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Mulligan Stew Oct 13th 2018- Byrnes, Go Go and 17 Vultures


Welcome back to Mulligan Stew…Year 22.

Mulligan Stew / CKUA Radio  October 13th  5-7  Mtn / 4-6 Pacific



Three  Guests this week.

First is Jim Byrnes – longtime friend and keep of the blues.

He’s a singer/songwriter/actor and first chair storyteller.

Jim grew up in St Louis, Missouri listening to gospel, blues, and r&b.

Those influences stayed with him to this very day and they show themselves in his music.

Friday Jim is in Calgary at South wood

Saturday night in Edmonton at Parkview Community Centre.

TDM & David Gogo 2016

The second guest is also a long time friend and fine bluesman himself David Go Go

Crazy Dave is releasing his 15th album called 17 Vultures.

It’s a mix of covers and blues standards.

He’s got a great band plus guests like Monkey Junk in studio with him.

We met and did the interview in front of The Modern Cafe in downtown Nanaimo.

The third guest is featured on Mulligan Stew PODCAST (Spotify, Google Play Music. Apple Podcasts)

He’s noted author Michael Barclay and he’s taken up the formidable challenge of capturing the life, times, music and stunning final tour of Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip.  Thus the interview we present is 50 minutes long and we still didn’t cover everything.

The book is called The Never-Ending Present:  The Story of Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip.


“ The story of The Tragically Hip is the story of Canadian Music. They taught us that there are no dress rehearsals, that the best time is always now, that we should be celebrating the next 150 years – and that we should embrace the never-ending present.”


FYI – the show starts with a wicked Ray Charles classic The Nighttime (is the right time) followed by Aretha, Levon Live, Molly Johnson, kd, Taj, Paul Simon, Tom Petty, Bruce, Wood Brothers, and new music,  Dangerous Heart  from Joey Landreth and Cold in the Summer  from Dan Mangan.

Have a great weekend…



Mulligan Stew – for your Saturday Night www.mulliganstew.ca
The Night Time Ray Charles Live
Son of a preacher man Aretha Best of
Rag mama rag (live) Levon Helm Ramble at the Ryman
Inner City Blues Molly Johnson Meaning to tell you
www.deanehouse.com Tonight Jim Byrnes and David GoGo
Lola (live) The Kinks Come dance with The Kinks
The thrill is gone(live) The Crusaders and BB King Royal Jam
Mulligan Stew Year 22 www.mulliganstew.ca NEXT – kd lang
Helpless kdlang recollection
Honky Tonk Women Taj Mahal This is Taj Mahal
Hang Loose Alabama Shakes Boys and Girls
Jim Byrnes Interview
Long hot Summer days Jim Byrnes Long hot Summer days
Late in the evening (live) Paul Simon iTunes Festival London
This is Mulligan Stew with TDMulligan Coming UP – David GoGO talks 17 Vultures
Get Back (live) Paul McCartney Bridge School Concerts
Breakdown Ilive) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Live Anthology
Ophelia (live) The Wood Brothers Live at The Barn
waiting for a sunny day bruce springsteen the rising
www.coyotesbanff.com Coming UP – David GoGO talks 17 Vultures
you got lucky Ridley Bent Wildcard
woogity bop spyro gyro wrapped in a dream
Mulligan Stew Podcast Apple.Google.Spotify. www.mulliganstew.ca
dangerous heart joey landreth single
cold in the Summer dan mangan more or less
Mulligan Stew www.mulliganstew.ca
real real gone van morrison enlightenment
David GoGo Interview 17 Vultures
tom Cat Prowl David GoGo 17 vultures
David GoGo Interview
shake my head David GoGo 17 vultures

Mulligan Stew Oct 6th 2018- Allison Brock and The Fortunate Ones Interviews


Depending on what you’re doing this Thanksgiving Weekend..you’ll be wanting some music for gathering, dining, dancing or just laying low.


Live tracks from Tom Petty, Sting, Little Feat and Janis Joplin (Live in Calgary) and Van Morrison

New music from David GoGo, Lady Gaga, Dan Mangan, Amy van Keeken, Billy Gibbons. Colin James

And the REST?

Colin Linden, Leeroy Stagger, Howlin Wolf, Bob Dylan, Ann Vreind


Two special interview guests this week.

