EP 108 | Julius Makarewicz-Nude Beverages Co-Founder


It’s 2013.
In Vancouver, 23-year-old Julius Markarewicz is at a trade show featuring entrepreneurs who have “new ideas”. He’s one of many.
His idea is putting vodka and soda TOGETHER in a can so all we have to do is pour it.
Nude Beverages are now approaching 44 Million cans sold.
This is the story we tell today.

Mulligan Stew May 23rd 2020-Full on Spring!


“Get out my life, woman”…First lyrics sung on Saturdays Mulligan Stew on CKUA Radio…

Written by Alan Toussaint… A big hit by Lee Dorsey in the ’60s but times have changed.

This version is sung by The Wood Brothers – who are the funkiest brothers I know.  Speaking of brothers.

The Every Brothers end The Stew with Cathy’s Clown – released May 23 1960.

Also a big hit. The usual wicked harmonies.

In Between “The Brothers”

Van Morrison – Astral Weeks

Promised Land – Bruce Springsteen

Deep Purple – The story behind Smoke on the Water

Elton John – Capt Fantastic released on May 23, 1975

The Who  – Tommy  released May 23, 1969, My memories of Tommy in Amsterdam and The Keith Moon Moment

We salute the birthday of Bumps Blackwell – who produced

Sam Cooke and all the early Little Richard hits.

William Prince – Pearl Jam – Robbie Robertson – new Dylan – Mae Moore – Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Tom Petty Live – Jimi – Marvin – Colin Linden – Los Lobos – Maceo

Let’s get at it!!!


mulligan stew may 23 2020
get out my life woman (live) The Wood Brothers live at nail and tooth
i wish i had answered manx mariner mainline hellbound for heaven
Don’t fight it Phantomm Blues Band Still Cookin’ Next on The Stew – Astral Weeks
astral weeks Van Morrison Astral Weeks
the promised land Bruce Springsteen Darkness on the edge of town Next – Smoke on the Water.Lucy in the sky.Tommy
Smoke on the water Deep Purple Machine Head
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Elton John Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy
We’re not going to take it The Who Tommy
Playlist The Stew Year 25
you send me Sam Cooke Portrait of a legend 51-64
Long tall Sally Little Richard Here’s Little Richard
Tutti Fruit Little Richard Here’s Little Richard
Mulligan Stew – Year 25 Podcast at
Wasted William Prince Reliever
Buckle Up Pearl Jam Dance Of The Clairvoyants
Dead end kid Robbie Robertson Sinematic
False Prophet Bob Dylan Rough and rowdy ways
Love won’t find us here Mae Moore Dragonfly Next – Sister Roseta Tharpe
60 years more Madeleine Roger Cottonwood
Strange things happening everyday Sister Roseta Tharpe Vol 2
Coming UP – Tom Petty Live. Jimi. Colin Linden. Los Lobos
great wide open (live) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers An American Treasure
Remember Jimi Hendrix rainy day dream away
Trouble man marvin gaye Greatest Hits
Don’t let go Colin Linden. Luther Dickinson Amor coming up los lobos. Everly bros. Maceo
Come on let’s go Los Lobos Just another band from East LA
Cathy’s clown Everly Bros Best of
Cold Sweat Maceo Parker Soundcheck


Mulligan Stew May 16th 2020- Salute to Little Richard


Little Richard died hours before The Stew hit the air last week… I felt bad that I couldn’t salute him.

All of my best memories of Richard were in-person memories.

I’ll never forget the first and last times I saw him.

Izzy’s Supper Club. On Georgia Street in Vancouver.    late 60’s.  The whole big deal.., Full band. Lights. Sound. Impressive.

The band was like a finely tuned machine…


They played the opening riff to Lucille for what felt like 3-5 minutes.  Then and only then did  Richard walk out and lay his hands on the piano..the room just exploded.

He glared at the band members who weren’t keeping up…

“I’m the Georgia Peach, The prettiest man in the room and the bronze Liberace…The KING of Rock and Roll.”

The last time I saw him was at the opening of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

I was happy for him..getting in on the first ballot…, the original Hall of Famers.

I’ll be playing a handful of Little Richard classics. 

His place in rock is set forever.

Elvis was sexy, Fats was accepted by teens parents,  Jerry Lee was just flat-out wild baby, Chuck Berry was like a night train, James Brown made you move.  Richard was just dangerous. Adults saw him as a threat to friends and family.

Surprisingly, Bob Dylan and Richard admired and liked each other. Even though they walked very different roads, they saw something of themselves in each other.

In high school, Robert Zimmerman said, upon graduation, he wanted to be in Little Richard’s band.

