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Mulligan Stew Jan 9th 2021- Weeping in The Promised Land


All time is history. However…right now we appear to be living through a very historical time. For all the wrong reasons.

A Covid 19 pandemic systematically stealing lives.

Angry revolts in the streets of America. Divided friends and families.

Dark and lonely days my friends.

It’s a lot to ask music to heal these days but heal it can.  That’s asking a lot of artists who are going through their own hell.

But try we must. heal we must.

Let’s try on Saturday night…One tune at a time including one very special song from John Fogerty.

It’s called Weeping in the Promised land.

John wrote the title down 25 years ago and only now has it become a record.

John couldn’t figure what the song wanted to say until 2020.  Then it came to him.

Just John Fogerty at a piano and an unseen choir.  Powerful stuff friends…

(the video below is a slightly different version of the one I’m going to play)

Along the way we’re going to celebrate famous birthdays on this Day Jan 9

Dave Mathews  – 1967

Jimmy Page – 1944

Joan Baez – 1941

Roy Head – 1941

We’ll also play tunes by Lou Reed – who married a cocktail waitress named Betty in 1973. For a couple of days.

The Beatles whose album Beatles 65 went from #98 to #1 in a week in 1965

The Rolling Stones – because the heart and soul of that band Mr. Charlie Watts first sat down at the  Stones drum kit in 1963.

Throw in some Bob Dylan – Crossing the Rubicon

The Band and The Staple Singers

Leeroy Stagger

BB King and Van Morrison

BB King and Eric Clapton

Steve Earle

Ray Charles

Chrissie Hynde

Onward my friends – there’s a new day coming


Mulligan Stew Jan 9 2021 Onward
Albert’s Shuffle Kooper. Bloomfield.Stills Super Session
Stronger than that Bahamas Bahamas is Afie
Subterranean Homesick Blues Rickey Lee Jones The Village
Heatwave (live) Joan Osbourne Standing in the Shadow of Motown
early in the morning BBKIng and Van Morrison BB King and friends (80)
Riding with the King BBKing and Eric Clapton Riding with the King NEXT – Dave Mathews.Led Zep.Joan Baez.Roy Head
you and me Dave Mathews Band Big Whiskey
Going to California Led Zeppelin LZ 4
The night they drove old Dixie down Joan Baez Blessed are…
Treat her right Roy Head Still treat em right Coming UP – A Beatles Mix
I’ll be back The Beatles Beatles 65
Watching the wheels Chris Cornell No one sings like you anymore tdmulligan
Weeping in a Promised Land John Fogerty Single
This is Mulligan Stew www.mulliganstew.cxa
walking the dog The Rolling Stones Englands Newest Hitmakers
Dirty Blvd Lou Reed Dirty Blvd
Good News CoCo Love Alcorn Wonderland
Crossing the Rubicon Bob Dylan Rough and Rowdy Ways NEXT – The Band and The Staple Singers
The Last Waltz Suite – The Weight The Band and Staple Singers The Last Waltz
Caught in the Middle Leeroy Stagger Me and The Mountain Coming UP – Steve Earle. Dion. Ray Charles.Chrissie Hynde
Champagne Corolla Steve Earle JT
blues coming on Dion and Joe Bonamassa Blues with Friends
Mulligan Stew
Drown in my own tears (live) Ray Charles Live
How glad I am Chrissie Hynde and Valve Bone Woe Valve Bone Woe



Mulligan Stew Jan 2nd 2021- Top Albums of the Year featuring 12 guests!


 12 Interview Guests – One for Each Month

On New Year’s Day CKUA Radio revealed their Top 100 Albums of 2020.


(Music that got us through)

When I saw who was on the list – I saw friends who had agreed to guest on Mulligan Stew throughout the year.

So……I’m very happy to tell you that our  guests are

Frazey Ford

William Prince

Margo Price

Ron Sexsmith

Roy Forbes

Andy Shauf

Mike Plume

Corb Lund

Nathaniel Rateliff


Elvis Costello

Tami Neilson


It will be my pleasure to host the feature interview with Frazey Ford and tell her she was  #1 for 2020.