Alison Brock – Host of Wide Cut Country..with the final update on her Wide Cut Weekend – next weekend


The Fortunate Ones – Catherine Allan and Andrew O’Brian return for the second week..It’s the Best of the rest of the interview.

Saturday they are at The Arden.

Happy Thanksgiving

The podcast is The Bros Landreth..at the Edmonton Folk Festival




Mulligan Stew Oct 6 2018
welcome to The Stew www.mulliganstew.ca
ooh baby hold me colin james miles to go
twistin and groovin leon bridges coming home
shallow Lady gaga and bradley cooper a star is born
www.deanehouse.com Guests – Alison Brock and Fortunate Ones
Born in Chicago (live) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Live from Soundstage
if you love somebody (live) Sting Best of 25 years
Fat man in the bathtub (live) Little Feat Waiting for Columbus
Mulligan Stew Year 22 Coming Up – Allison Brock Going Full WideCut
just fear dan mangan Just Fear
alison brock interview www.widecutweekend.com
no more cheap wine colin linden Rich in love
Come with me Amy van Keeken In dreams
Joe strummer and Joey Ramone Leeroy Stagger Love Versus
Domino (live) Van Morrison At the Movies
Mulligan Stew Podcast Spotify. Apple. Google Subscribe today
tell mama (live) Janis Joplin Festival Express – Calgary
I ain’t Superstitous Howlin Wolf London Sessions
leopard skin pill box hat Dylan the collection
www.coyoytesbanff.com Coming UP – The Fortunate Ones
second line billy gibbons the big bad blues
everybody sings in Nashville Ann Vriend Love and other messes
TD Mulligan – The Stew www.mulliganstew.ca
Mulligan Stew Podcast Apple.Spotify.Google Subscribe Today – clears the Synosis
I just want to make love to you (live) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Live Anthology
Tomcat Prowl David GoGo 17 Vultures
The Fortunate Ones Interview Hold Fast
Hold Fast The Fortunate Ones Hold Fast
The Fortunate Ones Interview Hold Fast
before you The Fortunate Ones Hold Fast
Happy Thanksgiving
Salt peanuts (live) Charlie Parker Best of Charlie Parker

Mulligan Stew Sept 29th 2018-The Fortunate Ones and Kandace Springs Interviews


Welcome back to Mulligan Stew Year 22.

The last show of September has two guests.

In the first hour, it’s a drive through interview with The Fortunate Ones..who are touring The West for the next 10 days.

“drive-thru” being  a quick chat about their tour and also about their new album Hold Fast and  a song they wrote and released called

Steady As She Goes.  It’s about the Newfoundlanders who work in Alberta and their fellow islanders who flew in to fight the Fort Mac Fire.

Andrew and Catherine are in Vancouver Saturday at Rogue Folk Club. Then October 3 in Canmore at Communitea, October 4 at Esplanade in Medicine Hat,

Festival Hall in Calgary October 5 and The Arden in St Alberta October 6.

The rest of the interview – with backstage tales of touring with Alan Doyle – will be featured on next week’s Stew.

Our other feature guest is Kandace Springs..

Her new album Indigo is 13 tracks from a Memphis original. She grew up with a father who was a working musician in and around Memphis.

Maybe that’s why Indigo has R&B, Jazz ballads, Pop leanings with Breakdown and the hit single Don’t need the real thing.

Her album includes producers who’ve worked with Madonna, Amy Winehouse, Pink, Rihanna, Common and Erykah Badu.

From all of that, you can probably guess that she’s a one-of-a-kind artist.

You know who found her brilliant – Prince!  He heard her sing and immediately offered to mentor her going forward.

They began great friends and some of what Prince advised her is on display here.

Sexy funk for one.

Her voice reminds me of Sade..but her sense of music is closer to Stax than anything else.

I found it a fascinating talk with a performer who I believe will be a star very soon.


