was an amazing time in music.

The Stew will be saluting and playing all those albums and more Saturday 5-7.


The Stew Jan 11 2020
bathroom window The Beatles Abbey Road
golden slumbers the beatles Abbey Road
carry that weight The Beatles Abbey Road
the end The Beatles Abbey Road
Ramble On Led Zep 2 Led Zeppelin 2 Coming up – 50 years with Simon & Garf/CSNY/CCR
The Boxer Simon & Garfunkle Bridge over troubled water
Carry on CSN and Young Deja Vu
Run through the Jungle CCR Cosmo’s Factory
Celebrating 50 years of #1 lps NEXT – Blood Sweat &Tears/McCartney/Beatles Let it Be
Maybe I’m Amazed Paul McCartney McCartney
Get back The Beatles Let it be
Hi-De-Ho Blood, Sweat & Tears BST 3
Mulligan Stew with tdm
Oye Como Va Santana Abraxsas
Daytripper Mongo Santamaria Instant party
#1 Lps from 50 years ago TD Mulligan
Just your fool The Rolling Stones Blue and Lonesome
This is Mulligan Stew – Year 25
Good Lovin’ The Grateful Dead Complete Studio Sessions
Lonely Avenue Animals Before we were so rudely interupted
Rip it up Little Richard Here’s Little Richard (re-issue)
Mulligan Stew with tdm Coming UP – Harriet Soundtrack
Stand Up Cynthia Erivo Harriet Soundtrack
Bad bad News Leon Bridges Good Thing
You’ve been so good up to now Lyle Lovett Joshua Judges Ruth
Next – We meet Ry Cooder at The Crossroads
Crossroads Ry Cooder Crossroads Soundtrack
They don’t shine Tedeschi Trucks band Signs
Everytime I hear that song Brandi Carlile By the way I forgive you NEXT – Otis. Brittany Howard. Sting and Springsteen
Can’t turn you loose Otis Redding Very best
Stay High Brittany Howard Jaime
Thanks for spending your Saturday night with us TDMulligan
Get Up Stand Up (live) Sting . Bruce Springsteen. Peter Gabriel etc Released – Human Rights Concerts
B thing – Outro (live) Carlos del Junkco Live

Episode 89 | Remembering John Mann-And Critics Choice Awards



Jan 11, 2020

John Mann. leader of Spirit of the west  actor…songwriter. wild spirit

when his friends found out he was stricken with early-onset Alzheimers they gather at the commodore ballroom in Vancouver  Nov 2017 and raised funds for his day to daycare.

I was honored to host the event but between working the microphone I did interviews with his closest friends – the fellow musicians

Saturday there is a celebration of life in Vancouver for John. and for those who can’t be there, we want to remember him here.

Jim Cuddy, Alan Doyle, Sarah McLachlan, Colin James, Jim Byrnes, Ed Robertson, and BNL, Craig Northey and Odds, Barney Bentall, Dustin Bentall, Shari Ulrich, Daniel Lapp, the Spirit Kids..and Spirit of the West and of curse John partner Jill Daum. Sail on John.

We finish with an update on the 25th Critics Choice Awards in Los Angeles…Our guest is Joey Berlin CEO

Episode 88 | Celebration of Black Cinema-Kasi Lemmons


January 4th 2020

On Monday December 2nd 2019

Terry attended  the first ever Celebration of Black Cinema Awards in Beverly Hills, California.

Honoured were

Eddie Murphy –Career Achievement Award

Nia Long – (Boyz in the Hood)

Chiwetel Ejoifor – (12 Years a slave/Lion King)

And our special Guest Kasi Lemmons

For three decades Kasi  has been an award winning director, writer, actress and educator.

She directed her latest film Harriet to great acclaim. It’s the story of iconic American heroine and civil rights pioneer  Harriet Tubman.

The second guest is a friend,  Shawn Edwards. BFCA film critic who helped to bring the awards to reality and hopes to become a filmmaker himself.

Mulligan Stew Jan4th 2020- Remembering Artists Lost in 2019


Had I tried to honor those we lost for the entire decade…I would have needed a whole month of Stews.

So, we remember and salute artists who passed on in 2019.

Clydie King (Jan 7)  Her credits are so impressive but we play

The Stones  –  Tumbling Dice. Exile of Main Street)

Linda Ronstadt – Heart Like a Wheel

Bob Dylan –Saved

Joe Cocker /Mad Dogs and Englishmen – Live at Fillmore East –  Cry me a River.

Robert Hunter (Sept 23) – Lyricist for Grateful Dead –


New Orleans lost three famous stars within weeks of each other.


