Mulligan Stew June 6th 2020-Black lives, D-day, Mike Plume

Hello all It’s been a 10-day span that has seen murder,  hatred, battles, riots, confrontation, and just now a possibility of hope and healing. How does a 2-hour music weekly show help with healing and understanding? I can’t really answer that but I can tell you that from the...

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Mulligan Stew May 30th 2020-Music to heal and renew

How was your week?  Memorable or immediately forgettable? For those of you who had a memorable week…Joyous tracks from   Morning Dew – The National 10th Ave Freeze Out (live) – Miami Steve and Bruce Springsteen Trapper – Mark Knopfler In the air – great new track from The California Honeydrops...

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May 30th, 2020- David Farran Pres.  Eau Claire Distillery, Turner Valley & A Revisit to Tofino Food and Wine

  David Farran Pres.  Eau Claire Distillery, Turner Valley & A Revisit to Tofino Food and Wine    THE SHOW  For years, a huge percentage of the grains that were grown by farmers in Alberta were shipped to The UK to make Scotch. 80% of all that Scotch was...

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EP 109 | Susana Trilling-Chef. Educator. Oaxaca, Mexico

Susana Trilling is a chef, teacher, caterer, author, TV hostess, food consultant, and director of Seasons of My Heart Cooking School and Sazon de Mi Corazon S.A. de C.V., producing gourmet Mexican products.  She’s from Philly. She owned 2 NYC restaurants, a restaurant in Fremantle, Western Australia, and has lived in...

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EP 108 | Julius Makarewicz-Nude Beverages Co-Founder

It’s 2013. In Vancouver, 23-year-old Julius Markarewicz is at a trade show featuring entrepreneurs who have “new ideas”. He’s one of many. His idea is putting vodka and soda TOGETHER in a can so all we have to do is pour it. Nude Beverages are now approaching 44 Million...

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Mulligan Stew May 23rd 2020-Full on Spring!

“Get out my life, woman”…First lyrics sung on Saturdays Mulligan Stew on CKUA Radio… Written by Alan Toussaint… A big hit by Lee Dorsey in the ’60s but times have changed. This version is sung by The Wood Brothers – who are the funkiest brothers I know.  Speaking of...

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