Mulligan Stew Aug 15th 2020-Virtually Re-visiting the Wild Mountain Music Festival





I have never been to the Wild Mountain Music Festival in Hinton, Alberta.  But it feels like I have now!


It’s mid-July. Whole families show up. With two main stages side by side, all the audience has to do is turn 2 feet either way and the next artist kicks off.

The host for the past 6 years is CKUA’s Mid-Morning Mojo Baba.

We’re going to talk to Baba, Jason Williams and Meagan Loves from Swear by the Moon, who’s played and volunteered since the beginning.

I put together a  wish list of artists from the many who’ve played Wild Mountain.

CKUA Senior Producer Elliott Garnier kindly gathered live tracks from various festivals we’ve recorded. (Thank you Scott Franchuk)


Looking back on highlights from years past.

The on-stage performance list says it all.


Blue Rodeo – ‘Til I am myself again (Calgary 2017)

Terra Lightfoot –  Never Will (Wild Mtn 2019)

Harp and Axe – Pretty Please (Edmonton 2019)

Harry Manx – Make Way (Edmonton2015)

Steve Mariner – Trouble no more (Edmonton Blues Fest )

Matt Anderson – People get Ready (Bear Creek 2017)

Whitehorse – Boys like you (Canmore 2017)

Mariel Buckley – Driving in the Dark (Edmonton 2017)

Diggin Roots – Highway 17 (Edmonton 2016)

Serena Ryder – Sing Sing (her Live album)



Special guests include BABA (who’s MC’d many years)

Also, Meagan Loves – Swear by the Moon

Jason Williams – Festival Artistic  Director



Hour one starts with


The great Brian Wilson and his  song Love and Mercy

Led Zeppelin back to back with new Robert Plant

Paul Simon Live in Central Park.

Dave Mason and his famous pals,.

John Mayer and Ben Harper

Anna Jayne Burton and Joey Landreth

Michael Kaeshammer and Colin James

Gord Downie and The Sadie’s

And a famous moment in Amsterdam when The Who ran onto the stage at the Concertgebouw to play Tommy for the first time.

That moment when drummer Keith  Moon kept running and fell off the stage and took the sound system with him.

I was there..remember it well and now I can hear the audience go “ooooh” as he fell.




Hello World – This is Mulligan Stew
love and mercy Brian Wilson I just wasnt made for these times
hold your hand anna jayne burton-joey landreth single
who are you (live) Michael Kaeshammer and Colin James Live in Concert
fool in the rain Led Zeppelin In through the out door
charlie patton highway (Turn it up Part 1) Robert Plant Diggin Deep. Subterania
Welcome to The Stew NEXT – Paul Simon Live
The Boxer (live) Paul Simon Live in The Park
Graceland The tallest man on Earth The tallest man on Earth
walkin with Mr Lee Golden State Blues Revue Golden State Blues Revue
Saluting Wild Mtn Music Festival Hello Hinton
never will (live) Terra Lightfoot Wild Mtn Music Festival
Pretty Please (live) Harp and Axe Stew Show Edmonton Folk Fest 2019
TDMulligan mulliganstew podcast
Trouble no more (live) Steve Marriner Live on Edmonton Blues Fest
James Williams Interview Artistic Director Wild Mtn Music Fest
Driving in the Darki (live) Mariel Buckley Wide Cut Country Edmonton Folk Fest 2017
Jason Williams Interview Artistic Director Wild Mtn Music Fest
Til I am myself again (live) Blue Rodeo Calgary Folk Festival 2017
Jason Williams Interview Wild Mountain Music Festival
Highway 17 (live) Diggin’ Roots Live on World Spinning Edmonton FF 2016
make way for the living (live) Harry Manx Edmonton FF 2015 WCC
Baba Interview
Serena Ryder (live) Sing Sing Live
Boys like you (live) Whitehorse Canmore Folk Fest 2017 Mulligan Stew
Meagan Loves Interview Swear by the Moon
People get ready (live) Matt Anderson Bear Creek Festival 2017

EP 119 | Dan Mangan Talks Side Door Access


First words on the Sidedoor Access Website


“We are a team of artists & technologists passionately building an efficient, friendly and transparent marketplace where anybody can perform, host, or curate shows for their communities”

And then this –

“Although our company was originally for in-person shows only, we quickly expanded to the online sphere, once gatherings became unsafe. Our job is to help artists, curators, festivals, and venues keep creating shows and help audiences find them.

