Mulligan Stew July 20th, 2019- The Whole Stew!


Special Guest: Frazey Ford


Mulligan Stew July 20  2019
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EP 65 Jason Priestley Podcast


Everybody knows Jason Priestley. Beverly Hills 90210, the series he starred in for 10 years, is still running all over the world. This interview was done on Willie Mitchell’s fishing boat off Tofino alongside Naomi Priestley and their kids Ava and Dash. Terry talks to Jason about wine, the 90210 reboot, and his series Private Eyes.


July 20th, 2019- BC Chefs work to save our fishery and Cowichan Valley Wine Festival  


BC Chefs work to save our fishery and Cowichan Valley Wine Festival



 Three stories from Vancouver Island.

We start by heading back to the 13th annual BC Seafood Festival in Courtenay-Comox.


For some it’s a getaway weekend.


However, for those who want to get involved..there’s oyster shucking on a massive scale, cooking classes, a chef competition that loves  a vocal audience, gala dinners, brunch heaven plus you get to connect with your new favourite chef.

However, this year all the talk among the chefs was saving our fishery.


We are/were so spoiled on the West Coast. Our fishery was the envy of all.

Not anymore.

It’s been overfished and as a result it’s starting to affect the food chain for whales, orcas, eagles, bears  and feed fish.

Chef Ned Bell says we’re so used to getting the centre of the plate.  Spring and Coho salmon. It’s time to start working “the edges” of the fishery.  Sole, shellfish, sardines, herring.  Eating down the food chain.


Chefs have to convince their customers that if they order alternative fish they can help save the fishery we’ve come to love.

Ask questions. Know your fisherman.

Take a break from some species. Find a few fish. Pinks for one.

Responsible aquaculture starts to become very important.

So, really this sustainability comes from the chefs, the fishermen, first nations, fish farms AND

You and I. The customers.

Every one of the guest chefs had something to say to all of us.

Ask questions…know your fisherman..if your restaurant can’t tell you where your fish is from , don’t order it.

Here  we go:

  • Chef Ned Bell –  Executive Chef, Ocean Wise, Vancouver, BC;
  • Jean-Francis Quaglia, Exec Chef/Founder. Provence Marinaside
  • Nathan Fong, Executive Chef Producer of the BC Seafood Festival; Fong on Food
  • Ricardo Valverde, Exec Chef Ancora Vancouver and West Van.
  • Quang Dang Exec Chef Top Table Group
  • Ryan Bissell  Director of Food and Beverage Villa Eyrie Resort Malahat
  • Chris Andraza   Exec Chef  Fanny Bay Oyster Bar and Restaurant

The 2nd annual Cowichan Valley Wine Festival takes place August 23-25.

In order that you can pull off a master plan for the weekend..we have invited three local  influencers to join us on a park bench in Ladysmith for a chat about who, why and where you should be heading for the Cowichan.

Mike Nierychlo  Co-founder/Winemaker Emandare Vineyard  Duncan

Lorin Inglis   Manager Enrico Winery Mill Bay

Karen Elgersma  Tourism Cowichan

Mike,Karen and Lorin

For your master plan, here’s the layout of The  Cowichan Valley Wine Festival Aug. 23 – 25

Aug. 23     Party at the Pavilion Shawnigan Lake School 6pm – 8pm – Kick off Public Tasting

Aug. 24 – 25   Winery Tour Weekend

All local wineries will be hosting free tastings and events over the weekend.

Check with the winery websites for what they’re up to..

…and while we’re on Vancouver Island I had the distinct pleasure of tasting the wines of Brent Rowland from Averill Creek.

Brent Rowland winemaker

Brent creates the Averill portfolio but he’s also released two very special wines. They’re called Joue. There’s a Field Blend White and Field Blend Red…and unlike almost everyone  else in the BC wine business he puts the name field blend right on the label.

