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EP 279 | Icon Buffy Sainte-Marie Under Attack- Listen to Buffy’s Words – You Decide!


Buffy Sainte-Marie

An icon, a high-profile leader for indigenous nations, a legendary singer/songwriter, Oscar winner, Order of Canada recipient,  Juno winner.

Apparently, that’s not good enough for CBC Television.

Their flagship investigative show Fifth Estate has accused Buffy of not being ingenious. A pretender.

Because Buffy and I were talking about her documentary Carry It On, she made a point of talking about her childhood and adoption.

I’ve known Buffy for a very long time. She has represented indigenous nations most of her life. She lived her life and spoke her truth.

This interview has been quoted in various articles.

Please have a listen and find your truth.

I’ve got Buffy’s words and music.  Good enough for me.

Thank You


EP 277 | Buffy Sainte-Marie & Tom Wilson


First Podcast guest is Buffy Sainte Marie.

Buffy has announced after a glorious 60-year career, she’s not touring anymore and her documentary Carry it on has been nominated for an International Emmy Award. They’re announced Nov 20.
The only Canadian entry.
I’ve been honoured to know Buffy for much of my life.

Buffy Sainte-Marie and Terry David Mulligan, Juno Couch Calgary Photo by Corey Wood

Buffy’s first comment was “How long have we been doing this Terry?”  We cover off the film, why touring can be a hard road.

Early days in Greenwich Village NYC.  Her role in the indigenous community. Reveals why she’s been so committed to tribal education. Lots of other stories.

Watch our Podcast YouTube version on the TerryDavidMulligan Channel.

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Second Podcast  Guest is Tom Wilson

Tom brings his music to Calgary Festival Hall October 19 and Festival Place Sherwood Park Edmonton Friday Oct 20. 
He’s been just a tad busy. A new documentary, two new albums. An Indigenous Scholarship program.

Named to the 2024 Order of Canada list. Working on BARK music. Reuniting his 90’s band Junkhouse and re-releasing their 30-year-old Strays album. And his art has exploded up and out.

Tom Wilson and Terry David Mulligan


Writing lately with Daniel Lanois, Terra Lightfoot and Colin James.
There’s another book coming and Lee Harvey Osmond things.
And that’s why we have him guesting. To support this up-and-coming new artist!!!

Next week – Barney Bentall and Cariboo Express

Two weeks – Susan Tedeschi – celebrating the 25th anniversary of Just Won’t Burn.

Her second album earned her a Grammy Nomination and started her career.


January 7th, 2023-Q&A with new wine called….Q&A!


A Q&A with new wine called….Q&A



It’s a really great story.

Jason Priestley and I co-hosted/co-produced Hollywood and Vines TV for a number of years with our pal Producer Chad Oakes.

It was shown in over 90 countries via Travel Channel UK (London)

One of our Okanagan shoots was seen in Slovakia by winemaker Michael Mosny and his wife  Martina.

They liked what they saw and heard, came to Canada, checked out the Okanagan Valley, and loved it.

They said goodbye to their friends in Europe, moved to Oliver, and started a winery,  a very successful label called Winemakers Cut.

Several years later I’m doing interviews for Tasting Room Radio in Victoria.  I was impressed with a new winery that had seemingly appeared overnight and could be found in most wine stores and restaurant wine lists. I introduced myself to Michal at the Winemaker’s Cut table and he said

“you have no idea why I’m here, do you?”

To my amazement, Michal told me the whole story of how Winemakers Cut ended up on that table in front of him.

We became good friends.

Several years later Michal suggested we make a wine together – to celebrate.  He happened to have the makings of a Bordeaux-inspired blend sitting on oak in his cellar. I asked Jason and he loved the idea. We came up with the name Q&A and things started to roll from there. Well, here we are..


Jason and I have stepped into the world of wine.

The difference is, we’re not consumers. We’re partners with winemaker Michal and Winemakers Cut in Oliver BC

Jason for several years had been an investor in Black Hills Winery, the maker of the iconic Nota Bene.

