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EP 160 | Terry Wickham-Producer Edmonton Folk Music Festival-Taking It To The Streets

This week’s guest is Terry Wickham. The hard-working and much-admired Producer of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. Thing is – there is no Festival this year. However, after much discussion, they have come up with a Plan B. To quote The Doobie Brothers they’re Taking...


Tasting Room Radio

June 12th, 2021- New Spring Releases from Birch Block & Chef Jeff Needs a Miracle!  

New Spring Releases from Birch Block and Chef Jeff van Geest Needs a Miracle!   THE SHOW   Its International Rose Day – pour some, buy some, gift some. (It’s a year-round delight, friends)  First up Block Party 3 from Sarah and Murray Bancroft...


Mulligan Stew Radio

Mulligan Stew June 12th 2021- Taking it to the Streets

Terry Wickham joins us in Hour Two of The Stew with background on Taking it to the Streets. It’s a re-think from the Edmonton Folk Music Festival team. Local music fans, who have space for artists to play in (Backyard, cul-de-sac,  your street,  patio etc.) can...


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