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May 16th, 2015- Annual spot Prawn Festival


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  Naramata Bench Part Two. Talking with The Hawk!  Chef David Hawksworth. Joel Peterson, The Godfather of California Zin and Chef Robert Clark helps kick off Vancouver’s hugely popular Spot Prawn Festival.


 Joel Peterson  Ravenswood Zin




Widely regarded as the “Godfather of California Zinfandel,” Ravenswood Founding Winemaker Joel Peterson has been named to the 2011 Vintners Hall of Fame by The Culinary Institute of America (CIA).  The induction recognizes  Joel’s significant contributions to the California wine industry and in particular, his unswerving devotion to and protection of California’s old-vine Zinfandel vineyards—a living testament to the state’s earliest winegrowing history.



Joel Peterson is one of just three contemporary California vintners to be inducted into the 2011 Vintners Hall of Fame!

Joel Peterson











Following an apprenticeship with Joseph Swan—one of California’s outstanding craftsman of Zinfandel—Peterson founded Ravenswood in 1976 with $4,000, no vineyards and no winery.  His vision from the start was to craft high-quality, complex and spirited Zinfandels that would express the unique character of their specific vineyards.

A key to his success was seeking out vineyards chosen for their location, age, yield and unique flavor characteristics.  By forging collaborative relationships early on with the grower-owners of these exceptional sites (some more than 100 years old), Joel was able to build a distinctive portfolio of single vineyard-designated Ravenswood Zinfandels that together illustrated how well the grape reflects its precise locale.  Since many of these vineyards are also among the oldest in California, Peterson’s wines helped to preserve them.


Joel  has also worked tirelessly on behalf of the industry as a whole to build consumer awareness and appreciation for Zinfandel as California’s most historic and authentic wine grape.

More than 30 years following his first harvest, Peterson continues his Zinfandel quest.  He is currently spearheading a project with fellow Zinfandel winemakers and ZAP called the Zinfandel Heritage Blends Project.  The program aims to reestablish California’s most unique and original wine, the Mixed Black Field Blend.  Primarily a blend of Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Cariganne and Alicante Bousche (among many others), Joel believes strongly that the Mixed Black Field Blend was the most interesting and important wine that California made before Prohibition.  As Joel says, it was truly the “once and future wine of California.”

Along with fellow winemakers and the University of California at Davis, Joel is also currently spearheading the Heritage Vineyard Project, which was established to preserve, investigate, propagate and distribute clonal selections from a wide range of California ancient heritage Zinfandel vineyards.

All Hail The GodFather!


Naramata Bench Spring 2015  Part Two

Couldn’t fit everyone into last week’s Naramata special..so here’s part two..which features Spring 2015 wines from


The Bench

The Bench





Luke Smith – Howling Bluff   www.howlingbluff.ca

Stefan Arneson – Poplar Grove and Monster Vineyards   www.poplargrove.ca www.monstervineyards.com

Dick Lancaster – Black Widow Winery  www.blackwidowwinery.com


Chef David Hawksworth/ @Hawksworth

 It all started with an email from Barbara-Jo at Books to Cooks.


Barbara Jo

Barbara Jo’s Books to Cooks




Hawksworth, David – ISSUE 114 – Art Culinaire

  • Wednesday, May 20, 2015
  • 6:00pm  7:00pm
  • Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks

Art Culinaire has been producing a Hard Cover Magazine, four times a year for the past 28 years.  This periodical has been popular mostly with the chef and restaurant community, but is also popular with the culinary traveler.   Issue 56 featured a number of local chefs and restaurants.

This Wednesday evening, we launch Issue 114 with our own David Hawksworth taking the centre stage in both the book and our shop.

Please join us to celebrate with David as he regales us with his culinary adventures.  Thanks Barbara- Jo!

David Hawksworth

David Hawksworth

Once David and I got settled at Hawksworth headquarters we covered a lot of territory.. including Art Culinaire plus a

Recent spate of awards he and his staff have won, Top 100 Restaurants in Canada..Hawksworth #2.

And the new restaurant he’s opening this Fall in one of his favourite heritage buildings on Hastings.

(Here’s a hint..it has a pizza oven, so you know it’s more casual.)

Always love talking to David..



 and finally… Sunday brings the hugely popular Annual Spot Prawn Festival at the fishing docks in Kitsilano.

Starting around 10:30/11am

Chef Robert Clark is a co-founder of this event and really was the driving force behind reclaiming our Prawn Fishery.


Spot Prawns!

Spot Prawns!








Years ago Robert discovered that not only were we shipping our local prawns to  Asia, he couldn’t even BUY them for his restaurant.

So off he went to find Steve Johansen and his vessel Organic Ocean. The two of them created their own fishery and the rest is a wonderfully successful story.

I’ll see you on the docks. Bring a bag or bucket for your prawns.

(ps..Roberts cooking instructions..pour boiling water over your prawns and serve 30-45 seconds later. That’s it)








  • Alamos/Argentina
  • Lageder/Italy
  • Tara O’Brady/Seven Spoons
  • New Zealand pours in Vancouver.
  • and The Return of The Wine Diva

May 9th, 2015 – Naramata Special … Part 1


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It’s the 7th annual Naramata Bench Wine Tour through Victoria and Vancouver.
Part One features Elephant island. Upper Bench. Bench 1775. Lake Breeze. Tightrope. Hillside. TerraVista. Kettle Valley. Misconduct. Deep Roots.
Red Rooster. Therapy. Van Westen. La Frenz. Serendipity.   


Having spent the better part of five years living on the Naramata bench and getting to know most of my neighbours… when they bring their travelling wine road show to Victoria and Vancouver..I just have to be there.

