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Mulligan Stew April 17th 2021- Special Guest Greg Keelor


Mulligan Stew April 17, 2021 – in the middle of a pandemic.

The very special guest on this week’s Stew is Greg Keelor!!

  Co-Founder, co-Singer, co-Writer of one of Canada’s premier bands Blue Rodeo. Share the Love is his 6th solo album.

When asked did he know how many he has done and what the names are the answer was No.

And that was the first question. I had another 45 minutes of questions. Now what?

Greg spun his first story about he and Jimmy Bowskill sitting around, in a hash haze throwing lines and guitar licks back and forth and all of a sudden there’s an album taking shape.

They recorded it and went to a small community center at a lake to play the songs again while video cameras shot the songs for promo.

THAT recording was so good, they scrapped the studio record and went with the community hall by the lake session.

That was Greg’s answer to the second question…and we were off and running.

We cover a lot of ground with Greg and downs.  Losses both human and personal.

The album is very good. His best work yet. We both agreed that the feel of the record was much like the late ’60s in LA with Buffalo Springfield and The Byrds.

He’s a good man that Greg Keelor.

And hello Jimmy Bowskill!

If you’re interested – the complete ramble can be heard on the Mulligan Stew Podcast.  You’ve subscribed, right?

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The playlist below covers a lot of territory.

Faces, Dan Lanois, Smokey and the Miracles, Doors, Corb Lund, Dylan, Boz, Bruce Live, Carole King Live,…lots more



Mulligan Stew April 17 Special Guest – Greg Keelor with 6th solo album Share the Love
I don’t need no doctor John Scofield. John Mayer That’s what I say
Memphis Faces A nod is as good as a wink
(Under the) Heavy Sun Daniel Lanois Heavy Sun
I second that emtion The Miracles Hitsville www.river-café.com
You make me feel so free Van Morrison Into the music
Alabama Song (whisky bar) The Doors The Doors
Hold on I’m coming Sam and Dave Best of Stax
A hard rains gonna fall Leon Russell Leon Russell and the Shelter People
This is Mulligan Stew – Guest is Greg Keelor
Get together Jesse Colin Young and Steve Miller Song Aid Vol 002
Old men Corb Lund Agricultural Tragic
Lucy in the Sky The Beatles Sgt pepper
Good Vibrations The Beach Boys Greatest Hits
BlueBerry Hill Fats Domino Live at Univercity of New Orleans
Coming UP – Greg Keelor (blue rodeo) with his new solo album
Peace Train The Bros. Landreth with Murray Pulver single
Coming UP – Greg Keelor (blue rodeo) with his new solo album
Slow train Bob Dylan Slow Train Coming
Down in Virginia Boz Scaggs Out of the blues
Goodbye Jimmy Reed Bob Dylan Rough and Rowdy Ways
Raise your hand (live) Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Live 75/85
Up on the roof (live) Carole King Live at Montreaux Coming UP – Greg Keelor – and his new album Share the Love
For what its worth Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield
My back pages The Byrds Younger than Yesterday NEXT – Greg Keelor
Greg Keelor Interview in conversation with TDMulligan
White dove Greg Keelor Share the Love
Greg Keelor Interview complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Share the Love Greg Keelor Share the Love
Greg Keelor Interview Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Feather Witch Greg Keelor Share the Love
Greg Keelor Interview Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Wonder Greg Keelor Share the Love

Mulligan Stew April 10th 2021-Special Guest – Sook-Yin Lee and new album jooj two for the Spring Smile


The music this week almost picked itself. In celebration of warmth on our shoulders and shots in our arms.

In normal years, we would see more smiles around us but not this year.

So please consider this April 10  Mulligan Stew your official Spring Smile.

Vancouver’s Mint Records yesterday released Soon-Yin Lee and Adam Litovitz jooj two albums 

Behind the release, there’s a very personal story – the love and loss between Sook and Adam.

“When we were making the song ‘Wrecking Heart’, Adam and I looked at each other, blown away by this song that was like nothing we’d ever written. It began with a supercharged sonic fragment he made that became the foundation of an unapologetic banger of a song that possessed and moved through us. We blasted it on the stereo, danced and air-guitared to it. Unconsciously, our lyrics seemed to telegraph our separation. “It sounds like a break up song,” he said, much to our disbelief at a time when we were very much together. But life challenges ended up pushing us in different directions. Though separated, we remained best friends, holding out hope that we would make our way back to each other. Adam landed a job scoring a TV series and I worked on our album, incorporating his notes. He said that he looked forward to playing cathartic meltdown live shows with me.
But that was not to be. Adam is no longer here. I believe he exists on other planes, in those who love him, and in our music, in his music, drawings, and writing. With this album, ‘jooj two’, I pick up the pieces of this Wrecking Heart, honoured to share our music.”

– Sook-Yin Lee


Adam took his own life. Sook-Yin patiently takes us through what happened and how it shaped the songs and her life. And yes, even though all this, we share smiles and laughs.

I’ve known Sook-Yin a  long time… I think it shows in the discussion.

The complete and very engaged conversation can be heard on the Mulligan Stew Podcast EP 151

On Spotify. Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

Follow Sook-Yin Lee

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Mulligan Stew April 10 2021
honest man matt anderson honest man
on your way down trombone shorty and allen toussaint Backatown
we got to get out of this place dan auerbach single
superstition wide spread panic and dirty dozen brass band this is our new orleans Coming UP – Sook Yin Lee Interview
break your Mother’s heart Stephen Fearing The Unconquerable Past
The Healer John Lee Hooker and Carlos Santana Dance of the rainbow serpent
The healing song dominique fils-aime three little words
Healing son real and jessie reyez The Aaron album Coming UP – Sook Yin Lee Interview
funny how time slips away lyle lovett and al green rhythm, country and blues
angel of Harlem U2 Rattle and hum
(under the) Heavy Sun Daniel Lanois Heavy Sun
Maybe I’m Amazed (live) Paul McCartney Wings over America Coming UP – Jackson Browne..Peter Gabriel.Rickie Lee Jones
Groovin’ The Rascals Greatest Hits
This is Mulligan Stew – Year 26
Running on empty (live) jackson browne. david lindley. En vivo con tino Love is strange
shaking the tree peter gabriel. Youssou N’dour secret world live – 16 golden greats
love is gonna bring us back alive (live) Rickie Lee Jones Live at Red Rocks Coming UP – Sook Yin Lee Interview
Sook Yin Lee Interview complete interview on mulligan stew podcast.
Re-Veil Sook Yin Lee – Adam Litovitz jooj Two
Sook Yin Lee Interview complete interview on mulligan stew podcast.
run away with her Sook Yin Lee – Adam Litovitz jooj Two
Sook Yin Lee Interview the complete amazing interview on mulligan stew podcast
wrecking heart Sook Yin Lee – Adam Litovitz jooj Two
Sook Yin Lee Interview
rumble Sook Yin Lee – Adam Litovitz jooj Two
the complete conversation with Sook can be experienced at Mulligan Stew Podcast – Spotify. Google play. Apple Podcasts
The king must die Elton John Elton John


Mulligan Stew April 3rd 2021- We made it through Winter! Let’s CELEBRATE today. Music and Nomads 5Mtn/4Pacific


Welcome to The Stew – Year 26.  Hope you’re having a  memorable Easter weekend.

It’s another one of those “a donor sent me off in a new direction” emails.  They’re always welcome.

Donor Hour One just said – “Do what you do”

So…it’s a mix of JJ Cale, Leo Kottke, Kinks, G Love and Keb Mo, Walk off the Earth, Lake Street Dive, Ron Sexsmith, John Hiatt, Colin James, Ariel Posen and Mick Jagger with the Red Devils.

The Donor of Hour Two suggests…

“In light of so many racial divides and intolerances  to cultural differences, perhaps a focus on cultural musical influences would be a way to open the mind””

With that in mind the mix of Saturday night music includes…

Sting and Shirazee, Wyclef Jean, Taj Mahal, and Los Lobos, Toots and Keith Richards, Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mombasa, Los Lobos. 


New tracks from Paul McCartney/Beck and Van Morrison.

Blue Rodeo, Feist, and The Stones Midnight Rambler finish off the first Saturday of Spring.


The Mulligan Stew Podcast is very special – First it’s EP 150.

Nomadland may very well win the Oscar for Best Film. It’s been winning lots of other awards including @CriticsChoice.

We have interviews with the actual Nomads who the story, book, and screenplay were written about and who play themselves in the film.

Swankie, Linda May, Bob Wells plus the author of the book Jessica Bruder.

Happy Easter weekend all!

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The Stew April 3 Have a safe Easter
world turning Leo Kottke standing in my shoes
shady grove JJ Cale Number 10
Mississippi Phone Booth John Hiatt and Jerry Douglas single
Lola (live) The Kinks One for the road Podcast-The Nomads from Nomadland
Go crazy G. Love S. Sauce and Keb Mo The Juice
Checking up on my baby Mick Jagger and The Red Devils The very best of Mick
Being a woman Lake St Dive Obviously
How is it Walk off the Earth How is it
Brighter still Ron Sexsmith Exit strategy of the mind
Heart by heart Ariel Posen Headway Podcast-The Nomads from Nomadland. The real deal
For no one The Beatles Revolver
The shape I’m in (re-mix) The Band Stage Fright (remastered)
Rainy day dream away Colin James Traveler
TDMulligan – The Stew Coming UP – Sting. Taj.Toots.Feist.Stones to close
Tootie mama is a big fine girl Medeski, Scofield, Martin and Wood Juice
This is Mulligan Stew – Year 26 The Podcast is – The Real Nomads from Nomadland
Englishman/African in New York Sting/Shirazee African in New York
La Bamba Wyclef Jean Konpa 200% Soleil
Never let you go Taj Mahal and Los Lobos Maestro
Careless Ethiopians Toots & Maytals and Keith Richards True Love Next – McCartney and Beck/ New Van Morrison. Feist Podcast – The real Nomads from Nomadland
find my way Paul McCartney and Beck single
Mushaboom (Mocky Mix) Feist Open Season Stew Podcast – The real nomads of Nomadland
after the rain Blue Rodeo Casino
Diamonds on the soles of her shoes (live) Paul Simon & Black Ladysmith Mombasa Live in NYC
Malaque Los Lobos Disconnected in NYC
Midnight Rambler The Rolling Stones Let it Bleed
Be CAREFUL out there Have a safe EASTER Be KIND


Mulligan Stew March 27th 2021-The New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers release their Volume 2 album.


Alvin Youngblood Hart/Charlie Musselwhite/the late Jim Dickinson, his sons Cody and Luther from N Miss. All-Stars and guest Jimbo Mathus.

Together they are/were New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers.

Years ago they found themselves on a tour bus except someone had booked an airport shuttle vehicle so there was no lying down to nap…

So Charlie made out a list of old blues songs for Luther to discover and that’s how this whole project began…(or so I’m told)

They decided to book a studio and for two days they sat around in a song circle and yelled out song titles to each other and everyone played them into the mics.

Out of that session came enough songs for two albums but the project was shelved while the business of music took over their lives.

UNTIL Holger Peterson heard about the tapes and decided they would make great records. (or so I’m told)

It was in part a tribute to the legendary career of Jim Dickinson who had passed away.

(Jimbo Mathus)

During this conversation with Jimbo Mathus (X-Squirrel Nut Zippers), he tells a great tale of what’s happened to the blues and blues players in and around Clarksdale, Memphis and the deep south.

FYI – the playlist includes

A live 9-minute track called Dog on the Run by the then brand new Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  Recorded 1977 in Boston

Only 500 “official Bootleg” lp’s were pressed.  For media/radio only. I got the guys to sign it later that year.

(They have released several version of Dogs on the Run but they vary from album to album. This version kicks the doors down)

Live ‘Leg – Signed by the band!


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The STEW March 27 2021
Rag Mama Rag (live) Levon Helm and friends Rumble at the Ryman
Been down so long (live) Sting. Jeff Beck Live! For Life
Something you got Jerry Douglas and Eric Clapton Traveller
Mulligan Stew Special Guest – New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers
Mavis WE ARE
Freedom Jon Batiste WE ARE
Poetry Man Pheobe Snow Best of
Gone at Last Paul Simon Still crazy Coming UP – Mark. BARK. The Nevilles
So far away (live) Mark Knopfler and EmmytLou Harris Real Live RoadRunning
Water or Gasoline Blackie and the Rodeo Kings Chains of Love
Power Daniel Lanois Heavy Sun
Brother John. Iko Iko The Neville Bros Fiyo on the Bayou
You left me Dominique Fils-Aime Three Little Words
Honky Tonk Part 2 Bill Doggett Leaps and Bounds coming UP – RARE Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Dog on the Run (live) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Official Live Bootleg NEXT – New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers Interview
Jimbo Mathus Interview New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers
Blues for Yesterday New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers Vol 2
Jimbo Mathus Interview
Searchlight New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers Vol 2
Jimbo Mathus Interview New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers
Blackwater New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers Vol 2
Jimbo Mathus Interview
She’s about a Mover New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers Vol 2
Weasel and the white boys cool (live) Rickie Lee Jones Live at Red Rocks
Peg (live) Steely Dan Alive in America

Mulligan Stew March 20th 2021- Featuring Dominque Fils-Aime


When was the last time we heard of an artist – just beginning a career – publicly announce that she was releasing a  trilogy of albums. Each with its own character.

That’s exactly what Montreal-born Dominque Fils-Aime did.

Nameless (2018) – Inspired by Blues

Stay Tuned (2019) – Inspired by Jazz. Won Juno for Best Jazz Vocal

Three Little Words (2021) – Inspired by soul. R&B, Gospel

(all three released in February during Black History Month)

Best of all Dominique is a singular voice. Like a breath of fresh air.

First comes a groove. Sometimes played by bass and drums and sometimes laid down by tightly harmonized voices like a horn section.

Overtop are layers of emotion, melody, lyrics, and pure feeling.

I am just so impressed with her talent and vision.

Catch her up close while you can. We’ll be sharing her with The World soon.


(ps..we have a Jon Batiste Vinyl version of his WE ARE Album to give away)

Latest album Three Little Words.


The Stew – with TDMulligan Our Guest Dominique Fils-Aime March 20 2021
Suite Judy Blue Eyes Crosby, Stills & Nash CSN
Blues for yesterday New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers Vol 2
Delta Lady (live) Joe Cocker & Mad Dogs Mad Dogs and Englishmen (Deluxe)
Glenfern Kathleen Edwards Total Freedom Coming UP – The Wood Brothers
A dreams a dream The Wood Brothers Kingdom of the Mind
Honey Jar The Wood Brothers The Muse
Midnight Rider The Wood Brothers Up above my head www.river-café.com
Bang a Gong U2/Elton John Bang a Gong -Tribute to Marc Bolan-T Rex
How Lucky Kurt Vile & John Prine Speed. Sound Lonely KV – EP
Calling me home Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi Water Bound
Jon Batiste Vinyl Contest Put Jon Batiste in Subject
we are Jon Batiste We Are
TDMulligan – The Stew Year 26 coming UP Dominque Fils-Aime
Hey Hey What can I do Led Zeppelin Coda (Deluxe)
September Fields Frazey Ford September Fields
Thing called Love John Hiatt Bring the Family
The Pretender Jackson Browne The Pretender
Willin’ (live) Linda Ronstadt Live in Hollywood Next – Dominique Fils-Aime Three Little Words
Interview with Dominique Fils-Aime with TDMulligan
Mind made up Dominique Fils-Aime Three Little Words
Interview with Dominique Fils-Aime with TDMulligan
Grow Mama grow Dominique Fils-Aime Three Little Words
Interview with Dominique Fils-Aime
Love take over Dominique Fils-Aime Three Little Words
Interview with Dominique Fils-Aime with TDMulligan
Stand by me Dominique Fils-Aime Three Little Words Podcast is Van Gogh Immersion
Here comes the Sun The Beatles Abbey Road
April she will come (live) Simon and Garfunkle Live at Central Park – NYC
A beautiful morning The Rascals Greatest Hits
Mulligan Stew Podcast-The story of Van Gogh Immersive Event Subscribe Spotify. Google Play. Apple Podcasts Thank You
Shake it Break it New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers Vol 1


MulliganStew March 13th 2021- Guest Ziggy Alberts



Hello All:

Here’s the deal.

This weeks Stew is a mix of many MANY themes and passions.

The guest is Ziggy Alberts from Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia.

His 8th album Searching for Freedom comes out next Friday.

The Zig is like an OZ version of Brian Wilson.  Bags of songs. Driven by surfing and constantly seeking new directions.

The complete interview can be experienced on the Mulligan  Stew Podcast (Spotify. Apple podcasts. Google play)

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We gots some classic tracks from:

Rory Gallagher

Rod Stewart


Van Morrison

Neil Young

The Band

Linda Ronstadt

Elvis Costello


Steely Dan



Tom Petty Live

New music from


Ariel Posen

Kingfish Ingram

The Devil makes three

All them Witches

Dominque fils-Aime

Whos IN??


The Stew March 13 2021 TDMulligan
leaving town blues rory gallagher blues
every picture tells astory rod stewart every picture tells a story
b roken bones KALEO A/B Tonights Guest – Ziggy Alberts
After the Goldrush kd lang hymns for the 49th parrallel
heart by heart ariel posen headway
rock and roll kingfish ingram single 2020 Coming UP – songs for sean
old #7 the devil makes three the devil makes three
The marriage of coyote woman All them witches lightning at the door
could it be dominique fils-aime three little words
sulpher to sugarcane elvis costello. secret. profane and sugarcane TDMulligan Year 26
a town called paradise van morrison no guru. No method., no teacher
THIS is Mulligan Stew CKUA Radio Terry David Mulligan
Melinda (live) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Soundstage
Hey Hey Out of the blue Neil Young and crazy horse Remaster of Rust never Sleeps
Rock and roll shoes (live) The Band rock of ages
tumbling dice Linda Ronstadt Greatest hits (new master)’s the Stew Year 26
things have changed bob dylan the essential BD
my old school steely dan countdown to ecstacy
love hurts (acoustic) Nazareth Big Dogs
hide your love Rolling Stones Goatshead Soup
TDMulligan – Host of Mulligan Stew Ziggy Alberts is featiured on the Mulligan Stew Podcast
Ziggy Alberts Interview Podcast complete interview at Mulligan Stew Podcast
Heartbeat ziggy alberts searching for freedom
Ziggy Alberts Interview Podcast complete interview at Mulligan Stew Podcast
Letting Go ziggy alberts searching for freedom
Put it where you want it The Crusaders best of

Mulligan Stew March 6th 2021- Special Guest Ariel Posen


Ariel Posen is an admitted guitar-for-hire.

I discovered him through the music of The Bros Landreth.

Joey and David were the first to take me aside and say “watch that guy…he’s much more than a guitar player.”

And so we arrive at that moment when Ariel steps out with his second solo album Headway.

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His songs. His band. His voice.  Pure Posen

And just like the Bros. he already had a growing and established audience in Europe.. He lived in Cork, Ireland for years, toured all over that part of the world. Many in his audience discovered his playing when he regularly demo’d guitars for a large music chain. They had no idea he also sang and wrote his own music. All the fans and fan mags knew was – he was a great guitar player.

We found Ariel now living in Montreal.  You’re going to love this guy.

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Allman Bros

Stephen Stills

Mark Knopfler


Dominique Fils-Aime  Kick Off The Stew.

Chris Cornell doing John Lennon

Paul McCartney – new solo

The Wood bros Live

Tedeschi Trucks

Ray Charles

Blue Rodeo Live

Steve Miller Band

Fats Live

And  lot MORE



Mulligan Stew Here we go
Broken Bones Mark Knopfler Tracker
treetop  flyer Stephen Stills Live at Sheppards Bish
Come on in my kitchen Allman Brothers Shades of two Worlds
Made up mind Dominique Fils-Aime 3 Little Words Coming UP – Fats. Dr John. Stevie “guitar” Miller
Hello Josephine  (live) Fats Domino Live
Trick Bag Crescent City Gold The Ultimatre Session NEXT – Ganger of Love and Watching  the Wheels
Gangster of love The Steve Miller Band Sailor
Watching the wheels Chris Cornell No one sings like you anymore
Find my way Paul McCartney McCartney 3 Coming UP – Ariel Posen Interview Hello
Do I look worried? The Tedeschi Trucks Band Made up Mind
Let’s go get stoned Ray Charles The Greatest
Lost together (LIVE) Blue Rodeo Live at Massey Hall Let’s get loaded  with The Wood Brothers
I got loaded (live) The  Wood Brothers Live at The Barn
This is The Stew – with TDMulligan
Ariel Posen Interview with tdm
Heart by Heart Ariel Posen Headway
Ariel Posen Interview Mulligan Stew
Now I see Ariel Posen Headway
Ariel Posen Interview Mulligan Stew
Carry me Home Ariel Posen Headway
This is The Stew – with TDMulligan
Stand Up Joshua Henry Stand Up
Hey – It’s The Stew with terrydavidmulligan
Jealous again The Black Crowes Shake your money maker
Jealous again (acoustic) The Black Crowes Shake your money maker (deluxe) 30th anniversary
On your way down Trombone Shorty and Allen Tousaint Backatown Next – Bunny Wailer
Dreamland Bunny Wailer Classic Reggae
Johnny Too Bad Bunny Wailer Protest www.river-café.com
Not Fade Away The Rolling Stones Stripped
Stand by me John Lennon Working Class hero
Cupid Amy Winehouse Back to Black (DELUXE)

Mulligan Stew Feb 27th 2021-Wall to Wall hand-picked music!


The Stew is wall to wall hand-picked music


Strong  Mulligan Stew donor suggestions drive this weeks playlist.

Here’s a mix of their favourites and mine..


Kick off with


Shape I’m in – The Band (New remaster of Stage Fright LP)

PJ Harvey and Thom Yorke

The amazing Dominque Fils-Aime

Valerie June and Carla Thomas (Valerie  in Calgary Saturday night)


Best of the Rest –

Two Van Morrison tracks

2 John Mayer tracks

Bettye LaVette does Dylan

Dylan does Dylan


The Hour Two donors lean all  the way into Cash Country.  Yesterday was Johnny Cash’s Birthday.

With  several tracks by Johnny Cash (his birthday Saturday)

Roseanne Cash– with Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello

Sheryl Crowe and Joe Walsh

Toots in Memphis

Sam Roberts

And we finish with a couple of guitar gunslingers Chuck Berry and Eric Clapton Live – wailing on Wee Wee Hours.


Playlist at

And this week  on the Mulligan Stew Podcast Buffy Saint-Marie guests from Hawaii – on the occasion of her 80th Birthday. The complete Interview.

Next week – Ariel Posen


Mulligan Stew Feb 27 2021
This is The Stew
This mess we’re in PJ Harvey – Thom Yorke Stories from The City. Stories from The Sea
You left me Dominique Fils-Aime Three Little Words
Call me a Fool Valerie June & Carla Thomas The Moon and Stars www.river-café.com
Star of the County Down Van Morrison and The Chieftans Irish Heartbeat
Empty Ray Lamontagne Til the Sun turns black Coming up – Beatles. Boz.Betye and Blue Shadows. They are Killer B’s
I will The Beatles White LP
Playlist at
Last Tango on 16th Street Boz Scaggs A fool to care
Things have changed Bettye LaVette Things have changed
False Prophet Bob Dylan Rough and Rowdy Ways Coming UP – Van Morrison and Blue Shadows
How far from God Van Morrison and The Chieftans Roll with the Punches
Deliver Me The Blue Shadows On the floor of Heaven Coming UP – The CASH Family and The Boss
Crawl into the promised land Rosanne Cash Single
I won’t back down Johnny Cash American 111
Sea of Heartbreak Rosanne Cash and Bruce Springsteen The List
Junko Partner Crescent City Gold The Ultimate Session
Malibu Man Dan Auerbach Waiting on a song
Inner City blues Molly Johnson Meaning to tell you
Still the good old days Sheryl Crowe and Joe Walsh Threads
NEXT – John Mayer-Toots. Sam Roberts. Rossane Cash / Elvis. Chuck Berry
Free Fallin’ (live) John Mayer Where the light is
Waiting on the World to change John Mayer and Ben Harper The Village Sessions
I’ve got dreams Toots Hibbard Toots in Memphis
War Chest Sam Roberts All us Us
This is Mulligan Stew – year 26
Don’t think twice, it’s alright Johnny Cash Orange Blossom Special
Heartache by the Numbers Rosanne Cash and Elvis Costello The List
Thanks for Listening Check out Mulligan Stew Podcast Spotify-Google Play.Apple Podcasts
Wee Wee Hours (live) Chuck Berry and Eric Clapton Hail Hail Rock and Roll

MulliganStew Feb 20th 2021- Happy Birthday Buffy!


It appears we have a Saskatoon thing going on this week.

One of the brightest lights on our music world – Saskatoon’s  Buffy Saint Marie is turning 80 years old Saturday!

She is without a doubt the best-looking 80-year-old we know.

She could pin me two falls out of three.

We’re calling her in Hawaii on Saturday as a special guest on The  Stew.

Winner of an Academy Award, a Grammy, Multiple Junos, Order of Canada, and  – trust me – many more.

We’ll take time to talk to Buffy about her life, career highlights, personal moments that define who she is and what’s next.

Tucker Lane

Also from Saskatoon – Leslie Stanwyck and Johnny Sinclair from Tucker Lane. (X – Pursuit of Happiness)

They are releasing a new album called Random Fireworks on a beach obscured by trees.


In hour two of The Stew, we celebrate the life of Susan McCulloch. Lost to cancer Jan 12/2021.

Her family and friends are virtually gathered to remember the light of their life.

But Susan’s songs will play on.


Please join us in the music for Susan…


Mulligan Stew Feb 20 2021
Welcome to The Stew with TDMulligan Its Buffy’s Birthday – She’s our guest shortly
Squib Cakes Tower of Power Back to Oakland
Look at Little Sister Stevie Ray Vaughn The Real Deal www.river-café.com
Buffy Ste Marie Interview It’s Buffys Birthday – from Hawaii
Segments B.C and D
Mulligan Stew Playlist at
Stand by me Dominique Fils-Aime 3 little words
Tucker Lane Interview From Saskatoon
Ghosts Tucker Lane Random Fireworks on a beach obscured by Trees
Tucker Lane Interview
Stevie Nicks Freedom Tucker Lane Random Fireworks on a beach obscured by Trees
Tucker Lane Interview
Blue Sky High Tucker Lane Random Fireworks on a beach obscured by Trees
Free Fallin Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Full Moon Fever
Regret Corb Lund Cabin Fever (Deluxe)
Coming UP – Bonnie Raitt. Tina. CCR.Van.Neil.Otis The Stew Hour Two
Angel from Montgomery (live) Bonnie Raitt and friends Road Tested
Proud Mary Tina Turner 1993 Single
Bad Moom Rising Creedance Clearwater Revival Chronicles – 20 hits Coming UP – Van the Man, Neil Young, Otis Redding
Brown eyed girl Van Morrison Blowing your Mind
Harvest Moon Neil Young Harvest Moon
Dock of the Bay Otis Redding Dock of the Bay
This is The Stew with TDMulligan Podcast is Rock Camp – The Movie Subscribe at Spotify. Google.Apple Podcats
This hour celebrates the life of Susan McCulloch For her famiuly and dear friends..who are gathered..
Hotel California (live) The Eagles When Hell Freezes Over
Always Alright Alabama Shakes Silver Lining Playbook
When Love comes to town U2 and BB King Rattle and Hum Podcast is Rock Camp – The Movie
Power of Prayer Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Letter for you
Song for Susan Crosby, Stills & Nash Daylight Again
We’ll meet again Johnny Cash Cash








Mulligan Stew Feb 13th 2021- Valentines Day Weekend 2021


Saturday night The STEW  will surely rock on Valentine’s Eve.

  Those two hours will feature great suggestions from two of whom is our own Ken Regan.

They requested

Coco Jafro


Rolling stones

Two songs by John Mayall and Peter Green


I surrounded those choices with


The O’Jays

Tami Nielson


Les McCann and Eddie Harris

Mose Allison


Ariel Posen

Tedeschi Trucks band

Neil Young

Norah Jones

Jerry Garcia Band Live  (Dear Prudence)

For Finley. Dancing in her PJ’s


The Mulligan Stew Podcast is with Kris Kristofferson

Kris Kristofferson has retired.

What a road he walked in his lifetime.

Hung around Johnny Cash’s studio as the janitor and pitched him multiple songs ((he talks about it here)

Helped to start the songwriting trend in Nashville that brought respectability to Country Music (he talks about it here)

Joined Waylon, Willie, and Johnny to form The Highwaymen.

Leaves behind a really good film career. From A Star is Born to Blade. ( (he talks about it here)

Awarded a Rhodes’ Scholarship. Was a helicopter pilot in the Army. ((he talks about it here)

When Kris left the Army to be a songwriter he was disowned by his family.

He leaves behind a wonderful rainbow of songs and memories of Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash, Shooter Jennings, the Cash film I walk the Line, John Prine, Dylan. All of which he talks about here.

This interview took place backstage at the 2006 Calgary Folk Festival.

It was a quickly arranged media press conference and the only other person I knew was Tom Coxworth, asking questions for Folk Routes.. I tried to include as many questions as I could hear on my recorder.

Kris’  greatest accomplishment?  Being a Father to 8 children.

Kris has asked that he would like the first three lines of Leonard Cohen’s Bird on a Wire to be on his tombstone

Like a bird on the wire
Like a drunk in a midnight choir
I have tried in my way to be free

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