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Mulligan Stew July 11 2020- Saturday Night Live – our way!!


OK – are you safe and well?  Washing the hands? Wearing the mouth thing?

Please take care..and be Kind!


Here’s the deal with The Stew this week…


We’ve been talking a lot lately.

Corb Lund

Eric Burton – Black Pumas

Barney Bentall  and Jim Cuddy

Katherine MacLellan

Mike Plume

It’s time to let the music carry the day. So I put together a collection of Live Tunes and new albums.

The live tracks are from


The Stones – Maybe the best Live version of Tumbling Dice

Van Morrison – These dreams of you from Too Late To Stop Now

Bob Marley and the Wailers – Stir it UP – Live in London (Happy Birthday Bob)

David Bowie – Under Pressure from a new release Live in Dallas 95 (a refresh)

And that right there is  the first 15 minutes of The Stew

Also have live tracks from


Paul Simon and Aaron Neville  Bridge over trouble water at New Orleans Jazz Festival

The Chieftains and Roger Daltrey – Behind Blue Eyes

Michael Kaeshammer (with Colin James)

And to sweeten  The Stew

Corb Lund – Harry Manx & Steve Mariner – Sass Jordan – Los Coast and Gary Clark Jr – Pearl Jam – Shovels and Rope –  Mr Jimi -, New Old Neil Young – Aretha 

and TWO Tracks from Bob Dylan’s Rough and Rowdy Ways

Enjoy your Saturday night – wherever you are..


Mulligan Stew July 11 2020
Welcome to The Stew with Terry David Mulligan
Tumbling Dice (live) The Rolling Stones Love you Live
These dreams of you (live) Van Morrison Too late to stop now
Stir it up (live) Bob Marley and The Wailers Live (in London)
Under Pressure (live) David Bowie Live in Dallas – Ouvrez le Chien Coming UP – Black Pumas. Pearl Jam. Norah Jones
and it’s alright Nathaniel Rateliff and it’s alright
Martha My Dear Madeleine Peyroux Standing on the Rooftop MulliganStew Podcast – My Darling Vivian (Doc of J Cash Wife)
Fire (Steady Grooving Mix) Black Pumas Single
Come back Pearl Jam Pearl Jam
To Live Norah Jones Pick me up off the floor
Mulligan Stew with tdm
Goodbye Jimmy Reed Bob Dylan Rough and Rowdy Ways
Cherry Oh Baby (live) UB40 UB40 Live
Ahead by a Century The Tragically Hip Trouble at The Hen House
This is Mulligan Stew
Old men Corb Lund Agricultural Tragic
Little light of Mine Harry Manx. Steve Mariner Hellbound to Heaven
Change is gonna come Los Coast – Gary Clark Jr Samsara MulliganStew Podcast – My Darling Vivian (Doc of J Cash Wife)
I’m coming out (acoustic) Shovels and Rope By Blood
Vacancy Neil Young Homegrown
Remember Jimi Hendrix Are you Experienced?
MulliganStew Podcast features My Darling Vivian Doc on J Cash first wife. 4 daughters wanted the right story
Respect Aretha Franklin I never loved a man Coming UP – Paul Simon Live. Chieftains. Dylan. Colin James
Bridge over Troubled Water (live) Paul Simon (Aaron Neville) P. Simon Collection (live in N.O.)
Behind Blue Eyes (live) The Chieftains and Roger Daltrey The Chieftains – An Irish Evening
Who Are You (live) Michael Kaeshammer (with Colin James) Boogie on the Blues Highway
Leaving Trunk Sass Jordan Rebel Moon Blues
False Prophet Bob Dylan Rough and Rowdy Ways
Check Out MulliganStew Podcast Documentary My Darling Vivian (J Cash Family)
Sweet Georgia Michael Kaeshammer Something New

Mulligan Stew July 4th 2020-Black Pumas and Bros Landreth


Its a week like no other..even crazier than the week between Christmas and  New Years.

It starts with June 30 (the birthday)

Then July 1 Canada’s Birthday

Then July 4 – America’s Independence Day.

And all the while there’s a pandemic changing the World as we know it.

A lethal combination of happiness and dread!

Can music heal the wounds?   That’s asking a lot but the TRY is so worth it.

We have guests this July 4. 

