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EP 208 | The Kids In the Hall

Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson are Kids in the Hall. Many people consider KITH the funniest sketch comedy show ever to appear on TV and Film. The other half are fans of the absurdist genius of  Monty Python etc. The Kids mixed that absurdist humor with irony. The winner...

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Mulligan Stew May 21st 2022- The Stew May 21-Scott Thompson-Bruce McCullough From Kids in the Hall Guest

Scott Thompson and Bruce McCulloch  Guest on Saturdays Mulligan Stew. After 27 years the KITH have come back. Like raccoons at the back door. We talk about Has funny changed? Kiss?  Actually Gene Simmonds. Keeping their characters in place. And thoughts for the youth of the Nation. The complete/unedited interview can be heard on Mulligan...

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May 21st, 2021-The Return of Top Drop / 2022

The Return of Top Drop / 2022   THE SHOW  Like all other events in our day-to-day lives, there was no Top Drop during the pandemic. However, Top Drop wine fans are a very loyal bunch and I never thought for a minute that there might never be another Top Drop. Why the loyalty? “The...

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EP 207 | The Bros. Landreth-New album ‘Come Morning’

It’s amazing how life always seems to bring us full circle. The Landreth Brothers just released their fourth album together called Come Morning. They grew up in a completely musical household. Father Wally was a true working musician. Their Mother would sometimes go with the boys in bassinets and kid chairs to watch over them...

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Mulligan Stew May 14th 2022- Special guests The Bros. Landreth

New album COME MORNING dropped  Friday The Bros. Landreth guest on Saturdays Mulligan Stew (and Podcast)   Joey and David have created a collection of songs and subjects that will take them far and wide. Pushing the buzz forward is the fact that Bonnie Raitt chose a Brothers song,  Made up Mind,  as the first single from her new...

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May 14th 2022-Your chance to “Meet the Makers” in Victoria

Tasting Room Radio is Presented by Harbour Air THE SHOW Sara Park and  Cam Duke,  the co-founders of Coastal Craft Beverages in Victoria always throw a great pour. As in previous years, they head for the 8th-floor skyline suites at the top of Parkside Hotel in downtown Victoria. They work exclusively with producers who are independent...

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EP 206 | Mike Scott of The Waterboys

  I’ve waited a long time to finally talk to Scott from The Waterboys. I found him at his home in Dublin. Mike is a founding member, lead singer, and songwriter of The Waterboys. I was truly looking forward to his new album All Souls Hill which was released Friday. Because Mike grew up studying English literature...

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Mulligan Stew May 7th 2022-Special Guest Mike Scott of the Waterboys

Hello ALL The Stew is back . After 10 days of fundraising for donor supported  CKUA. (you did donate, right?) This first Stew will be a celebration of NOT having to talk. New music from Lyle Lovett/Bonnie Raitt/Govt Mule/Norah Jones/Barney Bentall/Willie and more. A tonne of tracks and a special guest Mike Scott – Founder...

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“ TOP DROP: THE ONE WINE TASTING OF THE YEAR YOU SHOULDN’T MISS.” – WESTERN LIVING MAGAZINE THE SHOW     This weeks guest is Kurtis Kolt co-founder of  Top Drop. The co-founder of Top Drop,  dubbed “the nerdiest, most awesome wine festival in Canada.” Received the ‘Sommelier of the Year’ award at the 2010 Vancouver International...

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EP 205 | Alex Cuba

Born in Cuba,  Alex fell in love with a Canadian beauty & immigrated to Canada.  Alex packed into his belonging’s his many songs and sharp knowledge of the history of Cuban music. Mendo is his 9th album. With those 9 albums, Alex has won 2 Juno awards and is up for another this month.  He’s also...

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