Hollywood and VInes TV Season 3 is near…


jay and Dan

Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole, Jason Priestley, Terry David Mulligan,
Hollywood and Vines TV shoot in LA

Jason and Terry just completed a 2 day sweep through Hollywoodland
Shooting started at The Merchantile – a fine wine bar – on Sunset Blvd.
JP and TDM showed UK in linen jackets and slacks.
Our guests – The Tickle Trunk Twins – Sportscasters Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole from Fox Sports walked in dressed to wash their cars.
Soooo LA.
Fashion aside. We couldn’t wait to talk to these boys.
Stars on Canada’s TSN they have brought the whole glammy package South to America.
They’ve just started on air so the USA is just getting a first taste of their traveling gong show but very soon they’ll be the talk of the Town so to speak.
We covered a lot of ground including The Tickle Trunk, Friendly Giant, cars, fame and wine,  on both sides of the border.
Then show intros and extros right underneath the Hollywood Sign
Then it was shooting at the corner of the real Hollywood and Vine.
It was crazy.
And finally our day ended with an interview featuring Anson Mount. Lead actor in the very successful Hell on Wheels.
He had come directly from appearing on the Arsenio Hall Show and Mr Hall had discovered that Mr Mount loved his bourbons and poured him a generous parting shot.
This by the time his driver dropped him off he was well and truly on theme.
We did spend a lot of time talking bourbon and such.
A little on wine and a lot about acting.
Year Three is nicely coming together.
Bridget is editing and Frank is working on the music
Almost done.


Season 3 Update- Sept 2013