Mulligan Stew Sept 29 2018 Pitter Patter – lets get atter
Welcome to Mulligan Stew Year 22 www.mulliganstew.ca
young boy blues ben e king best of
mustang sally albert collins thaw out at the fillmore
the only difference Beatchild
I just wanna feel something Sam Bush storyman
www.deanehouse.com Coming UP – The Fortunate Ones
bring it on home Led Zep LZ2
bones of saints robert plant carry fire
Mulligan Stew Podcast Spotify.Google Play Music.Apple Podcasts
look at little sister Stevie ray vaughn Live Alive
corrina colin james rooftops and satellites
the things i used to do (live) Stevie ray vaughn Live at Carnegie
national steel colin james national steel
www.mulliganstew.ca The Fortunate Ones Interview Hold Fast
steady as she goes The Fortunate Ones Hold Fast
Mulligan Stew – CKUA Radio www.mulliganstew.ca
They can’t take that away from me Van Morrison Versatile
keep on pushing Mavis Staples I believe to my soul
learning to fly tom petty and the heartbreakers anthology
and when i die (live) Laura Nyro Un-Cut
Nobody knows you when you’re down and out Eric Clapton Unplugged
www.coyotesbanff.com Coming UP – Kandace Springs
10th ave freezeout (live) Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul Soulfire Live
Me and Julio (live) Paul Simon Live at Hyde Park
Mulligan Stew – The Podcast Subscribe on Spotify.Apple.Google Play Music
guiding light mumford and sons delta
Kandace Springs Interview Indigo
don’t need the real thing Kandace Springs Indigo
Kandace Springs Interview Indigo
First time ever i saw your face Kandace Springs Indigo
compared to what (live) Les McCann & Eddie Harris Black Power

Mulligan Stew Sept 22nd 2018-Colin James Interview


Colin is releasing his 19th album called Miles to Go this Friday!

It’s part two of his return to blues tunes.

It started with the highly acclaimed  Blue Highways  in 2016 .

 This one is Miles to Go featuring two new songs  – and many,  blues standards.

He’s covering Muddy, Wolf, Blind Willie Johnson, Little Willie John, Arthur Crudup, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Charles Brown etc.

In the studio with him are Steve Mariner from Monkey Junk, The Sojourners, Colleen Rennison, and piano/co-producer Jesse O’Brien and his great band.

And two originals?

I will remain – written by Colin and 40 light years co-written with Tom Wilson and Jesse O’Brien.

We’ll feature tracks from the album and Colin ‘s interview in Hour Two of The Stew.

 And the Mulligan Stew Podcast will have the complete interview.   (Subscribe at Spotify-Google Play Music-Apple Podcasts)


As The Stew hits air 5 Mtn,  its 7 PM in New York and Paul Simon is backstage getting ready to play his farewell concert at Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

“Goodbye Rosie, The Queen of Corona”

He’s come full circle as this was where he started his career over 50 years ago.

At this point, only he knows how the night will play out but it will be memorable..you can bet on it.

So.  in honour of the man and the artist we start with his “ gospel period.”

Loves me like a Rock with the Dixie Hummingbirds.  The President he had in mind was Nixon.

Gone at Last – with Phoebe Snow and the Hummingbirds. (was originally for Bette Midler)

Take me to the Mardi Gras – a song he wrote for the Rev Claude Jeter. Lead singer of the Swan Silvertones.

Recorded at Muscle Shoals.

Thank You Paul Simon.  For the music and the memories.


FYI – The last 30 minutes of The Stew will all be LIVE tracks.

  • The Ballad of Billy The Kid – Billy Joel
  • I’m a Man – Steve Winwood
  • Shakin’ all over/Gloria – Van Morrison, John Lee Hooker and Candy Dulfer.
  • Free Fallin’ – John Mayer


Mulligan Stew Sept 22 2018
Welcome to The Stew – Year 22 www.mulliganstew.ca Special Guest – Colin James
Loves me like a rock Paul Simon There goes Rhymin Simon
gone at last Paul Simon Still crazy after all these years
Take me to the Mardi Gras Paul Simon There goes Rhymin Simon
www.deanehouse.com Colin James New Music and Interview in 30 minutes
Evil ways Santana Santana
Out of the blue Blue Rodeo in our nature
Mulligan Stew with tdm
stop light kisses The cactus Blossoms you’re dreaming
Coming UP Colin James Interview www.mulliganstew.ca TDM
Inner city blues Molly Johnson Meaning to tell you
I know Im losing you The Temptations Hitsville
Done tore your playhouse down King Biscuit Boy Gooduns’
Look out Cleveland The Band The Band
TDMulligan Complete Colin James interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Do it now Paul McCartney Egypt Station
Maybe Im amazed Paul McCartney Wingspan
NEXT – Colin James Interview www.mulliganstew.ca
Colin James Interview Complete Interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast Spotify.Google Play.Apple Podcasts
I will remain Colin James Miles to Go
Colin James Interview Miles to Go
40 light years Colin James Miles to Go
Colin James Interview Complete Interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Tears kept rolling down Colin James Miles to Go
Colin James Interview Miles to Go
Soul of a man Colin James Miles to Go
Colin James Interview Miles to Go
Mulligan Stew – tdm Complete Colin James Interview on MulliganStew Podcast
The Ballad of Billy the Kid Billy Joel Songs from the Attic – Live
I’m a man Steve Winwood Greatest Hits Live
www.coyotesbanff.com Next – On The Stew – Van the Man Live
Shakin all over/Gloria Van Morrison with John Lee Hooker & Candy Dulfer a night in San Francisco
Free Fallin’ John Mayer Where the light is. Live in LA