Brent has created wines all over the World. Alpha Box and Dice in Australia. By Farr in Australia, Calera in California, Escarpment in New Zealand and most recently at Pearl Morissette in Niagara

He wants these Joue wines to have perfume, poise, tension, elegance. Consummate wines.

“for me the field blend spirit is the clearest segue from the vineyard to the glass”

You’ll hear more of Brent’s creative  thoughts when we present The Field Blend Special in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime – check out these field blends from The Cowichan Valley




Jim Cuddy – Cuddy by Tawse Wines

A special feature on “field blends”

Fire Season in The Okanagan

Willie Mitchell & Brendan Morrison  speak out on their/our  role in saving fishery

Chris Tolley Moon Cursor

Fort Berens

Andrea Sartori and 121 years of Italian Winemaking

Jason Priestley – 90210 and his California wine.

July 6th, 2019- Tofino Two – The Industrial Way Artisans and The 17th Food and Wine Festival


It’s Tofino Two – The Industrial Way Artisans and The 17th Food and Wine Festival.



Last week’s show was all about  spending weekdays in Tofino.  The Chefs of Tofino / Ucluelet  and Willie Mitchell..The Prince of Tides.

 This week, it’s about the craft artisans on Industrial Way  (Charcuterie, Brewing, Spirits & a very popular bakery.)

Summit Bread Co

Then it’s off to the 17th annual Tofino Food and Wine Festival.  Most wine festivals take place in hotels, conventions centres and meeting rooms.  Not this one.


As always it takes place in the Tofino Botanical Gardens.

As you stroll to the many tasting stations you come to realize you’ve left the “gardens” behind and now you’re surrounded by a Rain Forest.

Surreal and very memorable.

I swear the location makes  the wines taste better.  Just saying!


As a stark contrast we start the show on Industrial Way in Tofino.


Like all other towns and cities, Tofino has an industrial area where craft businesses share space with construction equipment, fishing supplies, boat and floats.


As Tina Windsor from Picnic Charcuterie  says of Industrial Way  “there’s no point in putting lipstick on a pig.  It is what it is but still people seek us out.  It’s high class, low brow”

Besides Picnic, we’ll spend time discovering the people and the craft behind Tofino Brewing, Tofino Distillery and Summit Bakery.

Picnic Charcuterie


At the Tofino Food and Wine festival we’ll taste and talk with:

Kira Rogers The Food and Wine Fest  Producer, Culmina, Black Market, Pentage, Tantalus/Stoneboat/Summerhill/Township 7 and Burnt Timber.




Then a wonderful surprise,. I bumped into David Gouge  co-owner of Sea Star Vineyards. (Pender Island/Saturna Island)

and  got caught up on one of the really fine winery stories in BC.

 Today’s guests are:

From Industrial Way:

Tina Windsor – Picnic Charcuterie

Bryan O’Malley  – Tofino Brewing

Neil Campbell – Tofino Craft  Distillery

Brendan Foell/Cassidy McCaughan – Summit Bread Company

From 17th Tofino Food and Wine Festival

Kira Rogers – Producer

Sara Triggs – Culmina Vineyards

Rob Hammersley – Conviction Ridge Vineyard/Black Market Wine Co.

Paul Gardner – Pentage Wines

David Gouge – Sea Star Vineyards

Chris Smith (WayWestWines) – Tantalus, Burnt Timber, Summerhill, Township 7, Stoneboat.  





Jim Cuddy – Cuddy by Tawse Wines

A special feature on “field blends”

Fire Season in The Okanagan

BC Shellfish Festival / Courtenay-Comox

Cowichan Valley Wine Festival

Assorted Chefs, Willie Mitchell & Brendan Morrison  speak out on their/our  role in saving fishery

Chris Tolley Moon Cursor

Fort Berens

Andrea Sartori and 121 years of Italian Winemaking

Jason Priestley – 90210 and his California wine.


June 29th, 2019- 4 days in Tofino – ( Part One) The Chefs plus Ike & Willie




When someone says  “Go West ” Tofino is as far as you can go in Canada.

