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HARRISON KENNEDY was awarded the 2016 “Blues Album of the Year” JUNO for his album “This Is From Here”.  This was the 6th nomination for the Hamilton, ON. based artist.

Now comes his latest album Thanks for Tomorrow

Harrison Kennedy was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario.  His family had roots in New Orleans and Tennessee,[ Kennedy sang in the Stewart Memorial Church Choir as a boy, when childhood trips took him over the border to visit relations in ArkansasRogersville, Tennessee,[9] and Detroit, Illinois, United States, and all these experiences expanded his love of music.,  The other border his family crossed was the Canadian border. They decided to stay and live there.
Harrison grew up in a house filled with music and famous visitors such as Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, and Lonnie Johnson. In 1969 he took a hiatus from college to become a founding member of the million-selling Detroit Soul Super Group “The Chairmen of the Board” with whom he toured the world, as well as appearing on Soul Train, American Bandstand, and the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Harrison Kennedy has released almost a dozen internationally acclaimed albums and developed into one of the 21st century’s most insightful and original Blues singer/songwriters.

To quote my friend Tom Coxworth


For anyone not familiar with Harrison Kennedy, he has been nominated for
12 Maple Blues awards and 4 Junos and was touted by BB King as Canada’s
premier Blues performer

We’re going to talk to Harrison about his family, his spirituality and his music!!

Mulligan Stew Oct 15th 2022-David Myles and Harrison Kennedy


Both living large on the CKUA Top 30.

David Myles you all know from his four years as a host/producer on CKUA (Myles from Home) and his now 15 album career as a prime singer/songwriter.

He departed Myles from Home because he needed the time to construct,  produce and tour his new album It’s just a little loneliness.

Have a listen, you’re going to love these songs. 3 of them are instrumentals, including the title track.

David talks about what he learned from his four years with us and how it affected his music going forward. He waxes on the “community” that is CKUA. From announcers, library to volunteers and audience.

(the complete interview is up now on the Mulligan Stew Podcast and the full video is on the tdm YouTube channel)


Harrison Kennedy – zoomed in from his home in Hamilton. We covered a lot of his life span,  about how fortunate he was that his family moved from the US into Canada, how he created his solo career, working with Colin Linden and Ruthie Foster on his latest album Thanks for Tomorrow.

He’s blown away by the plays he’s getting out West, especially at CKUA.

Harrison tells us of when he became aware of racism in all its forms and how he dealt with it.

His Hamilton buddies were from  Scottish, Croatian, Italian families and they watched over this young African-American as he grew through his teen years.

“how lucky was I to be in Canada!!”

All of those years, all that life learning shows up in these songs. We welcome Harrison Kennedy to The Stew.

The complete interview can be heard on The Mulligan Stew  Podcast and the video (plus a song he played as we signed off) can be enjoyed on the Terrydavidmulligan YouTube channel.

Our donor is Suzanne,  a Canadian living in Houston..so we’ve got some Texas tunes incoming.

Thanks All – Play it for David


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