When faced with a crisis, it is always art that helps us through. Whether it offers comfort, community, understanding, solace, distraction, or perspective, art has always been something humanity employs to make it through pain and suffering. We are committed to supporting the creators in safe and innovative ways to connect to their audience.”

Laura Simpson
Co-Founder & CEO

Laura’s founding partner is Dan Mangan, a singular artist who knows about endless road trips,  rooms full of strangers, and surviving the hard road.

SideDoor started several years ago as a way for emerging artists to play stages in towns, cities, regions, and provinces.

The stages were storefronts, backyards, front rooms, porches, tennis courts, and actual stages.

Forward to 2019 and a World epidemic that changed everyone’s life.

Dan tells the story of where he was and how Sidedoor Access  became “The Thing”

Here’s the story of how Dan, Laura, and Sidedoor became a sensation and changed their lives.  Again.

Mulligan Stew August 8th 2020- Revisiting the Edmonton Folk Festival


The Stew takes a run at Festival Radio.

This week we celebrate the great Edmonton Folk Music Festival.

My co-host is Elliott Garnier who was the on site producer for the entire festival.

The fans can’t gather on The Hill but we can help recreate the feeling.

We had many interviews and live performances to choose from…but here’s the final list.

Terry Wickham – Producer of the Festival. He gives us a preview of the new Festival documentary The Hill featuring highlight performances from past years.

Nathaniel Rateliff – 3 days after the Jimmy Fallon breakout. (2015)

Rhiannon Giddens – appearing as a solo performer for the first time. Outspoken activist. Gifted artist. The complete memorable conversation can be heard on the MulliganStew Podcast (2017)

Dan Mangan and Blacksmith – a brilliant off-the-cuff acapella song. (2014)

The Bros. Landreth – debuting songs from their new album. Strong performance. (2018)

Mike Farris – Grammy winner. A wicked mix of rock, gospel, and soul. Great voice. (2016)

Michael Franti – who better to close the show.  He returns to Edmonton where he spent some of  his teen years. Biggest audience we’ve seen at the CKUA tent. Brings the Joy of The Hill (2018)

Enjoy!!  Do you own Hill!



Mulligan Stew Aug 8 2020 EFMF
Welcome to The Stew TDM and Elliott Garnier Celebrating past guests from Edmonton Folk Music Festivals
Knock on screen door John Prine tree of forgiveness
Terry Wickham interview Producer of EFMF
SOB Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats
Nathaniel Rateliff Interview
I’d be waiting (live) Nathaniel Rateliff – Live in ckua tent EFMF
NEXT on Mulligan Stew Rhiannon Giddens
Midnight Rider Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
knockin’ Carolina Chocolate Drops. Luminescent Orch EP – CCD and LO on nonsuch
Rhiannon Giddens Interview 2017 Complete interview on MulliganStew Podcast
Water Boy Rhiannon Giddens Tomorrow is my turn
Rhiannon Giddens Interview 2017 Complete interview on MulliganStew Podcast
Freedom Highway Rhiannon Giddens Freedom Highway
Rhiannon Giddens Interview 2017 Edmonton Folk Music Festival – on Mulligan Stew ckua
Better get it right the first time Rhiannon Giddens Freedom Highway TD Mulligan and Elliott Garnier
don’t let go colin linden and luther dickinson Amor
Dan Mangan and Blacksmith interview 2014 Edmonton Folk Music Festival – on Mulligan Stew ckua
So much for everyone (live) Dan Mangan and Blacksmith Live at EFMF
Mulligan Stew tdmulligan and Elliott Garnier
The Brothers Landreth Interview Mulligan Stew
Made up Mind (live) The Bros Landreth
The Brothers Landreth Interview
Got to be you (live) The Bros Landreth NEXT = The Mikes Farris and Franti
Mike Farris Interview 2016 Edmonton Folk Music Festival – on Mulligan Stew ckua
Jonah and The Whale (live) Mike Farris and Paul Piggat EFMF
Mike Farris Interview 2016 Edmonton Folk Music Festival – on Mulligan Stew ckua
Mike Farris (live) Edmonton Folk Music Festival – on Mulligan Stew ckua Elliott Garnier and TDMulligan
mulligan stew at EFMF
enjoy every second (live) Michael Franti
Michael Franti Interview Edmonton Folk Music Festival – on Mulligan Stew ckua
Be with you (live) Michael Franti

Ep 119| Rhiannon Giddens Podcast


This is the first repeat that we’ve presented on the Podcast.
It comes from working on a Mulligan Stew special celebrating our many years at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival.
One interview stood out.
This one with Rhiannon Giddens.
It was 2018 and she was returning to the festival for the first time since taking time away from her friends in Carolina Chocolate Drops.
She was now a solo artist with T Bone Burnett producing and mentoring.
That’s a matter of record.
What was outstanding were her comments 2 years ago on Black Lives Matter, civil rights, the history of black struggle in America, and her place in that struggle.
Powerful words and opinions. As essential today as they were 2 years ago.
We present Rhiannon Giddens. The complete interview.