Originally  is was nick-named  “tough city” now shortened to “Tuff City”.  That’s because the road,  which was formidable, ended in Tofino.

For many years stories on this stunning coastline were about the surfing and fishing. Then it started to get noticed as a culinary destination. That’s because the  entire area was loaded with chefs. (The local food truck Tacofino became so popular they moved operations into Vancouver and now have 8 locations including Tofino.)

What’s remarkable is that there are less than 2,000 Toficians in town but almost 500 business licences.

Summer brings what feels like “The World.”  Walking miles of beaches, forest walks here are called forest bathing , swimming, surfing, fishing, diving  and dining have become part of the allure.

1909 Restaurant

This is part one of four days spent in and around Tofino.  Trying to answer the question, what’s Tofino like on a Wednesday or  Thursday?  Is it different from crazy times on the weekend?

Every guest on this show has a story to tell and one of them reveals a surprising announcement.

What doesn’t seem to change is the food and the accommodations.

I found both at the world famous Wickaninnish Inn.   I also discovered their new breathtaking “Howard’s Wine Cellar.”  That’s where we start.


Howards’ Wine Cellar at the Wick

 Guest Toficians  include:

Charles McDiarmid – Managing Director/Founding Family The Wickaninnish Inn

Ike Seaman – Director of Food & Beverage/Sommelier/The Howard Wine Cellar  The Wick

Ike Seaman,, Photo Credit: Michael Becker,

Executive Chef Carmen Ingham – The Pointe Restaurant , The Wick

Chef Carmen Ingham The Point

Chef/Owner/Author Lisa Ahier (eye-aye) – Sobo

Lisa Ahier – Sobo











Willie Mitchell – X-NHL, Partner/President at Tofino Resort and Marina

Willie Mitchell

Executive Chef Paul Moran – Top Chef Canada Winner  1909 Restaurant at Tofino Resort and Marina

Chef Paul Moran

Chef Warren Barr and Lilly Verney-DowneyPluvio Restaurant & Rooms  Ucluelet

Warren and Lilly Plovio


(NEXT WEEK  -Part Two features craft artisans on Industrial Road and The Annual Tofino Food and Wine festival)



Jim Cuddy – Cuddy by Tawse Wines

A special feature on “field blends”

Fire Season in The Okanagan

Tofino Part Two – Includes food and wine festival

BC Shellfish Festival / Courtenay-Comox

Cowichan Valley Wine Festival

Chefs speak out on their/our  role in saving fishery

Chris Tolley Moon Cursor

Fort Berens

Andrea Sartori and 121 years of Italian Winemaking


June 22nd, 2019- Charles Smith: Jet City Rose Experience in Seattle!


Charles Smith ‘s Third Jet City Rose Experience in Seattle.

( Ann Sperling stays home and makes New Direction wines)



Charles Smith – Founder Wines of Substance

Charlie is the founder of Washington’s largest winemaker owned winery and the 4th largest wine producer in Washington State.

Charles Smith

He created and then sold Charles Smith Wines, and five other wines to Constellation.

His new  company, Wines of Substance made 53 different wines last year in their Seattle Jet City facility. 51 were single varietal.

Today he has a portfolio that includes

 K Vintners – The original. Royal City. The Creator. The Boy.

SIXTO – High Elevation Chards. Uncovered, Moxee Vineyard, Frenchman Hills

CasaSmith –  Italian inspired. CasaSmith Sangiovese, Barbera, Primitivo

Substance – Cabernet Sauvignon is the star.

B Leighton  –  By winemaker Brennon Leighton. From Olsen Hills in Yakima.

Wines of Substance showcases Charles Smith’s dedication to producing the very best  wines. From vineyard to glass.

Charles built and opened Jet City in Seattle.  It’s the largest urban winery on the West Coast.

When I saw the artists that would take the stage in the cellar..Rev Horton Heat and Har Mar Superstar – I realized none of my questions or their answers would be heard.