Plus we finish with tracks from

Bruce Springsteen (who did not make the list – um Hellooooo?)


The man who released the BEST album of 2020 – Rough and Rowdy Ways – Bob Dylan!!


HAVE A GREAT 2021 – Onward My Friends


The Stew Jan 2 – Interview Guests who made the Top 100
Frazey Ford Interview #1 on CKUA Top 100
U and Me Frazey Ford U Kin B the Sun
Frazey Ford Interview #1 on CKUA Top 100
Azad Frazey Ford U Kin B the Sun
Frazey Ford Interview SURPRISE!!!! NEXT – Ron Sexsmith And Rockin Roy
Ron Sexsmith #70 – Top 100/2020
Spring of the Following Year Ron Sexsmith Meritage
Roy Forbes Interview #46 – Top 100 / 2020
Don’t let go Roy Forbes Edge of Blue
The Stew Jan 2 – Top 100 Hits of 2020 NEXT – William Prince. Margo Price.Tami Neilson. Mike Plume
William Prince Interview #5 Top 100/2020
The Spark William Prince Reliever
Mulligan Stew Jan 2
Margo Price Interview #26 – Top 100/2020
When I’m gone Margo Price That’s how rumours get started
Mulligan Stew Jan 2
Tami Neilson Interview #16 – Top 100
Queenie Queenie Tami Neilson Chicka Boom
Mike Plume Interview #53 – Top 100
Perfume and Gasoline Mike Plume Lonesome Stretch of Highway Still to come Corb . Nathaniel. Afie Elvis
Andy Shauf Interview #18 – Top 100
Neon Skyline Andy Shauf Neon Skyline
Mulligan Stew Jan 2 Interview Guests who made the Top 100
Corb Lund Interview #4 – Top 100 of 2020
90 seconds of your time Corb Lund Agricultural Tragic
Nathaniel Rateliff Interview #38 – Top 100
But it’s alright Nathaniel Rateliff But it’s alright
Bahamas Interview (Afie Jurvanen) #36
Less than love Bahamas Sad Hunk Coming Up Kathleen Edwards
Hard on everyone #13 Kathleen Edwards Total Freedom
Strong Enough Ray Lamontagne Monovision
Mulligan Stew Jan 2 Still to come Elvis Costello. Bruce Springsteen and Dylan
Elvis Costello Interview #39 – Top 100
Hey Clockface Elvis Costello Hey Clockface
The Power of Prayer Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band A Letter to you Have a GREAT 2021 – Onward Friends
Murder most Fowl #27 Bob Dylan Rough and Rowdy Ways

Mulligan Stew Dec 26th 2020- Boxing Day Blowout!


What does one do with a Boxing Day on radio.?


Unlike Christmas, there are very few Boxing Day songs, films, there’s no Boxing Day freakin Elves.

The party is OVER.

Throw another log on the fire.

Sleep. Nap. Repeat!

And listen to the BOXING DAY STEW ON CKUA Radio.


We are one week away from announcing the CKUA Top 100 albums of 2020.

( Jan 1st pretty much all day – the #1 artist will be announced around 5:50 PM on New Years Day.)


Then next Saturday, Jan 2 I will have that artist on Mulligan Stew for a surprise interview.


So this week I was thinking about memorable interviews and albums that should be considered..

We’ll go back and hear short comments from…

Colin Linden about Blackie and the Rodeo Kings King of this town.

The War and Treaty and their album Hearts Town.

Kurt Vile – singing with John Prine on Speed Sound Lonely KV (ep)

Eric Burton – Writer/Singer/Busker for Black Pumas

Check out the playlist below – IT’S A BOXING DAY BLOWOUT!!

From Albert King to Springsteen Live and  Ry Cooder. Mavis/Buddy Miller/New McCartney/Charlie Hunter and Electric Butter.

Hozier. New Bros. Landreth. Margo Price. Bahamas.

