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April 9th, 2022 Leslie d’Andrea: OK Falls pours in Vancouver/The Wine Diva: Budget Bottles under $17


Leslie d’Andrea: OK Falls pour in Vancouver-Wednesday/The Wine Diva: Budget Bottles 2022 (under $17)


It was the first regular Spring Release notice that I’ve seen in a couple of years. Made my heart jump!

“The Heart of Wine Country Okanagan Falls/Skaha Lake Spring Release 2022.

Terminal City Club Wednesday, April 13   6:30-8:30 PM”

So that it doesn’t go unnoticed in a busy week,  I’ve invited back to TRR   Leslie D’Andrea co-founder of Noble Ridge to go over the final details and a reminder of who’s pouring.

Terry. Leslie D’Andrea Benoit Gauthier. Noble Ridge


Wild Goose


Stag’s Hollow

Black Market

Blasted Church

Bonamici Cellars

Crescent Hill


Meyer Family

Noble Ridge

Play Estate


FYI – On the day,  I’ll be interviewing principals from all 13 wineries for several feature specials in
April.  Considering the past two years of pandemic, this feels like a celebration. Come celebrate!!

Details and tickets at the website above.

Budget Bottles 2022 (under $17)    Daenna van Mulligen/The Wine Diva

Daenna Van Mulligen

The Wine Diva doesn’t just specialize in Wine Lists, Daenna creates a master class in wine tasting!

All year long she tastes hundreds of bottles of wine and makes copious notes about each release.

Every wine on every list has tasting notes and inside info on the wine.

She has either visited many of the wineries/regions or knows the owners/winemakers.

Then come to the lists.

Top 50 over $20

Best Bubbles

Top 100 under $20

 Here’s my favorite – Budget Bottles 2022 (under $17.00)

All tested and found to be delivering wines well beyond the pricing.

As always – if you go to – you can follow along on your phone or iPad or computer.

We can’t talk about them all but here’s a large list of what Daenna talked about. (We kept  her original list numbers included to help you find them)

Your new favorite wine is in just the right price. (Thank you Daenna)  

  • Longshot Pinot Grigio, California $14.99
  • Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards ‘Runabout White’, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Jose Maria da Fonseca ‘Periquita’, Portugal $10.99
  • Oops ‘Bodacious Blonde’ Chardonnay, Central Valley Chile $15.99
  • Monte del Fra Bardolino DOC, Custoza, Verona Italy $16.99
  • Oops ‘Voluptuous Beauty’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Central Valley Chile $15.99
  • Sumac Ridge Estate Winery ‘Private Reserve’ Cabernet~Merlot, Okanagan Valley BC $14.99
  • Harper’s Trail ‘Field Blend White’, British Columbia N/A
  • Intrigue Wines ‘I Do’ Sparkling, Okanagan Valley BC $20.00
  • El Petit Bonhomme, Jumilla Spain $15.99
  • El Petit Bonhomme Blanco, Rueda Spain $15.99
  • Mayhem Wines Pinot Gris, Okanagan Valley N/A
  • Hester Creek Pinot Blanc, Okanagan Valley BC $16.00
  • Scattered Earth Chenin Blanc, Western Cape, South Africa $14.99
  • Hester Creek Pinot Gris~Viognier, Okanagan Valley BC $17.00
  • Corcelettes Estate Winery ‘Sante’, British Columbia N/A
  • Chateau Dereszla Furmint, Tokaji, Hungary $16.99
  • Chateau Haut Bascla, Bordeaux, France $15.00
  • Parras Wines ‘Ruelas Reserva’, Lisboa, Portugal N/A
  • Boutinot Wines ‘Italia’ Sangiovese, Puglia, Italy $15.00
  • Conte Priuli Pinot Grigio Blush, Venezia, Italy $15.00
  • Villa Wolf Pinot Blanc, Pfalz Germany $16.00
  • The Second Act ‘Piquette’, Canada $14.99
  • Road 13 Honest John’s Rose, Okanagan Valley BC $18.00
  • Intrigue Wines ‘Semper, Sitiens Drought’ Rotberger, Lake Country, Okanagan Valley, BC N/A
  • Journey’s End ‘Bees Knees’ Chenin Blanc~Viogner, Mount Rozier, Western Cape South Africa $15.00
  • The Grinder Pinotage, Western Cape South Africa $13.99
  • Spier ‘Signature Collection’ Chenin Blanc, Stellenbosch South Africa $13.99
  • Nederburg ‘The Winemasters’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Western Cape South Africa $13.99
  • Spier ‘Signature’ Pinotage, Stellenbosch Western Cape, South Africa $16.00


  •  Top Drop 2022
  • Van Wine Fest
  • OK Falls/Skaha Lake  Spring Wine Pour
  • Top Foodies
  • Segment Sponsor Specials
  • Locals Only
  • Portugal Pour
  • Meet the Makers


November 22nd – Top 100 wines under $20


Tasting Room Radio B_BANNER2
The Wine Diva has Part One of her Top 100 wines under $20 and 89 points or better..
Beppi Crosariol and Lucy Waverman from the Globe and Mail  and their book The Flavour Principal
We talk to three wineries from The Golden Mile..BC’s new wine sub region.
Tinhorn Creek – Fairview Cellars – Road 13!   