Recorded live at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Rhiannon Giddens talks to Terry David Mulligan about stepping into the spotlight as a solo artist, the influence T-Bone Burnett has had on her career, her latest record ‘Freedom Highway’ and her thoughts on the recent sea change in American politics.

EP 118 | Margo Price Interview


If you Google Margo Price, you’ll discover that almost everyone who writes about her has a slightly different description of her will and her way.

That’s because she writes and sings about pain, loss, loneliness, failed romance, and giving herself a good talking to.

Her gift is that even though those songs are about dark things she sings them with passion and joy and a thrilling voice.

Margo is called an outlaw in Nashville. Likened to Janis Joplin in California, New York loves her.

Every song takes her closer to stardom but only on her terms. Personally she’s a Mother who has children but has already lost one in early death.

She lost her friend John Prine, lost a Grammy nomination.

Her husband battled COVID 19, she’s off the road for the first time in years..tending her garden.

Has a memoir coming next year and every day it seems she starts another war of words in her social postings.

Supporting Black Lives Matter, women’s rights, white privilege, and many others.

Our complete conversation covers all these things and 4 tracks from her new album That’s how rumors get started

Enjoy your time with Margo Price – I sure did

Mulligan Stew Aug 1st 2020- Margo Price Interview and Peter Green Tribute


I’ll take some liberties with the actual words but I recently remember coming across these two headlines that seemed to define the profile of Margo Price.

Margo Price is here to save Rock.

Margo Price. The next superstar of Country.

There’s some truth in both but if you ask Margo she may say “I’m somewhere in between”

With her new album, That’s how rumors get started  Margo takes a stance somewhere between Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen.

Smart move.

 We’ve lost Tom and Bruce finds himself releasing live Broadway sets,  modern country, and future solo works.

Somebody has to claim that sound and those audiences. Why not Margo Price.

She’s a fan of Janis Joplin and Linda Ronstadt. Two amazing singers who could not be wrapped up in a neat box.

They did what they did and you could come along or maybe reconnect down the road.

Margo is outspoken, passionate about her songs and music, and possesses one of the best voices.

We covered a lot of ground in this interview.

Tracks from the album, losing one child, discovering she was pregnant as she started the album, the personal cost of endless days on the road, and her place in music.

Touched on Black Lives Matter and the whole Lady A mess.

And the album?  Flat out, her best yet.

Note:  The complete interview can be heard at MulliganStew Podcast

(Subscribe at Spotify, Google Play and Apple Podcasts)

We pay tribute to the late Peter Green..the co-founder of the original Fleetwood Mac. Brilliant guitarist and songwriter.

New tracks from

Bob Dylan

Serena Ryder

Ben  Harper and Rhiannon Giddens


Derek Trucks  The Sky

Taj Mahal – Cakewalk

Jill Barber – Chances

Blue Rodeo- Lost Together

Dr. John  – Mess Around

Stones – Love in Vail Live

Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah Live

kd lang  Trail of broken hearts live

and Classics

Bachman.  Cummings – American Woman 2007

Queen –  Crazy little thing

Blues for Greeny – Gary Moore

Have a great Long Weekend  – Be Safe


PLAYLIST: Tonights guest Margo Price
Got to Move (live) Fleetwood Mac Live in Boston
This sky The Derek Trucks Band Songlines
mess around Dr John Anthology Tonights guest Margo Price
black eyed dog ben harper – rhiannon giddens single
If you be my baby Gary Moore Blues for Greeny
Mulligan Stew with tdm Tonights guest Margo Price
Crossing the Rubicon Bob Dylan rough and rowdy ways
cakewalk in to town taj mahal the essential TM
love in vain (live) Rolling stones totally stripped (brixton)
This is The Stew – CKUA Radio Coming UP – Margo Price Interview
Hallelujah (live) leonard cohen live in dublin
trail of broken dreams (live) kd lang Reintarnation
This is The Stew – CKUA Radio
Margo Price Interview Complete podcast at
gone to stay margo price that’s how rumors get started
Margo Price Interview complete interview mulliganstew podcast
prisoner of highway margo price that’s how rumors get started
Margo Price Interview complete interview on mulliganstew podcast
I would die for you margo price thats how rumors get started
candy serena ryder candy single
American woman 2007 Bachman Cummings jukebox
chances jill barber chances
king of July the radio grand town and country
NEXT week – Highlights of Edmonton Folk Festivals
lost together blue rodeo lost together
Have a great weekend
crazy little thing queen the game

EP 117 | Rod Lurie Director of The Outpost


“With a script by Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy, based on The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor by Jake Tapper, the film emerges as an action thriller which never loses sight of the futility of the war being fought.

