EP 183 | Stevie Van Zandt pt1



Little Steven

Miami Steve Van Zandt

Silvio Dante (Sopranos)

Frankie The Fixer Tagliano (Lilyhammer)

Steve is every one of those guys and a lot more.

He turns 71 on Nov 22nd and celebrates the release of his new autobiography Unrequited  Infatuations.

Steve and Bruce Springsteen found each other because they both really weren’t interested in going to school but both did have guitars and a keen sense that that was the road they wanted to walk. Steve played in  Steel Mill and the Bruce Springsteen Band. It all came together when he became a permanent member of The E Street band in 1975 just in time for The Born to Run album and tour. From musician and performer, he became a songwriter, arranger, producer, actor, director, Broadway producer, TV and film composer, activist, teacher, a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ( now is very much a part of the committee that decides future nominees). Last but not least, he’s one of the World’s most knowledgeable authorities on the history of rock and roll. He also created two radio shows that became singular channels on Sirius – Little Steven’s Underground Garage and Outlaw Country.

He formed his own label Wicked Cool Records. Stevie also leads his large solo band The Disciples of Soul

Perhaps his finest moment?  In 1985 he forms United Artists Against Apartheid and released Sun City a song protesting the Apartheid system in the South African resort Sun City. Over 50 artists were involved. It leads to the removal of Apartheid and the release from the jail of Nelson Mandela.

Here’s a link to all of these events and a staggering list of all the others.  It makes you instantly want to read the story of his life. That’s what Unrequited Infatuations is all about.

This is part one of our conversation.  We start with the early roots of rock and roll and the beginnings of  Bruce and The E Street Band. What happened to the sounds of rock records in the ’70s and why after leaving Bruce’s E Street Band his first thought was  “I thought my life was OVER”

Read the book – you’ll realize his life  had just begun. Enjoy!

Part Two next Week

Mulligan Stew Nov 20th 2021-Special Guest Little Stevie Van Zandt


He is Miami Steve

Little Steven

Stevie van Zandt

He has been there and done that.

and a great guy.

His wonderful new autobiography is called Unrequited Infatuations 

Stevie Van Zandt guests on the entire second hour of The Stew.
Right off the bat, he reminds us of the lasting power and legacy of the original late 50’s/early 60’s rockers, Bruce Springsteen’s place in that music history, leaving the E Street Band.

“I thought my life was over”

BUT he surprised even himself by creating another life. Leading the fight against South African Apartheid through the Sun City single.  Helping to free Nelson Mandela and shutting down Apartheid.

Fighting for Aboriginal rights in the USA through numerous events and fundraisers.

Then the amazing transformation into acting on Sopranos and Lillehammer series.
Creating two Sirius channels. Little Steven’s Underground Garage and Outlaw Country.

A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Teacher, Mentor, Activist, Producer, Visionary.

And many more projects.

Saturday. Hour two of the Stew. 

Heads Up
Check out Part One of the Complete 50-minute interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast this week.


Mulligan Stew Nov 20 2021
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EP 182 | Dan Mangan-All Together Now


I did my first interview with Dan Mangan years ago on a hot and dusty day at the Calgary Folk Festival. Had never met him or heard him perform.

He was one of half a dozen interviews I was scheduled to do.  I started with the lame opening of…

Please tell our at-home audience your real name.

“I’m Dan.  Dan MAN-GAN”

I was hooked. My kind of guy.

Dan Mangan

Many years later,  The Dusty Dan of the folk festival has become a winner of 2 Juno Awards.  Each tour has gathered more and more fans around the World.

EP’s, albums, tours, festivals, film scoring, co-creating Side Door Access, and full-on family guy.

Now comes the latest project! A beautifully crafted concert documentary by Amazing Factory called, All Together Now, recorded at his homecoming concert in 2019 at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver.

It’s unlike any other concert film you might have seen. There’s a sense of truth, honesty, and clarity in every song. Pure MAN-GAN.

And best of all   I still see “the guy” behind the songs. Dusty Dan.