The Bench

The Bench

It’s a two parter, so next week we’ll finish the story with Howling Bluff. Poplar Grove. Monster and Black Widow.
Naramata Bench is just an exceptional destination..not only for the wine grower but also for  the wine fan.
naramata rush hour

naramata rush hour

Running above Lake Okanagan… East and North of Penticton, BC… it has the perfect soil and climate.
Big heat in the day… cool lake breezes at night.
It has also attracted some of the most interesting winemakers/growers  in the business. They all have a  story to tell.
Here’s the line-up and websites    –     www.naramatabench.com

In Victoria:

Del Halliday – Elephant Island   https://www.elephantislandwine.com
Gavin Miller – Upper Bench  www.upperbench.ca
Val Tait – Bench 1775  www.bench1775.com
Garron Elmes – Lake Breeze and Spice Jar  www.lakebreeze.ca
Lindsay O’Rourke – Tightrope  www.tightropewinery.ca
Kathy Malone – Hillside  www.hillsidewinery.ca
Senka Tennant – Terra Vista www.terravistavineyards.com
Tim Watt  – Kettle Valley  www.kettlevalleywinery.com
Richard Da Silva – Misconduct  www.misconductwineco.com
Will Hardman –  Deep Roots  www.deeprootswinery.com
Karen Gillis – Red Rooster  www.redroosterwinery.com/
Steve Latchford – Therapy www.therapyvineyards.com
In Vancouver:
Rob Van Westen – Van Westen www.vanwestenvineyards.com/
Jeff Martin – La Frenz  www.lafrenzwinery.com
Judy Kingston – Serendipity  www.serendipitywinery.com




The Naramata Bench Part Two
Tara O’Brady – Seven Spoons
New Zealand

March 28th, 2015


Tasting Room Radio B_BANNER2
Spring wines from The Wine Diva. Summerhill Wines from Ezra Cipes. Naramata Bench wines from Val Tait at Bench 1775 and
New BC Wine Laws from lawyer Mark Hicken.


We welcome The Wine Diva Daenna Van Mulligen..who’s just back from Italy and from hosting the show at the  Vancouver Wine Festival.
Daenna Loves her lists.
This one is a slam dunk.. Wines for Spring.
Daenna explains why these wines quality as spring wines and what it is we’re all looking for in our wines at this time of year.
If you’re feeling like its time to celebrate the change of season..read on!!
The Wine Diva

The Wine Diva

  1. JoieFarm Riesling, Okanagan Valley BC $23.00
  2. Blue Grouse Pinot Noir, Cowichan Station, Vancouver Island $23.00
  3. Wild Goose Pinot Gris, Okanagan BC $18.95
  4. Torley ‘Chapel Hill’ Pinot Grigio, Dunantuli Hungary $11.95
  5. Spier ‘Signature’ Chenin Blanc, Stellenbosch South Africa $13.90
  6. Delas Viognier, Vin de Pays d’Oc Franc $17.00
  7. Okanagan Crush Pad ‘Narrative White’ Okanagan Valley BC $17.00
  8. CedarCreek Estate Winery Pinot Noir, Okanagan Valley BC $24.95
  9. La Jara Organic Prosecco Frizzante, DOC Prosecco, Veneto Italy $18.00
  10. Spierhead Pinot Noir, Okanagan Valley BC $25.00
  11. Intrigue Pinot Gris, Okanagan Valley $17.00 \
  12. Haywire ‘Pink Bub’, Okanagan Valley BC $25.00
  13. ‘Kono’ Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough New Zealand $15.99
  14. The Girls ‘Vivacious Rose’, Okanagan Valley BC $20.00
  15. Serendipity Rose, Okanagan Valley BC N/A
  16. Wakefield Riesling, Clare Valley Australia $21.00
  17. Anna Spinato Oragnic Rose Spumante, Veneto Italy $14.99
  18. Famille Perrin Tavel, Rhone Valley France $25.99
  19. Coldstream Hills Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley, Victoria Australia $34.00
  20. Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars Pinot Gris, Okanagan Valley $21.00
  21. TH Wines “By Hand White” Okanagan Valley BC $20.00
  22. Mission Hill Reserve Sauvignon Blanc, Okanagan Valley BC $21.99
  23. Poplar Grove ‘Blanc de Noirs’, Okanagan Valley BC N/A
  24. Carmen ‘Wave Series’ Sauvignon Blanc, Leyda Valley Chile $14.99
  25. Twin Islands Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough New Zealand $18.99
  26. Red Rooster Pinot Blanc, Okanagan Valley BC $16.99
  27. St. Hubertus Chasselas, Okanagan Valley BC $19.50
  28. JJ McWilliam’s Pinot Grigio, South Eastern Australia N/A
  29. Segura Viudas Rosado, Penedes Spain, NV $16.99
  30. Wolf Blass ‘Gold Label’ Sparkling $26.99
  31. Luis Felipe Edwards Chardonnay, Central Valley Chile $11.00
  32. Corvezzo ‘Extra Dry’ Prosecco DOC Treviso, Veneto Italy $19.99
  33. La Puerta Torrontes, Famatina Valley Argentina $13.00
  34. Taylor Fladgate Fine White Port, Douro Portugal $21.99
  35. Steller’s Jay Brut, Okanagan Valley BC $24.99
  36. Ferrari~Carano Fume Blanc, Sonoma County California $25.99
  37. Laurenz und Sophie ‘Singing’ Gruner Veltliner, Austria $21.99
  38. Stoneboat Vineyards Pinot Noir, Okanagan Valley BC $25.00
  39. Casolari Lambrusco Di Sorbara DOC Frizzante, Emiglia~Romagna Italy $15.99
  40. Edna Valley Vineyard Chardonnay ‘Cathedral Coast’, San Luis Obisbo County California $19.99
  41. Jean-Claude Boisset Bourgogne Pinot Noir ‘Les Ursulines’, France $24.95

Ezra Cipes   Summerhill Winery
 Ezra, one of three  sons  of founder Stephen Cipes came through Vancouver pouring his latest releases.
Summerhill is one of the iconic family owned wineries in the Okanagan.
As a wine destination,  for fans and the curious, Summerhill is quite simply one of the most visited wineries in Canada.

