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Mulligan Stew July 29th 2017- Guest Grant Lawrence & Dirty Windshields


Grant Lawrence co-founded the band The Smugglers in his parents basement in West Vancouver.
They blazed through the 90’s..starting with church gigs arranged by friend Nardwuar, the human serviette.
Grant went on to become a freaking BROADCASTER of all things – at CBC..still to this very day and a national figure.
Bangs out books plays goalie, has a wonderful family and has released the book Dirty Windshields.
It’s about The Smugglers journey through the 90’s and how they somehow not only survived but carved out a career around the World.
Grant brings stories of he and a Python meeting in at pay phone  while being live on air.
Stories of he and Nardwuar knocking on my door in West Van on Halloween night..not for treats but advice on the music and radio business.
And I didn’t slam the door.
He reminds me that I’m in two Smugglers videos etc.
How does he remember all this?
Because he kept a diary.  Ingenious!
Corey Wood, webmaster, has placed  The RAW interview Here.  Enjoy!!

 Dirty Windshields is the long-awaited memoir from CBC host and award-winning author Grant Lawrence, baring all the salacious and hilarious details from his touring days as the lead singer of Vancouver-based rock and roll band The Smugglers. Formed when most of the members were still in high school, The Smugglers came of age during the height of the grunge explosion in the early 1990s, when Grant, working as a concert promoter, put on shows for Nirvana, Green Day and Bad Religion, among many others.
In Dirty Windshields, Grant chronicles the band’s booze-fueled, sweaty, broke and wayward attempts at rock and roll glory as they trekked across Canada, the United States, and eventually, Europe and the Pacific Rim. In their sixteen years of touring, the Smugglers experienced all the highs and lows the road can offer, from playing a gig at New York’s legendary CBGB club to starting a riot in a Denver nightclub to having their performance tuxes stolen in Australia.
Through the fights, sexual misadventures, new friendships, dance contests and mayhem, the band grew up together on the road. Told with Grant’s signature self-deprecating wit, the anecdotes develop into a compelling story of the growth of an independent, do-it-yourself touring band, a community, and a musical movement. So crack open a semi-cold can of Black Label beer, stick a Smugglers tape into the cassette deck and let the good times roll.


The Great Highway Ray Davies Americana
you can leave your hat on (Live) Joe Cocker Cocker Live
Change it (live) Stevie Ray Vaughn Live Alive
www.canadahouse.com Coming Up -Taj Mahal. Aretha. Chuck Berry & New Barney www.mulliganstew.ca
Master Blaster Stevie Wonder Best of
Messing with the Kid (live) Junior Wells An introduction to Junior Wells
TD Mulligan Mulligan Stew NEXT – Hairy Manx..sorry..Harry Minx
Summertime Harry manz and Sydney Lyric Quartet Faith Lift
That’s how strong my love is Taj Mahal The essential Taj
Dr Feelgood Aretha Franklin best of
Hot Cookin G Love Lemonade
Big Boys Chuck Berry Chuck
www.coyotes.banff Mulligan Stew TDMulligan
Can’t you hear me knockin The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers
www.mulliganstew.ca TDM Next – NEW Barney Bentall
The Miner Barney Bentall with Dustin Bentall The Drifter and the Preacher
This is Mulligan Stew Tonights Guest Grant Lawrence & Dirty Windshields www.mulliganstew.ca
Falling Slowly (live) Glen Hansard & Eddie Vedder Youtube
while my guitar gently weeps The Beatles White LP
Hang loose Alabama Shakes Boys and Girls
why why why Jimmy Vaughn Keep your soul. Tribute to Doug Sahm
Coming UP – Grant Lawrence Interview Mulligan Stew www.mulliganstew.ca
Out of the blue Blue Rodeo In our nature
Devils Load Lee harvey Osmond The Folk Sinner
NEXT – Grant Lawrence talks The Smugglers and his book Dirty Windshields mulligan stew
Grant Lawrence interview Dirty Windshields TDMulligan
It never changes Jr Gone Wild Less art More Pop
Grant Lawrence interview Dirty Windshields TDMulligan
especially for you The Smugglers Dirty Windshields Soundtrack
Grant Lawrence interview Dirty Windshields TDMulligan
Rosie The Smugglers Dirty Windshields Soundtrack
Grant Lawrence interview Dirty Windshields TDMulligan
Vancouver BC The Smugglers Dirty Windshields Soundtrack
TD Mulligan Thanks for listening See you at Blue Rodeo Sunday
I found a love (live) Greg Allman Greg Allam Live – Back to Macon