Eric Burton, lead singer and co-writer of tunes for the Grammy-nominated Black Pumas.

Eric tells the story of busking for years on the streets and on the Santa Monica Pier in LA.

Then finally on the streets in Austin Texas where he’s heard,  discovered and busted.

Several of the songs he sang for dollars later became the ones that audiences and Grammy judges heard and loved.

Eric’s voice is sublime and he’s just getting started. A blend of Sam Cooke, Otis, and James Brown.

The interview finishes with his memory of being busted in Austin.

Corner of Congress and 6th. Black kid. White Policeman. That was 3-4 years ago.

We discuss what that would have been like today..given the situation the streets are in today.

FYI – The complete long-form interview with tracks  can be heard and seen (Zoom) at

And David Landreth from The Bros. Landreth arrives with another tale of creating art with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

They re-recorded a song from their first album. A song called Where Were We.

Even though it was released a number of years ago – it seemed to fit the times.

The troupe from Royal Winnipeg Ballet recorded their movements with a combination of Zoom, cameras, and iPhone shots..all while sharing the screen with The Bros.

The interview can be heard on Mulligan Stew – CKUA  Radio 5-7 Mtn Saturday, July 4.

The video can be seen below:

It’s waaay damn cool.


The rest of the Stew can be checked out on the playlist below.

We wish our friends south of the border a safe and calm weekend.



Mulligan Stew July 4 2020
St Louis Blues Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder Gershwins World
I’d rather go blind Grace Potter Muscle Shoals. Small town-Big sound
Good Times Roll The Cars The Cars Tonights guests Black Pumas and Bros. Landreth
Vacancy Neil Young Homegrown
Black Teenagers Leeroy Stagger single
Respect Yourself Staple Singers Very Best of NEXT – Cuddy and Frazey and back to Stax
All in time Jim Cuddy Band Countrywide Soul
Golden Frazey Ford U Kin b the Sun
Don’t turn your heater down Albert King (with Steve Cropper and Pops Staples) Stax Classics
Shack in the Back The California Honeydrops Just one more and then some Coming Up next Bros. Landreth and Royal Winnipeg Ballet
David Landreth Interview Bros. Landreth with Royal Winnipeg Ballet
Where Were We Bros. Landreth with Royal Winnipeg Ballet New Single
This is Mulligan Stew with TDMulligan
You dont know (like I know) Sam and Dave Stax Complete Singles
Real real gone Van Morrison Enlightenment
634-5789 Wilson Pickett The exciting Wilson Pickett Coming UP – Eric Burton Black Pumas
J’ai Deux Amour Madeleine Peyroux Careless Love
Anthem (live) Leonard Cohen Live in London
Mulligan Stew
Redemption Song Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer Unearthed NEXT – Eric Burton of Black Pumas
Eric Burton Interview Complete Interview and Zoom Video
Black Moon Rising Black Pumas Black Pumas
Eric Burton Interview Complete Interview and Zoom Video
Fast Car Black Pumas New Single
Eric Burton Interview Complete Interview and Zoom Video
Colours (Acoustic) Black Pumas Spotify single

Mulligan Stew June 27th-Corb Lund Interview


Hello all…as Canada Day approaches I need to know one thing – Did You Wash Your Hands??

What a bizarre and wondrous time we’re surviving in.

That begs a second question – Does Music have the power to HEAL?

 If you talk to the artists making the music the answer is absolutely.  If you talk to the audience ..many of them will tell you – it does heal. Lifts the soul and the spirit.

I’ve seen it in hospitals and recovery rooms. I’ve read the email to CKUA.

So Mulligan Stew and CKUA Radio have the ability to become a part of the healing process.

Let’s get healed.

The guest tonight on Mulligan Stew is – Corb Lund.


Corbie and his amazing band have crafted Agricultural Tragic, his newest music in years.

That’s  Corb’s description of what they write and play. It’s a throwaway line in interviews and from the stage that’s actually become “something”.

Corb has 6 generations of ranching family,  so you know he ‘s lived what he writes.

Tracks like

Old Men

I think you oughta try whiskey

Raining Horses

Dance with your spurs on

Louis L’Amour

Never not had horses

Ranchin’ Ridin’ Romance – (Two outta three ain’t bad)

Tattoos Blues

This music was meant for hot and sweaty clubs and stages.

