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EP 157 | Dylan Turns 80

Bob Dylan turns 80 on Monday the 24th. As part of our coverage at CKUA, I started digging into old interviews looking for comments on Bob’s music, influence, and legacy. I’m delighted to bring you a select group of artists who bring insight into...


Tasting Room Radio

May 22nd, 2022 –  4th Annual Cowichan Valley Wine Festival

Cowichan Wine Festival Aug 1-31.   12 wineries – 31 days – 36 wines to be discovered.   THE SHOW 2021  4th Annual Cowichan Valley Wine Festival Sunday, Aug 1 High Noon –  Tuesday, Aug 31, 5 PM. For all the dark news of 2021...


Mulligan Stew Radio

Mulligan Stew May 22nd 2021- Happy Birthday Bob Dylan!

Bob Dylan turns 80 years on Monday. For the many who have lived their lives inside his songs, that, in itself, is a flag they carry high. Bob Dylan defies description. Always has. One way to get a clearer picture of the man and...


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