Mulligan Stew Sept 15th 2018- Dedicated to Nan Lord


Today’s show is dedicated to Nan Lord.  Nancy was a Long time supporter of CKUA and a “regular”  on Mulligan Stew.
Nan passed away recently and many of her friends and fans gathered at a service and at a celebration of life in Edmonton.
She had a long history with CKUA, which started back in the 1930s when she worked at the station and continued on after she left. Nancy, who was based in Edmonton, became a donor to CKUA in 1996 and made an annual contribution of a donated hour. Her children and relatives continue to support CKUA and one of our major donors, Mary Corbett, is Nancy’s niece.
It was  Mary Corbett and Graeme Dales,  the donors of the second hour today, who have always reminded me many times over the years that Nan would dance to the music I played.  Did I mention Nan Lord was 102?
We should all live a life so full and rich.
So today all the tunes are for Nan..and her friends.  Also for Mary and Graeme.
Would Nan dance to David Harley’s Son – that funky gem from  Ridley Bent?  I’m thinking that guitar groove would get her out of her chair.
You know she would love Taj Mahal, Sting, Rodney Crowell, Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul, Tedeschi Trucks, BB King, Bobby Bland,
and Steven Fearing.
If Nan loved The Beatles then playing the last seven tracks on Abbey Road would make her smile.

There’s also a “mama” set
Hey mama  Nathaniel Rateliff
Hey Me Hey Mama – Ray Lamontagne
Hey mama – Barney Bentall
I played some classics on today’s Stew
Joni Mitchell, You turn me on I’m a radio
Poco – Rose of Cimmaron
Eagles – Chestnut Mare
Jimi Hendrix – Wait until Tomorrow
Help Me – Harry Manx
Rhiannon Giddens – She’s got You
Enjoy – It’s all for Nancy Lord.  Frankly, from this point on I’ll try and play a song for Nan on every show.
Coming Up – Interviews with Colin James, The Fortunate Ones,  Brothers Landreth and Kandace Springs


Mulligan Stew Sept 15 2018 www.mulliganstew.ca
david harleys son ridley bent blam
help me harry manx west eats meat
good time Charlie Part 1 Bobby Bland Greatest hits
www.deanehouse.com Mulligan Stew – NEXT Joni. Taj.Jimi.Sting
you turn me on I’m a radio Joni Mitchell For the roses
automobile madeleine roger Cottonwood
fishing blues (live) Taj Mahal Taj Live at the Fox Theatre
wait until tomorrow Jimi Hendrix rain day dream away
don’t stand so close Sting all this time
www.mulliganstew.ca NEXT – Hey Mama tracks
Hey Mama Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats Tearing at the seams
Hey Me Hey Mama Ray lamontagne Live session on itunes EP
Hey Mama Barney Bentall The Drifter and The Preacher
TD Mulligan – Mulligan Stew www.mulliganstew.ca
sun king The Beatles abbey road
mean mr mustard The Beatles abbey road
polythene pam The Beatles abbey road
She came in through the bathroom window The Beatles abbey road
Golden Slumbers The Beatles abbey road
carry that weight The Beatles abbey road
the end The Beatles abbey road
Lucille talks back BB King Ladies & Gentlemen BB King
Mulligan Stew Podcast Subscribe on Spotify.Apple.Google Podcasts
Rose of Cimmaron Poco Rose of Cimmaron
Chestnut Mare The Byrds very best
Ain’t living long like this Rodney Crowell Acoustic Classics
Mulligan Stew – ckua radio tdm
Desperado Eagles Desperados
blowhard nation steven fearing every soul is a sailor
Mulligan Stew on Podcast Spotify.Google Play Music. Apple Podcasts
Until the good is gone(live) Little Stephen and the Disciples of soul Soulfire Live
Delta Lady (live) Joe Cocker Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Laugh about it Tedeschi – Trucks band Le me get by
Thanks for listening www.mulliganstew.ca
She’s got you Rhiannon Giddens Tomorrow is my turn

Mulligan Stew Sept 8th 2018-Saluting Fast and Female with Gold medal winner Chandra Crawford


We welcome Winter Olympic Gold Medal Winner Chandra Crawford..founder of Fast and Female.