After the sale of Black Hills, I continued to search for exceptional terroir capable of producing a peerless Bordeaux-style blend. Throughout this journey, I merged paths with Terry and then Michal. Together, we questioned what we already know, over and over again,” said Priestley“After looking everywhere, all roads lead to one answer and the answer is once again in the Okanagan. This time, the difference is in the details, with a focus on elegance and finesse.”

Q&A “I heard about Canadian wine for the first time from Terry and Jason’s international television show, Hollywood and Vines TV, and it quickly became my passion  They are the reason why I decided to move here with my wife in 2012 and make wines in the Okanagan Valley.”   Slovakian-Canadian Michal Mosny is the proprietor of Winemaker’s CUT, an acclaimed winery based in the District Wine Village in Oliver, BC.


Q&A started rolling out in November of 2022. It’s just now beginning to show up on select wine store shelves and restaurant wine lists.

Check out qa.wine for more information

It’s a Bordeaux-inspired blend ..

45% Cabernet Sauvignon

38% Merlot

13% Cabernet Franc

4% Petit Verdot

100% Yummy!

Here’s the first Q&A gabfest on Tasting Room Radio

The complete Zoom interview can be heard on Mulligan Stew Podcast and the video on terrydavidmulligan YouTube Channel





Jackson Family buy another Cowichan Winery (Blue Grouse)

Hester Creek Releases

JPCustoms new releases

Eau Claire Single Malt Whisky 006

Winemakers Cut New Releases

Five Bottle Bar –  Book by Jessica Schacht

Township 7 – New Releases



The Best of the Best tracks from 19 years of Mulligan Stew


 Music to watch sports by… and…
The Best of the Best tracks from 19 years of Mulligan Stew

CKUAListen live here 5-7 MST for my Best of the Best playlist from the past 19 years of Mulligan Stew programming!  IF you listen and donate folks I promise to play some of my favs… @TDMulligan for suggestions and comments

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Between 5 and 7PM..IF you listen (and donate) I promise to play the following…
Terry David Mulligan
Hallelujah                                            KD Lang   Recollection                                    
And it Stoned me                             Van Morrison/Moondance                          
Train in Vain                                       The Clash  London Calling                             
Little Red Rooster (live)                 Rolling Stones (Eric Clapton)
Late in the Evening                          Paul Simon Paul Simon Collection             
Sexual Healing                                   Marvin Gaye  Midnight Love                       
I’ll take you There                            Staple Singers  Top of the Stax                   
Golden Years                                     David Bowie  Best of 74/79                          
When will I be Loved                      Everly Bros  all time greatest hits               
Jailhouse Rock                                   Elvis/ sings Leiber and Stoller                      
Watching the detectives               Elvis Costello/My aim is true                       
Listen to her heart                           Tom Petty-Heartbreakers
Diamond Mine                                  Blue Rodeo  Diamond Mine                         
Like a Rolling Stone                         Bob Dylan.  Greatest Hits                              
Desire                                                   U2..
Little Feat                                            Spanish Moon   waiting for Columbus     
Steeley Dan
Beatles                                                 she said she said Revolver                           
Taj Mahal

Hollywood and VInes TV Season 3 is near…



jay and Dan

Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole, Jason Priestley, Terry David Mulligan,
Hollywood and Vines TV shoot in LA

Jason and Terry just completed a 2 day sweep through Hollywoodland
Shooting started at The Merchantile – a fine wine bar – on Sunset Blvd.
JP and TDM showed UK in linen jackets and slacks.
Our guests – The Tickle Trunk Twins – Sportscasters Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole from Fox Sports walked in dressed to wash their cars.
Soooo LA.
Fashion aside. We couldn’t wait to talk to these boys.
Stars on Canada’s TSN they have brought the whole glammy package South to America.
They’ve just started on air so the USA is just getting a first taste of their traveling gong show but very soon they’ll be the talk of the Town so to speak.
We covered a lot of ground including The Tickle Trunk, Friendly Giant, cars, fame and wine,  on both sides of the border.
Then show intros and extros right underneath the Hollywood Sign
Then it was shooting at the corner of the real Hollywood and Vine.
It was crazy.
And finally our day ended with an interview featuring Anson Mount. Lead actor in the very successful Hell on Wheels.
He had come directly from appearing on the Arsenio Hall Show and Mr Hall had discovered that Mr Mount loved his bourbons and poured him a generous parting shot.
This by the time his driver dropped him off he was well and truly on theme.
We did spend a lot of time talking bourbon and such.
A little on wine and a lot about acting.
Year Three is nicely coming together.
Bridget is editing and Frank is working on the music
Almost done.


