February 6th 2021- Super Bowl Show

Wine Diva. Jay Onrait & Dan O’Toole & Joe Leary

Must be Super Bowl Weekend



It happens but once a year but if ever a year needed a Super Bowl,  it’s the year we all just went through.

It’s a bag of fun for everyone at Tasting Room Radio.  We get to reconnect with friends and talk football, food & drinks for Super Bowl Weekend and of course, predict the final score.

Daenna van Mulligen – The Wine Diva

Daenna has admitted over the years that football is not exactly a priority but like everyone else, when the game gets close she lines up food and wine at home.

Take a sec  to check out her list below.  As always they’re  well thought out and personally tasted by The Wine Diva.

(These bottles are chosen from her current wine list – Budget Bottles under $17.00www.winediva.ca

(Daenna will be back next week with Valentines Bubble)

Intrigue Chardonnay, BC $17 (winery/private)

Torres Vina Esmeralda Catalunya $16.99 (special $13.99 until Mar 6) BCLS

Protea Chenin Blanc SA $14.99 (on special $12.99 until Mar 6) BCLS


Tiger Horse Cinsault, Western Cape SA $14.99 BCLS

Trapiche Reserve Malbec Mendoza $14.99 (special $11.99 until March 6) BCLS

McGuigan Single Batch Cab Sauv Australia $16.99 (special $14.99 until March 6) BCLS


Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole – Jay and Dan SC/TSN


Jay and Dan and I have been gathering like this for a couple of years now. I stalk them through their Sports Centre shows, their podcasts and now TRR.

So..sports is what they do.  We’ll talk about the game and its impact..Dan has a mini conspiracy theory going about Covid 19 and the players..and because they are the hosts of the Super Bowl wrap-up on TSN they only get to see half the game at home and the rest at work. Dan does his chili…Jay blends Syrah and a  kale smoothie.  Eeewwwww.

The boys bring all the info you need and some you don’t.  (but it’s all fun)

Plus you get a final score.

If you’re a winemaker or owner they have a proposition for you.



Joe Leary –   Host/Producer of Just Here for the Beer. TSN Radio


Who better to bring the beer that Smokin’ Joe Leary.

​ Just Here for the Beer is now Canada’s longest-running, dedicated, and continuous beer-oriented program on commercial radio airwaves. JHFTB broadcasts on Vancouver’s Flagship Sports Radio Station, TSN 1040/103.5 FM HD2.

For 11 years he’s been hosting and producing Just Here for the Beer. Everyone on the show either pours, makes, or owns beer or a brewery.

Joe brought 6 recommendations. He could easily have brought 106. These were some of his favorites. Some local. Some not.  Well done Joe

Driftwood – Fat Tug

House of Funk – Lager Bier (House of Lager)/Chaka Sour IPA

Red Truck – 8 pack box: The Defender Bourbon Ale/Cherry Bomb Black Cherry Lager

Lagunitas – IPA

La Cerveceria – Salted Lime Lager

Hoyne – Dark Matter



The Wine Diva – Valentine Bubble

Kurtis Kolt – Wines for Valentines Weekend

Giant Head