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Dec 25, 2021 -The Okanagan Reconnect – (The Repeat) Week One!

The Okanagan Reconnect –  (The Repeat) Week One (A 5-week series repeat presented by Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association)  See Full Video below! The SHOW  It’s been close to two years since Tasting Room Radio toured the vineyards and restaurants of the Okanagan. TRR started...


Mulligan Stew Podcast-Weekly

EP 187 | Benjamin Cleary Writer, Director ‘Swan Song’

  In the recently released film Swan Song,  Oscar winner  Mahershala Ali plays Cameron, an illustrator involved in a happy marriage,   father of one with another on the way.  He’s also terminally ill. This being the future, a medical procedure exists which allows Cameron to be cloned...


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Mulligan Stew Dec 25th 2021-The Christmas Stew/Christmas in the Round Rediscovered!

The DAY has arrived. That one day, when most of The World pauses for Christmas and the Holidays! For many, it’s a religious time. For others, it’s a gathering of “the clan”. Family and dear friends. Unfortunately for some, it’s the loneliest day of...


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