Season 3 Update- Sept 2013


Book Reviews – RockStar Weekly


Terry David Mulligan – Mulligan’s Stew: My Life So Far – Book Review

Written by Dan Savoie

Terry David Mulligan - Mulligan's Stew: My Life So FarAnyone over the age of 30 should recognize the name Terry David Mulligan as a radio personality somewhere in the country. He’s been around the block in such places as Toronto, Regina, Red Deer and Vancouver; and most currently on CKUA in Alberta as the host of his long-running program Mulligan’s Stew.  If that doesn’t ring a bell, then maybe you’ll remember his friendly face as the host (or VJ) of the national television programs Good Rockin’ Tonite and MuchWest. Either way, Terry has been the one guiding our musical interests since the 60s through his celebrity interviews and love of rock and roll, whether we realized it or not.
In his biography Mulligan’s Stew – My Life So Far, Terry takes us down memory lane during the dawn of a new and exciting musical form called rock and roll. His original calling as a Mountie in Red Deer was for naught as his ears and soul were drawn to the glamour and quick fame of radio and the new music that he wanted to share with his family, friends and listeners.
I think everyone who has seen him has had a Mulligan Moment – one of those unforgettable moments when an interview captured our attention and stayed with us through the years. My Mulligan Moment came when Terry was hosting Good Rockin’ Tonite in the 80s and his guest for the show was KISS leader Paul Stanley, who offered his sunglasses to a viewer during the interview. I never did get the glasses, but it was a moment this young KISS fan remembers well.
Mulligan’s Stew is a well written and compelling read that sheds some insight not only on Terry’s life, but also early glimpses of Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Bryan Adams and The Guess Who. The chatty writing style gives the book a bit of a personal feel and at times can feel like you’re there having a coffee hearing all these great brushes with the famous.
One of the highlights of the book happens in Vancouver in the late 60s at the height of the Summer of Love, which includes endless music festivals highlighted by an interview with Jimi Hendrix and shopping on Davie Street with Jim Morrison, who was looking for early Hemingway books and Beatle boots. Vancouver would never been the same, especially once Hendrix, Morrison and Joplin passed away within months of each other.
It’s also a good account of some of Canada’s early FM radio moments as stations learned to develop their own style in a new and quickly evolving medium. And like any good DJ in Canada, he’s seen it all and hit the airwaves across the country on several stations during his career.
Mulligan’s Stew is a must have for Canadian music fans. The accounts of early Guess Who and Bryan Adams are worth the cover price alone – especially the Guess Who’s failed attempt at a 1967 tour beginning in London.
Not as personal and in depth as other biographies, Terry mostly skips discussing his early personal life, and instead jumps right into the Mountie years and the music. There are some personal and intimate moments scattered throughout, but this book is mostly about the public side of the DJ, VJ and actor that has been a part of our lives for about 50 years.

Mulligan Stew August 25th


If you went to the Bonnie Raitt closer concert at Edmonton Folk Fest this year, you would have noticed her keyboard player Mike Finnegan
Bonnie gave him his own spotlight and he sang like a mockingbird.
I’ve been playing Mike for years now and am so happy he’s still around and finally getting the break he earned years ago,
And THATS why he starts off Saturdays Stew.
On Vinyl my friends.
Lyle Lovett sings a Holiday song – well, it mentions the Holidays. Girl with the Holiday Smile which begins
“I met a hooker at the grocery store”
Brand new Van Morrison music  Born to Sing
Tom Waits
New Whitehorse. Radiator Blues
 New Scenic Route, Royal Wood
Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) shows up with a down and dirty  version of Peter Greens Oh Well on the Tribute to Fleetwood Mac.  I’m happy to see that the producers we aware there were two different Fleetwood Macs. The first was by far the best.
LIVE tracks from 
Bruce Cockburn
 Allman Brothers
Blue Rodeo
Tom Petty
Otis redding
Jackson Browne and David Lindley.  This is a very powerful LP.  Recorded on a tour of Spain in 2006.  The band consisted of some of Spains greatest players. 
Check out the remarkable version of Late for the Sky. 
Etta James – doing Jimmy Reeds Baby what you want me to do.   
Show closes with one of the best singles ever recorded…Mongo SantaMaria  Watermelon Man.  




