Mulligan Stew Dec 7th 2019- Special guest Shaun Verreault of Wide Mouth Mason


The Stew comes charging out of the December gates with two hours of hand-picked tracks and artists…

For example:

First track – Albert Cummings..with a 9-minute live version of Hootchie Coochie Man and Dixie Chicken..followed by an intriguing Austin based duo  Black Puma…Nominated for Best New Artist at 2019 Grammys.

There are two interesting music segments….

The Beatles Come Together followed by Richie Havens with a Live version of  Here Comes the Sun and then Paul McCartney’s new single Home Tonight..oh and Van Morrison with John Lee Hooker’s Dimples.

The other music set is .. Ray Charles with members of the Count basic band, Wynton Marsalis Live at Jazz at Lincoln Centre with Eric Clapton..breathing new life into Howlin Wolf’s Forty Four.  Then Little feat Live with Feats don’t fail me now and The Band with a wicked version of the Motown classic, Don’t you do it (don’t you break my heart)  Lots of blues in there.

Speaking of The Blues…our special guest is Shaun Verreault from Wide Mouth Mason.

He’s released his 8th album..and it’s a refreshing combination of new tracks but they’re all informed by the blues road he’s traveled.


Shaun has taught himself how to play guitar and solo with three slides on his left hand…One on his thumb.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching him work out these three slides thing. He would sit in with anyone who would let him play and work out the bugs. Shaun will explain.

The new Wide Mouth Mason album is I Wanna go with you.


NEXT TWO WEEKS – all Christmas tunes…  Enjoy!!


Mulligan Stew Dec 7 2019
TDMulligan – Year 24 OF The Stew
hootchie coochie man/dixie chicken albert cummings feel so good (live)
black moon rising black pumas black pumas Special Guest – Shaun Vereault . Wide Mouth Mason
think of me toger roger fairweather
venice is sinking spirit of the west faithlift
Tonights guest – Shaun Verreault.Wide Mouth Mason
i wished i had answered manx mariner mainline hellbound for heaven NEXT – Everybody sings The Lennon.McCartney
Come together The Beatles abbey road
here comes the Sun (live) Ritchie Havens Live at cellar door
home tonight paul mccartney single
dimples van morrison the prophet speaks with tdmulligan
Tennessee Whiskey chris stapleton traveller
not that kind of girl mindi abair the east west sessions
This is Mulligan Stew with tdm
I’ve got news for you ray charles Genius plus soul equals jazz
forty four (live) Wynton marsalis and eric clapton play the blues Live at Jazz at Lincoln Centre
Feats don;t fail me now (live) little feat waiting for Columbus
don’t do it (live) The Band rock of ages Coming Up – Shaun Verreault Wide Mouth Mason
every grain of sand emmyou harris wrecking ball
NEXT – New Wide Mouth Mason
stay high Britaney Howard Jamie
Shaun Verreault Interview
i want to go with you Wide Mouth Mason I want to go with you
Shaun Verreault Interview
modern love Wide Mouth Mason I want to go with you
Shaun Verreault Interview
you get used to it Wide Mouth Mason I want to go with you
thanks for checking out mulligan stew
rocking chair (a cappella) the band The Band – 50th anniversary CD


Ep 84 | The Two Popes PODCAST


From Fernando Meirelles, director of “City of God,” and screenwriter Anthony McCarten, comes a story of one of the most dramatic transitions of power in the last 2,000 years. Cardinal Bergoglio (Jonathan Pryce) requests permission to retire in 2012 from Pope Benedict (Anthony Hopkins). Instead, Benedict summons Bergoglio to reveal a secret that would shake the foundations of the Catholic Church.  This episode features interviews with Anthony Hopkins, Anthony McCarten, and Fernando Meirelle.

Mulligan Stew Nov 30th -Stephen Fearing Interview


Good Bye November..and thanks for the Thanksgiving double dip

And the Grey Cup Game.  And  Holger’s 78th anniversary!

Kicking off the last Stew in November..our guest is Stephen Fearing who proudly brings with him the tracks from his new solo album The Unconquerable Past.

Stephen hunkered down in Winnipeg, surrounding himself with musicians who brought all of his songs to life.

Stephen pulled off the side of the road to do this interview.  He’s that kind of guy.


The rest of The Stew includes a “Sisters Set” featuring

Tegan and Sara


First Aid Kit

Live tracks from  Bonnie Raitt and John Prine, Matt Anderson and  Tower of Power Knock yourself out!