(June 6)– Junko partner  Gumbo

Dr John/Mac Rebennack  (June 6)– Junko partner  Gumbo

Dave  Bartholomew

Dave  Bartholomew (June 23) –  Jump Children

Fats Domino – Blue Monday – Dave wrote it

Fats Domino  – The Fat Man –  Ditto

Art Neville

Art Neville (July 22)

The Meters   Fire on the Bayou

The Neville Brothers – Hey Pocky Way

Mark Hollis

Mark Hollis (Feb 25)  Talk Talk  It’s my life

Hal Blaine

Hal Blaine ( March 11)

The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations

The Ronettes – Be My Baby

And that’s just the first hour !!

It’s 2020- Let’s get busy!



Welcome to Year 25 OF Mulligan Stew Jan 4 2020
Cry me a River (live) Joe Cocker – Mad Dogs and Englishmen (Clydie King) Live at the Fillmore East
Heart like a wheel Linda Ronstadt (Clydie King) Heart like a wheel
Tumbling Dice The Rolling Stones (Clydie King) Exile on main street
Saved Bob Dylan (Clydie King) Saved Artists lost in 2019
Truckin’ Grateful Dead (Robert Hunter) American beauty
It’s my life Talk Talk It’s my life
Mulligan Stew with tdmulligan NEXT – we remember 3 New Orleans Masters
Junko Partner Dr John Gumbo
Jump Children Dave Bartholomew Classic NO R&B
Blue Monday Fats Domino (Dave Bartholomew) Swings
The Fat Man Fats Domino (Dave Bartholomew) Fats Domino NEXT – The Meters and The Neville Brothers
Fire on the Bayou The Meters Essential
Hey Pocky Way The Neville Brothers Hey Pocky Way
Welcome to Year 25 of Mulligan Stew
Good Vibrations The Beach Boys (Hal Blaine) Best of Coming Up – Eric Clapton Live . Sheryl. Bonnie. Mavis
be my baby The Ronettes (Hal Blain) Best of
Willie and the HandJive/Get Ready (live) Eric Clapton Crossroads 2 Live in the 70’s
Live wire Sheryl Crow. Bobbie Raitt. Mavis Staple Live Wire with TD Mulligan
King of July The Radio Grande Town and Country NEXT – The Avett Brothers. Wilson Pickett
Locked up The Avett Brothers Closer than together
Midnight Hour Wilson Pickett Hi Five
Welcome to Year 25 of Mulligan Stew with TD Mulligan
Working for the Man Barry Allen and the New Rebels Speed of Dark
Water or Gasoline Blackie and the Rodeo Kings Swinging from the chains of Love
Mulligan Stew with tdmulligan First Stew in 2020
Dedicated to the one I love The Shirelles Tonights the Night
Delusion Zara Marie Living in the Lost and Found
Soulbque G Love (with Roosevelt Collier) The Juice


Mulligan Stew Dec 28th 2019-Final Stew of the Decade!



It’s the Final Stew of 2019.

Dec 28th!!  The Holiday version of The Bermuda  Triangle. Where memories go to die.

OK  First – a heads up. The Mulligan Stew Podcast features an extensive conversation with Actor/Writer/Singer Hugh Dillon.

We cover a lot of ground. The Hip. His buddies he grew up with.

Punk music in Canada. His first solo album that changed the man and his current Headstones release PeopleSkills

His anger issues – his substance abuse – how acting may have saved his life – how acting took him all the way to working with David Lynch on Twin  Peaks.

Some of you may know Hugh from his lead roles in Flashpoint, Durham County, The Trailer Park Boys and many more.

Subscribe to Spotify, Google Play and Apple Podcasts.


The Last Stew of 2019 has a donor inspired line up

Kick things off with The Band Live – and Marvin Gaye’s Don’t Do it – from New Years Eve 1971

Then  Vampire Weekend from  the number one album of the CKUA 2019 Top 100 (based on plays)

Marshall Crenshaw/Stephen fearing/Grand Funk/Jimmy Reed and CoCo Love Alcorn

New music from Barry Allen and The New Rebels, The Who, The Wood Brothers, Shelby Lynn & Allison Moorer plus  CoCo Love Alcorn.

We’ll throw in Marvin Gate Live at Kennedy Centre, Sting and Bruce Springsteen Live doing Every breath you take, John Mayer Live, and then back to the Top 100 plays of 2019 and two Canadian artists who had not one but two albums on that chart.

CKUA Host Leeroy Stagger with Me and the Mountain plus Strange Path.


The Bros Landreth  87 and Joey Landreth’s Hindsight.

