Jeff Healey

EP 296 | Remembering Jeff Healey and Celebrating Wine with Harry Hertscheg!


Every once in a while there’s a week that goes by that is blessed with great conversations.
Somewhere down that road, I decided that instead of choosing one interview over the other, why not have them both share the podcast.
March 2, 2008, was the day gifted singer/songwriter and truly remarkable man Jeff Healey lost his battle with cancer.

We had a great long-distance friendship. Every time we reconnected, we fell into an easy chatter that always ended up in laughter. Good man.
His loss gutted me. Still am.
Roger Costa is the co-administrator/archivist of The Estate of Jeff Healey.
He’s currently  leading the production team shooting the documentary
See the Light: The Jeff Healey Story.

That film and my interview with Roger will come later this year or early 2025.
In the meantime, I wanted to remember Jeff on March 2 with someone who knows him well. Roger Costa.

Harry Hertscheg

Harry Hertscheg is a regular listener to this Podcast. He listens to it while biking through busy Vancouver traffic to and from work.
Work is being executive director of the hugely successful VanWineFest which is just wrapping up.
Almost 20,000 wine fans have attended seminars, winemakers dinners and large and small tastings.
The feature region is Italy. 71 Italian wineries sent their best.
Next year the feature region is the USA.
Here’s a conversation with the completely engaging and informative Harry Hertscheg.

Enjoy the ride Harry.

Mulligan Stew March 2nd 2024 – Feels like a celebration – for Jeff Healey & March!


It’s just a first step into another month but the possibilities are endless.

Warmth, Spring, longer days, lighter brighter footwear,  all things going green.

The Stew brings two hours of the promise  of March

And a remembrance of Jeff Healey, who died March 2, 2008. The day he lost his battle with cancer.

Blind almost at birth,  Jeff learned the secrets of playing guitar when he decided to lay his guitar down on his lap and literally attack the strings with all fingers.

Our guest is Roger Costa who’s the co-administrator and archivist of the Estate of Jeff Healey.

Currently, he’s producing See the Light. The Jeff Healey Story.   All these years later,  still an amazing story.

We surround the brief interview with new music from Dan Mangan, Corb Lund, and former Carolina Chocolate Drops bandmates Dom Flemons and Rhiannon Giddens.

We start The Stew with All Over Now by Rod Stewart and Faces and 2 hours later finish The Stew with the same guys. Both tracks live and both on vinyl.

  • Art Bergmann
  • Lou Reed,
  • Taj Mahal
  • Tower of Power with Huey Lewis
  • Tedeschi Trucks
  • Bonnie Raitt
  • Paul Butterfield Blues Band,
  • Bob Marley and the Wailers
  • Robert Plant/Allison Krauss
  • Etta James
  • Humble Pie

Happy March ALL!



Mulligan Stew March 2 Terry David Mulligan Remembering Jeff Healey
All over now (live) Rod Stewart/Faces Live – Coast to Coast. Overture and Beginners
Come to Mama (live) Etta James Burnin’ down the House
Is this Love (live) Bob Marley and the Wailers Live Forever
Sleep on the floor Dan Mangan Single
The Stew March 2 TDMulligan Remembering Jeff Healey in Hour 2
El Viejo Corb Lund El Viejo
In Emerald Wyatt C Louis Chandler
Deane House River Cafe Thank you for your support
Another day in paradise Phil Collins But Seriously (2016 re-master)
A Hymn for us Art Bergmann – Russell Broome ShadowWalk
Quattro (worlds drift in) Robert Plant – Allison Krauss Raise the Roof
Walk on the wild side Lou Reed Transformer
Coming UP – The Joni Jam Live Mulligan Stew – Year 28 and we remember Jeff Healey
Both Sides Now (live) Joni Mitchell (Brandi Carlile) Joni Mitchell at Newport Folk Fest
Year 28 of Mulligan Stew [email protected] Remembering Jeff Healey this hour
In my own dreams The Paul Butterfield Blues band Golden Butter (Best of )
Georgia Drumbeat Dom Flemmons Prospect Hill
Ballad of Sally Ann Rhiannon Giddens My Black Country
Coming UP – Remembering Jeff Healey Playlist at Mulliganstewdotca
made up mind Tedeschi Trucks band Made up Mind
Made up Mind Bonnie Raitt Just like that
634-5789 Tower of Power and Huey Lewis Great American Song Book
Done changed my way of Living Taj Mahal The Natch’l Blues
Coyotes Banff Supporting CKUA for over 25 years NEXT – Jeff Healey
Jeff Healey Interview with Roger Costa – Director/Producer co-administrator of Estate
Hong Kong Blues Jeff Healey Last Call
Hiding out in the open Feist Multitudes
Find The Stew at CKUA On Demand Next – Humble Pie and Faces
Black Coffee Humble Pie Eat It
Jealous Guy (live) Rod Stewart & Faces Live Coast to Coast


Mulligan Stew July 30th 2022- Sam Philips, Colin James & Jeff Healey


July 30 2003 Sam Philips died in Memphis.