We may never see that again so here’s the next best thing is – MULLIGAN STEW

(did I oversell it?

There’s an honesty and truth in Corb’s music.  He plays like he says it. If you let the music into your heart it will move in and heal.

The complete Corb Lund/TDM interview can be heard on MulliganStew Podcast  (

It’s a giggle!

Great playlist tonight.

We start and finish the Stew with Bob Dylan.

Right off the top, it’s  Goodbye Jimmy Reed from Rough and Rowdy Ways. His 39th and perhaps best album.

That’s’ saying something.

We finish with Murder Most Foul,   a 17 minute closer to the album that,  if it’s his last music ever, would be a huge closing statement about our life and times.

I get to read a wonderful email from a listener who heard the track 2 weeks ago as she was picking up Ian Tyson for a dinner. Ian asked to play the song on the way home and they sat in his driveway and listened to the last 5 minutes …Ian kept saying “wow.”

NEXT WEEK – Eric Burton – co-leader/ singer/writer of the Black Pumas.

Eric’s street busking lead him from LA to Austin and his discovery. After a police bust for no permit!

Eric and I talked about how different that bust would have been today.

One of the songs he played 100’s of times on the streets was Colours.  When it was nominated for a Grammy he knew his life would be much changed.

Thanks for listening. Playlist below



Mulligan Stew June 27 2020
Host TDMulligan our guest – Corb Lund and new album
goodbye jimmy reed bob dylan rough and rowdy ways
shame shame shame jimm reed the very best
Long as I can see the light john fogerty fogerty factory
a change is going to come aretha franklin I nver loved a man Special Guest Corb Lund
so you want to be a rock andf roll star (live) tom petty and the heartbreakers Live at the Wiltern LA
aint that a shame fats domino fats domino swings
The Stew with TDMulligan
Tilt a whirl jimmy vaughn best of Corb Lund interview in 30 minutes
layla derek and the dominos 40th anniversary . Layla and other assorted love songs
roadhouse blues (live) The Doors Live at the Felt Forum NYC
King of July The Radio Grand Town and Country
This is Mulligan Stew with tdm Coming UP – Corb Lund and his new album
Perfume and Gasoline Mike Plume Lonesome Stretch of Highway
colours Black Pumas Black Pumas
TDMulligan NEXT – Corb Lund Interview
Complete Corb Lund Interview on … MulliganStew Podcast
Corb Lund Interview Complete Interview on MulliganStew Podcast
90 seconds of your time Corb Lund Agricultural Tragic
Corb Lund Interview Complete Interview on MulliganStew Podcast
Dance with your spurs on Corb Lund Agricultural Tragic
Corb Lund Interview Complete Interview on MulliganStew Podcast
I think you ought to try whisky Corb Lund (with Jaida Dreyer) Agricultural Tragic
Corb Lund Interview
Never not had horses Corb Lund Agricultural Tragic
Corb Lund Interview Complete Interview on MulliganStew Podcast
Old men Corb Lund Agricultural Tragic Coming UP – Bob Dylan Murder Most Foul
where the blues begin Buddy Guy and Carlos Santana Living Proof
40 light years Colin James Miles to go NEXT 17 minutes of Dylan
Murder Most Foul Bob Dylan Rough and Rowdy Ways


Mulligan Stew June 20th 2020- Fathers day-Guests Barney Bentall and Jim Cuddy!



Saturday is June 20th, 2020

It’s a very special weekend.

First, it’s National Indigenous Peoples Day.

It’s also Summer Solstice

Its Fathers Day


It’s National “have you seen my keys” Day

To celebrate Father’s Day, I’ve asked two music dads to guest.

Barney Bentall, who has a son Dustin and daughter Jess in the music business. Both are working on expanding careers.

Jim Cuddy has two sons Devin and Sam well on their way to careers in our music business.

Jim and Barn are pals and we trade stories of trying to help your kids without being seen as helping.

The possibility of songwriting with your family. (Tricky)

Performing with kids.

And how families react to being the subject of songs.

There’s a lot to like here.