Ezra Cipes

Ezra Cipes

Ezra is proud to carry on the family legacy at Summerhill Pyramid Winery. Since the Cipes family moved from New York to Kelowna when Ezra was five, he has grown up with the wine industry around him, and learned it by osmosis.
After attending public school in Kelowna, Cipes embarked on a musical path, attending music college at Vancouver Community College.  Ezra felt the call back to the vineyard. Home on the family farm, Cipes initiated a half acre permaculture garden, selling vegetables and herbs to Summerhill’s onsite Sunset Bistro. After reconnecting with the winery and the land, Cipes knew he needed to assume a greater role at the winery.
At Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Ezra Cipes is responsible for day to day operations, marketing, and leadership. He has completed courses in vineyard management and in permaculture design.
Summerhill is committed to producing 100% organic wine, and has received Demeter Biodynamic certification for their  Kelowna vineyard in 2012. Certified organic status was achieved in the  cellar in 2007, allowing them  to display the Canadian certified organic logo on their bottles, ensuring that a level of quality and purity can be expected by the consumer.
Val Tait – Bench 1775 
Val Tait 3
BENCH 1775 Winery is  so lucky to have  Valeria Tait as General Manager.
Not only is she a GM, she’s also one of the most in demand viticulturists in BC.
Val oversees the BENCH 1775 vineyards, winery operations, and guest experience. With wineries like Poplar Grove, Painted Rock and Mission Hill on her resume, Val brings a wealth of viticulture and winery experience to BENCH 1775.
And it was love at first sight for Val as well:  “It’s so beautiful here. What really caught my imagination was this mind-blowing property with a spectacular deck and fantastic beach.”
BENCH 1775 currently produces approximately 7,000 cases of table wine per year, and Val has set her sights on expanding and invigorating the existing vineyard program. Also in her sights is the Tasting Room & Patio at BENCH 1775.  “We want to over-deliver on quality while keeping our prices affordable,” Val claims. “And, I’d like it to be fun:  a place for people to enjoy great wine, food, music and a fantastic view – a quintessential Okanagan experience.”
They’ve really caught the wine buying public’s attention with two easy going wines..
Chill and Glow..
Val takes us through those wines and then some.
Fabulous person. Fabulous wines.
Val Tait. Bench 1775
BC Wine Laws with lawyer Mark Hicken
 What a mess.
April 1st brings new wine laws that will affect everyone.
Wine stores, wineries, restaurants and you,  the wine buyer.
From a legal standpoint, the most knowledgeable person I could ask to guest was Lawyer Mark Hicken from Vintage Law Group.
He’s been following the story for  years now. Understands the players and the dynamics.
Mark Hicken

Mark Hicken

Mark says an $8 bottle may cost between $7.65 and $9.19 with the new wholesale pricing model.
According to Mark’s  number crunching, a $10 bottle may retail between $9.75 and $11.75 shortly. A bottle worth $15 now could retail anywhere between its current price to $18. A $20 bottle now may cost either the same or up $24.
Mark will try and make sense of this mess and I’ll try not to foul the air with expletives!!


A great two winery pour in Gastown featuring Benjamin Bridge from Nova Scotia and Stratus from Niagara!!
Island Wineries…artisans from Vancouver island and Salt Spring pour their very best.

March 14th –  Ireland in an hour!


Tasting Room Radio B_BANNER2

How better to celebrate St Patrick’s Day than presenting 2 One hour specials from our recent 2 weeks in Ireland.

Irish panorama
Part One starts on a farm in the South of Ireland..through Clonakilty and ends in Dublin.
Guests include c, Connor Higgins, Michael Lawlor (Irish Whiskey Tours), Michael Reddy (Teeling Whiskey) and Willie Ahearn from The Palace Pub..Fleet St.


 Gilly Murphy
We start in the very South of Ireland..outside a wonderful small town called ClonaKilty.
In a place so small..i don’t think it’s on any maps..Dunworly and Dunworly Beach.
There we meet our host at Dunworly Cottages… Gilly Murphy..who welcomes us and shows us our cottage. It was a barn built LONG AGO!
We do a quick interview about the area and Ireland..then without pause Gilly grabs her bags and is off to visit her daughter in  India. It was going to be that kind of trip.
Gilly does pop up dinners in her home – overlooking the Atlantic Ocean – and supplies organic vegetables to THE BEST  local restaurants.

beach at dunworley

beach at dunworley


 Ellen McGailey – Molly’s Wine Bar

Allison Roberts – Clonakilty Chocolate Company
 The closest town to our cottage was Clonakilty..51 km south of Cork,  on the South
West Coast of County Cork.
The first sign that caught our eye was Molly’s Wine Bar and inside we found just the perfect person to talk about wine in Ireland  Ellen McGailey who was running the place when we got there.

download (1)

Ellen McGailey

Because I knew Ireland was a well established  home for beer and whiskey,  I needed to know wines place in every day Irish social life.
Ellen fills us in on what they’re sipping and the rise of craft beer over the past 5 years.
Then she introduced me to Canadian Allison Roberts, who hails originally from Toronto.
She arrived with her musician husband via Australia.
Allison had been working with chocolate since she was a kid..most of us do get covered in chocolate as tiny little babies but she never lost interest and has just opened Clonakilty Chocolate to serious acclaim in the area.
clonakilty chocolate
clonakilty chocolate… 
After filling me in on her new venture, I wanted to know Allison’s take on the Ireland we think we know and the Ireland that IS.
It’s a fun back and forth chat.
Deasy’s Harbour Bar and Seafood Restaurant. Ring Village, Clonakilty
Chef Caitlin Ruth
Caitlin Ruth  and owner celebrate 10 years.

Caitlin Ruth and owner celebrate 10 years.

 Even though the address says Ring Village..I drove this part of the coast a dozen times..never really saw a village..a gathering of various houses yes but a village..not so much.
Crumbling ancient buildings and stone walls – yup!
A strong sense of history on this part of the road..you can see what attracted people even 3-500 years ago.
And there, surrounded by the ocean and a small fishing fleet stands Deasy’s.
It came highly recommended by the locals.
 The trick was getting there early enough for one of 6 parking spots just off the highway (its on a nasty little corner) and gets busy very quickly.
The reason – the amazing cooking talents of Caitlin Ruth – The Chef.
Originally from the USA, she married an Irishman and found her way back to the homeland from Belgium. 
What a fine fine chef she is..
The menu features – as expected – many different fish, in many exceptional dishes. Paired with a very smart wine list.
It used to be an old pub..so it still has that comfortable pub feel but the windows give everyone a brilliant look at the ocean just across the highway.
Highly recommended destination. Memorable meals. Great hang!! Wicked parking.


