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Oct 23st, 2021 – Christa-Lee McWatters (Time) – Christine Coletta (Narrative) – Jay Drysdale (Bella) 

Christa-Lee McWatters (Time) – Christine Coletta (Narrative) – Jay Drysdale (Bella)  THE SHOW   Three BC wine leaders in the Okanagan and releases you’re going to want to find,  try and buy.   Christa-Lee McWatters – GM of  5 Vines Cellars. (TIME Winery/Kitchen. Evolve....


Mulligan Stew Podcast-Weekly

EP 162 | Leeroy Stagger-Dystopian Weekends 

Hello all: As I explained when this show first ran in June – I jumped the gun BY MONTHS. This Summer, I was so eager to let music fans hear Leeroy’s interview and new music, I completely forgot about the release date in October!!!...


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Mulligan Stew Oct 23rd 2021-The Colins … and more!

For Donor Albertans in Rhodes Greece We start with a song co-written by Colin Linden, Colin James, and Luther Dickinson. For Colin’s album  bLOW. Then Colin James and the title track from his about to be released album Open Road. Followed by new music from Luther’s album...


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