Enjoy the tunes and the tales…

And check out the Podcast…

Happy New Year – here’s to 2020

In memory of John Mann, Gary, Kerry Holly (Marshall) and CKUA  host Monica Miller



Mulligan Stew Dec 28 2019 TD Mulligan
Welcome to the last Stew of 2019 with terry david mulligan
Don’t do it (live) The Band Rock of Ages
This life Vampire Weekend Father of the Bride
What the hell i got Marshall Crenshaw Miracle of Science
Christine Stephen Fearing The Unconquerable Past
some kind of wonderful Grand Funk Anthology
I ain’t got you Jimmy Reed Very best
Save me CoCo Love Alcorn ReBirth Coming UP – New Barry Allen
Willie and the Hand Jive Barry Allen Speed of Dark
Danny and my ponies The Who Who
The Well Marcus King El Dorado
What are you doing NY Eve? Rufus Wainwright McGarrigle Christmas Hour
what’s going on (live) Marvin Gaye What’s going on Live – Kennedy Centre Podcast Hugh Dillon – Headstones
Little bit sweet The Wood brothers Kingdom in my mind
Great Balls of Fire Jerry Lee lewis Best of
Mulligan Stew Podcast – Hugh Dillon
All I wanna do (live) Sheryl Crow Live at Capitol Theatre
Every breath you take (live) Sting and Bruce Springsteen Human Rights Concerts – Amnesty Int.
Every day I have the blues (Live) John Mayer Where the Light is NEXT – Women sing Waits
Ol’ 55 Shelby Lynn and Allison Moorer Women sing Waits
Oh Darling The Beatles Abbey Road Super Deluxe Edition
This Mulligan Stew with tdmulligan
Next Tom Petty. LeeRoy Stagger. Bros Landreth. Linda Rhonstadt
Here comes my girl Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Anthology Through the Years
Got to love Leeroy Stagger Strange Path
Got to be you The Bros. Landreth 87 New Years Eve menu
Por un Amor Linda Rhonstadt Canciones de mi Padre
I can’t win Joey Landreth single – Live at Layman Drug
Happy New year – See you in 2020 Terry
What a wonderful World Louis Armstrong Wonderful World

Mulligan Stew Dec 21st 2019- Christmas in The Round Year Two


That time of year. Family. Friends. Fluids. Food. Debt!

Special shows for special times.
Saturday, December 21 you know is a day that’s going to be CRAZY!
Our audience needs a combination of comfort and joy.
SPECIAL GUESTS INCLUDE Bob Chelmick plus “The Rounders.”
One hour will feature hand-picked  Christmas tunes from
Carlos Santana – it’s really good
The original William Bell classic
Corb Lund, John Prine, Aaron Neville, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Blue Rodeo, Joseph, Miranda Mulholland, Rachelle van Zanten, Whitney Houston, and Paul Simon.
Bob Chelmick kindly sent the voicing of a poem called Christmas Landscape written in 1917  by Laurie Lee.
And then it’s Christmas in the Round Year Two. (A tradition that started many years ago at CBC radio Vancouver and then. RoundHouse Radio)
Two of the original artists are back.
Shari Ulrich and Roy Forbes. 
Also around the microphones are Jim Byrnes, Bill Henderson, and Barney Bentall. 
They are all friends   They all share stories and songs. It’s just magic. 
Thank you all
Merrie Christmas 
Welcome to The Christmas Stew Featuring Christmas in the Round Year Two
Pilgrimage to Bethlehem Carlos Santana Rosada – youtube
every day seems like a Holiday William bell Stax best of
just me and these ponies Corb Lund am Americana Christmas
everything is cool John Prine Christmas
Lousiana Christmas Day Aaron Neville Seasons Greetings
Merry Christmas baby Rod Stewart. Celo Green. Trombone Shorty Merry Christmas baby
Blue Christmas Kate and Anna McGarrigle McGarrigle Christmas
Welcome to The Christmas Stew Hour Two features Christmas in the Round
Christmas must be tonight Blue Rodeo A Merrie Christmas to you
A Poem from Bob Chelmick Christmas Landscape by Laurie Lee Music by Miranda Mullholland (Bar Rage)
Sister Winter Joseph youtube single
The Christmas Stew Dec 21 2019
It’s Christmas in these parts Rachelle Van Zanten single Coming up – Barney Bentall and Christmas in the Round
Getting ready for Christmas Day Paul Simon So Beautiful So What
Joy to the World Whitney Houston One Wish
The Christmas Stew – Christmas in the Round
Christmas in the Round – Year Two on Mulligan Stew Barney Bentall. Shari Ulrich. Roy Forbes. Bill Henderson. Jim Byrnes Recorded at Roundhouse Radio
Welcome to The Christmas Stew with TD Mulligan
Christmas in the Round – Year Two on Mulligan Stew Barney Bentall. Shari Ulrich.Roy Forbes.Bill Henderson.Jim Byrnes
Merry Christmas ALL Have a great season….Terry