Mulligan Stew July 22nd 2017- Bare Naked Ladies-Bruce Cockburn-Colin Linden Interviews


“He’s one of them”
It’s the very special  Vancouver Island Music Festival. In Courtney/Comox. 
Very special because of the location and because of Doug Cox – the Artistic Director.
Doug is an artist and working musician.
So his knowledge of who’s making great music and who should be paired with who is bang on.
Artists want to play his festival because they know Doug will take care of them and their music.
He’s one of them.
That’s why you’ll find Emmylou Harris headlining.
Robert Randolf and the Family band headlining.

Barenaked Ladies return to Canada. The USA has had their attention for many years and the Ladies wanted to make up for that.
It’s possible there’s a generation that may not know they’re Canadian.
All four guys sat down and talked about how they dealt with losing Stephen Page.
(What that first gig was like at a small venue –  Universal Studios Los Angeles)
Their latest album is a session with The Persuaders, one of music’s greatest vocal groups.

We spend 30 minutes talking to and playing the music of BNL.
I had a chance to set up a rustic studio behind the main stage backstage area.
Rustic means
A microphone
A cable
A recorder
A glass of water

Bruce Cockburn was the Saturday headliner.  He’s about to release perhaps his best album ever.
Bone on Bone is released Sept 15 with a collection of songs and riffs that amaze and delight.  Totally cool album.

We’ll run the complete interview closer to the release date but on this show we’ll play the first single States I’m in and, for the first time anywhere 40 years in the wilderness.

Colin Linden produced Bone on Bone.  They have been a musical pair for many projects and many years.  Colin takes us through a quick tour of Bone on Bone.
Also guesting are:

  • Steve Dawson
  • Peter North and Tom Coxworth
  • Rachelle Van Zanten
  • Doug Cox


This is Mulligan Stew with TDMulligan Barenaked Ladies in 30 minutes
Never been rocked enough Delbert McClinton Never been rocked enough
I pity the fool (live) Tedeschi Trucks Band Live at The Fox Oakland
Dixie Chicken Little Feat Dixie Chicken
www.canadahouse.com Mulligan Stew TDMulligan
Train in Vain Annie Lennox Medusa
Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett The wicked Wilson Pickett
Hometown Blues Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Anthology LP
Mulligan Stew Year 21 Terry David Mulligan NEXT Barenaked Ladies
Barenaked Ladies Interview Mulligan Stew with tdm
Blame it on me Barenaked Ladies Gordon
Barenaked Ladies Interview Mulligan Stew with tdm
You run away Barenaked Ladies All in good time
Barenaked Ladies Interview Mulligan Stew with tdm
Old Apartment barenaked Ladies with The Persuasions Ladies and Gentlemen barenaked ladies with The Persuasions
Barenaked Ladies Interview mulligan stew with tdm
One Week Barenaked Ladies Ladies and Gentlemen barenaked ladies with The Persuasions
NEXT Bruce Cockburn Interview Mulligan Stew with tdm
Bruce Cockburn Interview Mulligan Stew with tdm
States I’m in Bruce Cockburn Bone on Bone
Colin Linden Interview Mulligan Stew with tdm
40 years in the wilderness Bruce Cockburn Bone on Bone
Doug Cox Interview Artistic Director with tdm
Rachelle van Zanten Interview mulligan stew with tdm
Tennessee Waltz Emmy Lou Harris Cimaron
mulligan stew with terry david mulligan NEXT Steve Dawson. Pete and Tom. ZZTop
Steve Dawson Interview mulligan stew with tdm
Loose ends Steve Dawson Solid states and loose ends
Peter North & Tom Coxworth Interview mulligan stew with tdm
Don’t mess up a good thing Ry Cooder Bop til you drop
waiting for the bus ZZ Top Very Baddest
Jesus just left Chicago ZZ Top Very Baddest
www.coyotesbanff.com Mulligan Stew with tdm
Makin’ Whoopee (live) Ray Charles More music from Ray (soundtrack)

Mulligan Stew July 15th 2017- The Long days of Summer!


Is it the music? The weather? Moving outdoors as much as possible?
The looooog days and nights?
It all works. It’s Summer in Canada and the days are precious.

