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Tasting Room Radio Podcast-Weekly

January 28th, 2023: A Spirits Special – The Five Bottle Bar Book and Single Malt 006 from Eau Claire.  

A Spirits Special – The Five Bottle Bar  and Single Malt 006 from Eau Claire.   THE SHOW   Eau Claire Master Distiller Caitlin Quinn.   This edition of TRR started with the arrival of a handsome  bottle of  Eau Claire Single Malt Whisky...


Mulligan Stew Podcast-Weekly

EP 242 | WHITEHORSE-Tales from New Album ‘Im not Crying You’re Crying’

Jimmy would be so proud! His Mom and Dad are guesting on the  Mulligan Stew Podcast. Jimmy is the 10-year-old son of Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet of Whitehorse. Jimmy likes the music his Mom and Dad make so much that he’s sitting in...


Mulligan Stew Radio on CKUA Saturdays 5-7 MST

Mulligan Stew Jan 28th 2023-Special Guests Whitehorse

Special guests on the Saturdays Stew – By the time they hit the air on The Stew, Whitehorse will be proclaimed #1 on the CKUA Top 30.   I believe they’ll be there for a while. Their new album I’m not crying You’re crying is getting rave...