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July 7th, 2018- 40th Van WineFest Part 1- with The Wine Diva

  1,450 Wines. 16 Countries. 173 Wineries. 51 Events. 8 days. 25,000 wine fans. It’s Hour One of our...

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Mulligan Stew June 30th 2018- June Babies and dueling banjos!

We have a Birthday thing going on this week. Its Canada’s Birthday on Sunday It’s my Birthday on Saturday...

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Ep 15 | Rhiannon Giddens Podcast

Jun 22, 2018 Recorded live at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Rhiannon Giddens talks to Terry David Mulligan about...

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Mulligan Stew June 23rd 2018- Steve Winwood and Much more!

Please consider checking out the Mulligan Stew Podcast ( This week it’s a backstage interview with Rhiannon Giddens..  onward...

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June 23rd, 2018- A Tour of Saanich !

A Four Stop Stroll through Saanich : The SHOW Saanich is that gorgeous stretch of farmland on the drive...

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Terry David Mulligan, a Canadian icon of Radio, TV and Film. Check out our gallery of photos, videos and timelines of Terrys career

TDM 50+ years of Interviews?

Interviews over the years have brought terry face to face with THE legends of Music, Film and TV of our time.

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