Guests from this wild ride include

Charles Smith

Chef Stuart Lane

Andrew Latta – Latta Wines


Ann Sperling –  Winemaker Sperling Vineyards

Sperling Vineyards (Tourism Kelowna)

Note – Sperling Vineyards 2015 Old Vines Riesling Estate Bottled.  95 Points Decanter Wine Awards.  The only Gold medal winning still wine from BC

 A true original.

Ann Sperling creates wines in Ontario, Nova Scotia and most importantly in her family’s home vineyard in Kelowna at a special piece of land called Pioneer Ranch.

It was established and planted in 1929.

Ann grew up in those vineyards but found herself pulled away as more and more vineyards sought her expertise.

She spent several years at Cedar Creek. Then headed back East to the organic and biodynamic vines of Southbrook Vineyards in  Niagara.

Ann Sperling

Finally in 2008 Ann and her immediate family members decided to launch  Sperling Vineyards at Pioneer Ranch. we are 11 years later and the wines are  pushing the outer edges of what we know BC wine to be.  Wines to keep an eye on.

Their portfolio has specific series called Heritage, Market and Late Harvest/Icewine.

The one series that is really game breaking is The Vision Series of wines.

That’s what Ann and I are going to be talking about .

Organic Natural Amber Pinot Gris 2017 – Like no other Pinot Gris you’ve tasted. Orange and made from 40% whole cluster, 40% whole berry and 20% pressed juice. Nothing added. Nothing taken away.

Vision Chardonnay  2016 (BC Left Gov Award)  . Large French Oak barrels. Minerality and structure.

Organic Pinot Noir 2014 – Hand harvested Dijon clones  144. 777. 828

And the star of the show  Speritz Pet Nat 2018.  (Love and Labour)



Perle of Csaba grapes planted in 1934 – Honouring the Past.

8.3% alcohol.  No fining, No filtration. Wild ferment. Bottled with lees.


Seek and enjoy!!


Many thanks to our great pal Tim Meeks, who suggested this event and ferried  us around Seattle!



Tofino Food and Wine

A special feature on “field blends”

Fire Season in The Okanagan

The Wickaninnish Inn opens a spectacular cellar

Tofino mid-week experience. Chefs and more chefs

BC Shellfish Festival / Courtenay-Comox

Cowichan Valley Wine Festival

Chefs speak out on their/our  role in saving fishery


June 15th, 2019- Top Drop 2019- Victoria



The press release came in loud and clear.

For the very first time Top Drop was coming to Victoria.

Frankly, that’s all I needed to know.

I’ve been happily covering this small wildly successful wine gathering for
Six Years but Top Drop in Victoria is a whole other event. Why? Because
Victoria is a great wine town.

TOP DROP is Vancouver based so they needed a Victoria Host. Turns out the
Vessel crew have been watching this independent, craft wine festival seed
and grow in Vancouver, and spread to Calgary in 2018. This was their year to
launch it in Victoria for ONE DAY .

Victoria International Marina

Top Drop is an opportunity to celebrate authenticity in farming, terroir
and wine, with winery principals from around the globe.

Mirroring Top Drop Vancouver and Calgary’s flagship experience, the public
event is a walk around, grazing-style tasting where attendees enjoy sips
and stories from the principals of international and local wineries. There
has never before been a wine tasting of this scope and caliber in Victoria.

For me and TRR, the voice and face of Top Drop has always been Kurtis Kolt.
Wine educator and Wine writer for the Georgia Straight.

Kurtis and TD

Because of the foul weather, Kurtis and his partners were delayed in
Vancouver and could not attend while I was there.

Once again Kurtis Kolt and his partner Jeff Curry and a sensational team
have convinced some of the very best winemakers to pour at Top Drop.

What they have in common is craft and care!

In Kurtis’ column in the Georgia Straight he said this:

“Each year, our process begins the same. Our team casts out a wide net to
British Columbia-based importers and wineries, asking for winery
applications to participate in the event. First and foremost, Top Drop
wineries must fit with our general philosophy: that wines, indeed, express
terroir or offer a sense of place.

