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November 21st, 2020- Holiday Budget Bottles from The Wine Diva & The Bard of Oliver: Michael Bartier of Bartier Bros.  

Holiday Budget Bottles from The Wine Diva & The Bard of Oliver Michael Bartier of Bartier Bros.   THE SHOW   Daenna van Mulligen – The Wine Diva Her website has become one of the “go to” wine sites in Canada. We are happy to have Daenna van Mulligen  return to the show with...

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Mulligan Stew Nov 21st 2020- Daniel Lanois Interview and Happy Birthday CKUA and Ma!

It’s CKUA Radio’s 93 Birthday Saturday. How many radio stations in Canada are lucky to get to be 93? None actually.  There’s only one.   CKUA. A musical oasis in a sea of radio sameness. And it’s donor-supported. Impressive, even for those who call it home. So.  We celebrate those 93 years with music Black Pumas,...

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EP 132 | Daniel Lanois Interview

We’ve been long-distance friends since the ’60s but like many, I’ve followed his amazing career. Best known for his producing work on landmark albums like Joshua Tree, Wrecking Ball, and Time out of Mind. His work with Peter Gabriel, Neville Brothers, EmmyLou, Willie, Robbie Robertson, Neil Young. Tinariwen etc earned this praise from Rolling Stone Magazine. “His unmistakable fingerprints are all...

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EP 131 | Geeking Out on Island Pinot!

The Stew Podcast has a subtitle Music. Film. Food. Wine.  Those are the fields where my interviews come from. Lots of music. Increasing film conversations. The Food file is getting thicker But I’ve been shortchanging the Wine stories. I do many wine features for Tasting Room Radio but the podcast interviews have to be special....

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November 14th, 2020 – GEEKING OUT ON ISLAND PINOT

GEEKING OUT ON ISLAND PINOT ( with 6 winemakers))   THE SHOW   Somewhere in the middle of last weeks interview with Mike Neirychlo from Emandare Winery I heard him mention he was hosting  a Pinot Noir  panel coming up  at Victoria Wine Festival.   ”I’m sorry, what panel, what pinot, what wine fest?” Turns...

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FEATURING  SAM ROBERTS, EMANDARE AND TIGHTROPE WINES   The Show   We start with Sam Roberts. Singer, Songwriter, Husband and Father. The leader of The Sam Roberts Band.  They’ve just released their 7th studio album All of Us. Ranks as his best yet. He had the songs written and recorded but decided to follow the...

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EP 130 | Kurt Vile

It was always the name that got me.  Kurt Vile. Got to be a punk, thrash metal guy right? Turns out Kurt became a truly great singer/songwriter. The voice is blue-collar but the songs and the way he sings them are unlike 99.9 % of the others. He’s gone through the band phase with The War on...

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Mulligan Stew Nov 7th 2020-Special Guest Kurt Vile

Welcome to The Stew – The guest this week is singer, songwriter, father and family man Kurt Vile. We found him at home in Philly. He’s spent the better part of his forty years on the road. With The War on Drugs, his band The Violators worked with The Sadies, Dinoseau Jr, Courtney Barnett, and...

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