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EP 102 | Roy Forbes


As much as Canada loves Roy Forbes’ songs I think it’s his voice that goes straight through your heart.

No fooling around. This voice is memorable. There’s only one like it.

The high lonesome sound of Canada.

He’s been at it for almost 50 years.

Sunday he celebrates his 14th year of hosting Roy’s Record Room on CKUA Radio, province-wide in Alberta.  Name me another show that plays

Vinyl, 45’s and 78’s. Sexy slick tracks from the 20’s through to the 50’s.

A tower of those 78’s fell on top of Roy in his studio and his retina was so damaged he lost his sight. Roy has driven himself to just carry on.

Roy’s Room  IS the history of modern music. It’s how we got to where we are.

Roy has also just released his 11th album Edge of Blue.  It’s a  soul album by a skinny white kid.

It’s very good…

Here’s the complete interview with tracks…

Let’s Rock with Roy


MulliganStew April 11th 2020-We say hello to The Beatles and Goodbye to Barry Allen, Bill Withers and John Prine




The first 6 words of a classic Lennon/McCartney composition called Hello Goodbye.

The NEXT Saturday 5PM #SingforSpring Song.

Province-wide, we sing a “Thank You” to all the health care workers, first responders, drivers, shopkeepers, essential services and more.

Step outside (sunny -2) open a window, step out onto the balcony, hit the front or back porch..roll down the car window.  If you can turn on the phone video.  Sing for all those heroes out there and post your video to

#singforspring.  On Instagram or Facebook

Thank you ALL


Our guest this week is one of our own..Rockin’ Roy Forbes. Host of  Roy’s Record Room.

He’s celebrating the 14th year of “The Room” on CKUA and he’s just launched his latest and greatest album Edge of Blue.  (The complete interview can be found at on Our Podcast)


NOTE:  This show was recorded on Tuesday because of the short week. I was more than halfway through the show when I discovered that John Prine had died.

I decided to just keep on going and let the Stew play out in real-time.

If it sounds like I got a tad choked up at times…I did. Like many, John and I shared a lot of years, a lot of songs together.


I decided to play a farewell song to John..and the natural choice was the last track on The Tree of Forgiveness.  When I get to Heaven is the song.

Some of the artists we’ve surrounded John with are

A new song from Mavis

Two from Colin James

Lyle Lovett

Two artists we lost this week.  Bill Withers and  a long time friend..who I loved dearly

Barry Allen

Barry Allen.


Roxy Music-Supertramp-John Hiatt-Patti Smith-Linda Ronstadt and The Stew ends with over 12 minutes of the classic Boz Scaggs track Loan me A Dime. With the Muscle Shoals stars and Duane Allman on guitar.


Bill Withers

The playlist is below…

Please remember


You are not alone

CKUA Spring Fundraiser is launched…

Be Safe

Be Kind




Mulligan Stew April 11 2020 #SingforSpring
Hello Goodbye The Beatles One
Lean on Me Bill Withers Still Bill
Tumbling Dice Linda Ronstadt Simple Dreams
She’s no lady Lyle Lovett Pontiac #SingforSpring
All in it together Mavis Staples Single Guest – Roy Forbes Edge of Blue
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer John Lee Hooker The real folk bluies
Riding in the Moonlight.Mr Luck Colin James Blue Highways
Happy Birthday Rob Derkitt From his family
Honky Tonk Part 2 Bill Doggett best of
Special Guest – Rockin Roy Forbes Edge of Blue
This is The Stew with TDMulligan Year 25
If you need me Barry Allen Speed of Dark
Into the mystic Colin James Take it from the top
Hello in There John Prine John Prine
with a little help the Beatles Sgt Pepper
Love is the drug Roxy Music best of NEXT – Roy Forbes brings Edge of Blue
Bloody well Right Supertramp Crime of the Century
Complete Roy interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Roy Forbes Interview Edge of Blue
Don’t let go Roy Forbes Edge of Blue
Roy Forbes Interview
Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Lydia Ann Roy Forbes Edge of Blue
Roy Forbes Interview
Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
rumble strip Roy Forbes Edge of Blue
Roy Forbes Interview
Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
more than a little bit blue Roy Forbes Edge of Blue
Congrats Roy on 14 years of The Room edge of Blue and Roys Record Room
John Prine Oct 10 1946 – April 7 2020 Say goodbye to The Mailman
when i get to Heaven John Prine The tree of Forgivness
Goodbye John Prine We loved you
have a little faith John Hiatt Best of
Because the night Patti Smith Easter
Have a wonderful weekend . Easter. Please be safe and Be Kind
Loan me a Dime Boz Scaggs Boz Scaggs

Mulligan Stew April 8th 2017-Roy Forbes Interview & Loads of the BEST music


After two weeks of’s time to zip the lip and have atter!!
So here’s close to  2 hours of the best music  I could find..