The music festivals are stacked up and ready to go.
I’m starting in Courtney Comox Northern Vancouver Island.
The vancouver Island music festival is fabulous.
In part because singer/songwriter and brilliant guitarist Doug Cox spends his year talking backstage to performers. Inviting them to join the music wheel.
From the line up We’ll play Emmy Lou Harris, bare naked ladies and Colin Linden.
I also have LIVE tracks from Dylan, Annie Lennox, Joe Bonamassa, Fats Domino, Eric Clapton (twice) The Eagle’s, Bruce Cockburn.
I hope to do an interview with Colin Linden and Bruce Cockburn. Colin produced Bruce’s new album Bone on Bone.
Got some Carl Perkins, Dave Edmunds and David Vest.
We finish off with Bonnie Raitt, Blue Rodeo, Roger Roger and Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions.
Enjoy your festival and Summer


Mulligan Stew Terry David Mulligan July 15 2017
Born to run Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band The Essential Bruce Springsteen
A hard rains gonna fall (live) Bob Dylan – Rolling Thunder Bob Dylan Live 75
Dear Mr Fantasy (live) Clapton & Winwood Live at Madison Square Garden
www.canadahouse.com www.mulliganstew.ca Coming Up – VanIslandMusicFest
mama just wants to Barrelhouse (live) Bruce Cockburn Circles in the Stream
Tennesse Waltz Emmy Lou Harris Cimaron
This is Mulligan Stew Year 21 with tdm Coming UP – Emmy Lou. The Ladies and Linden
Invitaton to the blues Emmy Lou Harris & Rodney Crowell Old Yellow Moon
Lovers in a dangerous time (live) Barenaked Ladies Warchild – Peace Songs
The Hurt Colin Linden Rich in Love
www.coyotesbanff.com Mulligan Stew Next – Etta James and Toots in Memphis
Sunday kind of love Etta James At Last
Why (live) Annie Lennox Medusa – Live in Central Park
Ive got Dreams Toots and the Maytals Toots in Memphis
Playlist www.mulliganstew.ca facebook mulliganstewmusic Twit @ tdmulligan
Roll over bethoven Carl Perkins Most wanted
Bad is Bad Dave Edmunds Repeat when Necessary
Kingsnake David Vest devestatin rhythm
Livin Easy (live) Joe Bonamassa Live at Carnegie Hall
Mulligan Stew TD Mulligan Next – Eagles Live
Take it easy (live) The Eagles Hell Freezes Over
TDM www.mulliganstew.ca year 21
Ain’t that a shame (live) Fats Domino Live in Montreaux
Coming up – Led Zeppelin and Clapton plays Dylan TDM
Darlene Led Zeppelin Coda
Don’t think twice (live) Eric Clapton Dylan 30th anniversdary Concert Celebration
The road is my middle name Bonnie Raitt Nick of Time
Thanks for listening Mulligan Stew with tdm
New morning Sun Blue Rodeo In our nature
Think of me Roger Roger Fairweather
Mulligan Stew www.mulliganstew.ca Amen is Next
Amen The Impressions Greatest Hits

Mulligan Stew July 8th 2017- The Protest Song-Special Feature!


It all started with Stephen Fearing’s Blowhard Nation.
One of the first musical responses to Donald Trump’s  road to the Presidency.

Now featured in FYIMusic!  

Having been right in the middle of the 60’s musical revolution, lead by the songs of Dylan and voice of Joan Baez, I wondered where the voice of the music business was in the mix.
Many of the songs we’re playing now were written and recorded during the election process and now months of Trump in office.
Some of my questions were:
If there is a push back from the music makers where is it and who is it?
How did the election affect your new songs?
Is there room for protest songs in today’s music and radio?
I had no problem gathering replies. Everyone seemed to have an opinion.
So.  From 8:30 to 9:30  this Saturday our guests will be

  • Ron Sexsmith
  • Joel Plaskett
  • The Wood Brothers
  • Leeroy Stagger
  • Blackwell and the Rodeo Kings
  • Stephen Fearing
  • Colin Linden
  • Tom Wilson
  • Alan Doyle
  • Bob Rock
  • Susan Tedeschi – Derek Trucks



Mulligan Stew July 1 Canada Day 2017!!


