March 11th, 2017 – Parksville Uncorked and Untapped…Tigh-na-Mara

Its the 9th annual Parksville Uncorked and Untapped.
This week we hang with “The Untapped:”. The Brewers & Distillers!
Check out the guests below
And we find Tim Pawsey, The Hired Belly for a long planned sit down.
If it’s Food and Wine you want to  know about,  Tim’s your guy.


Wonderful Parksville.  Land of Beaches, Resorts and almost as nice as Nanoose Bay!!
We head for  Tigh-Na-Mara Resort and the UnTapped portion of  the 9th annual Parksville Uncorked.
Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands are awash in brewers and distillers. (CiderMakers as well, but that’s another show)
Guests include:
Leslie Fenn, Howe Sound Brewing and R&B Brewing
Alayne MacIsaak, Sheringham Distilling
Chef Eric Edwards, Tigh-Na-Mara.

chef eric edwards

Dave Paul, Owner, Brewmaster Love Shack Libations
Mike Pizzarelli  Arbutus Distilling
Dave Woodward, Head Brewer. Mt Arrowsmith Brewing
Bryan Stokes, Food and Bev Tigh-Na-Mara.
…and a feature interview with:     Tim Pawsey.  The Hired Belly.  His Highness of Hornby. The Bard of Bordeaux. 
A really fine writer, food and wine judge and completely connected to our food and wine.  We talk about his experiences at the just finished VanWineFest and then move on to our guests and their libations.

Tim Pawsey


 Alberto Antonini. Presents Garzon wines from Uruguay
James Sichel – Theres been a Sichel In Bordeaux Since 1883
Frank Giustra. Dominica Fiore- One of the World’s Best Olive Oils
John Skinner. Painted Rock. Pairing with those oils
Umberto Menghi. He’s baaaaaack
Flourish!!   A fun Food and Wine event at Vancouver Community College
With Naramata Bench Wines: Kettle Valley, Elephant Island, Tightrope and  Chefs Angus An & Clement Chan