Then we’re off to Dublin..some 3-4 hours North.  Taking the train from Cork is a LOT more fun than driving..
It’s fair to say we stumbled onto a small corner lunch place called Oxmantown..where owner Conor Higgins was holding court.
Oxmantown? At the time of the Norman invasion into Ireland, the Vikings, or Ostmen (East-men), as they called themselves were exiled to the north of the River Liffey where they founded the hamlet ofAustmanna-tún, later corrupted to Oxmantown. The district remained distinct from Dublin city for many centuries. Oxmantown celebrates this cultural distinction, its location in the heart of the homestead of the Ostmen.
Conor Higgins is the chef/owner at Oxmantown. Ex of Junior’s and l’Gueuleton – two of Dublin’s most lauded and successful eateries of the past decade – his provenance is distinguished. Applying classic culinary techniques to the art of sandwich making, with Oxmantown, Conor brings something unique to Dublin’s burgeoning café scene.
Oxmantown grilled cheese

Oxmantown grilled cheese

 The line-up was all the way to the door and out..and a rather bizarre mix of lawyers and judges from the law courts  and farmers from the market around the corner.
You could tell at a glance that this place was very popular and as soon as we stepped inside..you knew they were on to something..
Great small menu..mostly well made and very  inventive sandwiches, salads etc.
Out came the microphone and recorder and in between orders etc, Conner gave us the story.. (everyone here has a story)
http://www.oxmantown.com/  site is under construction but you can also find them on
Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/oxmantown/info?tab=overview 
 Then it’s a brisk 15 minute walk through Temple Bar (former site of original Viking settlement)..to Fleet Street and  the home of one of Dublin’s historic pubs..The Palace Bar, established 1823.
The Aherne family bought the Palace in 1946..and have run it every since.
Its right around the corner from the Irish Times newspaper offices..thus many many columns have been written in its corners and nooks.
Its there that we meet three people…first

Michael Lawlor – Whiskey Expert and sales manager for Irish Whiskey Tours. www.irishwhiskeytours.ie
Michael Lawlor: Irish whisky Tours

Michael Lawlor: Irish whisky Tours

I don’t think you can do a food and beverage tour of Ireland and not talk about Irish Whiskey.
Its fallen on some hard times, given the economy, but its making a wonderful comeback today.
I wanted to know from Michael..how their whiskey business made its comeback and why its so different from their Scottish neighbours.
We also talk trends..in craft brewing sand cider making.
Michael gives us a brief history of The Palace Bar, which was  the first bar to bring back the tradition of making in house whiskey.
 The Palace Bar  Dublin
And then we finish off with
Willie Aherne – Grandson of the original owner and the man behind the bar on many days..and sitting beside him   Michael Reddy, one of the owners of The Teeling Whiskey Company, the first new whiskey maker in Dublin in 125 years.
 Yes, we talk all about Irish Whiskey and Dubliners love for it but we also talk about what St Patrick’s Day is like in downtown Dublin.
That last question about March 17 is also answered by one of next weeks guests..John McKenna..Mckennas Guides!!
Michael Reddy on left and his Teeling Whiskey Barrel RacingTeam

Michael Reddy on left and his Teeling Whiskey Barrel RacingTeam


 and speaking of next week

we have Ireland in an Hour Part Two..featuring some great storytellers..
 Darina Allen – the founder of the famous Ballmaloe Cooking School of Shanagarry.
2013 Winner of Irish Cook Book of the Year.
Darina has been credited with leading the movement to bring back local and regional farmers markets all over Ireland.
The author of many book and one of Ireland’s leading culinary voices.
She joins me at Café Paradiso in Cork. The home of chef Denis Cotter..Ireland’s chef of the year in 2005.
Best Chef in Cork 2009.
Catherine Cleary – Food journalist for the Irish Times. Author of the forthcoming book “The Sheridan Brothers Guide to Cheese”
Author of “For the love of Food” named best Vegetarian Cook Book in the World.
 Now THIS..is a wonderful sit down.  I just knew that once I started the verbal ball rolling..Darina and Denis would take over and I could sit back and enjoy the dialogue. What they give us is a great overview of Irelands food scene which is getting better and better.
 Then there’s Ray Blackwell..who manages the famous bar and folk club de barras. And his tales of Noel Redding..who made de Barras his home club after his Jimi Hendrix days.
 We visit L Mulligan Grocer..a must see food and beer destination in Dublin..
Adam Killbain, the beer specialist and Seaneen Sullivan, who oversees the restaurant and bar talk about their clientele and about Stonybatter, the historic area they work in.
And finally John McKenna..famous Irish whiskey and food leader. He and his wife Sally run McKenna’s Guides.
 More next week OK??




February 28th, 2015-The 37th annual Vancouver international Wine Festival


Tasting Room Radio B_BANNER2
It’s the 37th annual Vancouver International Wine festival..Hosted during Trade Tasting by Daenna van Mulligen. 

The Wine World is In Vancouver.  This week we’re welcoming 170 vine stars to Vancouver for the 37th Vancouver International Wine Festival. 
Australian wines take centre stage but you’ll find wines from France, Italy, Croatia, South Africa, Argentina, USA, and Canada.
It also helps that the featured varietal is Syrah/Shiraz, something the Australians know very very well 

The Wine Diva

The Wine Diva

The Wine Diva has been my co-host for the past 6 years and this year the show is all hers.
Our coverage is presented by Road 13. “It’s all about The Dirt”   www.road13vineyards.com  
Road 13

Road 13

Part One is an Hour special with the featured wine region Australia. (Part 2 next week..the rest of the World)
RARELY do you ever gather all of these wine stars on one radio show.  Enjoy!!  


Wine Australia

Wine Australia

Canada’s premier wine show marks  its 37th anniversary of pairing wine, food and the performing arts from February 23 to March 1, 2015.
The festival  features Australia as the theme country and Syrah as the global focus. Wine Festival is produced by the Vancouver International Wine Festival Society, which has three mandates: provide an informative, educational and entertaining wine experience for public and trade; be a premier marketing opportunity for the wine industry and festival partners; and raise funds for the Bard on the Beach Theatre Society. Since inception in 1979, the festival has raised $8.1 million for the performing arts.
14 countries  170 wineries  8 days  1,750+ wines  25,000 participants 2015 theme country (Australia): 55 wineries from 20 distinct regions pouring 220 wines  2015 global focus (Syrah): 170+ expressions of Syrah from around the world in The Tasting Room
For more information visit VanWineFest.ca, like on Facebook, follow  at @VanWineFest, or join the conversation at #VIWFwww.winediva.ca
 Here’s the all star line:
 (all Barossa group)
Yalumba – Jane Ferrari
Thorn-Clarke – Sam Clarke (owner)

