EP 292 | Alan Doyle Interview and New Album ‘Welcome Home’

Feb 9th Alan Doyle releases his next album Welcome Home

Feb 10 he guests on Mulligan Stew

“I have always struggled with the middle ground. I love playing live so much and I have rightly been accused of writing songs more for concerts than albums. Most people who come to my shows want that kind of night out. So, I have overlooked the lower and slower: The lower part of my vocal range and the slower songs. I’m letting myself do that for the first time on this record.”

Alan’s 6th solo album and 20th of his career. Alan is celebrating 30 years in music.

He’s been co-writinbg songs for Welcome Home with Donovan Woods, Jimmy Rankin and actor Oscar Isaac.

Alan starts a 45-night North American tour Feb 20 with 2 nights in Kelowna.

Feb 29 – Edmonton  N Jube

March 1  Calgary  S Jube

March 9 Massey Hall

Alan Doyle is a first-class storyteller who takes us through the songs and stories.

We talk about Tell Tale Harbour the play he produced.

Also was totally involved in The Tribute to Ron Hynes Album

And he has yet another best-selling book coming.

The beautiful Alan Doyle and his beautiful,  beautiful band charging into 2024. At CKUA