We only stop for one quick interview with my long time pal Roy Forbes. Roy celebrates his 11th year at CKUA Radio and his show Sunday will be filled with highlights of those years. Congrats Rocking Roy!!
Speaking of “highlights” check out
The opening track..a re-mastered version of Under Pressure with Bowie and Mercury. It’s just blazes.
Al Green/Jackson Browne/two Clapton songs/Colin James/Joel Plaskett (next week’s guest)/Dan Mangan/Kobo Town/Thievery Corporation/Janis/Crooked Bros
And LIVE tracks from

  • Dylan
  • Greg Allman
  • Stones
  • Tower of Power
  • Sting
  • Bob Marley
  • Two from Jerry Lee Lewis

Have a great Saturday Night


under pressure David Bowie (Freddy mercury) Remastered single
it ain’t no fun to me the reverend al green Lets stay tgether
boulevard jackson browne best of
windsor beer crooked bros seath bed pillow talk Coming UP – Clapton.Dylan.Mangan.Joplin
Liberation Front Thievery Corp The richest man in babylon
Smoke stacks and steeples Kobo Town Where the galleon sank
I’m tore down Eric Clapton from the cradle
Mulligan Stew Year 21 Terry David Mulligan Dylan next
Cold irons bound (live) Bob Dylan Live 1961-2000
i found a love (live) Greg Allman Live! Back to Macon Ga
sneakin sally through the alley coln james fifteen Coming Up – Stones. Los Lobos.Tower of Power The Stew
only you know and i know Joan Osborne how sweet it is
rows of houses dan mangan Oh Fortune
bye bye baby Janis Joplin Oxford American
TD Mulligan – Mulligan Stew playist
mannish boy (live) The Rolling Stones Love you live
i believed you so Los Lobos gates of gold
what is Hip? (live) Tower of Power Live abd in Living Colour
The Stew – Hour Two Rocking Roy Forbes coming UP
Don’t stand so close (live) Sting all this time
I shot the Sheriff (live) Bob Marley and the Wailers Live !!
Mulligan Stew – with tdm
Roy Forbes Interview
who will the next fool be? (live) Jerry Lee Lwewis The greatest live show on Earth
stones in my passway eric clapton i still do
soul clap Booker T Mojo 2007
The Stew with tdm
blank cheque Joel Plaskett Solidarity
Lucinda Randy Newman Randy Newman songbook vol 2
The thrill is gone willie nelson and bb king milk cow blues

Mulligan Stew December 24th 2016-Christmas in the Round!