Mulligan Stew Nov 13th 2021- 4 Guests: Colin James-Steve Marriner-David GoGo-Roy Forbes


That’s right – four guests but still a lot of music.

Tracks I  tried to play during fall fundraising but never got played.

Tedeschi Trucks Band, early Chicago, Aretha, Taj, Nathaniel Rateliff, Joni, Stevie Ray, and a three-song tribute to Curtis Mayfield, featuring Mavis, Rod Stewart, and the man himself.

Colin James, Steve Marriner, David Gogo

Colin James talks about his 20th studio album – Open Road

Steve Marriner talks about his new solo album Hope Dies Last and touring with Colin.

David Gogo takes us through his latest album Silver Cup. (Produced by Steve)

And they ALL talk about the 2021 Maple Blues Awards nominations. Between them, they have 12!!!!

Right at the end of the show I finally find my pal  Roy Forbes who’s doing his first live stream on the Internet Web machine.

Saturday night at the Blue Frog Studios in Whiterock, BC

Have a memorable Saturday Night – Turn it UP



Thank You Donors – The Stew Nov 13 2021 4 Guests Colin James Steve Marriner David GoGo Roy Forbes Podcast: Dan Mangan
Don’t play that song Aretha Franklin Spirit in the Dark
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Steve Marriner and David Gogo Interview Talking Maple Blues Nominations
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Steve Marriner and David Gogo Interview Talking tours and 2022
Never Gonna change David Gogo Silver Cup
Roy Forbes Interview Doing a live stream Tonight – at Blue Frog Studios
Lydia Ann Roy Forbes Edge of Blue


EP 181 | Colin James


November 5th Colin James releases his 20th studio album Open Road.

Colin found a way to write and record music during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Gather your music friends and create.

Colin co-wrote and made music with pals Tom Wilson (Toronto) & Colin Linden (Nashville) Both are members of Blackie and the Rodeo Kings and Craig Northey (Vancouver) From Odds.

He also reimagined covers of songs by Bob Dylan, Albert King, Tony Joe White, and Otis Rush.

Colin is a road warrior. The road is his second home.

He’s back on it right now on Vancouver Island and then works his way through to double dates in Alberta. March finds him opening for Buddy Guy in the USA and playing on Austin City Limits.

 Check out the Zoom Interview here!

This is the complete interview  – with four tracks from Open Road.

Tour dates found here:

Mulligan Stew Oct 30th 2021-CKUA Fall Fundraiser!



It’s the Fall Fundraiser.

For Mulligan Stew, it’s this weekend and next Saturday and Sunday.

As always,  with my friend and partner Allison Brock from Wide Cut Country.

I’ll co-host with Al on Saturday mornings 10-noon Mtn  and she will sit in with me on The Stew 5-7 Mtn

We get to wrap up the final Sunday, Nov 7th. 3-6 Mtn. (2-5 Pacific)

I guarantee these next two Stews are going to rock the joint.

Please donate and fuel the fire!!!



EP 180 | Jr. Gone Wild


Guest is Founder of Jr Gone Wild – Original member Mike McDonald

The band was founded in Edmonton in 1982.

They recorded their first album, Less Art More Pop, in 1986.

Junior won an Alberta Recording Industry Award for best rock band in 1994.

They recorded several albums, leading up to Simple Little Wish, which was released in early 1995. The band broke up later that year.

Jr. Gone Wild reformed in 2013 and played a reunion show that was a wild success and the band started to perform live again and re-released their debut album Less Art More Pop!

From 1983-1995, Jr. Gone Wild helped introduce Canada to a new musical genre, alternative country. Over the course of five acclaimed albums, the Edmonton, Alberta band fused elements of folk and rock with a punk attitude, while building a devoted fan base through epic live shows. Now, after 25 years, original members Mike McDonald (guitars/vocals), Steve Loree (lead guitar), and Dave “Dove” Brown (bass) have reunited with McDonald’s nephew Quinton Herbert on drums for the really good Still Got The Jacket.