Dylan is about to release Rough and Rowdy Ways,  a new album of original songs.  (June 19)

I hope to fit in 2 or the three advance singles…False Prophet and  Murder Most Foul. 

TWO new sponsors for The Stew.. (while our restaurant friends are on the sidelines)

(Thank You, Jodi Lucas, in CKUA Sales)

The first handcrafted distillery in Alberta and one of Canada’s best Eau Claire Distillery in Turner Valley




Noble Ridge Winery in Okanagan Falls, BC.  Owned by former Albertans Jim and Leslie D’Andrea (dawn-dree-ah)

Get you some NEW

Stones, Joel Plaskett, Fiona Apple, Lucinda Williams, Gregory Porter.

We start with Toots and finish with Birthday Boy Stevie Wonder and EVERYTHING in between


Mulligan Stew May 16 2020
TD Mulligan
Take me home Country Road Toots and The Maytals Spotify Singles
Wha she go do Bonnie Raitt Taking my Time
Mavis Nathaniel Rateleff And it’s still all right
Eau Claire Disillery
Don’t try to lay no boogie woogie Long John Baldry It ain’t easy
Roll away the stone Leon Russell Leon Russell
Medicine Hat Blackie and the Rodeo Kings King of this town
Me and my Arrow Nilsson The Point Next – Little Richard
slippin and slidin Little Richard Here’s Little Richard
Miss Ann Little Richard Here’s Little Richard
Lucille Little Richard Here’s Little Richard
Rip it up Little Richard Here’s Little Richard
Mulligan Stew CKUA Radio NEXT – New Bob Dylan
False Prophet Bob Dylan Rough and Rowdy Ways
2:19 John Hammond (and Tom Waits) Wicked Grin
Living in a Ghost Town The Rolling Stones single
This is The Stew with tdmulligan
Corina Corina Crowbar and King Biscuit Boy Official Music
3 Al Purdys Bruce Cockburn Bone on Bone
Freedom Colin James Bad Habits Mulligan Stew
Mercy Now Mike Farris Shine for all the people
Phoenix Gregory Porter All Rise
Stay Safe – thank you first responnders
Complicated Love Joel Plaskett 44
Bad news blues Lucinda Williams Good Souls Better Angels
Heavy Balloon Fiona Apple Fetch the Bolt Cutters
I contain Multitudes Bob Dylan Rough and Rowdy Ways
Made up Mind Tedeschi Trucks Band Make up Mind
Azad Frazey Ford U Kin be the Sun
Thank You for Listening and supporting TD Mulligan
You havent done nothing Stevie Wonder Fulfilingness first finale


EP 107 | Jeffrey Katzenberg


Mid-April I was lucky enough to be invited to interview Meg Whitman, the CEO of Quibi.

Quibi is new entertainment art form.  A short form mobile video company. Content is  intended for viewing on smart phones.

Nothing longer than 10 minutes.  News, series, films, documentaries. You name it.

Quibi stands for Quick Bites. It also stands for “ambitious”

Meg’s partner and our guest  is Jeffrey Katzenberg,

Former Disney Chair  (Little Mermaid – Lion King)

led Disney animation (Beauty and The Beast -Roger Rabbit)

and DreamWorks (Shrek)

It’s fair to say, this is a tough sell..they’re already planning on expanding to TV capability.

Lots of competition. Many choices. As Jeffrey says in our interview… “this isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Check back in a year”


For your information and convenience, we’ve put both interviews together here.

Here’s Meg Whitman and Jeffrey Katzenberg. The Team behind Quibi

Mulligan Stew May 9th 2020- The Radio Grande


Special Guests

Wendy Bird

Tom Taylor

Colin Nairne

They are The Radio Grande.

You’ve heard them with

Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts

The Cariboo Express

The High Bar Gang


She stole my beer

Their album is called  Town and Country


Even though I can’t call myself a fan of country music…I am smitten by these voices and these songs.


The rest of The Stew fills out nicely, I believe.

Roxy Music – Paul Butterfield – Linda Ronstadt singing The Stones and The Stones with a new song.

Jill Barber

Blue Rodeo

Doug Sahm

Paul Simon

Mark Knopfler

All Saints and Sting

New track from Sheryl Crow

Herbie Hancock with Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi

Tom Petty Live at The Fillmore

J Geils band Live in Detroit

And Monty freakin Alexander

Los Lobos

Hand Picked Saturday Night music for hunkering down.