Whether we’re talking vines grown in mineral-rich soils or under
cool-climate growing conditions bringing bright acidity or in sun-drenched
regions offering generous, opulent fruit and so on, we want those elements
to be notable in the glass and for them to have arrived there authentically,
rather than via heavy-handed additions in the winery.

Sustainable farming is also key. There is a high priority on those who
employ these methods while farming their own fruit or who work with growers
who fit the mold.”

Winemaking Guests in Victoria:

(Check them out – Winners All!!)

Ross Borland Managing Partner/Vessel Liquor Victoria

Mitch Renaud Asst manager Vessel Liquor Victoria

Rhys Pender (MW) Little Farm/Similkameen Valley

Angus Thomson Urlar/ Gladstone NZ

Kelsey Rufiange – Echo Bay/OK Falls

Grant Biggs – Kitsch wines/Kelowna

Tyler Knight = Lightening Rock/Summerland

Larry Gerelus – Stags Hollow/OK Falls

Michael Shindler – A Sunday in August/Similkameen Valley

Dan Wright – Unsworth/Cowichan Valley



Ann Sperling Making new direction wines at Sperling Vineyards

Tofino Food and Wine

Charles Smith and Rose Gathering/Jet City Seattle

A special feature on “field blends”

Fire Season in The Okanagan

The Wickaninnish Inn opens a spectacular cellar

Tofino mid-week experience. Chefs and more chefs

BC Shellfish Festival / Courtenay-Comox

Cowichan Valley Wine Festival

June 8th, 2019 – Bloom 2019 in Victoria


BC’s VQA Wineries showcase Spring/Summer wines at Bloom 2019 in Victoria



Wine fans across Canada and now around the world are increasingly aware of
what British Columbians have known for years – BC produces some
of the world’s most unique and in some cases very best wines

* Each year BC wineries contribute $2.8 billion
annually to the provincial economy and welcome more than 1,000,000

* There are more than 10,499 acres under vine in British Columbia with
nine geographical indications (GIs) and two sub-geographical indications
(sub-GIs): Okanagan Valley, Similkameen Valley, Fraser Valley, Vancouver
Island, the Gulf Islands, Thompson Valley, Lillooet, Shuswap, and Kootenays.
Two sub-GIs include Golden Mile Bench and Okanagan Falls, and fall within
the larger Okanagan Valley GI.

Every Spring the wineries select their showcase wines, hit the road and
gather in Vancouver and Victoria. It’s the perfect opportunity for wine
lovers to kick off the season, celebrate new wine releases, meet the actual
makers of these wines and reconnect with those who share the same passion.

This feature is for those who attended and wanted to make further notes on
their experience.(which can be a busy blur)

However, it’s really for those of you who didn’t get to taste and make


As a public service and for “research purposes” we hit the floor of the
Crystal Ballroom in downtown Victoria and tasted our way through some 40

As always, we simply didn’t have time to talk to everyone. So we sought out
winemakers, owners and growers who took the time away from home and vines to
join us.

The Team

Very much appreciated.

If you are confused by the growing number of BC wines available we truly
hope this week’s show helps you find your Wine of the Year or at least The

There is one special story here.

Michael Mosny was winemaking in Slovakia when he became a fan of Hollywood
and Vines TV co-hosted by Jason Priestley and myself. When he and his wife
Martina saw Jason and I visiting vineyards in The Okanagan it helped inform
the decision to move here. Years later we finally get to meet.