Matt Good Alan Doyle Tom Cochrane Miranda Mulholland Buff St. Marie Tdm On The Juno Couch Calgary

Matt Good
Alan Doyle
Tom Cochrane
Miranda Mulholland
Buff St. Marie
On The Juno Couch Calgary

tdm&CuddyI think it all started over several glasses of wine.. with myself and Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo
The Junos were coming to Alberta and I was trying to figure out how best to do interviews with  the artists.
As luck would have it I was staying at The Fairmont Hotel MacDonald in Edmonton and they had these glorious big old couches in the Lounge.
We asked for permission to move two together and place 3-4 microphones on the cushions so that talent walking by could pick one up and join us..
Turned out to be a lot of fun.
You got country singers..riffing with guitar slingers..and reggae tokers sitting in with Rockin Smokers.
Roots, blues and pop..all in the same space.
We tried it again a couple of years ago in Calgary..at Ruths Chris is I’m not mistaken.
This year..we go all out!
Right on the street outside Milestones in downtown Calgary..across from The Hyatt Hotel..
Mulligan Stew on The Juno Couch will be 4-6PM for this week only!!
 We’ll have that Juno Couch ready to go under the CKUA tents..
I believe there will be some bubble being poured and some tunes being sung.
Jim Cuddy is bringing his son Devin.. they will be my  co-hosts as long as they can stay.
Here’s the current line-up on paper!!  Be prepared for surprises and some rare moments.



Mulligan Stew
Jim Cuddy / Devin Cuddy 04:00
Tom Wilson / David Gogo 04:10
Scott Helman 04:15
Whitehorse* 04:20
Alex Cuba 04:35
Alan Doyle 04:45
Matthew Good 05:00
Buffy Sainte-Marie 05:10
Matt Good 05:15
Miranda Mulholland 05:20
Emily Claire Barlow 05:30
Chad Saunders NMC’s Acting Director of Operations and Special Projects 05:45
Jonathan Roy 05:50


Mulligan Stew June 24th 2017- No interviews, just Tunes!


No interviews..None!  Zip! 2 hours of Saturday night music .
There’s Tower of Power. Allman Brothers. John Lee Hooker. A double shot of Otis Redding.
Taj Mahal and Keb Mo. The Stones Live at The El Mocambo
kd lang. Ziggy Marley (Van jazz fest Monday Night) Tedeschi Trucks Live.
New music from Alan Doyle (Produced by Bob Rock) and the last 30 minutes with feature Eric Clapton and Van Morrison, Both LIVE.
Great tracks for your night!


TD Mulligan – Mulligan Stew
Ain’t nothing stopping us now Tower of Power Ain’t nothing stopping us now
Blues is my business Little Steven soul fire
The Night they drove old Dixie down (live) The Allman Brothers band Endless Highway: Tribute to The Band
www.canadahouse.com Coming up – John Lee Hooker
Time will tell (live) The Magpie Salute The Magpie Salute
Big Legs Tight Skirt John Lee Hooker Soul Cellar
Mulligan Stew – with tdm Next – double shot of Otis Redding
Pain in my heart Otis Redding Stax singles
Can’t turn you loose Otis Redding Stax singles
Don’t leave me here Keb Mo/Taj Mahal TajMo
Mannish Boy (live) The Rolling Stones Love You Live (El Mocambo)
www.coyotesbanff.com The Stew
Sing it Loud kdlang Sing it Loud
Summer Summer Night/Tush Alan Doyle/ZZTop A week at the Warehouse/Fandango
This is Mulligan Stew terrydavidmulligan NEXT – Ziggy Marley
I’m a man Chicago Chicago Transit Authority
Testimony Robbie Robertson Testimony
Surfs Up The Beach Boys Surfs up
Sunshine Ziggy marley Fly RASTA
I pity the Fool (live) Tedeschi Trucks Band Live at Fox Oakland
TD Mulligan – Mulligan Stew Mulligan Stew – 21 years and counting NEXT – Clapton and Van the Man
Willie and the Hand Jive/Get Ready (live) Eric Clapton Crossroads 2 Live in the 70’s
Astral Weels (live) Van Morrison Live at Hollywood Bowl
Domino (live) Van Morrison at the movies


Mulligan Stew June 17th 2017-Doug Cox and Peter North Interviews


The STEW – has a great playlist and two special guests…

Doug Cox – Musician, Singer, songwriter who’s organizing the Vancouver Island Music Festival July 13-16 in Courtney/Comox
Headliners include Emmy Lou Harris, Bare Naked Ladies, Bruce Cockburn, Rita Coolidge, Robert Randolf, The legendary Soul Stirrers (the group Sam Cooke came from)
Stephen Fearing, Steve Dawson, Colin Linden and many more

Peter North – Musicologist, writer, broadcaster. Organizing the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues fest Aug 17-20
Headliners include
Booker T Jones and a 10 piece Memphis band.
Frazey Ford, Ricky Scaggs and Kentucky Thunder, Stephen Fearing, A Cuban sandwich with Alex Cuba and Jane Bunnett, a tribute to Mad Dogs and Englishmen and Leonard Cohen.



