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It’s the 7th annual Naramata Bench Wine Tour through Victoria and Vancouver.
Part One features Elephant island. Upper Bench. Bench 1775. Lake Breeze. Tightrope. Hillside. TerraVista. Kettle Valley. Misconduct. Deep Roots.
Red Rooster. Therapy. Van Westen. La Frenz. Serendipity.   


Having spent the better part of five years living on the Naramata bench and getting to know most of my neighbours… when they bring their travelling wine road show to Victoria and Vancouver..I just have to be there.

The Bench

The Bench

It’s a two parter, so next week we’ll finish the story with Howling Bluff. Poplar Grove. Monster and Black Widow.
Naramata Bench is just an exceptional destination..not only for the wine grower but also for  the wine fan.
naramata rush hour

naramata rush hour

Running above Lake Okanagan… East and North of Penticton, BC… it has the perfect soil and climate.
Big heat in the day… cool lake breezes at night.
It has also attracted some of the most interesting winemakers/growers  in the business. They all have a  story to tell.
Here’s the line-up and websites    –     www.naramatabench.com

In Victoria:

Del Halliday – Elephant Island   https://www.elephantislandwine.com
Gavin Miller – Upper Bench  www.upperbench.ca
Val Tait – Bench 1775  www.bench1775.com
Garron Elmes – Lake Breeze and Spice Jar  www.lakebreeze.ca
Lindsay O’Rourke – Tightrope  www.tightropewinery.ca
Kathy Malone – Hillside  www.hillsidewinery.ca
Senka Tennant – Terra Vista www.terravistavineyards.com
Tim Watt  – Kettle Valley  www.kettlevalleywinery.com
Richard Da Silva – Misconduct  www.misconductwineco.com
Will Hardman –  Deep Roots  www.deeprootswinery.com
Karen Gillis – Red Rooster  www.redroosterwinery.com/
Steve Latchford – Therapy www.therapyvineyards.com
In Vancouver:
Rob Van Westen – Van Westen www.vanwestenvineyards.com/
Jeff Martin – La Frenz  www.lafrenzwinery.com
Judy Kingston – Serendipity  www.serendipitywinery.com




The Naramata Bench Part Two
Tara O’Brady – Seven Spoons
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