Snarky Puppy, Jimi Hendrix, Lake Street Dive, The Honeydrippers, Otis Redding, Van Morrison, Annie Lennox, Aretha, Mark Knopfler,  Marcus King, and Leeroy Stagger

Goodbye November. Thirty days of wet leaves and bad hockey!


Mulligan Stew Nov 30 2019
The Stew with TDMulligan Special Guest – Stephen Fearing and his new album
rockin at midnight the honeydrippers Vol 1
hard to handle otis redding soul manifesto 64-70
three chords and The Truth van morrison three chords and The Truth
Mulligan Stew
living room tegan and sara if it was you
good luck, kid joseph good luck, kid
brother first aid kit America Special Guest – Stephen Fearing – The Unconquerable Past
Angel from Montgomery (live) bonnie raitt and john prine tribute to steve goodman
weightless (live) matt anderson live at olympic hall
what’s the matter now? david vest david vest
Mulligan Stew Podcast – features the film Marriage Story interviews with L Dern. A Driver. A Alda. Noah Baumbach
wait in vain annie lennox medusa
knock yourself out (live) The Tower of Power 40th anniversary Live Coming UP – Mark Knopfler. Lake St Dive. Jimi & Snarky Puppy
doesn’t even matter now lake street dive free yourself up
nobody does that mark knopfler down the road wherever
wildflower and wine marcus king eldorado Coming UP – Stephen Fearing Interview
caught in the middle leeroy stagger me and the mountain Special Winter Menu
all along the watchtower jimi hendrix electric ladyland
Terry Mulligan – The Stew NEXT – Stephen Fearing Interview
Quarter master snarky puppy ground up Home of The Stew. Podcast and Tasting Room Radio
Stephen Fearing Interview The Unconquerable Past
Marie Stephen Fearing The Unconquerable Past
Stephen Fearing Interview The Unconquerable Past
Christine Stephen Fearing The Unconquerable Past
Stephen Fearing Interview
break our Mother’s heart Stephen Fearing The Unconquerable Past
Stephen Fearing Interview Complete Interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
stay with me Stephen Fearing The Unconquerable Past
Thanks for checking in
I never loved a man (the way I love you) Aretha Franklin Never loved a man


Ep 83 | Marriage Story PODCAST


This week, Terry takes us inside a post-screening conversation with the cast and director of the Netflix original ‘Marriage Story’. Director and screenwriter Noah Baumbach, and cast members Laura Dern, Alan Alda, and Adam Driver share their insights and reflections on the film.

Marriage Story manages to take us through the breakup of a couple who love each other even when they’re deciding to go their separate ways.

When the lawyers get in involved small details of their relationship become far more important.

Writer/ Director Noah Baumbach gives us an outstanding film that manages to balance heartbreak and humor, sometimes in the same scene.


Ep 82 | Marcus King + Jay & Dan PODCAST


Playing since he was 11 years old, Marcus King is a fourth-generation musician. His grandfather was a country guitarist, and his father continues to perform live. The 23-year-old musician is set to release his solo album El Dorado, written and recorded at Dan Auerbach’s Nashville studio.

Following Marcus King, we feature a Grey Cup Special called Jay and Dan at The Grey Cup.
Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole host Sports Centre for TSN.  Some fans consider them to be the Donnie and Marie of Canadian Broadcasting

Mulligan Stew Nov 23rd 2019- Dedicated to the heart & soul of John Mann


Spirit of the West frontman John Mann, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, walks off stage following the band’s final concert in Vancouver, Saturday, April 16, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward

We all lost an outstanding man this week and many of us lost a friend.

John Mann, frontman and co-writer for Spirit of the West

There are many many people in this country dealing with heavy hearts because of John’s death.

He was a rock. To his beloved wife Jill Daum and their children.

We will remember John on Saturdays Stew . It won’t be just once… I’ll play his/their music as long as I’m able.

We also salute our radio neighbor Holger Petersen from Natch’l  Blues.   The Stew has only been around for 24 years.  Double that with Holger.

Dude is an audio marathon runner.

TWO guests this week


Marcus King – is only 23 years old but he started playing guitar and singing when he was like  6 months old.  OK..maybe 3 years old but he was YOUNG.

Marcus has a new album coming – Eldorado – and we’ll talk about it and play some tracks.

(The complete interview can be heard on Mulligan Stew Podcast – Spotify. Google Play or Apple Podcasts)


And the final guests are Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole from TSN Sports Center.


