Mulligan Stew Jan 11th 2020- 50 years of #1 Albums-Neil Peart

Ran across a headline that reminded us/me that we have just gone through a music time warp. As 2019...

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Episode 89 | Remembering John Mann-And Critics Choice Awards

  Jan 11, 2020 John Mann. leader of Spirit of the west  actor…songwriter. wild spirit when his friends found...

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Winter Whites! Tasting Room Radio-January 11th 2020

Winter White Wines – If they exist, what are they?  THE SHOW It was a comment about a year...

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Episode 88 | Celebration of Black Cinema-Kasi Lemmons

January 4th 2020 On Monday December 2nd 2019 Terry attended  the first ever Celebration of Black Cinema Awards in Beverly...

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Mulligan Stew Jan4th 2020- Remembering Artists Lost in 2019

Had I tried to honor those we lost for the entire decade…I would have needed a whole month of...

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January 4th, 2019 – Kurtis Kolt: Wines of the Year & We Remember Harry McWatters.

Kurtis Kolt: Wines of the Year & We Remember Harry McWatters  THE SHOW  Kurtis Kolt  – The Dude Kurtis is...

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