You could also watch this intensely powerful movie, which Lurie directs with a keen understanding of the mechanics of battle and an overriding humanism that puts flesh-and-blood on the bones of the tragic story being told about Bravo Troop 3-61 CAV, one of the most decorated units of the 19-year conflict”

Peter Travers  Rolling Stone

Rod Lurie attended West Point and served four years as a combat arms officer. Started the Broadcast Film Critics Assn with Joey Berlin.

Then turned his attention to writing and directing in TV and film.

It all came together when he wrote and directed the Golden Globe and Academy Award-nominated The Contender.

This conversation about his latest film The Outpost is a reflection of my admiration for Rod and all he’s done. The Outpost plays to all of his strengths., the characters of the real soldiers involved and honoring the men who battled that day. His toughest critics were the families of those who died. It was vital that they saw their loved ones portrayed as the warriors they were.

Mulligan Stew July 25th 2020- Revisiting The Calgary Folk Fest


Hour Two is a collection of  audio highlights  from the  years spent at the Calgary Folk Festival
And who better to co-host than our own Elliott Garnier.
After all, he’s the on-site producer and procurer for The Stew at these festivals.

Kris Kristofferson talks about his friendship with Johnny Cash.

Guests interviews and performances  Include

Lee Fields
Art Bergman
Blue Rodeo concert and Jim Cuddy Interview (with the Bentall boys)
The Deep Dark Woods


Hour One, the donor Michael Witt has asked us to play artists from previous Edmonton Folk Festivals.

From 2000 – Jackson Browne/Wilson Pickett/Linda Tillery

From 2013 – Amy Helm/The Avett Brothers/Mighty Clouds of Joy/Carolina Chocolate Drops

From 2005 – Ruthie Foster/Mavis Staples

and to end the show – Blackie and the Rodeo Kings/kdlang/Van Morrison/Doug Sahm

August 8th we’ll present a full two hours of highlights from past Edmonton Folk Festivals.

Saturday 5-7Mtn  (4-6 Pacific)
Mulligan Stew
CKUA radio.

The Mulligan Stew Podcast features an in-depth Interview with Director Rod Lurie  And his True Story of The Outpost. (Book by CNN’s Jake Tapper)


Mulligan Stew July 25 2020
midnight hour wilson pickett rarities and hits
get up stand up linda tillery and the cultural heritage choir 4:00
rock me on the water jackson browne jackson brown
rolling the stone amy helm didn’t it rain
ain’t no man The avett bros true sadness
right here waiting (come see about me) mighty clouds of joy Classics 3 Hour Two – Calgary Folk fest Highlights
This is Mulligan Stew – year something
Coming Up – blackie.kd.van the man.doug sahm Mulligan Stew Podcast – Rod Lurie . The Outpost
Jackson (live) Carolina Chocolate Drops We walk the line
Ring of Fire (live) ruthie foster Live at the Paramount
For what its worth Mavis Staples Mavis Staples Live MulliganStew Podcast – The Outpost
swinging from the chains of love blackie and the rodeo kings best of – swinging from the chains of love
big boned gal (live) kdlang live by request
i just want to make love to you (live) Van Morrison It’s too late to stop now
anybody going to San Antone Doug Sahm single version Tex Mex Trips
This is Mulligan Stew Hour one NEXT – Memories of the Calgary Folk Festival

EP 116 | Colin Cripps Interview


This is a Zoom/Audio interview. Your choice.


Colin Cripps is one of those musicians/artists who may never receive the full spotlight the lead singers get but if you ask that artist in the spotlight, they’ll tell you they wouldn’t be in the studio or out on stage if Colin wasn’t there with them step for step.

In other words, invaluable.

Currently, he’s a member of Blue Rodeo and The Jim Cuddy Band.

He’s played with and produced Crash Vegas and Junkhouse.

Produced and written with ex-wife Kathleen Edwards, Tom Wilson, Colin James, Headstones, Sarah McLachlan, Bryan Adams.