The complete conversation can be heard by subscribing to MulliganStew Podcast (Spotify. Google play. Apple podcasts)

Or go to my podcast for the Zoom video and Audio:

EP 112 | Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall on Fathers Day

We also have a last 30-minute jazz feature to celebrate the online events this weekend of the Edmonton Jazz Festival.

We welcome Kent Sangster – Artistic Director and Producer

Andrew Glover and play you some tracks.

Bob Dylan’s 39th album Rough and Rowdy Ways comes out Friday.

I have the true pleasure of playing an epic song – Murder Most Foul. Its 16:57 of heartfelt history based on the Kennedy Assassination.

It appears Bob has given the World another musical turning point.

Also played False Prophet..a truly great blues classic.

Got some Little Feat Live..Santana…Kinks..kd lang, and Black Pumas week our guest is Corb Lund and his just-released album Agricultural Tragic

And in two weeks Eric Burton, songwriter and lead singer of Black Pumas.


Mulligan Stew with TDMulligan June 20 2020
Welcome to The Stew with TDMulligan Special Fathers Day Guests Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall
False prophet Bob Dylan rough and rowdy ways
black moon rising black pumas black pumas
Sideways Santana and Citizen Cope Shaman Tonight – Fathers Day with Barney Bentall and Jim Cuddy Coming UP – The Kinks-kdlang
waterloo sunset (mono) The Kinks Something else (deluxe) Coming UP – kdlang and little feat live
Miss Chatelaine kd lang Ingenue
shine it medeski, martin and wood end of the world party TD Mulligan NEXT – Little Feat and New Dylan
Time loves a hero (live) Little Feat Waiting for Columbus
Day or Night (live) Little Feat Waiting for Columbus
NEXT – A New Bob Dylan classic
Murder most foul Bob Dylan Rough and rowdy ways
This is Mulligan Stew NEXT – Barney and Jim – talk about being musical Fathers
Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall Interview On being musical Fathers
The Miner Barney Bentgall The Drifter and the Preacher
Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall Interview Complete interview on MulliganStew Podcast
Til I am myself again Blue Rodeo Greatest Hits
Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall Interview Complete interview on MulliganStew Podcast
Won’t change the World Barney Bentgall The Drifter and the Preacher
Edmonton Jazz Festival Interviews Kent Sangster – Artistic Director and Producer
Bria Skonberg Big Yellow Taxi so is the day
Edmonton Jazz Festival Andrew Glover Interview
Rushing River Andrew Glover Band Smooth
Edmonton Jazz Festival Andrew Glover Interview
Gaga Andrew Glover Band smooth
Mulligan Stew with TDMulligan Happy Fathers Day
dance me to the end of love Bria Skonberg with a twist

Mulligan Stew June 13th-Catherine MacLellan interview


Hello Stewheads.

We welcome you to June 13th – National Rose Day

So this is music for a full pink afternoon.

Photo Credit: Millefiore Clarkes

The Juno nominated Catherine MacLellan comes by for a half dozen minutes to tell us about her on live performance Saturday at 7 pm Mtn (My pleasure to host)

We start at the Crossroads with Ry Cooder, Bros Landreth with Mariel Buckley,

Albert Collins, Fantastic Negrito, The Radio Grande, Jim Byrnes, Dion & Billy Gibbons, Howling Wolf, Bill Withers, and a moving new single from Catherine MacLellan and Tara MacLean. Downchild and The  Wood Bros Live.


Speaking of Live Tracks… How about

Van Morrison

Carlos del Junko

Jimmy Vaughn and a stage full of friends.

Frankly, I got carried away with the live tracks because the last 30 minutes of the show ARE ALL LIVE