Mulligan Stew May 09 2020
This is Mulligan Stew
avalon Roxy Music Avalon
New walking Blues Paul Butterfields Better Days Paul Butterfields Better Days
Tumbling Dice Linda Ronstadt Simple Dreams
Living in a Ghost Town The Rolling Stones single Special Guests Tonight – The Radio Grande
Le Monde est Beau Jill Barber single
photograph blue rodeo 5 days in July Mulligan Stew Podcast – Jason Priestley at Home on Zoom
Brothers in Arms Mark Knopfler The Ragpickers Dream (bonus)
Message in a Bottle All Saints and Sting single
Have you seen her The Chi-lites Best of
This is Mulligan Stew
are inlaws really ouitlaws? Sir Douglas Quintet – Doug Sahm Singles 68-72
Mother and child reunion Paul Simon The Paul Simon Collection
TD Mulligan – The Stew Coming UP – Herbie Hancock and Tedechi Trucks
Sham Time Medeski Martin Wood and John Scofield Juice Tonightrs guests – The Radio Grande
Space Captain Herbie Hancock – Tedeschi Trucks The Imagine Project
Lonely Town, Lonely Street Sheryl Crow and Citizen Cope single
2 dogs and a bone Los Lobos The town and The City Mulligan Stew Podcast – Jason Priestley at Home on Zoom
I won’t back down (live) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Am American Treasure
Wait (live) J Geils Band Anthology. House Party
Nutty Monte Alexander Wareika Hills Reggae NEXT – The Radio Grande
The Radio Grande Interview Tom Taylor. Wendy Bird. Colin Nairn
Let’s not call it Love The Radio Grande Town and Country
The Radio Grande Interview Tom Taylor. Wendy Bird. Colin Nairn
King of July The Radio Grande Town and Country
The Radio Grande Interview Tom Taylor. Wendy Bird. Colin Nairn
Come Spring The Radio Grande Town and Country
TD Mulligan – The Stew Mulligan Stew Podcast – Jason Priestley at Home on Zoom
Mother Leeroy Stagger Strange Path

EP 106 | Jason Priestley


Welcome to the pandemic

This week’s podcast is with two very fine friends.

Jason and Naomi Priestley in their house in North Hollywood.

You know Jason from 90210.

Private Eyes. A Roy Orbison video, Hollywood and Vines TV, and a bag full of films and tv series.

He acts, directs, and writes.

He’s also the luckiest guys in the World because he wed Naomi  Lowde-Priestley.

They have two children who act like adults.

Years ago One of them bit me in the nether region.

We’re talking wines, politics, Hollywood and Vines and life in the USA



EP 105 | Ron Sexsmith


Our Podcast guest is one of the best songwriters that Canada has ever given The World.

Wait a minute. Better than Cohen. Joni. Neil. Lightfoot etc?

They are all peers. The originals who paved the way.

RON SEXSMITH has just released his new album Hermitage.

Ron triggers emotions and memories.

I love talking to Ron.  We have the same sense of humor and history.

And we both love our coffee in the morning,  wine at night and the music of Richard Manuel, Kinks, Zevon, The Who et al.

Enjoy the conversation and the Zoom video that comes with it.

Mulligan Stew May 2nd 2020- Ron Sexsmith Interview


#Sing for Spring is behind us

The historic CKUA Spring Fundraiser is behind us.

And so is Winter.


Into that bright light that appears to be The Sun.

Our guest Saturday just happens to be one of the best songwriters that this country has ever produced.

RON SEXSMITH has just released his new album Hermitage, implying I suppose,  that by moving from Toronto to Stratford Ontario he has become a hermit.

I’ve discovered that trying to find the meaning behind Ron’s songs is a Fools Game. 

What he does best is enter your heart and your mind with words and textures that trigger emotions and memories.

I love talking to Ron.  We have the same sense of humor and history.

We like the same artists

Ray Davies and The Kinks

Randy Newman

Warren Zevon

The Who

John Lennon


Harry Nilsson

And best of all, he sits on a bench near his house (Chateau Mermaid).

He constructs ideas for songs there.

The bench is dedicated in the memory of the great Richard Manuel, from The Band.

What goes around comes around.

FYI – The complete interview can be heard following The Stew on the MulliganStew Podcast

Saturday from 5-7 Mtn we celebrate the amazing success of the Spring playing a bag full of music.

And read some of the donor dedications that we didn’t get to last weekend.

Little Feat Live

Frazey Ford

Bob Marley


A new version of Stay High by Brittany Howard

New Corb Lund

Black Pumas

Leon Russell


Marvin Gaye

And a whole segment of some of the mentors that Ron mentions as influencers to him…

The Band (featuring Richard Manuel)

The Beatles

Randy Newman

Elton John

Harry Nilsson

New Stones single

Enjoy the music…you earned it.