It aims to empower young women.  Here’s Chandra’s message!

“Did you know that girls quit sports at 6 times the rate of boys?! When they do they miss out on the resiliency and leadership skills sport has been proven to foster.


Fast and Female, a not-for-profit founded by Olympic Gold Medalist in cross country skiing Chandra Crawford, is on a mission to change that statistic.

Chandra gives us a quick background on their foundation and then she gets a chance to play DJ – No surprise she wants female empowerment music..

So you get some Aretha, Basia Bulat, Jann Arden and Annie Lennox.

Plus Amy Helm, and Amy van Keeken.

Check out the Saturday night music..

The Wood Bros,King Biscuit Boy, Bob Dylan, ..and two new albums from Winnipeg by  Madeleine Roger and Carly Dow

One segment is all LIVE

Caravan – Van Morrison

Diamonds on the soles – Paul Simon

American Land – Bruce Springsteen

Pulling back the Reins – kdlang

Got some Tower of Power Live, Lee Dorsey, Alan Doyle, Madeleine Peyroux and classic Elton John.

The kicker to close the show is Leeroy Stagger.

Have a great weekend..and turn it UP



Welcome to The Stew Year 22
Happiness Jones The Wood bros One drop of truth
Ain’t going to do it King Biscuit boy 30 yrs Stoney Plain
down on me Madeleine Peyroux anthem
www.deanehouse.com Coming UP – Fast and Female
things have changed bob dylan Best of
60 more years madeleine Roger Cottonwood
Sunlight remembers Carly Dow Comet
This is Mulligan Stew with terry david mulligan NEXT – Fast and Female
Caravan (live) Van Morrison It’s too late to stop now
Diamonds on the soles of her shoes (live) Paul Simon Live in NYC
American Land (live) Bruce Springsteen and the session band Live in Dublin
TD Mulligan NEXT – kdlang
Pulling back the reins (live) kdlang by request
www.mulliganstew.ca www.ckua.com
Burn diwn the mission Elton John Tumbleweed Connection
chandra Crawford Interview Fast and Female Oct-21
Ain;t nobody gonna turn me around Aretha Franklin Aretha Arrives
let me in basia bulat good advice
you don’t own me jann arden uncover me 2“
Why (live) Annie Lennox Medusa – Live in Central park
TDM – Mulligan Stew www.mulliganstew.ca
Odetta amy helm this too shall light
come with me amy van keeken in dreams
beautiful to me alan doyle a week at the warehouse
www.coyotesbanff.com Mulligan Stew Podcast – New Bahamas feature spotify-google play-apple podcast
what is hip (live) tower of power live and in living colour
yes we can lee dorsey soul cellar
thanks for listening check out our podcast Mulligan Stew
i want it all leeroy stagger love versus

Mulligan Stew Sept 1st 2018-Greatest hits of CKUA Radio  Summer 2018  


So I’m thinking … Sept 1st  End of Summer. An hour of  Greatest hits of CKUA Radio  Summer 2018?  

Last Lion of Albion– Neko Case – Hell-on

Shame Shame Shame – Lake Street Dive – Free Yourself Up

Political  World  – Bette LaVette-Things have Changed

Girls gotta do – Jill Barber – Metaphora

Can you get to that – Frazey Ford – single

Everything to Everyone – Earthtones – Bahamas

How about we start the Stew with an hour of  Greatest Hits of Summers Past?

Think about it.  In 1968 alone you’ve got

The Weight – Music from Big Pink – The Band

People got to be free – Freedom Suite – The Rascals

Hey Jude – from Hey Jude – The Beatles

Or how about a year later –  1969?

Hot Fun in the Summertime – from Stand – Sly and the Family Stone

Honky Tonk Women – from Hot Hits – The Rolling Stones

So..here we go.

Hits from our lives and hits from this summer.

Did I mention the hits of summer 2018 will have a guest host?

Arianne Smith-Piquette – Library technician at CKUA

Turn it UP

Have a great time with your memories and a great long weekend.