Stevie Ray Vaughn at Carnegie Hall

Bruce Springsteen Live in Dublin

Bob Marley and The Wailers Live in London

Mary Chapin Carpenter, Roseanne Cash, and Shawn Colvin Live at Dylan 30th at MSG

The Band Live at Academy of Music NYC

And Lionel Hampton Quintet – Flying Home

Here’s the playlist – Don’t forget to wash yer hands and drink PINK


NEXT WEEK – A Fathers Day special with guests Barney Bentall and Jim Cuddy


The Stew June 13 2020
crossroads ry cooder crossroads soundtrack
when i call your name the bros. Landreth something new. Something blue
TDMulligan The Stew
flip flop and fly downchild blues band straight up
i got loaded (live) The wood brothers live at The Barn Next – van morrison
into the mystic (live) Van Morrison its too late to stop now
backstroke albert collins blues guitar greats Podcast – Dan Mangan on Side Door
chocolate samurai fantastic negrito chocolate samurai
just your fool (Live) carlos del junko Live
let’s not call it love The radio grande town and country
Catherine Maclellan Interview Her on line concert at 7PM tonight
This storm Catherine MacLellan and Tara MacLean single Next Jim Byrnes. Whitehorse. Howling Wolf
old dog new tricks jim byrnes st louis times
jane whityehorse the fate of the World depends on this kiss
Bam Bang Boom Dion and Billy Gibbons blues with friends
300 lbs of joy howling wolf chess box set 63-73 mulligan stew podcast – dan mangan
6 strings down jimmy vaughn and friends this is jimmy vaughn
Coming Up on The Stew – all Live tracks Podcast – Dan Mangan
Things I used to to (live) stevie ray vaughn live at Carnegie Hall
how can a poor man stand such times and live (live) bruce springsteen and the session band live in Dublin
No woman No cry (live) bob marley and the wailers live at Lyceum London Mulligan stew podcast – dan mangan side door access
you ain’t goin nowhere (live) MC Carpender. Rosanne cash. Shawn colvin Dylans 30th anniversary
The Weight (live) The Band Live at Academy Music 71
Thanks for listening Podcast – Dan Mangan on Side Door
Flying Home Lionel Hampton Quintet Best of


Mulligan Stew June 6th 2020-Black lives, D-day, Mike Plume


Hello all

It’s been a 10-day span that has seen murder,  hatred, battles, riots, confrontation, and just now a possibility of hope and healing.

How does a 2-hour music weekly show help with healing and understanding?

I can’t really answer that but I can tell you that from the feedback I get, you are listening and you are finding comfort in what we do.

Good enough for me.



With Black Lives Matter front and center, I found myself playing old and new songs I’ve played and been inspired by…

Louisiana 1927 – Aaron Neville

Stand Up – Cynthia Erivo

False Prophet – Bob Dylan

Red Right Hand – Nick Cave


Brown Baby – Nina Simone

We remember June 6, 1944

D-Day – The Beaches of Normandy

The changing of World history in several days.

14,00 Canadian troops

10,000 sailors

15 RCAF Squadrons

And two songs from that day by artists who  are still in play

I’ll be seeing you – Eric Clapton

Over the Rainbow – IZ

Our Special Guest interview is with

Mike Plume and his fine new album Lonesome stretch of Highway



Mulligan Stew June 6 2020
TD Mulligan
call that gone north mississippi all stars up and rolling
highway 28 Paul Butterfield Better Days paul butterfield better days
highway 61 bob dylan highway 61 revisited
6 days on the road taj mahal giant step Tonights guest Mike Plume
red right hand nick cave and the bad seeds let love in
song for sam cooke (here in America) dion. Paul simon blues with friends
Tonights guest – Mike Plume – New album and stories to tell
and its still alright Nathaniel Ratyeliff and its still alright
king of july the radio grande town and country
walk away Renee The Four Tops 3 billboards outside Ebbing missouri Coming UP – Remembering the songs of D Day
l’ll be seeing you Eric Clapton I still do
over the rainbow Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole IZ IZ
TDMulligan NEXT – Brown Baby Nina Simone
Brown baby Nina Simone Live at Village Gate
Mulligan Stew – with tdmulligan Next Mike Plume guests
Mike Plume Interview Lonesome stretch of highway
perfume and gasoline mike plume lonesome stretch of highway
Mike Plume Interview Lonesome stretch of highway
Summers around here (don’t last forever) mike plume lonesome stretch of highway
Mike Plume Interview Lonesome stretch of highway
I’m your huckleberry mike plume lonesome stretch of highway
Mike Plume Interview Lonesome stretch of highway
in God’s hands mike plume lonesome stretch of highway
for what it’s worth buffalo springfield Buffalo Springfield
NEXT – Aaron Neville. Dylan. Robert Plant. Cynthia Erivo
Lousiana 1927 aaron neville warm your heart
I’d rather go blind grace potter muscle shoals small town. Big sound
stand up cynthia erivo Harriet. Original soundtrack
the May Queen robert plant carry fire Next – New Dylan
False Prophet Bob Dylan rough and rowdy ways
hello mary lou rick nelson best of


Mulligan Stew May 30th 2020-Music to heal and renew


How was your week?  Memorable or immediately forgettable?

