June 30th, 2018 – BC Shellfish Festival in  Courtney/Comox and Memories of Bourdain.


12th  BC Shellfish Festival in  Courtney/Comox and Memories of Bourdain.



Year in &  Year out  The BC Shellfish Festival is one of the very best
gatherings of Chefs in Western Canada.

They come to compete, to showcase, to  meet their suppliers & their
customers. Best of all, the chefs come to hang with each other and take a
break from the daily grind.

Shellfish Grazing

First and foremost the festival celebrates sustainability.  In oceans,
lakes, rivers and farms.

The chefs who guest today not only bring their culinary talents to work
every day, they also let their diners know that where your fish comes from
is as important as where your water &  wine comes from.

This is a wildly successful festival that takes place in and around
Courtney-Comox on Vancouver Island. The Comox Valley produces more than 50%
of BC Shellfish and the most oysters in Canada. If you’re a chef..this is
your Yankee Stadium.

judges and team

The last segment of Tasting Room Radio will be all about remembering the
late Anthony Bourdain.

With comments from his friends Tojo, Pino Posteraro,
Ned Bell, Quang Dang and Nathan Fong. Also comments  from Sabrine Dhaliwal,
Matthias Fong and Sal Howell

Check out this fantastic Guest List:

Chef Hidekazu Tojo – Tojo’s  Restaurant   tojos.com/Splash.html

Chef Ned Bell – Ocean Wise, Vancouver  seafood.ocean.org

Chef Pino Posteraro – Cioppinos  https://www.cioppinosyaletown.com

Chef Nathan Fong – Fong on Food https://www.fongonfood.com

Melissa Craig – Barefoot Bistro, Whistler  bearfootbistro.com

Quang Dang – Araxi Bistro, Whistler  https://www.araxi.com

Lisa Ahier – Sobo  Tofino www.sobo.ca

Sal Howell – Founder-Owner  River Cafe/Deane House  Calgary

Chef Matthias Fong – River Cafe, Calgary  www.river-cafe.com

Rebecca MacKenzie – President Culinary Tourism & Host of Terroir Symposium

Shawn Hall – Spokesperson for BC Fish Farmers Association

Sabrine Dhaliwal – UVA Wine Bar  https://www.uvavancouver.com


Tojo and friends


None..we’re taking a vacation and will be repeating some of the very best
shows from this year.

Vancouver International Wine Festival

The Naramata Bench Pours in Victoria

Okanagan Falls pours in Vancouver.