Mulligan Stew June 10th 2017- Backyard tunes!


All music – wall to wall tracks for the backyard, the road, for the party, for the hammock, for the boat, the dock..NOT for sleeping.

Highlights include
How about the opening three tracks
Frazey Fields
Carl Perkins
Paul Butterfields Better Days –  Live at Winterland
New music from John Mellencamp, Imelda May, Feist, Bare Naked Ladies with The Persuasions, Art Bergmann,.
A double shot of The Police Live, and a sensational Live version of U2’s Still Haven’t found what I’m looking for complete with Choir. Summer Goosebumps!!

Hour two includes:
Amy Helm, Tom Waits, Norah Jones, Peter Gabriel, Black Crowes, Emmy Lou and lots more.
And a double shot of Bare Naked Ladies. The second track with The Persuasions from the new album they did together.
The Ladies play

  • Winnipeg Folk festival – July 9
  • Vancouver FF – July 15th
  • Van Island FF – July 16th
  • Calgary FF – July 29

Lots of festival coverage ahead!!
Party on Garth!


Sept Fields Frazey Ford Indian Ocean
Everybodys trying to be my baby Carl Perkins Blue Suede Shoes
Countryside (live) Paul Butterfield Better Days Live at Winterland
www.canadahouse.com Mulligan Stew with tdm
Battle of angels John Mellencamp Sad Clowns and Hillbillys
Bad habit Imelda May Life.Love.Flesh.Blood
TD Mulligan – The Stew
Wonderful World Sam Cooke The man who invented soul
Mulligan Stew with TDM Coming UP – The Police Live www.mulliganstew.ca
Lousiana Bayou Dave Mathews Band Stand Up!
Walking in your footsteps (live) The Police LIVE
Message in a bottle (live) The Police LIVE
Still havent found (live) U2 Live at MSG
Mulligan Stew Year 21
Sitting on top of the World Harry Manx Isle of Manx
The Chomp Zubot and Dawson Chicken Scratch
The Stew with terrydavidmulligan Coming UP – Feist.Waits.Gabriel.Norah Jones
Roll the stone Amy helm Didn’t it rain
I’m not running away Feist
Something to hold on to The Small Glories Wonderous Traveller
www.mulliganstew.ca Coming UP on The Stew Tom Waits. Peter Gabriel. Norah Jones
Fish in the Jailhouse Tom Waits Orphans
All a dream Norah Jones Little Broken Hearts
Solsbury Hill Peter Gabriel Re-Masters
TDM – The Stew NEXT – Double shot of Bare Naked Ladies
Crawl Bare Naked Ladies Grinning Streak
Good Times Bare Naked Ladies with The Persuasions Ladies and gents. BNL/The Persuasions
Jealous again Black Crowes Croweology
www.coyotesbanff.ca Next – Arthur Bergmann. Artiste!
Faithlessly Yours Art Bergmann Remember her Name
I live the life I love Delbert McClinton Heard it on the X
Boy from Tupelo Emmy Lou Harris Red Dirt Girl

June 3rd 2017-Terry Wickham Interview


Our guest on Saturdays Stew is the very popular producer of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival Terry Wickham.
Terry spends most of the year listening to live and recorded music, seeking out the artists and quietly booking them for the next EFMF.

I love talking to another Terry.  They don’t make many.
We’ll go over some of the artists booked this year also how and why they were chosen..
If the beer tent line up ticked you off, Terry felt the same. Have a listen to how it’s being changed.
Terry is a natural storyteller..and this is one great story.
As part of the conversation I’ll be playing

  • Mike Farris
  • Leon Bridges
  • Rhiannon Giddens
  • Valerie June
  • William Bell

Highlights of the playlist include
A new Whitehorse single
St Paul and the Broken Bones
Stephen Fearing
A great live version of Man’s Man’s World from James Brown
A wicked version of Tell mama from Sharon Jones and Susan Tedeschi
Bruce Springsteen Live in Dublin
Winwood/Clapton Live at MSG
Have a great first Saturday in June…and turn it UP!