Stay Safe. Stay inside. Wash your hands. Be KIND

And thank you for all the support!!!


Mulligan Stew Year 25 May 2 2020  
stay high Brittany Howard singles
mercy mercy me Marvin Gaye hitsvile
raining horses corb lund agricultural tragic
roll away the stone leon russell leon russell
This is The Stew with tdmulligan  
colours (Acoustic) Black Pumas singles Coming UP – Ron Sexsmith Interview  
Queen of spades Eric Clapton Sessions for Robert J
Mulligan Stew Ron Sexsmith in 30 minutes  
it makes no difference (live) The Band (Richard Manuel) The Last Waltz
Nowhere Man The Beatles Rubber Soul
Sail Away Randy Newman Sail Away
Little Jeanie Elton John 21 at 33
Let the good times roll Harry Nilsson Nilsson Schmillson NEXT – The Stones and Ron Sexsmith Interview  
Living in a Ghost Town The Rolling Stones single NEXT – Ron Sexsmith  
Ron Sexsmith Interview Hermitage  
Chateau Mermaid Ron Sexsmith Hermitage
Ron Sexsmith Interview Complete Interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast  
Spring of the following year Ron Sexsmith Hermitage
Ron Sexsmith Interview Complete Interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast  
You don’t want to hear it Ron Sexsmith Hermitage
Ron Sexsmith Interview Complete Interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast  
Glow in the dark Ron Sexsmith Hermitage
This is Mulligan Stew Year 25  
Fat man in the bathtub (live) Little Feat Waiting for Columbus
Old Folks Boogie (live) Little Feat Waiting for Columbus
September Fields Frazey Ford Indian Ocean
Tipitinas (live) Professor Longhair Meet me at Tipitinas Donor Thank You  
Stir it up Bob Marley Legend
Thank you for the support and stay safe out there  
Mystery Train Elvis Essential Elvis

Mulligan Stew April 25th 2020-LIVE- Spring Fundraiser from my home week 2


Everyone at CKUA Radio wishes all of our music fans a safe Spring, the cleanest hands you’ve ever had, and a peaceful Spring.

It’s the Spring Fundraiser for donor-supported CKUA.
We’ll be in our home studios with David Ward at the controls in Calgary.
In the last 30 minutes of the show, we’ll also go live on the CKUA Facebook page. 
This year, because of the pandemic, there are no volunteers to take calls and pass on your comments, dedications, and feedback.
So we both need to hear from you. Let’s get this job done. Like dinner.

Throughout AprilMulligan Stew and everyone else at CKUA have been saluting the doctors, nurses, caregivers, first responders, and in-store teams keeping us fed and protected with Saturday Beatles song sing-a-longs! People from all over the province have been participating from their balconies, porches, backyards, garages, cavern clubs, and more!

At 5 PM MT this Saturday April 25, we conclude this series with one final Beatles song. But what song will it be?

Please tell us what Beatles song you want us to close with on social media using #singforspring and tag @ckuaradio and @tdmulligan and we’ll run a twitter poll on Friday to determine the winning entry! We’ll play it on Saturday at 5 PM MT.


Thank you



photo credit: Kate  Siobhan Mulligan

“they do not adapt to the market needs but rather feel it is the market that needs to adapt to the needs of the agave”

For fans, the search for real mescal/mezcal  starts in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico

The tasting session with Sosima in Oaxaca was a Christmas present from my daughter Kate.

Her husband Pete was along for the tasting, to take some photos and make sure I found my way home.

Sosima is a  third-generation mezcal master from San Miguel Suchixtepec.  Olivera’s grandfather and her father brought Sosima and her six brothers into the world of making mezcal from a young age. She was taught the art by her Grandmother and Aunt.

She’s proud of her chontal ancestry—the indigenous people of Oaxaca—and explains that her people are a peaceful and united group that continues to make mezcal in the traditional approach: not only for drinking but to sustainably cultivate the plant for future generations to come.

There’s a saying in Mexico about Mescal

“When something is bad..the answer is mezcal

When something is good..the answer is mezcal”

photo  credit: Kate Siobhan Mulligan


They are the Maestro Chontales Tres Colibris (Three Hummingbirds) from Sola de Vega in Oaxaca.

Eight families with a long tradition of Mezcal making.

We welcome to Mulligan Stew Podcast The Mezcalistas

Mezcal FaneKantsini (@fanekantsini) 

Mezcal FaneKantsini – Home | Facebook