Mulligan Stew July 8th 2017- The Protest Song-Special Feature!

It all started with Stephen Fearing’s Blowhard Nation.
One of the first musical responses to Donald Trump’s  road to the Presidency.

Now featured in FYIMusic!  

Having been right in the middle of the 60’s musical revolution, lead by the songs of Dylan and voice of Joan Baez, I wondered where the voice of the music business was in the mix.
Many of the songs we’re playing now were written and recorded during the election process and now months of Trump in office.
Some of my questions were:
If there is a push back from the music makers where is it and who is it?
How did the election affect your new songs?
Is there room for protest songs in today’s music and radio?
I had no problem gathering replies. Everyone seemed to have an opinion.
So.  From 8:30 to 9:30  this Saturday our guests will be

  • Ron Sexsmith
  • Joel Plaskett
  • The Wood Brothers
  • Leeroy Stagger
  • Blackwell and the Rodeo Kings
  • Stephen Fearing
  • Colin Linden
  • Tom Wilson
  • Alan Doyle
  • Bob Rock
  • Susan Tedeschi – Derek Trucks