Mike Finnegan Baby, I found out Mike Finnegan
U2 Angel of Harlem (live) Rattle and Hum
Bruce Cockburn/Kathryn Moses Barrelhouse all night long Waiting for a Miracle (Singles)
Roomful of Blues Loan me helping hand Blues’ll make you happy too
Allman Bros Statesboro Blues (live) Live at Stoneybrook
Lyle Lovett Girl with the Holiday Smile Release Me
Van Morrison Pagan heart Born to Sing.  No Plan B
Blue Rodeo Trust Yourself (live) Just like a vacation
Tom Petty/Heartbreakers Breakdown (live) Live Anthology
Whitehorse Radiator Blues Fate of the World
Paul Simon Graceland 25th Anniversary
Scenic Route to Alaska Time All these years
Royal Wood I want your love We were born to Glory
David Bowie Growing Up Pinups (re-issue)
James Brown Get on up (Sex Machine) Best of Vol 2
Otis Redding Respect (live) Otis Blue
Ry Cooder Crazy bout an automobile Borderline
Jackson Browne/David Lindley Late for the Sky (live) Love is strange
Billy Gibbons Oh Well Tribute to Fleetwood Mac
Tom Waits Satisfied Bad as Me
Etta James Baby what u want me 2 do Chess 50th Ann
Mongo Santamaria Watermelon Man Mojo

Mulligan Stew August 4th



Great Line up this week,  Marvin Gaye, The Rolling Stones, Eta is back along with Annie Lennox.  Crank up the stereo,  turn the BBQ on low and  enjoy this weeks program !




Marvin Gaye Trouble man Live in London
Stones Under my Thumb Still Life
Aretha Franklin I never loved a man (live) Aretha’s Blues
Bruce Springsteen Jersey Girl Live in jersey
Fats Domino The Fat Man They call me The Fat Man
Bonnie Raitt Down to Years Slipstream
David Bromberg Use me Use me
The Who Won’t get fooled again (live) Bridge School Concerts
CCR Born on the Bayou The Concert
J Geils Band Hard Driving Man (live) Live – Full House
The Coasters Charlie Brown Songs of Leiber-Stoller
ColdPlay Charlie Brown Mylo
Emmy Lou Harris Goin Back to Harlan EFF Sampler
Colin James Man’s gotta be a stone Rooftops and Satellites
Eric Clapton Double Trouble (Live @ Budokan) Crossroads
Florence and the Machine Try a little Tenderness MTV Unplugged
David Lindley Brother John Win this Record
David GoGo Interview
David Gogo Please find my baby Soul Bender
Annie Lennox Train in Vain Medusa
Etta James Baby what you want me to do (live 1963 ) Her Best – Chess 50th

Bryan Adams defined by drive



Bryan Adams’ first cross Canadian tour in 20 years: 20 shows in 20 cities. • Rogers Arena • June 16, 8 p.m.