In a land long ago and not that far away..I hosted a show called The Great Canadian Goldrush on CBC Radio. It was the 70’s and music seemed to matter a great deal. It helped that the music being made was varied, engaged and spoke to a large audience.
Once a year Producer The late Susan Englebert would gather our musical friends in a studio and sing Christmas songs in a circle.
Shari Ulrich, Bim (aka Roy Forbes), Valdy, Terry Frewer, Coleen Peterson and many more all were asked to write a song and tell of special Christmas memories.
The show came and went after 8 years and we all moved on.
Years later I’m hosting and producing Live From RailTown on Roundhouse Radio and in walks Shari o sing and play for our opening.
Over coffee we talk about how it would be great to re-create or re-imagine those Christmas sessions of the 70s. I thought that roundhouse radio was the perfect place to do that.
So, Christmas 2015 we gathered in the boardroom (because the studios were working and we were somewhat noisy) thankfully GM Don Shafer had wired the boardroom as a possible performance area and it worked beautifully.
Captured by session audio  engineer Julia Graff, Shari’s daughter.
The cast included Shari and Roy. Also Barney Bentall, Jim Byrnes, Craig Northey (Odds) and ShaunVerreault (Wide Mouth Mason).
Here we are another year later and keenly looking forward to doing it all again.
Craig is on the road and Shaun is watching over family.
Stepping in admirably is Bill Henderson from Chilliwack who joins Barn, Shari, Roy and Jim. It has the makings of a tradition.
Everyone tells a personal Christmas memory that they have and performs a song that strikes them true.
We also get a second song from Barney and Roy.
That second song from Mr Forbes is a Christmas rocker called mince meat tart.
He wrote it for those original shows and it survives to this day…and still rocks.
Enjoy. And happy holiday and merry Christmas
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The Stew Dec 24 2016 includes Christmas in the Round Year Two
This is The Christmas Stew Year 21 Host Terry David Mulligan
River Blue Rodeo A Merrie Chtistmas to you
Joy to the World Whitney Houston The Preachers Wife
Le Divin Enfant Dr John Jazz to the World
rebel Jesus The Wood Brothers My Favourite Gifts Playlist
Christmas Praywer Aaron Neville Christmas Gumbo
God Bless you merry, Gentlemen T Bone Burnett Acoustic Christmas
The Stew Dec 24 2016 Coming UP – Christmas in the Round – Hour Two
Christmas Tears (live) Eric Clapton A very special Christmas – Washington
Merry Christmas Baby (live) Sheryl Crow and Eric Clapton A very special Christmas – Washington
This is The Christmas Stew Year 21
Love is Christmas Amy Bishop Bells Coming UP – Christmas in the Round – Hour Two
Christmas must be tonight Darlene Love It’s Christmas of course
Christmas is coming The Payolas Keeping a Canadian Christmas
The Stew Dec 24 2016 NEXT – Christmas in the Round Year Two
This is Christmas in the Round Jim Byrnes Roy Forbes.Shari Ulrich.Barney Bentall. Bill Henderson FaceBook Mulliganstewmusic
Jim Byrnes – Please come home Christmas in the Round
Barney Bentall – The Holy and the Ivy Christmas in the Round
Bill Henderson – O Holy Night Christmas in the Round
Roy Forbes – Merry Christmas baby Christmas in the Round
The Stew Dec 24 2016 Christmas in the Round
Shari Ulrich – The Christmas Day Song Christmas in the Round
Barney Bentall Silent Night Christmas in the Round
Bill henderson Feliz Navidad Christmas in the Round
Roy Forbes – Mince Meat Tart Merry Christmas ALL

December 26th 2015-Christmas in the Round!



Bentall, Byrnes, Forbes, Mulligan, Northey, Ulrich, and Verreault (Image: supplied)

Bentall, Byrnes, Forbes, Mulligan, Northey, Ulrich, and Verreault (Image: supplied)

Many years ago on a CBC Radio show called Goldrush we used to celebrate Christmas by gathering in a studio and asking artists to share Christmas stories and songs.
The producer was the late Susan Englebert. This show is dedicated to her memory.
Two of the artists back then were Roy Forbes and Shari Ulrich.
Over the years we’ve always talked about how much fun it was and that we should do it again.
I never considered the possibilities UNTIL Roundhouse Radio signed on air in Vancouver and I was asked to do a one hour – 12-1PM arts and culture show.
Essentially singer/songwriters and bands playing live in studio.
As they came through I started to realize that it was possible to revive a tradition.
As Barney Bentall, Shari Ulrich, Roy Forbes, Shaun Verreault, Jim Byrnes and Craig Northey passed through the studios I asked each if they would like to do Christmas in the Round.
They all said yes.
And it is.
Recorded in the boardroom because we didn’t want to disturb the on air hosts and guests..we pushed back the furniture, dimmed the lights, opened some wines, spread out some food and had at it.
Jim Byrnes was up first because he was on stage  2 hours later  as Scrooge in a production of Bah Humbug!
Shari’s daughter Julia Graff was our audio about coming full circle.
With Thanks to our production group Monique McQueen and Cory Price. and our friends at Haywire/Okanagan Crush Pad
(Please excuse the Roundhouse Radio references..FYI..when I use Stew interviews in Vancouver I always try and leave the CKUA references in)
Here’s the line – up
Jim Byrnes – Please come home for Christmas
Craig Northey – Christmas, baby please come home
Shari Ulrich – Hear the bells ring
Barney Bentall – Christmas must be Tonight
Shaun Verreault – Rockin around the Christmas Tree
Roy Forbes – Mincemeat Tart
Group Encore
The Huron Carole (Shari lead)
Santa Clause is back in town (Roy lead)
Christmas in the Round on Roundhouse Radio airs 

  • Wednesday Dec 23  Noon/9PM
  • Thursday Dec 24  Noon/7PM
  • Boxing Day December 26  Noon

And also on Boxing Day 5-7PM  on Mulligan Stew
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