Many many more credits can be found online.

Speaking of online,  Colin is a Guitar Geek and he lives in a World where other guitar geeks compare notes on guitars and gear.

They all speak another language ..about tone and bridges and strings and colors.  They go crazy for colors.

Colin has some 40-50 guitars.

Each brings something different to music.

Colin takes us through the differences and who played what on which records.

Jeff Beck. Eric Clapton. Keith Richards. The Beatles. Elvis Costello. Metallica. Jimmy Page. Hank Marvin. Mark Knopfler. Cliff Gallop.

It’s time to Geek OUT !!

Colin talks about and shows/plays these guitars

1955 Fender Telecaster in Sunburst (Keith Richards. Jimmy Page)

1963 Fender Stratocaster in Fiesta Red (Hank Marvin. Jimi. Mark Knopfler)

1964 Gibson SG Standard in Cherry Red (Colin’s Fave)

1962 Epiphone Casino in Royal Tan (The Beatles made them famous)

1958 Fender Jazzmaster in Roman Red (Elvis Costello. Only 4 in this color)

1958 Gibson Explorer. The Holy Grail of originals. James Hatfield’s is worth 1M.

Mulligan Stew July 19th 2020- Forward into Summer!


Are we really halfway through July??

I could use some tunes to smooth out the bumps on this road I’m on.

How about YOU?

On July 18th, 1973 Bruce Springsteen played the first of four nights at Max’s Kansas City in New York City.

His opening act was smuggled into the country through  Canada. Wait until you hear who opened for Bruce.  It was their first gig ever in the USA. We’ll play some original audio from the night and then two songs you know them for.

While we’re thumbing through  the music calendar

July 18, 1980 – at Cinema 1 in NYC – the first screening of No Nukes took place. We’re going to play the encore with the artists who made it all happen Bruce Springsteen and Jackson Browne.


Neil Young at The Last Waltz

Joey Landreth

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Live

Tower of Power, Dave Alvin, John Mayer, The original Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel live at Yankee Stadium

Otis Redding, The  Clash, John Prine Linda Ronstadt, BB King and Eric Clapton, Taj, Robbie Robertson, And a bunch more.

Two hours of music. Top to Bottom.

Turn it up and enjoy!!

Let the music smooth your road.

Up Ahead:

The Mulligan Stew Podcast is Colin Cripps

Guitarist for Blue Rodeo and The Jim Cuddy Band..and a collector of rare guitars.

He runs 7 of them by the Zoom cameras and gives you a little history of each.

If you’re a guitar geek – this is for you.

NEXT WEEK – We revisit special moments of past Calgary Folk Festivals.

Jim Cuddy band

Art Bergmann


And lots more.


Mulligan Stew July 18 2020
Stay (live) Bruce Springsteen. Jackson Browne No Nukes
who do you love (live) The Band – Ronnie Hawkins The Last Waltz
desperado Linda Ronstadt Dont cry now
These arms of mine Otis Redding Stax-Volt Complete singles Next – BB King and Eric. The Clash – Taj Mahal
I fought the law The Clash Hits Back
Sound of silence Pentatonix The sound of silence
This is Mulligan Stew with TDM
Hold on I’m Coming Eric Clapton and BB King Riding with the King
Atlantic City The Band Jericho
Once were brothers Robbie Robertson Sinematic
TDMulligan – The Stew Coming UP – Neil Young. Tom Petty – Tower of Power
Honky Tonk Women Taj Mahal Blue Light Boogie
Radiator Blues Whitehorse The fate of the World depends on this kiss
Hey Kids – It’s The Stew with terrdavidmulligan Ahead – Joey Landreth – Madeleine Peyroux – Billy Joel twice
Helpless (live) Neil Young and The Band The Last Waltz
Forgiveness Joey Landreth Hindsight
Won’t back down (live) Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers The Live Anthology
Everything I do – gonn be funky Madeline Peyroux Secular Hymns
Nothing stopping us now Tower of Power Best of
Three Little Birds Bob Marley and the Wailers
All that Heaven will allow Bruce Springsteen Tunnel of love Coming UP – Dave Alvin – John Mayer – Fleetwood Mac – B Joel
Gary, Indiana 1959 Dave Alvin Eleven Eleven
Helpless John Mayer Wave Two
Lemon Squeezer (live) Fleetwood Mac – The original Live The Shine 1969
New York State of Mind (live) Billy Joel (Yankee Stadium) Live through the years
I’ve been working (Live) Van Morrison A night in SF