And classics from

Led Zeppelin


Van Morrison

Otis Redding

Sam Cooke

Wilson Pickett

Howling Wolf with Clapton and The Stones.

Happy New Year from The Stew CREW


The Boxing Day Stew Year 2020 Dec 26 2020 What a Year
The Boxing Day Stew Year – Dec 26 2020 Highlights of the Year
Breaking up somebody’s home Albert King I’ll play the blues
Fever (live) Bruce Springsteen and the E St Band The Live Series. Winterland 78
Down in Mississippi (remastered) Ry Cooder Crossroads Soundtrack Coming UP – The War and Treaty
The War and Treaty comment on 5 more minutes Michael Trotter Jr – Tanya Blount
5 more minutes The War and Treaty Hearts Town Coming UP – Mavis Live
No time for crying (live) Mavis Staples Live in London
Cripple Creek (live) Buddy Miller.Larry Campbell.Teresa Williams Cripple Creek
Women and Wives Paul McCartney McCartney Three The Boxing Day Stew – 2020
Colin Linden Comment From Feb 2020
King of this Town Blackie and the Rodeo Kings King of this Town
Peace Train The Bros. Landreth and Murray Pulver Single
Stronger than that Bahamas Bahamas is Afie The Boxing Day Stew – 2020
I Ain’t Superstitious Howling Wolf The London Sessions
Pain in my heart Otis Redding Pain in my heart
Ain’t that good news Sam Cooke Ain’t that good news Thank you for your 2020
Eric Burton Comments Black Pumas Busking
Colors (Acoustic) Black Pumas Black Pumas
634-5789 Wilson Pickett Best of
Electric Butter Charlie Hunter. Chris Lujan & Electric Butter
Work Song Hozier Hozier Coming UP – Kurt Vile
Going to California Led Zeppelin How the West was won
I just want to make love to you The Rolling Stones Rarities
4 years of chances Margo Price Mid West Farmers Daughter
mulligan stew – Year 26
Kurt Vile comments
Lucky Man Kurt Vile Spped. Sound. Lonely. KV (EP) HaPPY New Year ALL – Come ON 2021
Caravan (live) Van Morrison It’s too late to stop now

Mulligan Stew Dec 19th 2020- Christmas in the Round-The Home Cooked Sessions!


Christmas in the Round began in the late ’70s in an old CBC  radio studio – How Old? It was above the lobby of the Hotel Vancouver.

Back then it was called Christmas Jam.

Through the guidance of Producer Susan Englebert, Shari Ulrich, Roy Forbes, Terry Frewer, Claire Lawrence and myself told Christmas stories and sang Christmas songs. Guests over those years included Valdy, Colleen Peterson and many more.

We lost our dear friend Susan Englebert to Cancer and we dedicate these shows to her memory. Her best guidance on the day was to hide the wine between songs.)

The whole idea disappeared with losing Susan and getting on with our lives and careers.

When Don Shafer created Roundhouse Radio in Vancouver Shari and I started talking about bringing back the concept as  Christmas in the Round.  Here we are at Year 4.  Guests have included  Barney Bentall, Bill Henderson, Jim Byrnes, Roy Forbes, Craig Northey, Shawn Verreault, and more.

This year we gathered on Side Door Access to raise funds for Food Banks in Toronto, Salt Spring island, and Potluck Café Society – East End of Vancouver.

The music and stories you hear came from that Web Broadcast. We thank  Shari Ulrich Mark Busse and  all involved.

Plus  Duke Paetz at CKUA for the huge assist and Corey Wood for online creative and hand-holding.



This years Guests and their songs




Sending out a message to you –


(co-write with Murray)

From Murray’s  Gilliver’s Taxi.  1996    Produced by Barney

Song also appears on BTU – Bentall-Taylor-Ulrich album Tightrope Walk (2016)

No Good time to go

Barney’s Band  – THE CARIBOO EXPRESS – traditionally have toured this time of year raising funds for Foodbanks wherever you played.

Over 15 Years Barney and the ever-changing artists have raised over $1 Million Dollars








BILL HENDERSON  on Salt Spring Island

Up above my head

There must be some way

Dusty Old Guitar


A Thompson Day

Love can’t tell time

Old Tin Star

We have all gathered here on Mulligan Stew to bring Joy to your home and awareness to and appreciation of – Alberta’s Food Banks.

They were truly challenged in 2020.

Please consider donating to your local or provincial food banks

All of the details can be found at

Merry Christmas ALL – you are not alone. We are right here with you..

Thanks to Barney. Shari. Bill and Murray – with a Duke Chaser.

MulliganStew Dec 12th 2020- Christmas Stew Part One-Alan Doyle Interview !


This week our special guest is singer, songwriter, actor, and author Alan Doyle.

He’s just released his third book All Together Now  (A Newfoundlander’s Light Tales for Heavy Times)

There are four moments in our free-flowing chat that you might want to keep an ear out for.

“I almost laid down my toast”

“The only thing you can’t do is nothing”

“I dropped my arrow”


Then  the actor Alan Doyle and I recreate a scene between his son Henry and himself – talking about Ed Sheeran

I play the role of Henry.

The book’s narration takes place in a crowded bar with everyone talking at the same time. A maritime tradition.

Alan takes time to explain the Maritimes connection with Alberta and why those dates always stand out.

And Alan tells a wild tale of his time spent on the set of Robin Hood.

The complete interview can be heard on Mulligan Stew Podcast (Spotify. Apple. Google)

The rest of The Christmas Stew is 90 minutes of handpicked seasonal songs.

Clapton, New Bros Landreth, Coldplay, Sharon Jones, Etta James, Matt Anderson, Sarah McLachlan, John Prine, Blue Rodeo, Whitehorse, Corb, Otis, Darlene Love.

Merry Christmas all…..


The Christmas Stew – Part One Dec 12 2020
Christmas Tears (live) Eric Clapton A very special Christmas Live
Peace Train Bros Landreth with Murray Pulver Single
Christmas Lights (live) ColdPlay Live from Spotify
Silver Bells Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings Holiday Soul Party www.river-café-com
Country Christmas Blues Matt Anderson Spirit of Christmas
Switchin in the Kitchen Asleep at the Wheel withg Duke Robillard horns Pasture Prime
Jingle Bell jamboree Keb Mo All Star Christmas Tonights Guest Alan Doyle
2000 miles The Skydiggers Angels
You know it’s Christmas Dion and Joe Bonamassa Single
Everyday will be like a Holiday William Bell Jolly Old Soul
I’ll be home for Christmas John Prine A Benefit for Kate
Song for a Winter’s Night Sarah McLachlan A Winter’s Night Christmas in the Round – Side Door Access/shows
Winter (bonus) Murray McLauchlan Timberline
Please come home for Christmas Etta James A Jazz Noel
Christmas in the Round Sunday 6Mtn
White Christmas Darlene Love A Christmas gift for you
Merry Christmas Baby Otis Redding Jolly Old Soul
River Blue Rodeo A Merrie Christmas to you
Merry Christmas Baby White Horse A WhiteHorse Christmas Classic
Thew Christmas Stew – Coming UP Alan Doyle Interview
Put the lights in the Tree Sufjan Stevens Songs for Christmas
Christmas Song (Live) Dave Mathews Band Very Special Christmas Live Coming UP – Alan Doyle Interview
Just me and these ponies Corb Lund An Americana Christmas
NEXT – Alan Doyle
Alan Doyle Interview The Book – All Together Now
I’ll be there ChristmasEve Alan Doyle Single
Alan Doyle Interview The Book – All Together Now
Dream of Home Live Alan Doyle So Let’s Go (Deluxe)
Alan Doyle Interview The complete Interview found at MulliganStew Podcast
Bully Boys Alan Doyle A Week at The Warehouse
Alan Doyle Interview The complete Interview found at MulliganStew Podcast
paper in fire alan doyle rough side out


Mulligan Stew Dec 5th 2020-Elvis Costello, and more!


Photo By Diana Krall

His name is Elvis Costello.

His new album is called Hey Clockface., Recorded pre-Covid in Helsinki, Finland, and Paris.

Photo by Diana Krall

It’s in part,  an Elvis you might not have heard before. Spoken word over Jazz riffs, a title track that’s a throwback to the 1920’s and 30’s and the music of Ukulele Ike.

A winner of Grammys 1999 and 2020. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Elvis is  a living breathing historian of music and the artists who create it.

He’s our guest on The Stew this week.

We’ll cover off tales of how the album came together,  growing up in England, how the British invasion of the 60’s affected his music choices, the life of a musician, the re-release of Armed Forces, the possibility of getting back together with Nick Lowe and a great story of Chuck Berry and Leonard Cohen.

The complete 40-minute interview can be heard on the Mulligan Stew Podcast.  On it, he takes us through several tracks from the album,  the joy of being a Father in 2020 and spending time with his family, and his multi-year work on a Broadway play.

(Subscribe on Spotify, Google Play, and Apple Podcasts)

Oh by-the-way, Hour One features a Game Of  Stew Bingo as created by our donor Jocelyn Leszcynski to celebrate her Dad Bob’s 65 Birthday.

If you look below you can see how the game is played.  Why not open a pop and play along.



Mulligan Stew Todays Guest  – Elvis Costello 1:00
Bring it on Home Downchild Blues Band Straight Up 2:55
Respect Yourself Aaron Neville & Mavis Staples Bring it on Home 4:10
Tripped out Slim Trombone Shorty Parking lot symphony 2:19 Special Guest – Elvis Costello 2:20
I’m on your side Bonnie Riatt Fundamental 3:45
Hoochie Coochie Man Eric Clapton Live on Tour 2001 Staple Centre 4:30
Changes David Bowie Hunky Dorey 3:40
Oh Carol (live) The Rolling Stones Get yer Ya’s Out 3:45
Elvis Costello Interview in 30 minutes 4:00
Rememberance Robbie Robertson Sinematic 5:30
crazy love Van Morrison Moondance 2:35
The thrill is gone (live) BB King Live at the Apollo 3:30
Johnny Bye Bye (live) Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Songs from around the World 3:40 Coming UP – Elvis Costello Interview 1:00
Ahead by a Century The Tragically Hip Trouble at the Henhouse 3:45
The Stew on CKUA Radio Next – Eric Clapton – Nina Simone :30
Tulsa Time (live) Eric Clapton Crossroads 2 Live in the 70’s 4:30
I put a spell on you Nina Simone I put a spell on you 2:30 NEXT – Elvis Costello 2:00
Elvis Costello Interview Complete Interview on MulliganStew Podcast 4:20
We are all cowards now Elvis Costello Hey Clockface 3:36
Elvis Costello Interview Complete Interview on MulliganStew Podcast 1:35
Revolution #49 Elvis Costello Hey Clockface 2:41
Elvis Costello Interview Complete Interview on MulliganStew Podcast 2:33
Radio is everything Elvis Costello Hey Clockface 4:26
Elvis Costello Interview Complete Interview on MulliganStew Podcast 1:10
No Flag Elvis Costello Hey Clockface 4:00
Elvis Costello Interview Complete Interview on MulliganStew Podcast :50
TDMulligan – The Stew Year 26 2:00
Elvis Costello Interview – last question Complete Interview  Mulligan Stew Podcast  (spotify etc) 2:45
What’s so Funny about Peace Love and Understanding Elvis Costello Armed Forces 3:32
The Power of Prayer Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band A Letter for you 3:37
Otta Mind. Otta Sight. Wilco Being there 3:10
Long ride home Patti Griffin 1000 kisses 3:34 Coming UP – The T’s – T Rex and T Bone Walker 2:25
Cosmic Dancer T-Rex T-Rex 4:30
Shake it baby TBone Walker Sunday Blues 3:07
Thank you for listening – Love you guys check out the Elvis Interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast Spotify – Apple Podcasts – Google Play 1:10
Ain’t misbehaving Cliff Edwards – Ukelele Ike Best of :45

Mulligan Stew Nov 28th 2020- Happy 77th Birthday Randy Newman


Happy Birthday, Randy Newman!

Hello all –

To our American friends…Happy Thanksgiving.

We have a special guest next week. We’ll tell you who it is at the start of the second hour of The Stew.


The Stew mix of music features a salute to Randy Newman,. He celebrates his 77th birthday on Saturday

The birthday boy gets a whole set to himself.

Randy sings Sail Away and I love LA

Aaron Neville sings Louisiana 1927

Joe Cocker sings Guilty


If your favorite artist is below then this is your show



Robert Plant or Alison Krause

Susan Tedeschi

Al Green

Harry Manx

NRBQ or The Stones.

Rhiannon Giddens, Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris Sating, John Mellencamp and we salute George Harrison who died Nov 28/2001

Don’t miss our announcement for next week’s guest..


Mulligan Stew Nov 28 2020
Sweet Emtion Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon Sixty Six Steps
Keep on smilin’ Blackberry Smoke single
someday never comes CCR Mardi Gras
Killing the blues Robert Plant and Alison Krause Raising Sand www.river-café.com
Don’t think twice, it’s alright Susan Tedeschi Wait for me
Take me to the river Rev Al Green Al Green Explorers your mind
Mulligan Stew CKUA Radio
Cold Shot (live) Stevie Ray Vaughn Liv e at Carnegie Hall
Slow it down (live) The Lumineers The Lumineers Deluxe Coming UP – we celebrate Randy Newmans Bday Stay Safe
Sail Away Randy Newman Sail Away
Lousiana 1927 Aaron Neville Warm your Heart
Guilty (live) Joe Cocker Joe Cocker Live
I love LA Randy Newman Trouble in LA Coming Up – we announce next weeks guest
Pride and Joy Marvin Gaye
Mulligan Stew on CKUA Radio
Next Weeks Guest Elvis Costello – New album Hey Clockface
Hey Clockface Elvis Costello Hey Clockface. How can you face me?
Spoonful (live) plus intro from Reubens Train Harry Manx Harry Manx Live
Flat Foot Flewzy NRBQ High Noon – Highlights and Rarities from 50 years
Hide your Love The Rolling Stones Goats Head Soup
Welcome to The Stew with TDMulligan
Don’t call me names Rhiannon Giddens Single
Rollin’ JJ Cale ReWind
NEXT Willie & Emmy Lou. Mellenmcamp. Sting & George Harrison
The Maker Willie Nelson Teatro
Blackhawk Emmylou Harris Wrecking Ball
The Stew – Year 26
Check it out John Mellencamp The Lonesome Jubille
Rock Steady Sting Nothing like the Sun Coming UP – remembering George Harrison
If not for you George Harrison All things must pass
Everyday Tomato Tomato It’ll come around

Mulligan Stew Nov 21st 2020- Daniel Lanois Interview and Happy Birthday CKUA and Ma!


It’s CKUA Radio’s 93 Birthday Saturday.

How many radio stations in Canada are lucky to get to be 93?

None actually. 

There’s only one.   CKUA. A musical oasis in a sea of radio sameness.

And it’s donor-supported. Impressive, even for those who call it home.

So.  We celebrate those 93 years with music

Black Pumas, Kurt Vile and John Prine, Ray Charles, Blind Boys, Bowie and Queen, Wilson Pickett, Flo, and The Machine, Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock, Ben Harper, Ry Cooder, Dylan and U2 and more.

The guest is Daniel  Lanois.

Grew up in Montreal, then Hamilton where he and his brother built a studio in their mother’s basement…

10 years later people were taking notice.

Off to Mexico and LA and fame.

Once he got into the same studio as Brian Eno things took off…working with artists such as

U2 (Joshua Tree. Achtung baby)

Leonard Cohen (Thanks for the Dance)

Bob Dylan (Most of the Time. Love Sick)

Peter Gabriel (Sledgehammer)

Neville Bros (Yellow Moon)

Emmylou Harris – Slingblade

Robbie Robertson  Somewhere down the Crazy River

Neil Young – Peaceful Valley Blvd.

Many Grammys later Daniel is releasing another solo album in April.

Called Heavy Sun.

We’ll talk about the single (under a) Heavy Sun and his work with Leonard Cohen, Neville Brothers, and Robbie


Happy Birthday CKUA and Leona Stumbo – turning 90 in Camrose.


MulliganStew Nov 21 Daniel Lanois Interview
Host mumbles Happy Birthday Interview today with Daniel Lanois
I think it’s going to work out fine Ry Cooder Bop til you Drop
Highway 61 Davids Alvin From a old guitar
Colours (acoustic) Black Pumas Colours (acoustic) Tonights guest – Daniel Lanois
Inspite of ourselves John Prine with Iris DeMent In spite of ourselves
How lucky Kurt Vile and John Prine How Lucky
Bright lights. Big City Jerry Lee Lewis Rock and Roll Time Special Guest Daniel Lanois
A song for you Ray Charles Forever
Singing brings us closer Blind boys of Alabama Almost Home
in my life The Beatles Rubber Soul
Mulligan Stew – Happy 93rd Birthday CKUA radio Coming UP- Bowie. Queen.War.Elton John
Under Pressure Bowie and Queen Queen Gr Hits Vol 2
Stay Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs Best of
Cisco Kid War The world is a ghetto
Take me to the Pilot Elton John Elton John
Mulligan stew ckua Radio Coming UP – Daniel Lanois Interview
634-5789 Wilson Pickett Best of
NEXT – Daniel Lanois
Welcome to Mulligan Stew with tdmulligan Coming UP – Daniel Lanois Interview New album Heavy Sun
Daniel Lanois Interview complete interview MulliganStew Podcast Spotify. Google Play Apple Podcasts
(under a) Heavy Sun Daniel Lanois Heavy Sun
Daniel Lanois Interview complete interview MulliganStew Podcast Spotify. Google Play Apple Podcasts
It’s torn Leonard Cohen Thanks for the Dance
Daniel Lanois Interview complete interview MulliganStew Podcast
Somewhere down The Crazy River Robbie Robertson Robbie Robertson
Daniel Lanois Interview complete interview MulliganStew Podcast
with God on our side The Neville Brothers Yellow Moon
Complete Lanois Interview at MulliganStew Podcast Yes…its worth finding
Cornflake girl Flo and The Machine Spotify Singles
St Louis Blues Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder Gerschwin’s World
My own two hands Ben Harper Diamonds on the Inside Next – U2 and Dylan
One Special Guest Daniel Lanois Achtung Baby
Happy Birthday CKUA Happy 90th Birthday Leona Stumbo in Camrose
Make you feel my love Bob Dylan Time out of Mind

Mulligan Stew Nov 7th 2020-Special Guest Kurt Vile


Welcome to The Stew –

The guest this week is singer, songwriter, father and family man Kurt Vile. We found him at home in Philly.

He’s spent the better part of his forty years on the road. With The War on Drugs, his band The Violators worked with The Sadies, Dinoseau Jr, Courtney Barnett, and many more.

The guy has released 18 EP’s.  The latest is called Speed, Sound, Lonely KV (EP)

It has 5 songs and was recorded over 4 years at The Butcher Shoppe in Nashville.

Originally home to  Cowboy Jack Clement and later,  his protégé David “Fergie” Ferguson, himself a Nashville Studio legend.

One of Kurt’s musical heroes was the late John Prine who had an interest in the studio and a rehearsal space inside it.

And THAT is how Kurt Vile got to sing a duet with John Prine on a 5 song EP.