For those of you who had a memorable week…Joyous tracks from


Morning Dew – The National

10th Ave Freeze Out (live) – Miami Steve and Bruce Springsteen

Trapper – Mark Knopfler

In the air – great new track from The California Honeydrops

Let Them in – The Bros. Landreth

Mrs Robinson (Live)  – Paul Simon

Makin’ Whoopee – Dr John and Rickie Lee Jones

Get Back – The Beatles with Billy Preston


A Battle of The Bears

Grizzly Bear Blues – Corb Lund

Grizzly Bear- The Youngbloods

Grizzly Bear – Angus and Julia Stone

For those who had a forgettable to heal and renew

Worries man – Willie nelson and Toots

Funny how time slips away – Lyle Lovett

Compared to what – John Legend and The Roots

Hear me Lord – Bonnie Raitt

Dear mr Fantast – Traffic

Paint it black – The Stones

Like a rolling stone (live) The Stones

Keep on Pushin’ – Mavis Staples

Six Strings Down – Jimmy Vaughn

Walking Blues (live) – Eric Clapton

Don’t shuffle me back – BareNaked Ladies and The Persuasions

Love and Elbows  – tdm

NEXT WEEK – Mike Plume – new music



Mulligan Stew May 30 2020
Your Saturday Night Stew with tdmulligan
walking blues eric clapton unplugged deluxe
six strings down jimmy vaughn This is Jimmy Vaughn
keep on pushing mavis staples reason to believe
morning dew the national day of the dead Next – Knopfler. Stones.Traffic
10th ave freeze out (live) little steven and the disciples of soul soul fire live
THIS is Mulligan Stew – Year 25
Trapper Mark Knopfler down the road wherever
paint it black the rolling stones 50 years
dear mr fantasy traffic dear mr fantasy Next – New Cali Honeydrops . Old bonnie raitt
in the air california honey drops single
hear me Lord bonnie raitt silverlining
Coming Up – Battle of The Bears and The Beatles
Grizzly bear blues corb lund agricultural tragic
Grizzly bear blues the youngbloods the youngbloods
Grizzly bear blues angus and julia stone grizzly bear
across the universe the beatles past masters – box set Next – the beatles and john legend & the roots
get back the beatles with billy preston past masters – beatles box
compared to what john legend and the roots wake up
worried man willie nelson and toots countryman
let ’em in the bros landreth undercover
mrs robinson (live) paul simon collection
funny how time slips away lyle lovett best of lyle lovett live
makin whoopie dr john and rickie lee jones anthology
Thank you for listening and did both right?? be safe
don’t shuffle me back Barenaked Ladies ladies and gentlemen. BNL & The persuasions


Mulligan Stew May 23rd 2020-Full on Spring!


“Get out my life, woman”…First lyrics sung on Saturdays Mulligan Stew on CKUA Radio…

Written by Alan Toussaint… A big hit by Lee Dorsey in the ’60s but times have changed.

This version is sung by The Wood Brothers – who are the funkiest brothers I know.  Speaking of brothers.

The Every Brothers end The Stew with Cathy’s Clown – released May 23 1960.

Also a big hit. The usual wicked harmonies.

In Between “The Brothers”

Van Morrison – Astral Weeks

Promised Land – Bruce Springsteen

Deep Purple – The story behind Smoke on the Water

Elton John – Capt Fantastic released on May 23, 1975

The Who  – Tommy  released May 23, 1969, My memories of Tommy in Amsterdam and The Keith Moon Moment

We salute the birthday of Bumps Blackwell – who produced

Sam Cooke and all the early Little Richard hits.