Its the Boxing Day edition of Mulligan Stew Playlist at Christmas in the Round/Hour Two
Caravan (live) The Band and Van Morrison The Last Waltz
Mr Soul (live) Neil Young and Crazy Horse Year of the Horse
Season of the Witch (live) Mike Bloomfield/Al Kooper/Steve Stills Live from F. EastThe lost concert
Its the Boxing Day edition of Mulligan Stew Coming UP – Christmas in the Round/Hour Two
Knob and Tube Colin Linden Rich in Love
Its the Boxing Day edition of Mulligan Stew Playlist at Coming UP – Christmas in the Round/Hour Two
Mercy Now Mike Ferris Shine for all the people
Someday baby Bob Dylan Bob Dylan
She’s got you Rhiannon Giddons Tomorrow is my turn
(You aint a cowboy) until you’ve been bucked off Corb Lund Cabin Fever
Its the Boxing Day edition of Mulligan Stew Coming UP – Christmas in the Round/Hour Two
Anyhow Tedeschi Trucks Band Let me get by
Mulligan Stew – Year 20 Playlist at Have a great New Years
Christmas in the Round Live from Railtown on Roundhouse Radio playlist
Please come home for Christmas Jim Byrnes Christmas in the Round
Christmas in the Round Live from Railtown on Roundhouse Radio
Baby please come home Craig Northey
christmas in the round Live from Railtown on Roundhouse Radio
Hear the bells ring Shari Ulrich
christmas in the round Live from Railtown on Roundhouse Radio
Christmas must be tonight Barney Bentall
Deck the Halls REM
This is the Box Day edition of Mulligan Stew Playlist
Christmas in the Round Live from Railtown on Roundhouse Radio
Rocking around the christmas Tree Shaun Verreault
Christmas in the Round
Mincemeat Tart Roy Forbes
Christmas in the Round
The Huron Carol Shari Ulrich
Christmas in the Round
Santa Clause is back in town Roy Forbes
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Thanks to Monique McQueen, Cory Price and Julia Graff
If we make it through December Blue Rodeo A Merrie Christmas to you

Mulligan Stew November 28th-Roy Forbes, Jim Cuddy and The CP Holiday Train!


At 5pm MT, Roy Forbes, host of Roy’s Record Room, talks to Terry David Mulligan about his gig Sunday night in Grande Prairie with special guest Braden Gates.

Jim and Greg-Order of canada

Jim Cuddy & Greg Keelor receiving the Order of Canada

One of our all time favourite guests is Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo.  He not only brings insight to the world of music but he can talk food and wine with the best of them.
On this show, we’re talking about the “other” live album they recorded in Halifax and why they decided to go with the Massey Hall shows.
Then it’s all about the CP Holiday Train.  A Christmas institution that Jim leads across the country. Stopping in small towns, dropping the side of a rail car and playing tunes with his friends for all to hear.
Plus they raise funds for charities across Canada.
Lots of stories we have the CP Holiday Train schedule down below.
Click here for the Holiday Train Schedule 


Welcome to Year 20 of Mulligan Stew Playlist
Son of a preacher man (live) Joss Stone Live from the UK Hall of Famer
Devil Woman (Live) Red Devils King King
Anything you want (live) Jason Mraz beautiful mess – Live on Earth
Welcome to Year 20 of Mulligan Stew Coming UP Roy Forbes and Jim Cuddy
How sweet it is Marvin Gaye Best of
Exodus Bob Marley Legend (remastered) Bonus Track
Welcome to Year 20 of Mulligan Stew Playlist NEXT – Roy Forbes
you got the money honey The Little Willies For the good times
you really got a hold on me Anne Lindsay Soloworks
Four strong winds Blue rodeo 35 years of stoneyplain
Roy Forbes Interview Plays Grand Prairie Sunday
Lifting my heart (live) Roy Forbes Striking Matches
Pay me my money down (live) Bruce Springsteen We Shall Overcome
My Back Pages (live) Clapton/Dylan/Tom Petty etc 30th Celebration of Bob Dylan
TDM Coming UP – Jim Cuddy Feature Interview playlist www.mulliganstew,ca
Jim Cuddy Interview
Waters running High Jim Cuddy Band Skyscraper Soul
Jim Cuddy Interview
After the rain (live) Blue Rodeo Live at Massey Hall
Jim Cuddy Interview
When the truth comes out Blue Rodeo Live at Massey Hall
Welcome to Year 20 of Mulligan Stew Playlist
Get back The Beatles Let it Be
Key to the Highway (live) Eric Clapton Live on tour 2001/ One more car one more rider
Cynical bastards (acoustic) The Arkells EP
Slipping into Darkness War Grooves and Messages – Best of
Welcome to Year 20 of Mulligan Stew
Run this Town Corb Lund single
At Last Etta James Her best
The Last waltz finale The Band The Last Waltz