Ps..Our Mulligan Stew Podcast will be with the most played artist of the Summer.. Bahamas.

(subscribe to Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Podcasts)


Welcome to Summer Hits Mulligan Stew with TDMulligan www.mulliganstew.ca
tired of being alone al green al green gets next to you
i feel the Earth move carole king tapestry
bridge over trouble water aretha franklin Respect – best of aretha franklin
www.deanehouse.com tdm playing best summer hits – past years
hot fun in the summertime sly and the family stone best of
honky tonk women the rolling stones hot rocks
mulligan stew hey jude next
hey Jude the Beatles summer 68 hey Jude
Mulligan Stew Summer Hits from past years Next up – The Band www.mulliganstew.ca
the weight the band music from big pink
people got to be free the rascals freedom suite
dancing in the streets martha and the Vandellas collection
house of the rising sun the animals the animals
Summer Stew with tdm
sledgehammer peter gabriel So
www.mulliganstew.ca Next Hour – Summer hits 2018
Every breath you take the police synchronicity
california girls the beach boys summer days (and summer nights)
Coming UP – Summer hits at CKUA 2018 www.mulliganstew.ca
Our guest Arianne Smith – Piquette CKUA Music Library
last lion of Albion Neko Case Hell-On
If it feels good Leon Bridges good thing
the bottle wins again ben harper and charlie musslewhite no mercy in this land
Our guest Arianne Smith – Piquette CKUA Music Library Hits of summer 2018
Shame shame shame lake street dive free yourself up
when the night is over lord huron vide noir
summer’s end john prine the tree of forgiveness
mulligan stew with tdm playlist www.mulliganstew.ca
Hits of summer 2018 from CKUA Chart Mulligan Stew with TDMulligan
bette lavette political world things have changed
Our guest Arianne Smith – Piquette CKUA Music Library
girls gotta do jill barber metaphora
can you get to that frazey ford single
Our guest Arianne Smith – Piquette CKUA Music Library
joy comes back ruthie foster with derek trucks joy comes back
Ive just got to know Boz Scaggs out of the blues
www.coyotesbanff.com Next Week – Chandra Crawford
everything to everyone Bahamas Earthtones

Mulligan Stew August 25th 2018-Street Songs


Not really sure why I decided to start The Stew with “street songs” but I did.

Rock and Blues Music is filled with street references.

Streets are in everyone’s childhood..even farm kids have to go into town once and a while.

Included in this set is our feature album from Little Steven and The Disciples of Soul (Soulfire Live – 3CDs)

Tracks from Miami Steve include

10th Ave freeze out (with The Boss)

I don’t wanna go Home.   We finish the Stew with Steve’s first song he ever wrote.

So, Tom Petty kicks things off with Depot Street from his Box Set Playback

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band  with Out on the Streets Live at Madison Square Garden

Taking it to the streets  – Quincy Jones (with Luther Vandross, Gwen Guthrie & Michael Brecker)

Racing in the Streets (Bruce’s song)  sung by EmmyLou Harris.

This Saturdays Stew has new music from Mike Farris, Elvis Costello, Whitehorse.

JJ Cale, Lauren Hill celebrates 20 years since she released the remarkable The  Miseducation of Lauren Hill.

Bruce Cockburn, some rock steady from The Maytals, Sheepdogs, Taj, Derek Trucks and an amazing set that starts hour two…All Live Tracks

10th Ave Freezeout – Little Steven and Bruce Springsteen

Caravan – The Band and Van Morrison

People Get Ready  – Curtis Mayfield

There was a time – James Brown and the Famous Flames

I’ve been loving you  – Otis Redding

Again – all live.

The last 30 minutes includes

Derek Trucks Band – Down in the Flood

And a sublime version of The Weight with The Staple Singers and The Band.

As good as everyone is – it’s Rick Danko who just owns the song.

Two Hours of the very best music I can find…For your last Saturday of August.