Our guest and original member Mike McDonald brings the stories from all those years. Plus four tracks from the album which is released November 12th.

Dodge -Behind the Wheel – Girl in the crowd – Fly at Night!

Junior are doing a family-friendly acoustic show on November 20 in Edmonton The Starlight Room with Forbidden Dimension etc It’s free but you have to get a ticket online, the rules man. Please invite your friends and family. It’s the same day as their  album release show and they  want all their friends with kids to have a chance to hear them  and get a little Jr. Gone Wild t-shirt

Hi Calgary, there are still a few tables for Jr Gone Wild  Sunday, November 21st. It’s an album release show at the Ironwood but they are going fast so they have added a second matinee show.

Jr Gone Wild – November 21 at 2:00 and at 7:45

Their  good buddy Boots Graham will open both shows with his lonely guitar.

Mulligan Stew Oct 23rd 2021-The Colins … and more!


For Donor Albertans in Rhodes Greece

We start with a song co-written by Colin Linden, Colin James, and Luther Dickinson. For Colin’s album  bLOW.

Then Colin James and the title track from his about to be released album Open Road. Followed by new music from Luther’s album Live 2016!

New music from  Allison Krauss and Robert Plant/The Realm/Fretless and Nuela Charles/Dion and  Bruce Springsteen/John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen/Jason Isbell/Bahamas

Peter Gabriel 12:00 Minute Live version of In Your Eyes!

For Donor Albertans in Houston Texas

Ian Moore/Lyle Lovett/Sue Foley/Doug Sahm/ Stevie Ray Vaughn Live/Gary Clark Jr/Willie Nelson.


Steely Dan Live/Jimmy Reed/ Dylan (Goodbye Jimmy Reed)/Elton John/Jann Arden

We interview the Texan the hour is dedicated to. (Born in Calgary)

Last Stew before some serious fundraising – Two hours of music. Please tell somebody!!



Mulligan Stew October 23 / 2021
Angel next to me Colin Linden bLOW
Open road Colin James Open road
Hurrry up Sunshine Luther Dickinson – with Sharde Thomas Live 2016
Can’t let go Robert Plant and Allison Crowe Raise the Roof Coming UP – Bruce with Dion and John Mellencamp
See-Line Woman AtJazz. The Realm. Dominique Fils-Aime Deep rooted album sampler
Stay The Fretless – Nuela Charles Single
The Stew – with TDMulligan
angels in the alleyways Dion and Bruce Springsteen single
Wasted days John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen Wasted Days TDMulligan
In your eyes (live) Peter Gabriel Secret World Live
The truth Jason Isbell and 400 unit with Adia Victoria Georgia Blue Support your local restaurants
Half your love Bahamas with 400 unit Live to tape Vol 1
This is Mulligan Stew Year 26 Heading for Texas
Cry to me Ian Moore The Noble Art
Lavatory Lil Jann Arden On Stage
Church (live) Lyle Lovett Best of Lyle Lovett Live
Burn down the Mission Elton John Tumbleween Connection
Suzanne Speak Interview – Its her hour Courtesy of Tim Glowa – Both in Houston
Hurricane Girl Sue Foley Pinky’s Blues
Texas me Doug Sahm The return of Wayne Douglas
Things I used to do (live) Stevie Ray Vaughn Live at Carnegie Hall
Reeling in the Years (live) Steely Dan Alive in America TDMulligan
Honest I do (live) Gary Clark Jr Live in North America 2016
Baby what you want me to do Jimmy Reed Very best
Goodbye Jimmy Reed Bob Dylan Rough and Rowdy Ways
On the road again (live) Willie Nelson American Outlaw

EP 162 | Leeroy Stagger-Dystopian Weekends 


Hello all:

As I explained when this show first ran in June – I jumped the gun BY MONTHS.

This Summer, I was so eager to let music fans hear Leeroy’s interview and new music, I completely forgot about the release date in October!!!

A senior moment to be sure.