Sam Clarke

Sam Clarke

Wolf Blass – Chris Hatcher  
Harry Hertscheg – managing director VIWF
Mark Davidson  – Brand Ambassador Wines 0f Australia
Hardy’s – Bill Hardy (family member)
Bill Hardy

Bill Hardy

McWilliams –  Craig Stevenson
Henry’s Dive Vignerons – Kim Longbottom (owner) 
Bernard Hickin – Jacob’s Creek
Tyrell’s – Bruce Tyrrell
Bruce Tyrell

Bruce Tyrell

Wynns – Sue Hodder
Wakefield wines – Justin Taylor  (family & company director) Clare
Xanadu – Darren Rathbone (owner) Margaret River
Longview – Mark Saturno (owner) Adelaide Hills

Official guest list-Tasting Room Radio in the Acura International Festival Tasting Room

VIWF 2015
Thursday, February 26
Show 1 – All Oz
1:30-2:30 pm
Segment 1: 1:30pm (all Barossa group) 10min
Yalumba – Jane Ferrari
Thorn-Clarke – Sam Clarke (owner)
Wolf Blass – Chris Hatcher
*Mark Davidson
Segment 2: 1:45pm – 12 min
Hardy’s – Bill Hardy (family member)
McWilliams Craig Stevenson (winemkaer Hunter)
Henry’s Dive Vignerons – Kim Longbottom (owner)
*Harry Hetscheg
Segment 3: 2:00pm – 12 min
Bernard Hickin – Jacob’s Creek
Tyrell’s – Bruce Tyrrell
Wynns – Sue Hodder
Segment 4 – 2:15pm – 9min
Wakefield wines – Justin Taylor (family & company director) Clare
Xanadu – Greg West (Winemaker) Margaret River
Longview – Mark Saturno (owner) Adelaide Hills
Show 2 – International
Segment 1: 3:00 pm (BC Group) 10 min
Painted Rock – John Skinner
Tinhorn Creek – Sandra
Joseph Luckhurst – Road 13
Segment 2: 3:15pm (USA)
Tony Stewart – Plume/Lake Sonoma
Ravenwood – Joel Petersen (founder)
Signorello – Ray Signorello
Segment 3: 3:30pm – (International Superstars) 12 min
Vina Montes – Aurelio Montes Jr.
St. Urbans-Hof – Anne Weiss (family)
Gonzalez Byass – Vicky Gonzalez Gordon
Segment 4: 3:45pm (Italy) 9min
Anna Spinato – Anna Spinato/Roberto
Rocca della Macie – Sergio Zingarelli (owner) Tuscany
Tenuta Sant’Antonio – Armando Castagnedi Veneto


The Rest of the World..

November 8th, 2014 – Portugal


Tasting Room Radio B_BANNER2
The Wine Diva returns from a trip to Portugal. Man, the stories she can tell.
The Italian wine tour passed through Vancouver. Met an old friend Ivano Reali GM of Castello di Gabbiano in Tuscany.
Jonathan Maltus, owner of Le Dome and Tessier in Bordeaux (100 pts)  and World’s End in Napa. (Rock Labels like Good Times Bad Times and Rebel Rebel)
And we finish in the very South Okanagan..right on the border at Moon Curser..makers of very interesting wines.  VERY.INTERESTING. WINES!

Alentejo Portugal

Alentejo Portugal



The Wine Diva
 The Wine Diva
Not only did Daenna van Mulligen head for Portugal to tour their top wine regions, she was also asked to be the keynote speaker at their annual wine gathering.
It’s the second time in 6 years that  she’s been there.
We both acknowledge their winemaking skills..with some varietals not seen anywhere else.
We also wonder why the curious wine fan hasn’t yet discovered Portuguese wines, en masse!
Because they are SO good and cheap. It’s the combination everyone’s looking for.
Give me a $17 wine that tastes like a $30.00 wine. Its spelled PORTUGAL!!
Ivano Reali  GM of Castello di Gabbiano in Tuscany  –  A Tasting of Wines from Italy

Ivano Reali - Castello Di Gabbiano

Ivano Reali – Castello Di Gabbiano

This Italian Tasting tour across Canada is one of the most popular every year..and why not.
Canada loves Italian food and wine..considering they helped build  this country, it makes perfect sense.
The first historical references to Gabbiano date from the 11th century, when work began on the square tower, which was built to defend one of the most important communication routes between Florence and Siena.
In the land survey presented by Tommaso Soderini in 1464 to the ‘Officials’ of the Land Registry of the Republic of Florence, it was noted that wine and oil were the most highly prized produce of the estate.
Mr Soderini, who owned the Castle was the man who commissioned the creating of The Statue of David.
Castello di Gabbiano

Castello di Gabbiano

As you might surmise..these guys have been making wine a looooong time.
Ivano Reali oversees these  historic vineyards in the very heart of Chianti.
Amazingly he’s a very down to Earth and charming as Italy itself.
He was pouring 5 of his best wines but we both seemed fixed on the amazing Chianti Classico  DOCG Gran Selezione Bellezza (Bell-Ayeza)
Jonathan Maltus – Le Dome – Tessier (Bordeaux) and World’s End (Napa)  
Winemaker Jonathan Maltus is the first Englishman in Bordeaux to win a perfect score from the influential critic Robert Parker. His label is Chateau Teyssier.
Jonathan Maltus  Le Dome,Tessier & World

Jonathan Maltus Le Dome,Tessier & World’s End

The amazing Le Dome wines come from these vineyards. He also has a crazy good winery in Napa called World’s End, featuring wines called     Against the Wind If 6 was 9 Wave Length Good Times. Bad Times Crossfire Jonathan Maltus is often referred to, variously, as a “cult winemaker” or “garagiste,” a kind of renegade Bordeaux winemaker who produces so-called “vins de garage,’ or “garage wine.
Jonathan is a natural story teller. I think you’re going to like his tales.
Moon Cursor   –  in the very south Okanagan..right up against the US Border.
Beeta & Chris Tolley  Moon Cursor

Beeta & Chris Tolley Moon Cursor

Chris Tolley – Software Engineer by training. Farmer and  winemaker by day. His academic year at NZ’s Lincoln University gave him  a soft spot for offbeat varietals with loads of personality.
Beata Tolley – The shingle outside her office reads “Chartered Accountant”. Also trained in viticulture and oenology at Lincoln University, Beata manages the inner workings of Moon Curser. The home of Border Vines, Dead of Night, Nothing to Declare Rose, Afraid of the Dark etc.
Wonderful people..wonderful wines



Cornucopia – Whistlers Food and Wine festival
Celebrating The Golden Mile
Had a Glass  2014  is released. James Nevison visits

October 25th, 2014 – Chef Michael Smith


Tasting Room Radio B_BANNER2
The WineDiva reviews the big winners from this years Intervin International Wine Awards. Then the biggest winner of them all John Skinner from Painted Rock – The International Winery of the Year.
Chef Michael Smith..and his 8th cookbook Family Meals.
Ian Hemphill’s massive 800 page Herb and Spice Bible is the direct result of growing up with parents in the business and being hooked by age 6.
Thomas Perrin is the 5th generation of the very famous French winemaking family.
He also helped create Brad and Angelina’s Chateau Miravel Rose.  