William Prince – Pearl Jam – Robbie Robertson – new Dylan – Mae Moore – Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Tom Petty Live – Jimi – Marvin – Colin Linden – Los Lobos – Maceo

Let’s get at it!!!


mulligan stew may 23 2020
get out my life woman (live) The Wood Brothers live at nail and tooth
i wish i had answered manx mariner mainline hellbound for heaven
Don’t fight it Phantomm Blues Band Still Cookin’ Next on The Stew – Astral Weeks
astral weeks Van Morrison Astral Weeks
the promised land Bruce Springsteen Darkness on the edge of town Next – Smoke on the Water.Lucy in the sky.Tommy
Smoke on the water Deep Purple Machine Head
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Elton John Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy
We’re not going to take it The Who Tommy
Playlist The Stew Year 25
you send me Sam Cooke Portrait of a legend 51-64
Long tall Sally Little Richard Here’s Little Richard
Tutti Fruit Little Richard Here’s Little Richard
Mulligan Stew – Year 25 Podcast at
Wasted William Prince Reliever
Buckle Up Pearl Jam Dance Of The Clairvoyants
Dead end kid Robbie Robertson Sinematic
False Prophet Bob Dylan Rough and rowdy ways
Love won’t find us here Mae Moore Dragonfly Next – Sister Roseta Tharpe
60 years more Madeleine Roger Cottonwood
Strange things happening everyday Sister Roseta Tharpe Vol 2
Coming UP – Tom Petty Live. Jimi. Colin Linden. Los Lobos
great wide open (live) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers An American Treasure
Remember Jimi Hendrix rainy day dream away
Trouble man marvin gaye Greatest Hits
Don’t let go Colin Linden. Luther Dickinson Amor coming up los lobos. Everly bros. Maceo
Come on let’s go Los Lobos Just another band from East LA
Cathy’s clown Everly Bros Best of
Cold Sweat Maceo Parker Soundcheck


Mulligan Stew May 16th 2020- Salute to Little Richard


Little Richard died hours before The Stew hit the air last week… I felt bad that I couldn’t salute him.

All of my best memories of Richard were in-person memories.

I’ll never forget the first and last times I saw him.

Izzy’s Supper Club. On Georgia Street in Vancouver.    late 60’s.  The whole big deal.., Full band. Lights. Sound. Impressive.

The band was like a finely tuned machine…


They played the opening riff to Lucille for what felt like 3-5 minutes.  Then and only then did  Richard walk out and lay his hands on the piano..the room just exploded.

He glared at the band members who weren’t keeping up…

“I’m the Georgia Peach, The prettiest man in the room and the bronze Liberace…The KING of Rock and Roll.”

The last time I saw him was at the opening of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

I was happy for him..getting in on the first ballot…, the original Hall of Famers.

I’ll be playing a handful of Little Richard classics. 

His place in rock is set forever.

Elvis was sexy, Fats was accepted by teens parents,  Jerry Lee was just flat-out wild baby, Chuck Berry was like a night train, James Brown made you move.  Richard was just dangerous. Adults saw him as a threat to friends and family.

Surprisingly, Bob Dylan and Richard admired and liked each other. Even though they walked very different roads, they saw something of themselves in each other.

In high school, Robert Zimmerman said, upon graduation, he wanted to be in Little Richard’s band.

Dylan is about to release Rough and Rowdy Ways,  a new album of original songs.  (June 19)

I hope to fit in 2 or the three advance singles…False Prophet and  Murder Most Foul. 

TWO new sponsors for The Stew.. (while our restaurant friends are on the sidelines)

(Thank You, Jodi Lucas, in CKUA Sales)

The first handcrafted distillery in Alberta and one of Canada’s best Eau Claire Distillery in Turner Valley




Noble Ridge Winery in Okanagan Falls, BC.  Owned by former Albertans Jim and Leslie D’Andrea (dawn-dree-ah)

Get you some NEW

Stones, Joel Plaskett, Fiona Apple, Lucinda Williams, Gregory Porter.