It was supposed to come out in December 2020 which is why there are several Christmas songs included.

Here’s a comment from Amplify Music magazine:

 Despite a delayed release date, cancelled tours and a few more COVID-induced bumps along the way, Leeroy Stagger’s 12th full-length album Dystopian Weekends is available now on all digital streaming platforms. To celebrate the release of the album, Leeroy will perform 2 Dystopian Weekends livestream shows on November 6th and 7th through Side Door Access. Get more information and tickets here.

“Touring is so up in the air right now,” says Leeroy. “I had a burning desire to play these songs with a band, and my bandmates Tyson and Ryland happened to be in town for a few days so we got everyone together, including Nick on the drums and a few new friends to play the Dystopian Weekends material. I think the fans will enjoy it.”

Dystopian Weekends contains songs of environmental degradation, greedy land developers, Christmas songs about junkies and alcoholics, songs about race wars in America, modern day dust bowl songs of fleeing political ideology, break-up songs, and songs honouring dead friends. It all seems a bit much on paper, but Leeroy’s skillful song writing and musicianship have honoured it all in a very beautiful, relevant, and artistic way.

Oct 23st, 2021 – Christa-Lee McWatters (Time) – Christine Coletta (Narrative) – Jay Drysdale (Bella) 


Christa-Lee McWatters (Time) – Christine Coletta (Narrative) – Jay Drysdale (Bella) 



Three BC wine leaders in the Okanagan and releases you’re going to want to find,  try and buy.


Christa-Lee McWatters – GM of  5 Vines Cellars. (TIME Winery/Kitchen. Evolve. McWatters Collection)

Christa-Lee McWatters

TIME-CabFranc2018-TechSheet   TIME-CabSauv2018-TechSheet

Being the daughter of Harry McWatters, British Columbia wine pioneer, Christa-Lee has had a rich understanding and love for BC wine since birth. She was involved in planting vineyards with her father and sister Darrien on the Black Sage Bench in the early 1990s.

Since 2000, Christa-Lee held key roles in sales, marketing, and hospitality for several successful Okanagan wineries, until stepping in as director of marketing and sales for her family’s enterprise ENCORE Vineyards in 2014.


After her father’s passing in 2019, Christa-lee assumed the position as CEO until the parent company was purchased by Five Vines Cellars. Christa-Lee continues to manage the three wine labels and downtown winery in Penticton but still finds time to give back to her industry through the British Columbia Wine Institute, Summerland’s Bottleneck Drive Winery Association, Canadian Vintner’s Association, the Okanagan Wine Festivals Society, BC Hospitality Foundation and Les Dames d’Escoffier, BC Chapter.

Getting caught up with CL includes 2021 releases from TIME Winery.

The Whites.

2018  Brut  Method Cuvee Clos  (34.99)

It engages with notes of toast and lime and a wonderful tiny bubble texture in the mouth invites you to let it linger around your tongue.  Love this.














2018 Meritage White  (25.00) – An perfect equal split between Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. I  found melon and mandarin on the nose but the texture had such a lovely tropical fruit entry that lead to a nice texture and finish.

A true barrel-aged  Winter White that can only get better with cellaring for a couple of years.

The Reds

2017  Fourth Dimension (35.00)  When you blend well-made Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc many things can happen. They can end up fighting each other for dominance or with the careful blending exhibited in this blend the varietals reward with Cherry and Raspberry on the nose and cracked black pepper and spice. Long slow finish.  Again. Let it Linger.

“Time is the Fourth Dimension”   Al Einstein


2018 Syrah (39.99) Greeted by bold ripe blackberry and hints of mint on the nose.  Rich flavors of fresh black currant and ripe plum cracked black pepper and a taste of cinnamon on the way out. This could be your next favorite red. Cellaring for a couple of years will reward big time.


2018 Cabernet Sauvignon  (39.99) Everything you want and expect in a classic Cab. Cassis, blackberry, vanilla, pepper!  Boom. This well-structured big red wine compliments beautifully with BBQ  and engaging pasta.  I’d advise to get it while you can.  If you find this one – buy it.