He lead an amazing life..


From a family in the deep south that grew cotton.  Sam would work in the fields with African American pickers. They brought their songs with them and Sam grew to love the music.

He worked his way through radio and played a mix of black and white music that he loved.

When he started Sun Records in made perfect sense that he would record Jr Parker, Howling Wolf, and Charlie Rich side-by-side.

Then he went looking for a white singer who shared his love of black music and found him in ELVIS.

When I had the opportunity to visit Sun Records Studio…I just sat there and tried to imagine the history bouncing  off the walls

So years later, I find myself at the opening of the Rock Hall of Fame in Cleveland in 1995. Sam Phillips is being inducted and comes into the press room to speak with journalists and reporters as a group.

I waited until the very last question and asked him this question…

“Sam. They have recreated your studio here in the Hall. But how do they recreate the magic, the creative juice that connected in your original rooms? The incredible spark that happened between you and Elvis. How does that get captured here?”

His answer just blew me away… The other voice you hear is Mary Wilson from The Supremes.


The other guest visit is with Colin James and Jeff Healey…many years ago at MuchMusic in Toronto.

Just jamming in the studio. A Jimmy Reed song.  I told the guys I’d give them 5 bucks each if they worked my name into the lyrics.

A Great jam, both guys solo on their acoustic guitars – Five bucks later it’s followed by a giggle.

 This was pure magic..still is!

Here’s the long weekend music list – goes well with burgers.


OH…the Podcast is Cheech  and Chong.  Years ago, back in Vancouver where it all started for them.



Mulligan Stew Terry David Mulligan CKUA Radio
Let me love you, baby (live) Buddy Guy Rock Hall of Fame 2004
Don’t Mind Patti Griffin with Robert Plant Tape
Sunny afternoon The Kinks Summer
I got a feelin (live) Norah Jones Live. Empire State Building
Love me like a man Diana Krall The girl in the other room
TDMulligan – The Stew @tdmulligan Next – Mark Knopfler and Emmy Lou Harris
right now (live) Mark Knopfler and EmmyLou Harris Real Live Roadrunning
coal mine iskwe – Tom Wilson Mother Love
Coyotes Banff Next Coming UP -Sting and Bruce Springsteen Mulligan Stew
Every breathe you take (live) Sting and Bruce Springsteen Released. Human Rights Concerts
My guy Mary Wells Hitsville
Pride and Joy Marvin Gaye Hitsville
TDMulligan The Stew @tdmulligan
Roadrunner Jr Walker and the All Stars Shotgun
Roll with it Steve Winwood Roll with it
Roadrunner Jr Walker Shotgun
Mulligan Stew NEXT – The man who invented Rock Sam Phillips
Sam Phillips Interview With Mary Wilson from The Supremes- At Rock Hall of Fame 1995
Rocket 88 Ike Turner and Jackie Brenston. Delta Cats Golden Hits
In dreams Roy Orbison Very best of
Big River Johnny Cash Greatest Hits
Paying the cost to be the boss BB King His Best
Great balls of Fire Jerry Lee Lewis Greatest HIts
Hound Dog Elvis Presley The Searcher
This is Year 26 of Mulligan Stew Next – John Batiste @tdmulligan
Sweet Jon Batiste.Pentatonix. Diane Warren Single
Sing me a song William Prince – Serena Ryder Single
Rhinestone Cowboy The Jim Cuddy Band Countrywide Soul
Sing The Small Glories Assiniboine & Red
Mulligan Stew @tdmulligan Next Colin James and Jeff Healey
Baby what you want me to do Colin James and Jeff Healey Jam at MuchMusic with tdm
Wouldnt it be nice The Beach Boys Greatest Hits
Windows are rolled down Amos Lee Mission Bell
This has been The Stew with TDMulligan Take in a Festival
This has been The Stew with TDMulligan Go to a Festival
Fire Escape Dan Mangan Single
Running up That Hill (A deal with God) Kate Bush Hounds of Love

Jeff Healey & Colin James Interview – 1989


Much Music in the 70’s and 80’s was a place of magic, where anything could happen and DID happen.
For Example…
I was able to convince my fellow West coaster Colin James to sit in with Jeff Healey to riff on a couple tunes.
BUT…if they worked my name into the lyrics they got 5 bucks EACH!
This is fine music with a great vibe. I treasure it.