Mulligan Stew Aug 25 2018
Welcome to Mulligan Stew with Terry David Mulligan
depot street tom petty and the heartbreakers Playback
out on the streets (live) Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Live at Madison Sq. Garden
Taking it to the streets Quincy Jones Q Box Set
Racing in the streets EmmyLou Harris Songbird
www.mulliganstew.ca NEXT – New Mike farris and Lauren Hill celebrates 20 yrs
where the streets have no name U2 This is us
This is Mulligan Stew www.mulliganstew.ca
snap your fingers mike farris silver and stone
hard to thrill JJ Cale – Eric Clapton Road to Escondido
doo wop that thing Lauren Hill the miseducation of lauren hill
Mulligan Stew Podcast spotify.google play.apple podcasts
under lime elvis costello and the imposters look now
40 years in the wilderness bruce cockburn bone on bone
54-46 thats my number the maytals trojan rock steady
Welcome to Mulligan Stew terry david mulligan NEXT – all live
10th ave freeze out (live) little steven and the disciples of soul (and Bruce the Boss) Soulfire Live
Caravan (live) The Band and Van the Man The Last Waltz
People get ready(live) Curtis Mayfield a taste of music club
www.coyotesbanff.com NEXT on The Stew – James Brown and Otis LIVE
I’ve been loving you too long (live) otis redding Definitive Otis Redding
www.mulliganstew.ca Mulligan Stew Podcast spotify. Google play music.apple podcasts
Saturday night The Sheepdogs changing colours
Going up the country-paint my mailbox blue taj mahal the essential taj mahal
The Weight The Band with The Staple Singers The Last Waltz
Down in the flood The Derek Trucks band Already Free
Who’s been talking Whitehorse The Northern Soul Vol 2
TD Mulligan www.mulliganstew.ca See you at The Long Weekend
I don’t want to go home (live) Little Steven and Disciples of soul SoulFire LIVE

Mulligan Stew August 18th 2018- Remembering Aretha, with Colin Linden


Aretha Franklin lost her fight with Cancer and The World lost one of the greatest singular voices ever.

She wasn’t just a singer and songwriter..

What she sang about  resonated with

Black Power

Civil Rights

Women’s Rights

Human Rights

And many people who didn’t belong to any of those movements..Thus

18 Grammys

2 honorary Grammys

First female artist inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame

Segment two of this week’s Stew will be mostly music..some of her outstanding tracks including demos from the beginning.

However the last 30 minutes of the show our guest is Colin Linden.

 Singer/songwriter/producer and someone with a sense of the history of popular music.

April 14 2015 he played one of his best gigs ever.

The White House at the request of Producer T-Bone Burnett.

It was a celebration of American Gospel Music.

Colin was invited to play in the band.

The artists that night were

Shirley Caesar

Lyle Lovett

Emmy Lou Harris

Rodney Crowell

Rhiannon Giddens

And the star of the show Aretha Franklin.


I found Colin driving in Toronto traffic and he gladly shared reflections on that night and Aretha’s place in today’s music.


Bless Aretha



Mulligan Stew August 18 2018
Welcome to The Stew Year 22 TD Mulligan www.mulliganstew.ca
all that Im asking Seth Walker sky still blue
If you be my baby gary moore blues for greeny
rainy day, dream away jimi hendrix rainy day dream away
www.deanehouse.com Mulligan Stew
river takes the town the wood bros one drop of truth
it’s all over now ry cooder Paradise and lunch
www.mulliganstew.ca NEXT – Music & Relfections on Aretha Franklin
I never loved a man Aretha Franklin rare recordings from Queen of Soul
TD Mulligan Mulligan Stew
think Aretha Franklin 30 greatest hits
spirit in the dark (demo and real track) Aretha Franklin rare/live at Filmore West
Special guest Colin Linden in one hour www.mulliganstew.ca
Ok Happy Day (live) Aretha Franklin One Lord One Faith One Baptism
Celebrating Aretha mulligan stew
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The Wanderer U2 and Johnny Cash Zooropa
Let’s go get stoned the coasters there’s a riot going on
Cocaine (live) Eric Clapton One more car One more rider
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snap your fingers Mike farris silver and stone
still a fool colin james Miles to go
love is better than a warm trombone Gomez bring it on
Since you’ve been gone Aretha Franklin 30 GREATEST HITS
Coming UP – Our guest Colin Linden remembers aretha
and i love her (live) Paul McCartney Live at MTV unplugged
nothing to remember Neko case Hunger Games
mulligan stew year 22
feels like Summer Childish Gambino
windows are rolled down amos lee mission bells
Colin Linden Interview
I never loved a man (live) Aretha Franklin live in paris

Mulligan Stew August 11th 2018- Edmonton Folk Fest Live!


Live from the Edmonton Folk Fest today… Check out my videos from the stage!