Photograph by: John Mahoney , THE GAZETTE

Hit singles make the musician’s name. Reinvention and recycling are key to career longevity. Bryan Adams gets that.
His nearly four decades in the entertainment industry are a study in how to do it right.
The Lynn Valley lad was just 15 years old when he joined Vancouver’s glitter rocking Sweeney Todd replacing departed vocalist Nick Gilder. With the single “Roxy Roller” ruling Canada, the band was a hot ticket. Filling in for the talented, more experienced Gilder couldn’t have been easy. Andrew Molloy of Victoria rockers Budokan recalls the young singer owning the frontman’s role.
“The first concert I ever attended was Trooper with Sweeney Todd opening in Victoria in fall 1977,” says Molloy. “If Wishes Were Horses had just been released with Adams singing on it and the band opened with the epic title tune. He came out in a top hat, long shag cut and was awesome. It set me on the course I continue to follow and its funny that chapter has been airbrushed out of his history and I don’t understand why.”
Perhaps the budding singer/songwriter was thinking ahead to what would follow the short glam explosion, anticipating the move back to jeans, T-shirt and leather jacket power rock. He may have wanted to tip the top hat to the past as he and writing partner, and Prism drummer, Jim Vallance set to making history. Three years after that concert, his solo debut and single “Let Me Take You Dancing” arrived to favourable response. The follow-up album, You Want It You Got It was certified gold in Canada. Broadcaster Terry David Mulligan was impressed by the Sweeney Todd-era artist, awed by what followed.
“You could tell, without ever even seeing him on stage, that he was going to do exactly what he wanted because he was so driven,” says Mulligan. “I began to look for that kind of drive in other artists because he wore it like a badge; determined not to be denied. When “Straight From the Heart” hist Top 10 in the U.S., I was in San Francisco and thought “holy spit, how about that.” By the time I got back to Vancouver in ‘84 it was his town to rock.”
That song and title track to his 1983 third album, Cuts Like A Knife, establilshed Adams as an international act. The writing with Vallance was honing in on exactly the singer’s best qualities — that gravelly voice, big arena choruses and lyrical directness — delivering solid song after song. Cuts Like a Knife went triple platinum (300,000) in Canada and platinum (1,000,000) in the U.S. Hamilton, ON., musician and producer Colin Cripps (Crash Vegas, Junkhouse) doesn’t mince words Adams’ influence on his career.
“30 years ago I moved to Vancouver to get a music career going largely because of Bryan since it was where he got started so I figured it might help me,” says Cripps. “After some months of getting nowhere, realizing how much harder it really was to get noticed no matter where you were, I moved back east feeling somewhat defeated. I could never have imagined that 20 years later we would become friends and work together.”
In 1984, Reckless sealed the deal. Huge in North America, Europe and Asia, it lead to Grammy nominations, MTV awards a string of JUNOs and sold out tours. Into the Fire (1987) didn’t match Reckless but it’s rare to see any act pull off such a coup in succession. There were still two top 10 international hits on the album, “Hearts On Fire” and “Heat of the Night.” The tide was beginning to change towards dance-pop sounds that weren’t his forte. From glam-mer to rocker to romantic was next. “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)” from 1991s Waking Up The Neighbours appeared in the film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and was his second Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit. In England, it spent a record 16 consecutive weeks at that position in the singles charts. A Grammy Award for Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or Television followed. With ballads comes bad-mouthing and it isn’t hard to find people who weren’t loving the love songs. Veteran hardcore punk Joey Keithley of D.O.A. fame didn’t care.
“You know Randy Rampage (bass) used to jam with him when they both were kids in North Van,” says Keithley. “But Terry Jacks and Dale Weiss of Track Records got us and Bryan Adams together for a two night stand at the 86th Street Cabaret to raise funds and awareness about all the pollution mills were dumping in the ocean. It went great and I wish I had footage of Adams and I trading lines in a duet of “Stand By Me” on night two. He was really a regular guy.”
Perhaps that regular joe status is what allowed Adams to get up close and personal with supermodels and celebrities pursuing his passion for photography in the nineties with books Made In Canada (1999), Haven (2000) and American Women (2005). As his musical career motored on overseas, it had hit legacy status at home with those early hits still in heavy rotation but newer material getting incresingly less attention. Jack FM assistant programmer Terry Chan says that doesn’t mean he doesn’t matter. Adams remains relevant with works such as 2005s “Don’t Give Up” with electro-dance duo Chicane and his sold out acoustic tour and live album Bare Bones (2011).
“It’s all about the songs and songs such as “Summer of ‘69” are as relevant to listeners today as when it came out almost 30 years ago,” says Chan. “He also has maintained this nice guy image for all that time which, let’s be honest, not everyone has. My last point, most important, is that when he plays live whether it’s solo acoustic or with his band they just kill it. Even at age 50-plus, he’s stood the test of time.”
Live Nation Canada president Paul Haagenson says that the new cross-country tour will not only leave longtime fans smiling but likely win Adams some new ones. This tour is the exact opposite of the acoustic one.
“Lots of artists when they scale down like that solo acoustic tour give the impression that they won’t be scaling up again,” says Haagenson. “In his case, he’s doing 20 cities with the band, selling out everywhere with a bigger and better production from his usually modest one. It gives him more scope and grandeur than previously but it’s really the fact that the material, the performances and the energy are as phenomenal as they’ve ever been.”
Haagenson echoes Mulligan’s estimation of the musician saying that the book is far from written yet. It’s anyone’s guess what Adams’ next move will be. For the moment, he’s recycling the hard rocker and that’s a hit (again).
[email protected]
Just how much of an enduring influence on local musicians is Bryan Adams? A lot based on the responses received from members of Marianas Trench and The Left.
Matt Webb (Marianas Trench guitarist): “Bryan Adams is a total legend. What musician wouldn’t want a career like his? 8 billion #1 hits, myriads of records sold, owner of the coolest studio in the world. He is someone we certainly look up to and has done wonderful things for Canadian music.”
“Many people aren’t aware that BA owns a recording studio in Vancouver which he rents out dirt cheap to musicians from all walks of life, using his success to give back to the music community. Having had the privilege of working there several times, I can say that Marianas Trench records sure wouldn’t sound the same without BA. So . . . thanks!”
Josh Wyper (The Left, keyboardist/vocals): “When I was developing my career starting out, there weren’t a lot of musicians who I could model my style and career goals after. After hearing his duet with Spice Girls’ Melanie C, “When You’re Gone,” and I thought that smoky vocal style was something worth striving for even if it isn’t as popular at the moment. Without going too far into it, his voice and his writing all have a very distinct feel that suit him and aren’t stylistically written to be hits. They are just classy and unique to his style.”
An Evening With Bryan Adams
Where: Rogers Arena
When: Saturday, 7 p.m.
Tickets: $20, $49, $69 and $95 at Livenation.com, Rogers Wireless Box Office, Ticketmaster.ca