Fire on the Bayou The Meters Funkify Yourself
Bertha (live) Los Lobos Just another band from East LA
Nighthawks Whitehorse single
www.canadahouse.com Coming UP Terry Wickham Edmonton Folk Fest
flow with it St Paul and The Broken Bones sea of noise
love the deal stephen fearing every souls a sailor
Man’s man’s World (live) james brown and the famous flames live at the Latin casino
Mulligan Stew Year 21 TD Mulligan NEXT Terry Wickham
Terry Wickham – Producer Edmonton Folk Festival
a change is going to come mike farris Folk Fest Sampler 2016
Terry Wickham – Producer Edmonton Folk Festival
brown skinned girl leon bridges coming home
Terry Wickham – Producer Edmonton Folk Festival
Better get it right the first time Rhiannon Giddens Better get it right the first time
Terry Wickham – Producer Edmonton Folk Festival
working woman blues Valerie June Pushing against the stone
Terry Wickham – Producer Edmonton Folk Festival
Frankie Please Rodney Crowell Tarpaper Sky
TD Mulligan Mulligan Stew Coming UP Sharon Jones and Susan Tedeschi on Tell Mama
Tell Mama (live) Tedeschi Trucks band with Sharon Jones Wheels of Soul
Save me Aretha Franklin 30 Greatest Hits
Too much boogie John Lee Hooker The legendary Modern Recordinga 48-54
Here comes my girl Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Anthology
www.coyotesbanff.com Mulligan Stew – Year 21
14 steps to Harlem Garland Jeffries 14 steps to harlem
The Rain The swell season Strick Joy
Terry David Mulligan Mulligan Stew www.mulliganstew.ca
Reggae Moon Rob Montgomery with Alita Dupray Guitar Stories
Stones in my passway Eric Clapton I still do
Further on up the road (live) Bruce Springsteen and the Sessions band Live in Dublin
Dear Mr Fantasy (live) Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton Live at Madison Square Garden
Born under a bad sign William Bell Collectors Edition
Thanks for listening Face Book Mulliganstewmusic


Mulligan Stew May 27th 2017-Holger Petersen and Paul Kelly Interviews





Welcome to The Stew with TD Mulligan Guests Holger Petersen & Paul Kelly
Gimme some lovin (live) Traffic Welcome to the Canteen
Ain’t nothiing stopping us now Tower of Power Ain’t nothing stopping us now
stateboro blues (live) Greg Allman Greg Allman Live – back to macom
www.canadahouse.com coming UP Talking Music 2 with Holger Petersen
Lemon Squeezer (live) Fleetwood Mac Shrine 69
Mulligan Stew – 21 years and counting Holger Petersen NEXT
Holger Petersen interview Talking Music 2
good golly miss molly Little Richard Best of
blue Monday Fats Domino best of
Holger Petersen interview Talking Music 2
every day I have the blues (live) BB King Anthology
Holger Petersen interview Talking Music 2
get out my life woman lee dorsey best of
life is a carnival (live) The Band Live at Academy
Mulligan Stew – with tdm Coming UP McCartney, Blue Rodeo, Mike Farris
Every Night (live) Paul McCartney Live at MTV Upplugged
Lost Together Blue Rodeo Lost Together
Terry David Mulligan – The Stew
Whiskey Joey Landreth Whiskey (EP)
A change is going to come Mike Farris Edmonton Folk Fest Sampler
www.coyotesbanff.com Coming UP – Tedeschi Trucks
I pity the Fool (live) Tedeschi Trucks Band Live at the Fox Oakland
Next on The Stew Paul Kelly – Charlie owen – Live from Railtown
Paul Kelly interview Live from Railtown
to live is to fly Paul Kelly & Charlie Owen Death’s Dateless Night
Paul Kelly Interview Live from Railtown
Nukkanya Paul Kelly & Charlie Owen Death’s Dateless Night
Paul Kelly Interview Live from Railtown
Bird on a wire Paul Kelly & Charlie Owen Death’s Dateless Night
Thanks to Paul, Charlie, Maddy and Memphis
From little things, Big things grow Paul Kelly & Charlie Owen Best of
Sonnet 73 Paul Kelly & Charlie Owen