Jay and Dan

February 6th 2021- Super Bowl Show


Wine Diva. Jay Onrait & Dan O’Toole & Joe Leary

Must be Super Bowl Weekend



It happens but once a year but if ever a year needed a Super Bowl,  it’s the year we all just went through.

It’s a bag of fun for everyone at Tasting Room Radio.  We get to reconnect with friends and talk football, food & drinks for Super Bowl Weekend and of course, predict the final score.

Daenna van Mulligen – The Wine Diva

Daenna has admitted over the years that football is not exactly a priority but like everyone else, when the game gets close she lines up food and wine at home.

Take a sec  to check out her list below.  As always they’re  well thought out and personally tasted by The Wine Diva.

(These bottles are chosen from her current wine list – Budget Bottles under $17.00www.winediva.ca

(Daenna will be back next week with Valentines Bubble)

Intrigue Chardonnay, BC $17 (winery/private)

Torres Vina Esmeralda Catalunya $16.99 (special $13.99 until Mar 6) BCLS

Protea Chenin Blanc SA $14.99 (on special $12.99 until Mar 6) BCLS


Tiger Horse Cinsault, Western Cape SA $14.99 BCLS

Trapiche Reserve Malbec Mendoza $14.99 (special $11.99 until March 6) BCLS

McGuigan Single Batch Cab Sauv Australia $16.99 (special $14.99 until March 6) BCLS


Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole – Jay and Dan SC/TSN


Jay and Dan and I have been gathering like this for a couple of years now. I stalk them through their Sports Centre shows, their podcasts and now TRR.

So..sports is what they do.  We’ll talk about the game and its impact..Dan has a mini conspiracy theory going about Covid 19 and the players..and because they are the hosts of the Super Bowl wrap-up on TSN they only get to see half the game at home and the rest at work. Dan does his chili…Jay blends Syrah and a  kale smoothie.  Eeewwwww.

The boys bring all the info you need and some you don’t.  (but it’s all fun)

Plus you get a final score.

If you’re a winemaker or owner they have a proposition for you.



Joe Leary –   Host/Producer of Just Here for the Beer. TSN Radio


Who better to bring the beer that Smokin’ Joe Leary.

​ Just Here for the Beer is now Canada’s longest-running, dedicated, and continuous beer-oriented program on commercial radio airwaves. JHFTB broadcasts on Vancouver’s Flagship Sports Radio Station, TSN 1040/103.5 FM HD2.

For 11 years he’s been hosting and producing Just Here for the Beer. Everyone on the show either pours, makes, or owns beer or a brewery.

Joe brought 6 recommendations. He could easily have brought 106. These were some of his favorites. Some local. Some not.  Well done Joe

Driftwood – Fat Tug

House of Funk – Lager Bier (House of Lager)/Chaka Sour IPA

Red Truck – 8 pack box: The Defender Bourbon Ale/Cherry Bomb Black Cherry Lager

Lagunitas – IPA

La Cerveceria – Salted Lime Lager

Hoyne – Dark Matter



The Wine Diva – Valentine Bubble

Kurtis Kolt – Wines for Valentines Weekend

Giant Head


Ep 82 | Marcus King + Jay & Dan PODCAST


Playing since he was 11 years old, Marcus King is a fourth-generation musician. His grandfather was a country guitarist, and his father continues to perform live. The 23-year-old musician is set to release his solo album El Dorado, written and recorded at Dan Auerbach’s Nashville studio.

Following Marcus King, we feature a Grey Cup Special called Jay and Dan at The Grey Cup.
Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole host Sports Centre for TSN.  Some fans consider them to be the Donnie and Marie of Canadian Broadcasting