Love these guys..we have talked  Super Bowl and Grey Cup for a couple of years now. But we do it through food, drink, music and personal hygiene!

For your dining and dancing pleasure here’s the complete playlist
And finally the last guest on this Grey Cup Weekend. Jay and Dave.  Sorry Dan


Mulligan Stew Nov 23 2019
This Stew is dedicated to the heart & soul of John Mann Guests include Marcus King plus Jay & Dan from TSN
Thank You John Mann The Waiting Room
Christine Stephen Fearing The Unconquerable past
Hey Hey (song for Gord) Leeroy Stagger Strange Path First Guest today – Marcus King
Old Man (live) neil young and stray gators Tuscalusa
Nothing Manx/Marriner Hellbound for heaven
Brother John/Iko Iko Neville Brothers Fiyo on the bayou
NEXT – Marcus King brings solo album Eldorado
Marcus King Interview complete interview on mulligan stew podcast
The Well Marcus King Eldorado
Marcus King Interview complete interview on mulligan stew podcast
Rita is gone Marcus King Band The Marcus King band
Marcus King Interview
Wildflowers and Wine Marcus King Eldorado
Marcus King Interview Podcast on Spotify. Google Play. Apple Podcasts
Slipback Marcus King Band Due North EP
That’s how strong my love is Otis Redding The very best of Otis NEXT – Brothers and Sisters
Locked up The Avett brothers Closer than together
Good love The Bros Landreth 87
Babylon Sisters Steely Dan Gaucho
Sisters of Mercy (live) Leonard Cohen Live in London
Cry over nothing The Wood Brothers Kingdom of the Mind
Roll away the Stone Leon Russell Leon Russell
Big Yello Taxi Joni Mitchell Ladies of the Canyon
Coming UP – Jay Onrait/Dan O’Toole Grey Cup HooHaw
Memphis Lonny Mack The wham of Memphis
crossroads Ry Cooder Crossroads Soundtrack
Green River CCR Best of NEXT – Jan and Dan – TSN talk Grey Cup Chili
If not for you George Harrison All things must pass
Jay Onrait & Dan O’Toole – TSN Talking Grey Cup halftime and Stuff
Helpless (live) The Band and Neil Young The Last Waltz
Home for a Rest Spirit of the West Save this House
Thank You John Mann You were loved. You are forever with us.


Mulligan Stew Nov 16th 2019- All Music!


Next week Marcus King, Also Shaun Verreault (Wide Mouth Mason), Stephen Fearing, Hugh Dillon (Headstones etc)

BUT this show is ALL music…


New tracks from

Van Morrison (3 of them)

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings

CoCo Love Alcorn


Live tracks from


Bruce Springsteen solo

Sheryl Crow

Sarah McLachlan and Emmylou Harris

And all the rest


Bo Diddley

Everly Bros singing Orbison

Roy Orbison singing The Everly Bros

The Kinks

James Brown and the Famous Flames

Black Crowes

Lisa Morales

Robert Plant/Allison Krause

John Auerbach

Delbert McClinton

Neville Brothers

Matt Anderson

Blue Rodeo

Chrissie Hynde

Muddy Waters


Mulligan Stew Nov 16 2019
Welcome to Mulligan Stew year 24
early days van morrison three chords and the truth
bo diddley bo diddley ultimate R&R album
claudette the every bros classic every bros
bye bye love roy orbison lonely and blue
dark night of the soul van morrison three chords and the truth NEXT – New Blackie – Old Kinks
world gone mad backie and the rodeo kings kings of this town
mulligan stew year 24
so tired of waiting – for you the kinks kinda kinks
The Stew for You on a Saturday Night
can’t cry anymore (live) sheryl crow live at capitol theatre
rebirth coco love alcorn rebirth
honest man matt anderson honest man
fire on the bayou the neville bros fiyo on the bayou
mulligan stew with tdm Next – sarah and emmylou live
angel (live) sarah mclachlan And emmylou harris best of lillith fair 97-99
papa’s got a brand new bag part 1 james brown and the famous flamwes best of
The Stew for you coming up – The Black Crowes
jealous again the black crowes croweology
while my guitar gently weeps lisa morales david hidalgo. henry garza while my guitar gently weeps
gone gone gone robert plant and alison krause raising sand Next – dan auerbach and michael kiwanuka
we gotta get out of this place dan auerbach we gotta get out of this place
you ain’t the problem michael kiwanuka kiwanuka
mulligan stew
if i hock my guitar delbert mcclinton if i hock my guitar
coming up – blue rodeo and bruce
western skies blue rodeo 97-93
how glad i am chrissie hynde valve bone woe
the promised land (live) bruce springsteen songs of hope live at kings hall belfast
orphans coldplay everyday life
mulligan stew podcast-Spotify.GooglePlay. Apple Podcast info at
blues had a baby muddy waters hard again
read between the lines van morrison three chords and the truth