2014 InterVin International Wine Awards 
Daenna van Mulligen/The Wine Diva was once again honoured to be one of the judges at the 2014 InterVin International Wine Awards held in Niagara.
They judged close to  1350 wines from 16 countries. and the winner was from BC. John Skinner and Painted Rock 
They submitted their 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2010 Red Icon and 2011 .  They  all earned gold medals. Their 2010 Syrah and 2011 Red Icon were awarded silver medals, and honours went to their  2012 Chardonnay.
In any game that’s called “bringing the goods”..
So, we begin today’s show with Daenna’s reaction to the competition and some standout wines and then John joins us with his reaction to the breakthrough award.

Painted Rock Winery

Painted Rock Winery

Chef Michael Smith – new book Family Meals    
Family Meals

Family Meals

Family Meals
 Chef Michael Smith
 Chef Michael Smith, one of Canada’s best-known chefs is a passionate advocate for simple, sustainable home cooking and an inspiration for families creating their own healthy food lifestyle. He’s the host of Chef Michaels KitchenChef Abroad and Chef at Home seen on Food Network CanadaGlobal and in more than 100 other countries. He’s a judge on Chopped Canada and traveled the world for his innovative new web series Lentil Hunter.
Michael is Prince Edward Island’s food ambassador; Canada’s best selling cookbook author, teacher, professional chef and home cook. He led the team of Sodexo chefs that cooked for the worlds Olympians in the Whistler Athletes Village in 2010. His eighth cookbookFamily Meals, hit the bestseller list this summer. His food media production company is breaking new ground online and his Twitter feed is Canada’s top choice for foodie fun.
Michael and I talk about the two words in the title of his latest book. We talk Family and we talk Meals.
And Gin.  We talk a little Gin. 
We welcome back to the “other” Coast  Michael Smith  http://chefmichaelsmith.com/
Ian Hemphill. New book The Spice and Herb Bible. 
The Spice and Herb Bible.  Third Edition

The Spice and Herb Bible. Third Edition

 Ian Hemphill, a well-respected herb and spice expert from Sydney, Australia, just launched The Spice and Herb Bible, Third Edition.  His shop in Sydney, Herbie’s Spices, boasts the largest selection of herbs and spices for sale and export in the Southern Hemisphere.
The third edition features six new spice entries, bringing the total number of entries up to 97; 102 new recipes; 33 new curry spice blends and 17 new spice blends, as well as the fascinating section “Travels in the Spice Trade,” which includes Ian’s personal anecdotes and travel stories. The new information truly makes this the definitive resource on spices, and you’ll actually feel like you’ve joined Ian on his world adventures!
He really gives you, the reader, “the inside story,” based on his learning and experiences in this ancient and stimulating industry.
This is Ian’s first visit to Canada.  Hello Herbie!!!   
Famille Perrin
Thomas Perrin

Thomas Perrin

and we meet Thomas Perrin… The famous French  iconic family winery on this show is Famille Perrin. Represented by the 5th generation Thomas Perrin
It is no coincidence Famille Perrin is the leading organic wine grower of the Southern Rhône Valley where they occupy the region’s best terroirs. Their values have given them a worldwide reputation for excellence: absolute respect for the soil, a commitment to manual methods and a deep belief that organic viticulture is the only way to express the true essence of the terroir. Moreover the combination of talents within the family ensures the continuation of their unique expertise. Nature and tradition are key to the Famille Perrin way and this approach has continued seamlessly over five generations.
In 1321, under the reign of Pope John XXII, four barrels were brought from the papal cellar in Avignon to be filled with wine in Châteauneuf. Subsequently, the Popes increased their vineyard holdings in the region and the papal wine gained in fame.
The Beaucastel family were living in Courthezon by the middle of the sixteenth century.
In 1549 “Noble Pierre de Beaucastel” bought “a barn with its plot of land extending to 52 saumées at Coudoulet”.
The Family Perrin.

The Family Perrin.

In 1909 Pierre Tramier bought the property and Beaucastel then passed to his son-in-law, Pierre Perrin, a scientist who considerably increased the vineyard holding. His efforts were continued by Jacques Perrin until 1978…
Today the torch is carried by Jean Pierre and François, sons of Jacques. But Marc, Pierre, Thomas and Matthieu, who represent the fifth generation, are ready to pursue this fabulous family history.
Pouring for us today – in Vancouver – Thomas Perrin.
He brings with him the back story of this label and the family.
Thomas was part of the Perrin team that was personally chosen  to create Chateau Miravel Rose for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
Miraval - The house and Vineyard

Miraval – The house and Vineyard

It was a world wide success.



  • David Hawksworth Scholarship
  • The NZ tour Wrap up…includes Felton Road, Carrick, 8 Ranges Wines
  • And my Wines of NZ Hosts


June 7th, 2014 – New Zealand Part 2


Tasting Room Radio B_BANNER2 Tour Number 2 of New Zealand begins in Hawkes Bay where Syrah is King..through the legendary Gimblett Gravels… and finishes on the south Island  in Nelson at NZ’s first Maori owned and operated winery.

North island

North island




  Part 1 of our wine tour of New Zealand took us through the Auckland area and on to Hawkes Bay and that’s where we begin Part 2.   Elephant Hill Elephant Hill Elephant Hill is a stunning and innovative winery estate and restaurant located on the idyllic Te Awanga coast, in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.
They create 2 very fine chardonnays piggyslots , Sauv blanc, a white & red blends called Le Phant Blanc/Rouge and a 5 star Viognier and favour Syrah on the Red side.. We sit down in their fabulous restaurant with Viticulturist Jon Peet and sales and marketing leader Vince Labatt. The word I get from the NZ wine business is… watch these guys..they’re very good.   http://www.elephanthill.co.nz/ Pask Staying in the Hawkes Bay area on North Island NZ we head for Pask.

On Roys Hill Overlooking Gimblett Gravels with Greg Allinson (Pask)

On Roys Hill Overlooking Gimblett Gravels with
Greg Allinson (Pask)

On our tour of NZ #1 we talked to Kate Ranburnd the famous winemaker at Pask. This time we take to the Gimblett Gravels fields and meet the guys who grow in that stunning region. Gimblett Gravels Gimblett Gravels     Pask’s 59 hectares of vineyards are located on Gimblett Road where Chris Pask was first to plant in the region now known as the Gimblett Gravels Winegrowing District®.
Formed over 100 years ago when the Ngaruroro River changed its course, the light, stony soils of the region are low in nutrients, completely free draining, and create the perfect environment for growing premium quality grapes. Their  very first vintage of 1985 Cabernet Sauvignon was awarded 5 stars in Cuisine Magazine.
Since then Pask wines have consistently enjoyed gold medal and  trophy success in London, Australia, Asia, the United States, Canada and New Zealand across a range of varietals and winestyles. Pask is one of New Zealand’s leading wineries with an enviable reputation for excellence  around the world for over 25 years. Pask has been a member of Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand (SWNZ) since its inception.
Kate Radburnd spent five years as Chair of the SWNZ advisory/working group. I get to  meet Danny van Selm


 the vineyard manager and Greg Allinson – direct sales and marketing manager. Interview takes place on a picnic table under a large tree  in the middle of Gimblett Gravels.   http://www.pask.co.nz/ Trinity Hill Their  story began in 1987 when John Hancock met Robert and Robyn Wilson in their London restaurant Bleeding Heart. Over a bottle of John’s award-winning Chardonnay, the concept of a Hawkes Bay winery was born. They were convinced they could produce world-class red wines as well as white in this region of New Zealand.
John recognized the outstanding potential of Hawkes Bay’s Gimblett Gravels winegrowing district and in 1993 Trinity Hill became one of the region’s early pioneers, planting grape vines on a barren plot on the former bed of the Ngaruroro River. The first Gimblett Road wines, barrel-aged, were released in 1998 (vintage 1997); Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot and Syrah, to critical acclaim and a number of gold medals and trophies. In 2000, a further 20 hectare parcel of prime Gimblett Gravels land was purchased, named “Gimblett Stones” where Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot plus areas of Tempranillo, Syrah and Viognier were planted.
By 2001 The Gimblett Gravels Winegrowers Association was set up with 34 wineries and winegrowers from a “terroir”-defined area of the old Ngaruroro Riverbed, including Gimblett Road. Trinity Hill was and remains a founding member. In 2002, the first vintage super-premium wine Homage Syrah was made. When it was released in 2004 it received critical acclaim world-wide. The 2006 vintage of Homage Syrah won the Supreme Award at the Air New Zealand Wine Awards in 2007. John Hancock is our guest http://www.trinityhill.com/ http://www.gimblettgravels.com/ Sileni Estates Sileni Estates is a major vineyard and winery development in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand’s oldest established vineyard area. The first vintage was in 1998. Sileni boasts a state of the art winery designed to crush over 1500 tonnes of grapes.
sileni estate

Sileni Estate

The  Winemaking Team strive to maintain high standards in environmentally sustainable viticultural and winemaking practices Our Guests are  Winemaker   Grant Edmonds and Senior winemaker Rachael Garnham (currently on Mat leave. Two 1 year old twins)) With over 20 years experience in the New Zealand wine industry, including the position of Chief Winemaker for the Villa Maria Group and Esk Valley Estates, Grant now leads a team of talented winemakers and viticultural staff who all share Grant and Sileni Estates’ commitment to the vision of making internationally acclaimed wines.
They grow wines in a new sub-region of Gimblett Gravels The Bridge Pa Triangle Wine District in Hawke’s Bay has recently been launched to celebrate and promote one of New Zealand’s premium wine-growing sub-regions.  The area extends over more than 2,000 hectares on the western side of the Heretaunga plains and includes the largest concentration of quality vineyards in Hawke’s Bay.  It now has 10 winery members, including Sileni Estates. Sileni Estates has implemented and maintains both the ISO14001 and Sustainable Winegrowing certification.
http://www.sileni.co.nz/ Mission Estate  In 1838 a group of French Missionaries (with the blessing of the Pope)
arrived and established a Marist Mission in the north of New Zealand. 1851 In 1851 a mission station was established near the Ngaruroro River between Napier and Hastings at Pakowhai.  In 1858, the missionaries moved to land they had purchased at Meeanee and a major community was established.
Mission Estate

Mission Estate

A cottage for living quarters was transported from Pakowhai and later a Church, school and study halls were built.  Vines were planted to produce both sacramental and table wine.  The first record of a commercial sale dates back to 1870 when a parcel of mostly dry reds were sold. Today Mission Estate is Hawke’s Bay’s oldest winery, with a well-respected reputation in the New Zealand market as a producer of consistent quality, value for money wines. Winemaker Paul Mooney  Paul Mooney has been the winemaker at Mission Estate for over 30 years, making him one of the most experienced winemakers in New Zealand.
Paul Mooney

Paul Mooney

Paul’s winemaking philosophies are heavily influenced by his mentor, Brother John, who trained in Bordeaux during the 1960’s http://www.missionestate.co.nz/
Then it’s off to Wellington and then Nelson on the Northern tip of the South Island.  Te Mania and Richmond Plains Te Mānia was established by Jon and Cheryl Harrey in 1990 near Nelson at the top of the South Island of New Zealand.  A two time Champion of the prestigious Bragato Wine Awards, Te Mānia has created  excellent Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Riesling wine.
Te Mānia  is the Maori name for “The Plains” pronounced “Tay Ma-ni-a” Big Balls Syrah To celebrate worlds biggest
At Richmond Plains & Te Mania with Lars Jensen owner of Richmond Plains plus  winemaker Steve Gill

At Richmond Plains & Te Mania with Lars Jensen owner of Richmond Plains plus winemaker Steve Gill

grapevine rugby ball and to support their  world beating rugby team they have  released the Te Mania 2010 Big Balls Syrah. It’s an ideal accompaniment to roast springbok, bbq wallaby, coq au vin and to wash down English puddings!
Big Balls at Richmond Plains

Big Balls at Richmond Plains

Richmond Plains is an organic and biodynamic Nelson wine making pioneer producing New Zealand’s first Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir from certified Organic and Biodynamic grapes.  They  also produce Pinot Gris, Riesling, Chardonnay, Rose, Syrah and Blanc de Noir – Pinot made as a white wine. Richmond Plains has been growing and making organic wine since inception in 1991 and its grapes are certified by BioGro and Demeter New Zealand. Richmond Plains  won the Trophy for the best Sauvignon Blanc at the 2012 Sydney International Wine Competition. Our guests are Winemaker Steve Gill – Both labels Lars Jensen – Owner Richmond Plains   Tohu  
Tohu Wines..Maori Owned

Tohu Wines..Maori Owned

  Tohu produces award-winning New Zealand wine crafted from grapes grown in the  breath-takingly beautiful, Awatere Valley Vineyard. When Tohu launched in 1998 we were the world’s first Māori owned wine company.
Since then they’ve  grown a reputation for producing premium wine in a range of varieties, winning awards for  Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir and Méthode Traditionnelle.   . Tohu Wines now has a sister brand.  Aronui Wines was launched early in 2013 by the whanau who have been brining you award-winning Tohu Wines for over 15 years.
The word Aronui derives from the Māori mythological basket of knowledge associated with crafts, arts and working with the land in beneficial ways. This reflects their  commitment to caring for the land and their  artisanal approach to winemaking. As the owners are kaitiaki (guardians of their natural resources) and focused on sustainable enterprise, both Tohu and Aronui vineyards are certified by Sustainable Wine Growing New Zealand (SWNZ), the  company is CEMARS accredited, and the wines are carboNZero certified.
Whenua Matua (Significant Lands) is the name of our Aronui vineyard. It is located in Nelson’s Moutere Valley – an area fast becoming an aromatics powerhouse. This compliments their Tohu vineyards located in Marlborough, where they continue to produce  Single Vineyard Estate grown wines and exceptional Kaumatua-Reserve range, named after special elders from within their whanau.
photo (18)

Maori mussles Capt Dave Higgins aboard Hicapoo Hunter

Our hosts also take us to their mussle farms just off shore. That’s where we get the treat of the trip..fresh live mussels cooked on deck and washed down with their Sauvignon Blanc.  
Whanau = family. Māori = indigenous peoples of New Zealand. Kaumauta = respected elder   Our guests include: Kerensa Johnson – Company Secretary and Lawyer Mike Brown – CEO Kono beverages Capt Dave Higgins – Hicapoo Hunter fishing boat. Our next New Zealand special will feature: Spy Valley Yealands Stoneleigh & Brancott Seresin Staetelandt Maraqeta Lodge


Stories we’re working on:

Director Jon Favreau talks about his new film – Chef

  • Wrap up on Argentina Tour
  • Part three of New Zealand tour
  • 3 days in the Okanagan
  • 2 day Oregon wine tour
  • Lisa Ahier –  Sobo Cookbook
  • Chateau Teyssier – St Emilion
  • World’s End – Napa

Brewery and the Beast Changing Wine Laws R&B Brewing let the chefs do the beer Jason Priestley – The book – the man Vancouver chefs try and Kill Bill 24 Director Reuben Atlas shoots documentary on fake rare wines.

February 12th 2014 – David Foster Interview


Tasting Room Radio AB_BANNER
The last show features The wineries of Sonoma..and an exclusive interview with David Foster… (searing questions by Jason Priestley and myself)

 The Show

Sonoma wants out from the shadow of Napa.
They have more land, more vines and many of the wineries are run by families..not corporations. That’s a good thing.
We talk to Honore Comfort – The Executive director of Sonoma County

Honore Comfort

Honore Comfort


Adam Lee – Siduri. Maker of really great Pinot Noir.

Jeremy Baker..President of Thomas George. Grew up in Toronto. Friends with the Mayor.

Jeremy Baker

Jeremy Baker

Dan Kosta – Co-Owner of Kosta- Browne. The bad boys of California Pinot
DJ Kearney – Knows more about wine than the whole room.
and David Foster Producer. Singer/Songwriter. Grammy winner… Producer of the year.
David Foster Jason Priestley  TDM
The list goes on and on. Now Chairman of Verve record Group.
Currently working with Stevie Wonder, Bryan Adams, Diana Krall just to name a few.
Jason Priestley and I interviewed David at his home above Malibu..
He had been in bed for 3 days fighting the flu and still committed to the interview for Hollywood and Vines TV… then went straight back to bed.
Good Canadian Boy.


February 6th- Canadian Culinary Championships


Tasting Room Radio AB_BANNER

Do you love your Australian wines? We start with a mini OZ tour. Mark Davidson is a sommelier who now represents wines of Australia, and he brought with him two of Australia’s cutting edge winemakers. Brendan Keys is from BK Wines Adelaide Hills, and poured his much talked-about Skin and Bones. Matt Fowles from Strathbogie Range  brought his Ladies who shoot their Lunch (meant to pair with game), and his other wine Are you Game?

The Show

James Nevison talks about his book Had a Glass, Top 100 wines under $20.00.
The Wine Diva and I join forces to interview Ed Flaherty, the wine maker of Tarapaca in Chile.

The Canadian Culinary Championships take place this weekend in Kelowna, with the very best chefs competing over two hard days. Three of those chefs are from Alberta and BC:
DuncanLy_TRR   PaulShufelt_TRR   BrianSkinner_TRR

Duncan Ly – Calgary         Paul Shufelt – Edmonton   Brian Skinner – Vancouver
Partial proceeds from this Championship go to funding Canada’s Olympic Athletes.

Sam Roberts has a new album coming next week. My interview with Sam will run on Mulligan Stew as soon as the music gets here. In the meantime Sam is a huge wine fan and he joins us on Wednesday’s TRR.



– on our last show for CKUA.  Jason Priestley and I visit David Foster in Malibu.
We talk wine and David’s career in music. It’s a really good interview.