The complete interview can be heard on the MulliganStew Podcast (subscribe at Spotify. Google Play Apple Podcasts)

And OH The playlist…

Brittany Howard, Robert Plant, Paul Butterfield, Dion and Paul Simon, Mark Knopfler,  Joni Mitchell (on her birthday)  Leonard Cohen (because we lost him on this day 1982), Stones, Fleetwood Mac (The orig) Tami Neilson and The Meters and more..


And Nov 11 – NEVER FORGET!!!!



Mullligan Stew Nov 7 2020 Ding Dong The Witch is Dead
stay high Brittany Howard Spotify Singles
falling in love again Robert Plant Digging Deep – Subterranea
Nobodys fault but mine Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Better Days Best of Mulligan Stew with TDMulligan Guest – Kurt Vile
Song for Sam Cooke Dion with Paul Simon Blues with Friends
A change is going to come Sam Cooke Ain’t that good news
The Power of Prayer Bruce Springsteen Letter to you
5 more minutes The War and Treaty Hearts Town
This is Mulligan Stew with tdm Guest in second hour – Kurt Vile and his new EP
Cupid Amy Winehouse Back to Black Deluxe – B Sides
I live the life I love Delbert McClinton I heard it on The X – Los Super 7
Nobody does that Mark Knopfler Down the road wherever
Coyote Joni Mitchell – Happy Bday Joni Hejira
Save the last dance for Leonard Cohen Live in Dublin
Today I sing the blues Aretha Franklin Aretha’s Blues – The Delta Meets Detroit NEXT – Kurt Vile brings new music and stories of John Prine
Kurt Vile Interview Complete interview on MulliganStew Podcast
Speed of the sound of Loneliness Kurt Vile Speed, Sound, Lonely KV (EP)
Kurt Vile Interview Complete interview on MulliganStew Podcast
Gone Girl Kurt Vile Speed, Sound, Lonely KV (EP)
Kurt Vile Interview
Dandilion Kurt Vile Speed, Sound, Lonely KV (EP)
Kurt Vile Interview Complete interview on MulliganStew Podcast
How lucky Kurt Vile with John Prine Speed, Sound, Lonely KV (EP)
Catch the whole Kurt Vile interview on MUlliganStew Podcast NEXT – Stones, Fleetwood Mac and a great song from Iris Dement
Hide your love The Rolling Stones Goat’s Head Soup – Reissue
Going down to sing in Texas Iris Dement single
Got to move (live) Fleetwood Mac (the original) Boston Blues Next – Tami Neilson and The Meters
you were mine Tami Neilson Chicka Boom
Hey Pocky Way The Meters Anthology

Mulligan Stew October 31st – Sam Roberts interview and much more!


We talked for 2 weeks straight about the Fall Fundraiser for CKUA Radio.

1 Million was set and over 1 Million was achieved.

Thank You All.

Now that we’re through all the talking – so MUCH talking – its time to just let the music carry the day.

We’ll stop only chat with Sam Roberts (Sam Roberts Band) about their just-released 7th album All of Us.

It ranks with his very best work.

We’ve included four tracks

All of Us


I like the way you talk about the future


Enjoy!!  Have a safe Halloween

The complete interview can be heard on the Mulligan Stew podcast

 Here’s the rest of the show below.



Welcome to The Stew TDMulligan and Sam Roberts as guest Oct 31 2020
Tumbling Dice (liv e) The Rolling Stones Love you Live
These dreams of you (live) Van Morrison Too late to stop now
Stir it up (live) Bob Marley and The Wailers Live (in London)
Under Pressure (live) David Bowie Live in Dallas – Ouvrez le Chien Coming UP – Black Pumas. Pearl Jam. Norah Jones
and it’s allright Nathaniel Rateleff and it’s allright
Martha My Dear Madeleine Peyroux Standing on the Rooftop Tonights guest – Sam Roberts and his new album
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Sam Roberts Interview Complete Interview on MulliganStew Podcast
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Sam Roberts Interview Complete Interview on MulliganStew Podcast
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Sam Roberts Interview Complete Interview on MulliganStew Podcast
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