Ep 81 | Stephen Fearing PODCAST


Nov 16, 2019

On the eve of the release of his latest solo record The Unconquerable Past, Stephen Fearing walks Terry through a few songs on the new record. We’ll hear 3 tracks from the album: “Christine,” “Stay with Me,” and “Someone Else’s Shoes”.

The pair discuss Stephen’s collaboration with producer Scott Nolan, and co-writes with Andy White and Tom Wilson. Plus, Stephen gives us an update on the forthcoming Blackie and the Rodeo Kings record.


Mulligan Stew Nov 9th 2019- Remembrance Weekend


If you check out the playlist below you’ll see a mix of – um –  everything.

From Herbie Hancock’s original  Watermelon Man to The Coasters Smokey Joe’s Cafe.

Walk off the Earth,   Bruce Springsteen, Terra Lightfoot, Corb Lund and Jin Cuddy.

New tracks from Avett Brothers, Alan Doyle/Dean Brody, Tom Cochrane, Nuela Charles, the amazing Michael Kiwanuka and Marcus King.

(Marcus will guest on the Stew in 2 weeks)

Classic tracks from Tower of Power, Sir Douglas Quintet, Taj Mahal, The Band, Tom Petty and Jeff Lynn

LIVE tracks from Tedeschi Trucks and Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings

Bonnie Raitt and Norah Jones

Marc Cohn with The Blind Boys of Alabama

Neil Young at The Roxy

Paul Simon in NYC

Enjoy…and Please, Remember those who gave their lives for many many other.



Mulligan Stew November 09 2019 Year 24
so beautiful or so what paul simon live in nyc – webster hall
new woman’s world The Avett Brothers closer than together
sell a song Sir douglas quintet Mercury years
home alone walk off the earth home alone Podcast features DeNiro. Pacino.Scorsese The Irishman
countrywide soul jim cuddy band countrywide soul NEXT – Neil Young Live
walk on (live) neil young Tonight’s the night live at The Roxy
Mulligan Stew Podcast features DeNiro. Pacino.Scorsese The Irishman
What is Hip? Tower of Power Tower of Power
Hello Josephne Taj Mahal Maestro
Two Hearts Terra Lightfoor New Mistakes
Ride on Corb Lund and Ian Tyson Cover your tracks
Mulligan Stew Podcast The Irishman. Comments from Pacino. DeNiro.Scorsese (spotify. Google Play. Apple Podcasts)
Walking in memphis (live) Marc Cohn and Blind Boys of Alabama work to do
This is The Stew – Year 24 Next – Tom Petty with Horns
Down the line Tom Petty Playback Box set
Sleepy Joe’s Cafe Bruce Springsteen Western Stars
Atlantic City The Band Jericho
Smokey Joe’s Cafe The Coasters There’s a riot going on
we don’t wanna go home Alan Doyle – Dean Brody we dont wanna go home
lunatic fringe tom cochrane bare
Mulligan Stew NEXT – Watermel Man. Nuela Charles. Michael Kiwanuka
Watermellon Man Herbie Hancock The Essential HH
Got it bad Nuela Charles got it bad
Final Days Michael Kiwanuka Kiwanuka
Bring it on home(live) Tedeschi Trucks band- Sharon Jones. Dap Kings 2015 wheels of soul live at spotify
The well marcus King El Dorado
I don’t want anything to change (live) Bonnie Raitt. Norah Jones Bonnie Raitt and Friends


Ep 80 | The Irishman PODCAST


Nov 8, 2019

Very soon the world will get a look at The Irishman, the latest collaboration between Oscar winners Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, directed by their friend and creative partner Martin Scorsese. It’s a film that deserves to be placed at the very top of their collected work. Right beside Heat and Godfather II. De Niro and Pacino bring their very best work to the screen.

This conversation between the three friends was arranged by Netflix in Hollywood. The audience was all media, each one holding a number and hoping to be called to ask a question.

When awards season kicks in, The Irishman will be front and center and may very well sweep the whole season. It’s that good. They just don’t make films like this anymore.

The Irishman Interview Videos: