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EP 163 | Steve Marriner Interview


Steve Marriner is our special guest this week on Mulligan Stew.

We all know Steve from the award-winning Monkey Junk and the very popular Manx Marriner Mainline.

He’s a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist,  producer and newly minted mixer. . Hope Dies Last is his second solo album. His first was in 2006.

(He’s been just a tad busy)

Hope Dies Last  has 15 musicians in the it’s a true group effort. And signals great things ahead in his solo career.

If you remember our Greg Keelor solo album Episode #152 it was Greg who raved about working with guitarist Jimmy Bowskill. (Sheepdogs. Jim Cuddy)

Steve worked tirelessly with the very same Jimmy Bowskill  to get these songs sounding just right.

He’s written songs of pain and heartache, hitting rock bottom and working your way UP. (check out Enough)

Through his songs and albums, production and mixing what we’re hearing  here is the the future of Canadian blues/roots/Americana music. Have a listen and let the stories flow.


Thanks to David GoGo for the hang.


EP 162 | Leeroy Stagger


This week’s very special interview guest is Leeroy Stagger bringing with him new music from his forthcoming album Dystopian Weekends.  Leeroy lets us know that unlike the last two albums he made for wider audiences. This one he made for him. Leeroy also talks about hosting Dirty Windshields on CKUA. It got him through the lockdown. Dystopian Weekends captures the sound of early Byrds, Clapton, Laurel Canyon.

Two stand-out songs – Buffy’s song Greedy Guts and Black Teenagers.

That last song deals with the headlines this very weekend. The Floyd George Murder. 

Full disclosure – I jumped the gun on the release date. It’s not coming out until October 1  but as Leeroy says “the whole model of what is an album release has changed. Given Covid, lockdown, and technical innovations it’s a whole new format. So, run with it.”


EP 161 | Romi Mayes – Curbside Concerts


This weeks guest is singer/songwriter Romi Mayes (Winnipeg)

But she’s not introducing a tour or a new album. In 2021, she’s the Senior Producer for Curbside Concerts.

A company started in 2020 by  Matt Masters and Amanda Burgener.  They could both see, because of Covid,  that artists in Canada were going to have a hard time working,  gathering together, and paying the bills. Also, music fans were going to lose their live music.

So they created Curbside Concerts. A safe way for musicians and audiences to get together during these many months.

You chose the artist, date & time. One of their producers will work with you to make it all happen.

The stage (if required), microphones, battery-powered speakers, and anything else needed will show up with your artist.

Want some names?


Paul Pigat. Joe Nolan. Petunia (solo). Jay Semko (N Pikes) JD Edwards (Small Glories) Ridley Bent. 

All safety standards are met and everyone enjoys the music.

Curbside has been a success. Now in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and BC

Over 100 artists have signed up. Concerts big and small have taken place.

Audiences have gone away with memories to last a lifetime.

Curbside Concerts have been nominated for four Western Canadian Music Awards.

Impact on

-Live Music

-Artist Development

-Music Marketing

-Community Excellence

We welcome the Senior Producer for Curbside Concerts – excellent singer/songwriter Romi Mayes.

If you’re an artist or want to be a Host – Romi has all the info.

EP 160 | Terry Wickham-Producer Edmonton Folk Music Festival-Taking It To The Streets


This week’s guest is Terry Wickham. The hard-working and much-admired Producer of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival.

Thing is – there is no Festival this year.

However, after much discussion, they have come up with a Plan B.

To quote The Doobie Brothers they’re Taking it to the Streets.

It reminds me of Dan Mangan’s Sidedoor concept.

Hosts need artists. Artists need hosts.

So, Terry and his team have come up with Taking it to the Streets.

Music fans can offer their street, lawn, backyard, deck, pier.

Artists will all be from the Edmonton area.

Terry explains how you can apply to be a host.

Find the complete details so you can consider them wisely.

And check out the playlist below – Lots of new tunes from

Applications are open for Edmonton-area residents to host a street concert and enjoy the sounds of the folk fest with their neighbors from the comfort of their own front yards. Artist fees, programming, and production are covered by the festival – hosts just need to step forward to organize their street with neighbors. Information, guidelines, and forms can be found at The deadline to apply is June 30.

EP 159 | Bruce Cockburn – Celebrating 50 Years of The Junos.


Canada’s Music Awards – The Junos – take place Sunday night.

50 years ago,  the first-ever Folksinger of the Year Juno Award went to Bruce Cockburn. Also nominated were Joni Mitchell and Great Speckled Bird (featuring Ian and Sylvia)

 Bruce Cockburn won 12 more Juno Awards  over the past 50 years. He’s nominated again this year for his brilliant instrumental album Crowing Ignites.

We have much to talk about.  Those very early days when he was just starting. “I wasn’t me yet”.

How he has sustained a songwriting and performing career, the moment when he thought perhaps he wouldn’t/couldn’t  write another song and what project changed that possibility.

He touches on the state of radio, folk music, how he stayed engaged as an artist, his instincts that told him  – when writing a new song – that he had already said what the song was about and finding a new way to continue saying what was in his heart,  why he never entertained the idea of being  star and how the songs would come to him if he just “waited for the flash”

The interview includes  Bruce’s personal thoughts on the tragedy unfolding at the Residential School in Kamloops, BC.

This is the complete conversation with music included.

EP 158 | Daniel Lanois Revisited (and Recut)


We first interviewed singer/player/producer/writer Daniel Lanois last November.

(7 Grammy Awards. Juno Winner. Order of Canada)

At that time he had recorded his next album Heavy Sun but only the first single (Under a)  Heavy Sun had been released.

That was  all the new music we could talk about so we headed off into his amazing influence on a wing of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

U2, Dylan,  Neville Brothers, Peter Gabriel, Robbie Robertson, and many more. (Neil Young. Emmy Lou Harris, The Killers, Willie Nelson, Brian Eno,)

This coming week he’s headed for a gig on the 10th  in NYC with his band to perform The Songs of Red Dead Redemption 2, the soundtrack to the popular game.

They’re playing in  The Battery and it’s sold out.

Now that Heavy Sun is released we decided to go back and re-cut  the full interview and include  several of the new tracks from the amazing album.

Tree of Tule

Dance On

Mother’s Eyes

Along with the great single (Under a) Heavy Sun

Meet the man who has shaped a huge amount of the music many of us grew up with. And he’s Canadian.

EP 157 | Dylan Turns 80


Bob Dylan turns 80 on Monday the 24th.

As part of our coverage at CKUA, I started digging into old interviews looking for comments on Bob’s music, influence, and legacy.

I’m delighted to bring you a select group of artists who bring insight into the singular artist we’re celebrating.

A man for many. Matched by few.

Bob Dylan – Thank you for those 80 years.

Guests are:

David Bowie

Susan Tedeschi &  Derek Trucks

Robbie Robertson

Colin Linden

The Avett Brothers

Barney Bentall and Steve Dawson

Greg Keelor

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EP 156 | Holger Petersen – Doctor of Blues


Our CKUA Radio Network Neighbour has always been Holger Petersen’s Natch’l  Blues.

It’s the greatest lead-in any show could have. Two hours of blues.

Holger celebrated 50 years of Hosting Natch’l Blues in 2019

But that’s not all Holger has accomplished.

He co-founded Edmonton Folk Festival

Co-founded Stoney Plain Records. (Over 400 releases)

Founded Alberta Music

Sat on Board of Directors for Socan

Inducted into  Folk DJ Hall of Fame  in New Orleans

1st non-American to win Best Public Broadcaster.

Hosts Saturday Night Blues on CBC

Now Holger has been awarded The Alberta Order of Excellence.

And he’s our guest on the Mulligan Stew Podcast. Amazing storyteller.

Here’s the complete interview with the iconic Holger Petersen.  Doctor of Blues


EP 155 | Jordan Hart


Jordan Hart tells the story of discovering  CKUA Radio.  He asked, “what album am I listening to?”  Told it was a radio station.  CKUA!

His reply was  “There’s no radio station that cool”  With this podcast Jordan has come full circle. Back to CKUA Radio.

In 2019,  Alberta singer/songwriter Jordan Hart embarked on a 100-day straight busking challenge in Toronto, through thunderstorms and snowstorms he played on. Every Sunday, 100 percent of the money he raised was donated to L’Arche Canada.  In L’Arche, people with and without intellectual disabilities live, work, learn, and grow together. L’Arche demonstrates that when persons with intellectual disabilities take their place at the table, they contribute to a more just, compassionate, and vibrant world for all.

The Momentum from his daily busking also culminated in a sold-out show at the Great Hall in Toronto and his career streams also increased by over a quarter of a million. As a featured artist, his work with Lucky Rose on the song ‘’Lost’’ greatly increased his profile.

Jordan has released a fine EP called Only Pieces Of The Truth and with it a confirmation in each of the 7 tracks that he’s destined to become a much bigger artist. Much Bigger.

Add to that discovery that  Jordan is also a natural storyteller.  He talks about life on the streets busking. Being turned down completely by the young woman he wanted to spend his life with. About shooting his video for Freedom with a small group of actors with Down Syndrome.

Have a listen. See if you agree that he’s destined to shine!!

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EP 154 | Strippers Union


If you are lucky enough to work on the media side of the music business and  if you’re honest in your relationships with artists,  over the years many of them become friends.

Rob Baker and Craig Northey are just such a couple of friends and together they’re making music again as Strippers  Union.

It took 10 years to record and release their third album called The Undertaking.

Craig Northey was leading The Odds and working with a long list of people plus he is  also an important part  of the Steven Page Trio.

Rob Baker was of course a member of one of Canada’s greatest bands The Tragically Hip, who lost their heart and soul with the death of  Gord Downey.

We cover a lot of ground here but always come back to the music of The Undertaking.

Please enjoy the talk and tracks. Thank You Rob and Craig.

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