February 11th, 2017-The 39th Annual VanWineFest!

The 39th Annual VanWineFest kicked off on Live From RailTown @RoundhouseRadio

Thursday of this week.

Guests include DJ Kearney, Rhys Pender, Kurtis Kolt, Harry Hertscheg, Christine Coletta, Joseph Luckhurst (Road 13) and   Chris Turyk (Unsworth)



 Tasting Room Radio has supported the BC and Canadian wine industries for 8 years through broadcast of the Vancouver Wine Festival.

This year has the potential to be the best ever. That’s because Canada is the featured wine region. Finally!!

For the next three Saturdays we will present the stars of Canadian wine.

From BC, Ontario and Nova Scotia.

We start with a free-for-all hour in the Roundhouse Radio studios. Like a wine cage match.

All shows like this need an overview. A how, why and when.

Leading the way are:

  • DJ Kearney.   Director of Wine at NewDistrict.ca  Acknowledged wine educator and judge.
  • Kurtis Kolt – Wine Educator, event producer and wine columnist for The Georgia Straight
  • Rhys Pender – Master of Wine and co-owner of Little Farm Wines.
  • Harry Hertscheg – Executive Director of VanWineFest. The Man With a Plan
  • Christine Coletta – marketing expert and now co-owner of Okanagan Crush Pad and Haywire Wines.
  • Joseph Luckhurst – GM of Road 13 Vineyards. Son of founders Mick and Pam.

Moving the winery forward through Rhone style wines.

    Chris Turyk – another son of an owner.  A highly trained chef and Sommelier, Chris was named “one to watch” by MacLean’s Magazine.

We go around the studio table multiple times..conversations include the history of bc wines, what being featured means to Canadian wines.

What they’re pouring at VanWineFest and what wines to try.


all of us at Roundhouse Radio!




Hour One from  VanWineFest.

14-15 guests.  All the stars from  BC

Hour Two from. VanWineFest

15 guests from Ontario, Nova Scotia, California, BC and Germany