Michael and Martina Mosny Winemakers Cut

Thank You to
Kimberly Hundertmark – BC Wine Institute

Guests  this week include:

Joe Luckhurst – GM. Road 13 (Golden Mile)

2018 Canadian Winery of the Year

Joe Luckhurst

Stefan Arnason – Head Winemaker Poplar Grove/Monster Wines (Naramata Bench)

Michael Mosny Winemaker and Co-Owner Winemakers Cut (Oliver)

Bobby Gidda – Owner and President Volcanic Hills (West Kelowna)

Jeff Hundertmark – Head Winemaker Mt Boucherie (West Kelowna)

Jeff Hundertmark Mt Boucherie

Tim Turyk – Proprietor Unsworth Vineyards (Cowichan Valley, Vancouver

Tim Turyk Unsworth

Bob Johnson – Owner Baillie-Grohman (Creston Valley/Kootenays)

Richard Da Silva – Proprietor and Vigneron Da Silva/Misconduct (Naramata

Richard Da Silva Da Silva Wines

Jody Switt – Hillside Wines (Naramata Bench)


Tofino Food and Wine

Top Drop 2019 Victoria

Charles Smith and Rose Gathering Jet City Seattle

A special on “field blends”

Fire Season in The Okanagan

The Wickaninnish Inn reopens a spectacular cellar

Tofino mid-week experience

BC Shellfish Festival

Cowichan Valley Wine Festival

June 1st, 2019- THE THIRD ANNUAL BC CIDER FEST… Bigger and Better!




The third annual BC Cider Week, took place from April 27th to May 5th.

This week long craft cider celebration saw many cider events, tastings and
festivities throughout British Columbia with tasting events from Kelowna to
Vancouver Island, including tap takeovers, cider pairing meals, and much
more throughout the week.

The highlight for me and many others is the final event. The gathering of up
to 40 Cideries at The Pipe Shop foot of Lonsdale in North Vancouver.

It’s one of the buildings my father Pat worked in during WW2.

The first interview had to be with Shawn Pisio, who co-founded the B.C.
Cider Festival three years ago.

Glenn Ennis, Lynn Colliar and the Geo Team

Just how popular is this event? It sells out within minutes.

Cider is going through the very same revolution that craft beers did 10-15
years ago.

The opportunity to grow more cider apples in B.C. is unlimited, but BC is
already home to many excellent craft cideries.

One of the cideries we interviewed was Twin Island Cider on Pender Island.
They were voted most popular Cidery at this event.

Finally, for those of you who still think that ciders are not for you
because they’re too sweet or something…FORGET ABOUT IT..

It’s a whole new world out in the orchard.


Our guests are:

Shawn Pisio – Txotx/ Co-Founder

Russ Johnson – Owner/Cidermaker Truck 59 Kelowna

Sydney Bottomley – Asst Cidermaker Broken Ladder Kelowna

Nick Farrer – Founder The Bricker Cider Co Sechelt

Mike Lachelt – Co-owner/Cidermaker Salt Spring Wild SS Island

Mathew Vasilev Co-Owner Twin Island Cider Pender Island

David Schneider – Persephone Brewing Gibson’s BC

Kathleen van der Ree – Northyards Cider – Squamish

Mike Petkau – Nomad Handcrafted Cider – Summerland

Glenn Ennis – Owner Geo Cider Co – Squamish

Lynn Colliar – Geo Cider Squamish

Jeff Nairn – Co-Founder Windfall East Van

Photos by Linda C


Melissa Etheridge and Cannabis infused wine

Bloom in Victoria

Top Drop in Victoria

A special on field blends

Fire Season in The Okanagan

Rose Day June 8th

Charles Smith in Jet City Seattle (Rose all day)

Tofino Food and Wine festival

The Wick reopens a spectacular cellar

Tofino mid-week

May 25th, 2019 – New Zealand Pure Discovery 2019


New Zealand Pure Discovery 2019


New Zealand is recognised as one of the world’s premium wine regions,
mainly due to the success of their Marlborough region Sauvignon Blanc


This explosive varietal introduced the world to New Zealand Wine.

In 2019 they would like to celebrate the success of their famous white
through sub-regional expressions as well as showcase the lesser known
varieties such as Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Rose.

Several weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to “speed date” a handful of
New Zealand Winemakers as they passed through Vancouver. I sat at a desk and
they showed up one at a time..each with a wine in hand.

Frankly, it was a blur.

In listening back to the discussions several things became clear.