© Copyright (c) The Province

Read more: http://www.theprovince.com/entertainment/Bryan+Adams+defined+drive/6777871/story.html#ixzz1xsfAXyqH

Mulligan Stew June 5th 2012



OK..we have two guests this week on The Stew.
The first is Matt Rose from The Matinee. Vancouver band that’s just completed a new album produced by Steve Berlin from Los Lobos.
Also The Hip, Great Big Sea, The Blasters etc
They are Across Canada by train – just like Festival Express – and have plans to stop Saturday June 9th in Jasper around 4pm and later that night in Edmonton.
The PLAN is to get off and play a short set somewhere around jasper..then back on the train.
Apparently Edmonton has been scrubbed  BUT if enough people show up..perhaps they can be convinced to play.
Matt’s in the first hour.
The second hour has a feature interview with Stephen fearing and Steve Dawson.
We cover a lot of ground..both their careers..and their plans for this year.
The last 30 minutes of the show are spent spotlighting some of the main artists at this years Edmonton Folk Fest
Bonnie Raitt, Amos Garrett, Jim Cuddy, Mavis Staples, David Lindley, etc
Please enjoy




Janis Joplin I just want a man (live) Janis
Etta James Baby what you want me to do (live) Her best: Live 63 New Era Club
ZZTop Waiting for the Bus (live) Tres Hombres  re-issue
ZZTop Jesus just left Chicago (live) Tres Hombres
ZZTop La Grange (live) Tres Hombres
Neil Young Helpless (live) Unplugged
Blue Rodeo Trust Yourself (live) Just like a vacation
Mayer Hawthorne The Walk How do you do? 
JJ Cale/ Eric Clapton Danger Road to Escondido
Adele The one and only (live) iTunes London
Eric Clapton/Wynton Marsalis 44 blues (live) Play the Blues
Bruce Springsteen Darkness/Edge of Town (live) In Concert
Tower of Power I thank you (live) 40thAnniversary 
Tom Waits Last leaf Bad as me
The Decemberists That’s’ no way to say goodbye iTunes London
The Who Wont get fooled again (live) Bridge School concerts
Fat Freddy’s Drop The Camel (LIVE) Live at the Roundhouse
Neville Bros Love the one you’re with/Cant always get what u want Live at Planet Earth