We start with Toots and finish with Birthday Boy Stevie Wonder and EVERYTHING in between


Mulligan Stew May 16 2020
TD Mulligan
Take me home Country Road Toots and The Maytals Spotify Singles
Wha she go do Bonnie Raitt Taking my Time
Mavis Nathaniel Rateleff And it’s still all right
Eau Claire Disillery
Don’t try to lay no boogie woogie Long John Baldry It ain’t easy
Roll away the stone Leon Russell Leon Russell
Medicine Hat Blackie and the Rodeo Kings King of this town
Me and my Arrow Nilsson The Point Next – Little Richard
slippin and slidin Little Richard Here’s Little Richard
Miss Ann Little Richard Here’s Little Richard
Lucille Little Richard Here’s Little Richard
Rip it up Little Richard Here’s Little Richard
Mulligan Stew CKUA Radio NEXT – New Bob Dylan
False Prophet Bob Dylan Rough and Rowdy Ways
2:19 John Hammond (and Tom Waits) Wicked Grin
Living in a Ghost Town The Rolling Stones single
This is The Stew with tdmulligan
Corina Corina Crowbar and King Biscuit Boy Official Music
3 Al Purdys Bruce Cockburn Bone on Bone
Freedom Colin James Bad Habits Mulligan Stew
Mercy Now Mike Farris Shine for all the people
Phoenix Gregory Porter All Rise
Stay Safe – thank you first responnders
Complicated Love Joel Plaskett 44
Bad news blues Lucinda Williams Good Souls Better Angels
Heavy Balloon Fiona Apple Fetch the Bolt Cutters
I contain Multitudes Bob Dylan Rough and Rowdy Ways
Made up Mind Tedeschi Trucks Band Make up Mind
Azad Frazey Ford U Kin be the Sun
Thank You for Listening and supporting TD Mulligan
You havent done nothing Stevie Wonder Fulfilingness first finale


Mulligan Stew May 9th 2020- The Radio Grande


Special Guests

Wendy Bird

Tom Taylor

Colin Nairne

They are The Radio Grande.

You’ve heard them with

Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts

The Cariboo Express

The High Bar Gang


She stole my beer

Their album is called  Town and Country


Even though I can’t call myself a fan of country music…I am smitten by these voices and these songs.


The rest of The Stew fills out nicely, I believe.

Roxy Music – Paul Butterfield – Linda Ronstadt singing The Stones and The Stones with a new song.

Jill Barber

Blue Rodeo

Doug Sahm

Paul Simon

Mark Knopfler

All Saints and Sting

New track from Sheryl Crow

Herbie Hancock with Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi

Tom Petty Live at The Fillmore

J Geils band Live in Detroit

And Monty freakin Alexander

Los Lobos

Hand Picked Saturday Night music for hunkering down.



Mulligan Stew May 09 2020
This is Mulligan Stew
avalon Roxy Music Avalon
New walking Blues Paul Butterfields Better Days Paul Butterfields Better Days
Tumbling Dice Linda Ronstadt Simple Dreams
Living in a Ghost Town The Rolling Stones single Special Guests Tonight – The Radio Grande
Le Monde est Beau Jill Barber single
photograph blue rodeo 5 days in July Mulligan Stew Podcast – Jason Priestley at Home on Zoom
Brothers in Arms Mark Knopfler The Ragpickers Dream (bonus)
Message in a Bottle All Saints and Sting single
Have you seen her The Chi-lites Best of
This is Mulligan Stew
are inlaws really ouitlaws? Sir Douglas Quintet – Doug Sahm Singles 68-72
Mother and child reunion Paul Simon The Paul Simon Collection
TD Mulligan – The Stew Coming UP – Herbie Hancock and Tedechi Trucks
Sham Time Medeski Martin Wood and John Scofield Juice Tonightrs guests – The Radio Grande
Space Captain Herbie Hancock – Tedeschi Trucks The Imagine Project
Lonely Town, Lonely Street Sheryl Crow and Citizen Cope single
2 dogs and a bone Los Lobos The town and The City Mulligan Stew Podcast – Jason Priestley at Home on Zoom
I won’t back down (live) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Am American Treasure
Wait (live) J Geils Band Anthology. House Party
Nutty Monte Alexander Wareika Hills Reggae NEXT – The Radio Grande
The Radio Grande Interview Tom Taylor. Wendy Bird. Colin Nairn
Let’s not call it Love The Radio Grande Town and Country
The Radio Grande Interview Tom Taylor. Wendy Bird. Colin Nairn
King of July The Radio Grande Town and Country
The Radio Grande Interview Tom Taylor. Wendy Bird. Colin Nairn
Come Spring The Radio Grande Town and Country
TD Mulligan – The Stew Mulligan Stew Podcast – Jason Priestley at Home on Zoom
Mother Leeroy Stagger Strange Path