EP 279 | Icon Buffy Sainte-Marie Under Attack- Listen to Buffy’s Words – You Decide!

Buffy Sainte-Marie

An icon, a high-profile leader for indigenous nations, a legendary singer/songwriter, Oscar winner, Order of Canada recipient,  Juno winner.

Apparently, that’s not good enough for CBC Television.

Their flagship investigative show Fifth Estate has accused Buffy of not being ingenious. A pretender.

Because Buffy and I were talking about her documentary Carry It On, she made a point of talking about her childhood and adoption.

I’ve known Buffy for a very long time. She has represented indigenous nations most of her life. She lived her life and spoke her truth.

This interview has been quoted in various articles.

Please have a listen and find your truth.

I’ve got Buffy’s words and music.  Good enough for me.

Thank You