Ep 86 | Miranda Mulholland PODCAST



Miranda Mulholland talks to Terry about her work as an advocate for fair compensation for musicians in a digital economy, her new solo album By Appointment or Chance, and the joys of performing as part of the duo Harrow Fair. The former Great Lake Swimmers musician also talks about her collaborations with Alan Doyle, and Jim Cuddy, and her work as founder and artistic director of the Muskoka Music Festival. On the podcast, you’ll hear four songs from By Appointment or Chance, including “Bar Rage,” “’Peg and Awl” “Hunt of Zax/Pirate Remi,” and “Raglan Road”.

Ep 85 | For Sama PODCAST


For Sama tells the story of one woman’s journey through love, motherhood, war, and survival during five years of the Syrian conflict. Directed by Emmy award-winning filmmaking duo Waad al-Kateab and Edward Watts (Escaping ISIS), the film chronicles the experiences of 26-year-old Syrian filmmaker Waad al-Kateab, who filmed her life in the rebel-held city of Aleppo over five years from age 21 – 26. For Sama is the first film to document the Syrian conflict from a woman’s perspective. With her on-screen, and in real life, is her physician husband Hamza al-Kateab and British filmmaker/producer Edward Watts.

Mulligan Stew Dec 14th 2019-Jim Cuddy and Jann Arden Interviews


It’s that time again.

Christmas, The Holidays. Hanukkah, New Years Eve. And This Stew takes place on the Winter Solstice.
Talking Magic Time here.
Let The Tilt Begin.
This Christmas Stew Part One features 2 hours of hand picked Christmas tunes.
Plus quick guest appearances by Jim Cuddy and Jann Arden.
Jim talks about singing Joni’s Mitchel’s River.

Jann Arden

And Jann talks about surviving 2 Winters of Christmas busking in a doorway in Gastown, Vancouver.
Holidays songs from
Eric Clapton
BB King
Norah Jones
Darlene Love
Otis Redding
T-Bone Burnett
The Pogues
David GoGo
Dave Mathews Band
Bo Dollis & The Wild Magnolias
Bruce Cockburn
Be Good Tanyas
And more.
Christmas in The Round Year Two with stories and performances from
Rockin Roy Forbes
Barney Bentall
Shari Ulrich
Jim Byrnes
& Bill Henderson




The Christmas Stew Terry David Mulligan
Hey Santa Chris Isaak Christmas
Shakana Santa Shake it Bo Dollis. Wild Magnolias. Bonerama Christmas in New orleans
merry Christmas baby Four Tops Christmas Faves
God rest ye, Merry Gentlemen T-Bone Burnett Acoustic Christmas
Christmas must be tonight The Band Islands
a long December Counting Crows Alternative Christmas Songs Coming up Dave Mathews. The Pogues.
Christmas song (live) Dave Mathews Band very special Christmas 25 years
Fairytale of NY The Pogues with Kirsty MacColl If I should fall from grace with God
Christmas on the Bayou David GoGo Christmas with the blues
Going home for Christmas Alabama Red Santa’s Mojo
Mary had a baby Bruce Cockburn Christmas
Rudy Be Good Tanyas A Winters Night.Best of Nettwerk Christmas
Welcome to Hour 2 of The Stew
Happy Christmas (War is Over) John Lennon. Yoko Ono very special Christmas – Essential
footprints barenaked ladies barenaked for the Holidays
Merry Christmas baby (Jingle Bell Mix) Whitehorse A Whitehorse Winter classic Coming UP – Christmas memories from Jim Cuddy. Jann Arden
Jim Cuddy on singing River
River Blue Rodeo A Merrie Christmas to you
Mulligan Stew with tdm
Jann Arden on busking in Christmas season
I’ll be home for Christmas Jann Arden A Jann Arden Christmas
The Christmas Stew playlist
Lonesome Christmas Eric Clapton Happy Christmas
Christmas comes but once a year BB King Christmas blues
Merry Christmas (live) Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul Soul Fire Live
Christmas Baby please come home Darlene Love Best of
Long road home Sheryl Crow 100 Miles from Memphis. Home for Christmas
The Christmas Stew
Merry Christmas baby Otis Redding Best of
It’s not Christmas till you come home Norah Jones Singles
Christmas is coming Vince Guaraldi Trio A Charlie Brown Christmas