strippers Union

EP 154 | Strippers Union


If you are lucky enough to work on the media side of the music business and  if you’re honest in your relationships with artists,  over the years many of them become friends.

Rob Baker and Craig Northey are just such a couple of friends and together they’re making music again as Strippers  Union.

It took 10 years to record and release their third album called The Undertaking.

Craig Northey was leading The Odds and working with a long list of people plus he is  also an important part  of the Steven Page Trio.

Rob Baker was of course a member of one of Canada’s greatest bands The Tragically Hip, who lost their heart and soul with the death of  Gord Downey.

We cover a lot of ground here but always come back to the music of The Undertaking.

Please enjoy the talk and tracks. Thank You Rob and Craig.

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