 THE SHOW     

 Daenna van Mulligen loves her lists. The latest is the 2014 Top 100 wines under $20.00..all with review points 89 points or better.
You can see the complete line-up

Wine Diva

Wine Diva

  1. Quinta do Ameal Branco Seco Vinho Verde, Portugal $17.50
  2. Alamos Cabernet Sauvignon Mendoza Argentina $14.99
  3. ‘Veedha’ Douro, Portugal $16.00
  4. Perseus Viognier, Okanagan Valley BC $15.00
  5. Finca Las Moras ‘Paz’ Malbec $18.99
  6. Louis.M.Martini Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma County California $19.99
  7. Marchesi de Frescobaldi Chianti Castiglioni, Tuscany Italy $16.99
  8. Bodegas Piqueras ‘Castillo de Alamansa Reserva’, Alamansa, Spain $13.99
  9. Edna Valley Vineyard Chardonnay ‘Cathedral Coast’, San Luis Obisbo County California $19.99
  10. Wente ‘Morning Fog’ Chardonnay, Livermore Valley California $19.99
  11. Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough New Zealand $19.99
  12. Michel Torino ‘Cuma’ Organic Torrontes, Cafayate Valley, Argentina $13.99
  13. Stoneboat Vineyards ‘Chorus’, Okanagan Valley BC $18.00
  14. La Tarasque Old Vine Grenache, Cotes du Rhone France $17.99
  15. Alfiero Boffa ‘Storica’ Barbera d’Asti, Piedmont Italy $15.00
  16. Navarro Lopez Rojo Granrojo Tempranillo, Castilla Spain $16.00

The Flavour Principal..
Beppi and Lucy
Beppi and Lucy
LUCY WAVERMAN is a leading Canadian food writer. Author of eight cookbooks, she has won numerous culinary book awards and honours. She is the food editor of the popular Liquor Control Board of Ontario magazine, Food and Drink (600,000 readership), and writes a weekly column for The Globe and Mail’s Life section and a bi-weekly column in its Style section.
FACEBOOK: Lucy Waverman ’s Kitchen
TWITTER: @lucywaverman
BEPPI CROSARIOL has been The Globe and Mail’s wine and spirits columnist for twelve years. His columns regularly cause a rush on liquor stores across Canada as avid readers run to buy up his recommendations. His readership is broad, covering both the establishment and younger urban drinkers who want guidance on wine and great tips on less expensive bottlings, served up with candour and humour.
The Golden Mile
Golden Mile
When sub-appellations are named in the Okanagan, the Golden Mile Bench between Oliver and Osoyoos is on track to be among the first (along with the Black Sage and Naramata benches).  Sub-appellations are part of the evolution of a mature wine region—and much coveted by wineries.
Situated on an upper bench, significantly warmer than the valley floor, Golden Mile vineyards benefit from good airflow, allowing the vines to escape spring and fall frosts. Generally facing east to south-east, the vines catch good early morning sun but shade by late afternoon. The cool evenings slow ripening, encouraging the development of complexity and intense flavours. The unique conditions are ideal for growing cooler climate varieties, such as Pinot Noir and Riesling, as well as sinewy reds.
For wine trekkers, the Golden Mile (more than a mile) runs from Fairview Cellars, named after the old gold mining town outside Oliver, to Castoro de Oro, north of Osoyoos Lake. Home to a dozen wineries, the Golden Mile integrates intriguing vintages with a dynamic, rural setting.
Combine fine wines with winery restaurants, plus local history, a network of hiking trails overlooking the bench and beyond, and you have the formula for one of the Okanagan’s most irresistible agri-tourism experiences.
Our guests are
Sandra Oldfield. Co-Owner/Winemaker  TinHorn Creek

Sandra Oldfield

Sandra Oldfield

Bill Eggert. Owner/Winemaker  Fairview Cellars       
Fairview Cellars

Fairview Cellars

Joe Luckhurst GM Road 13 Vineyards.
joe Luckhurst

joe Luckhurst



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