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is World Class but now it’s time to check out
sub regions of the North and South islands.

Simon Toneycliffe GM Whitehaven. (Marlborough’s Golden Mile)

Simon Toneycliffe WhiteHaven

Whitehaven wines are grown, crafted and bottled in Marlborough. Each wine is
a powerful, elegant and consistent expression of Marlborough’s classical
wine styles. The white label is the flagship. Their growth has been nothing
short of fantastic.

Whitehaven has been successfully exporting to the United States since 2004
when its first shipment totaled just 5,000 cases. In 2015 Whitehaven
celebrated the export of its millionth case of wine to the US.

Canada is showing the same kind of growth.

The reason is simple. Affordable World class wines.

Wayne Leadbetter – VP Sales Te Awanga Wines (Hawkes Bay)

Wayne Leadbetter Te Awanga

Planted 25 years ago by a group of friends in one of Hawke’s Bay’s oldest
wine growing areas, they dreamt of making the region’s greatest wines.
They say they’re still working on it but believe their vineyard, right by
the coast truly captures something unique.

Sitting on an elevated site in the Te Awanga foot hills, the cellar door has views down through our vines,
across the Te Awanga basin and out to the Pacific Ocean. Spectacular.

Syrah and Chardonnay are exceptional.

Jim Robertson Global Wine Ambassador NZ Brands – Stoneleigh/Pernod Ricard

Jim Robertson – Stoneleigh

Stoneleigh Vineyard is situated in the heart of the Rapaura area on the
northern side of the Wairau valley in Marlborough, New Zealand. The ‘Golden
Mile’ of vineyards.

Stoneleigh takes its name from the stones that cover the
vineyard – land that’s now home to some of the oldest grafted Sauvignon
Blanc blocks in Marlborough.

The stones store and reflect the sun’s heat up into the vines, enhancing the ripening process and contributing to the
unique taste of Stoneleigh wines.

Jim travels the World – a natural storyteller and what a story. NZ wines
are recognized the World over. <>

Joel Watson – Winemaker at Luna (Martinborough)

Joel Watson – Luna

Luna Estate has been lovingly renovated and transformed into one of
Martinborough’s premier wineries.

While their main love is Pinot Noir, they also produce elegant Pinot Meunier Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot
Gris, Chardonnay, and Syrah. It’s almost impossible to capture how
passionate Joel Watson is about NZ winemaking and Luna. It shows in his

A fierce believer in Martinborough.

Rory Crawford – Loveblock (Wellington)

Loveblock is the home of Erika and Kim Crawford. Yup, the same Kim Crawford
who sold his namesake winery and Loveblock is what they did with the money,

This 180 acre (72 hectare) vineyard is perched on top of the hills
overlooking the Awatere Valley above Wellington..

The site is perfect for growing premium aromatic white varietals. Due to the
strong winds, the vine growth is slow and they tend to get very small
berries giving high aromatic concentration in the wine.

The main vineyard area produces Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris
predominantly, as well as Pinot Blanc, Tempranillo, Gewurztraminer, Chenin
Blanc and of course, Riesling.

Hamish McRae – Forrest and The Doctors (Marlborough)

Hamish McRae – Forrest & The Doctors

The vineyard of Doctors John and Brigid Forrest.

Forrest Wines – The first vintage for Forrest Wines came in 1990 when an
over-filled red wine fermenter “accident” resulted in a trophy-winning
Merlot Rosé.
Fast forward almost 30 years; many awards and accolades, 5 labels and
vineyards across the country. Forrest is set for generations.

Forrest is all Marlborough.

The Doctors – The Doctors’ range is about innovation and excellence.
New grape varieties, alternative winemaking techniques and select parcels of
fruit all qualify to create very special wines under this unique label. <>



2019 BC Cider festival

Melissa Etheridge and Cannabis infused wine

Bloom in Victoria

Top Drop in Victoria

A special on field blends

Fire Season in The Okanagan

Rose Day June 8th