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Mulligan Stew Podcast

EP 161 | Romi Mayes – Curbside Concerts

This weeks guest is singer/songwriter Romi Mayes (Winnipeg) But she’s not introducing a tour or a new album. In 2021, she’s the Senior Producer for Curbside Concerts. A company started in 2020 by  Matt Masters and Amanda Burgener.  They could both see, because of...


Tasting Room Radio

June 19th, 2021 -Michael Allemeier (SAIT) & Singular Winemaker:  Anthony Buchanan  

“I need a miracle” –   Michael Allemeier (SAIT) and the singular wines of  Anthony Buchanan.   THE SHOW One week ago Exec Chef Jeff van Geest  at Miradoro Restaurant /Tinhorn Creek posted an Instagram message that started with “I need a Miracle”.  He simply...


Mulligan Stew Radio

Mulligan Stew June 19th 2021-Festival Radio

It’s our first Festival Radio partnership.  Festival Radio Specials are taking the last 30 minutes of Holger and the first 30 minutes of Stew. For the next 12 weeks. So we start at 5:30 Mtn/4:30 Pacific We START with live tracks from Norah Jones...


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