2018 Cabernet Franc (34.99)  So good it just takes four words – Find-Buy-Taste – Repeat.  If you need more words,  how about this –  aromas of raspberries, ripe cherry, and pepper on the nose,  taste includes, plum, black fruit, with soft tannins and finish. Think pairing food with the same bang. Love this Cab Franc. I knew I would because the guy who planted it – Harry McWatters – was crazy for good Cab Franc. Just like me.

Christine Coletta Co-Founder of Okanagan Crush Pad  and Narrative Wine

Everyone in B.C.’s food & wine industry knows Christine Coletta.

Christine Coletta


Innovator, community champion, visionary, land steward— She is an ongoing force.

Christine, or CC as she is known by many, has earned awards and accolades throughout her illustrious career. She was named  One of Wine’s Most Inspiring People for 2020 by Wine Industry Advisor.

Christine is one of the founding members of the BC Wine Institute and the BC VQA program, and she has helped to mentor a number of professionals in the food and wine industries over the last 30 years.


Through her crush work at Okanagan Crush Pad, she has also been involved in the start of a number of new wineries in BC.

Her guidance, support, and mentorship have landed her the nickname, “Godmother of BC Wine.”


Okanagan Crush Pad is the home of

Haywire Wines

Free Form

Bizou and Yukon



Today CC brings the 2021 releases from Narrative.



2019 Viognier/Syrah except its 80% Viognier and 20% Syrah

(spice, pepper, raspberries, and strawberries. Lots of rich  texture)


Viognier I was impressed by this release a while back and had to ask CC about it.

Slow fermented in concrete.  Yummy!


2018 Syrah Viognier.  It’s quite a process to get this wine just right.  Syrah co-fermented with Viognier in clay amphora. On skins for 90 days. Some of the Syrah is in concrete which brings out the spice and texture. It’s crazy good.


2016 Syrah (organic)  Grown in the South Okanagan  Spends lots of time in concrete. It’s soft in the mouth with notes of white pepper.

There’s a surprising lift in the mouth mid-palette. Not the usual dark chocolate.

THIS is a Syrah you want to find and it’s one of Narrative’s Winter Reds. Best of all it’s been in bottle for 2 extra years.


Check out the Okanagan Crush Pad website for information on Virtual Tastings, Special 6 packs, and an opportunity to join a panel of tasters.


Jay Drysdale –  Bella Wines (Naramata Bench)

“I moved to the Okanagan in 2004 and quickly fell in love with everything related to the BC wine industry.  I see a world-class wine region in BC and understand we are still in our infancy, comparatively speaking.  This is our “wild west” era and we should enjoy this time of exploration, trial, and error.”

Jay Drysdale and Wendy Rose

“In the ten short years I have been watching, and involved with, the B.C. wine industry, quality has increased and our voice is getting louder and stronger.  I’m honored to be a part of this growing and evolving community.”  Jay Drysdale

Jay Drysdale is a geekmeister.

He will talk about Gamay and bubble for hours and when you think of Jay and his love Wendy Rose you have to think of Bubble because that’s what they do. As many releases as you can taste in a day. As many clones as you need to know..

Bella makes and releases

The Vineyard Series  – specific vineyards. Many in small batches

Pet Nat

Trad Nat

Bella Reserve


In order to give Jay room to expand his storytelling, we’ve given him two segments and we go over multiple wines each with their own story, terroir, season, and results.

Trust me on this – they are one of the most interesting wineries and couples in BC wine. Every bottle, every release has a surprise in it. If it’s not the nose it’s the taste or the color in the bottle. If you happen to ask Jay about say,  one of his Gamay Rose,  sit down and get comfortable because your Jay Jam is about to begin.


Fabulous wines and totally unique to BC.  Start with the 2019 Mariani Vineyards Clone 509 and stash a bottle of Pet Nat.




Clos du Soleil Whites

Church and State


Hester Creek