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EP 154 | Strippers Union

If you are lucky enough to work on the media side of the music business and  if you’re honest in your relationships with artists,  over the years many of them become friends. Rob Baker and Craig Northey are just such a couple of friends...


Tasting Room Radio

May 1st, 2021- Our First Spring Wine Release Special of 2021!

Our First Spring Wine Release Special of 2021   THE SHOW    You can set your clocks by this moment in the year.  Spring shows itself in green “everything”  plus  warmer days and beautiful longer nights. For the farmers and winegrowers its “Bud Break”....


Mulligan Stew Radio

Mulligan Stew May 8th 2021- I Million raised for CKUA. We celebrate with 2 hours of music!

The CKUA spring fundraiser was a huge success. Met the 1 Million Mark Sunday dinner time. Everyone – donor audience and staff – took several days to reset and here we are, back to our places and spaces. After two weeks of talking, we...


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