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EP 172 | Ed Robertson talks BNL’s Detour de Force


The Barenaked Ladies 16th album is called Detour de Force. More wordplay from a band that majors in it. Right?

I knew this album would be different when I saw a track written by bassist Jim Creegan called Paul Chambers. Who writes a pop song about a legendary bass player (Kind of Blue) as a metaphor?

Ed himself wrote the amazing  Live Well, a song about his childhood filled with his Father’s alcohol abuse and how he overcame the trauma.

The album ends with the outstanding Kevin Hearn track called Internal Dynamo. It’s about planets generating their own magnetic fields. Not your basic pop/rock fodder.

It starts like something Pink Floyd might have left us with but 2:40 into the 5-minute track the music shapeshifts into Rage Against the Machine and then ends with a Beatles White album feel.

Mulligan Stew Sept 4th 2021- Special Guest Ed Robertson of BareNaked Ladies


Our Special long weekend guest is Ed Robertson from Barenaked Ladies.

‘Detour de Force,’ is Barenaked Ladies’ 16th studio album.

Over the course of 33 years, the Toronto quartet has sold 15 million records worldwide and built up an arsenal of hits such as “If I Had $1,000,000,” “One Week,” “Pinch Me” and “The Big Bang Theory Theme.”

Ed Robertson, Jim Creeggan, Tyler Stewart, and Kevin Hearn are widely acknowledged as one of the best live acts on the planet, BNL has won eight Juno Awards and was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 2018.  Great!  Fine!  Bang ON.  I’ve got another word that I believe defines  The Ladies – “admirable.”

Here’s the thing.  These guys do NOT sit back on their past hits and success. They all continue to write and refine their songs, vocals, and performing.  They push each other to be even better.

Case in point. Three songs from the 14 on Detour de Force

You’ll certainly hear Flip/Good Life/Roll Out

But the  three tracks that show the craftsmanship of BNL are

New Disaster – deals with the dark cloud of snarly social opinions.

Paul Chambers – Yup. A song about the legendary bassist who played on and supported Miles Davis etc on Kind of Blue.  Jim Creeggan makes him a metaphor.

And then Kevin Hearn contributes Internal Dynamo the last track that starts like Pink Floyd, hangs a hard left into Rage Against The Machine territory, and finishes like something from The Beatles White Album.

Those are the three tracks we’ll play for you on Saturdays Mulligan Stew @ckuaradio.  The complete interview with Ed Robertson can be heard on The MulliganStew Podcast

And Hey- the playlist will absolutely get you rocking..

Starts with Elvis, Jerry Lee, Billy Cowsill singing Elvis and Rocket 88 – Live tracks from Elton John, Tom Petty, and the Heartbreakers, Little Feat, and  Van Morrison.

New Sue Foley, Los Lobos, Ranch Writers, William Prince, Frazey Ford &  Black Keys,



The Long Weekend Stew Special Guest – Ed Robertson BareNaked Ladies
Good Rockin Tonight Elvis A boy from Tupelo
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Rocket 88 Jackie Brenston 50 years of Alligator
Who will the next fool be? (live) Jerry Lee Lewis The Greatest Live Show on Earth
www.river-cafe.com www.deanehouse.com
Bennie and The Jets (live) Elton John Live Aid July 13 1985
Farmer John Los Lobos Native Sons
Hurricane Girl Sue Folley (Jimmy Vaughn) Pinky’s Blues
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Big Turk Ranch Writers Ranch Writers
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Ed Robertson – BNLadies Detour de Force
Live Well Barenaked Ladies Detour de Force
Ed Robertson – BNLadies Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
New Disaster Barenaked Ladies Detour de Force
Ed Robertson – BNLadies Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Paul Chambers Barenaked Ladies Detour de Force
Ed Robertson – BNLadies Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Internal Dynamo Barenaked Ladies Detour de Force

Mulligan Stew July 12th Jim & Devin Cuddy, Ed Robertson


Jim Cuddy

Jim Cuddy

devin cuddy 2

Devin Cuddy


Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Ed Robertson

Ed Robertson



North of Tofino off the coast of Vancouver Island lies a sensational old growth destination.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort.

At its basic it’s like camping in Central Park under high tents except the rooms and food and service comes from The Plaza Hotel.

Because the managing Director is John Caton and because he was the original manager of Blue Rodeo it’s not surprising to find Jim Cuddy, his son Devin and Ed Robertson from Barenaked Ladies all sharing the stage outside the main resort.

Wines supplied by Dave Mathews who’s on tour and unavailable.

I loved talking to both Cuddys together. It was great fun.

Ed Robertson BNL

Ed Robertson BNL

Ed Robertson from BNL brought humour and insight to our talk.

Devin has a great second album Kitchen Knife ready for release.

Jim’s coming to Edmonton folk fest with Blue Rodeo.

They’ll play  all of 5 days in July.

Hope u like it.


The show features a Moby sandwich

He starts and closes the show. Same track different versions.


A Perfect Life (live and Acoustic) Moby Almost Home. Live at The Fonda. LA
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Devin and Jim Cuddy Interview
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Ed Robertson BNLadies Interview
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Ed Robertson BNLadies Interview
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The Perfect Life (live) Moby Almost Home. Live at The Fonda. LA