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March 23rd, 2019 – Here come the Somms!

Here come The Somms (4 of the best including Matt Landry  Sommelier of the Year)  THE SHOW  som·me·lier /ˌsəməlˈyā/...

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Ep 47 | Tom Cochrane Podcast

  Mar 16, 2019 Terry welcomes Canadian musical icon, humanitarian, and hit-maker Tom Cochrane to the podcast. Tom is currently...

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Mulligan Stew March 16th 2019- Tom Cochrane Interview

  LISTEN LIVE! Listen live Saturday 5-7 MST on CKUA Radio! LISTEN! Next week Tom and Red Rider are...

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March 16th, 2019 – The 41st VanWineFest Part Two

The 41st VanWineFest Part Two (Wine Royalty & The Canadians)   THE SHOW   It’s part two of this year’s...

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Ep 46 | Gina Gallo & Jean-Charles Boisset Podcast

Mar 12, 2019 Terry talks wine with two titans of vino: Gina Gallo & Jean-Charles Boisset, recorded at the...

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Mulligan Stew March 9th 2019- Rich Hope Interview

Listen Live! Listen Saturdays 5-7pm on the mighty CKUA Radio Network! Listen The first 6 tunes may give you...

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