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EP 127 | Afie Jurvanen/ Bahamas


“I have music; I have a family, a house, a barbecue. I’ve got pants and a
hoodie, I got all kinds of whatever,” he says. “So that’s what I am
struggling with, this deeply internal thing. What are we doing here? We’re
just here on this rock for such a short time, and then we die.”

Afie Jurvanen’s  comments from  an article in American Songwriter

Afie Jurvanen is the creative spirit behind the artist known as Bahamas.

Afie has just released his fifth album – Sad Hunk

In Sad Hunk he writes and sings about – Forgiveness, dreams. belief, making
a living, family dynamics, cool/not cool,

Afie and his family moved from Ontario to Halifax and it’s reflected in his
spare, settled narration.

And music? His fans are going to love these tunes and it will win over

He’s the real deal..a Juno winning  singer/songwriter who’ll be back at the
podium for next year’s awards.

Enjoy this Zoom interview with the funny and very direct Afie/Bahamas.



Mulligan Stew Oct 10th 2020- Afie Jurvanen/Bahamas



Here s the deal…
Early on Afie Jurvanen decided if he was going to make music – his name was
going to get in the way.

So he inherited  a character name – Bahamas – because everyone knew that
name and how to say it.

As of Friday Afie is now 5 albums into a very successful career.

At about the halfway point in this interview, Afie says something that
really stops me.

He basically says

“I try and work with people who are a  little out of my league. So I have
to work a little bit harder and faster.”

Just for the record – Afie has worked with

The Lumineers, Feist, Howie Beck. , Jason Collett, Jack  Johnson, Robbie
Robertson and more.

The album is called Sad Hunk. The cover is a shot of Afie as if he were a
80’s crooner.

I love his view of himself…it shows in the songs and lyrics.

And his sound is unique to himself. Close harmonies have a horn section
feel them.  With a layer of funk beneath the wordplay.

The complete Zoom interview can be heard and seen at MulliganStew Podcast

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