EP 257 | It’s Festival Time in the West!!! Are you in?

All  5 guests are Artistic Directors of their folk festivals.

Four are in a group discussion about surviving the Covid years, this year’s artist lineups and celebrating the renewal of live music. The fifth is a single interview with Terry Wickham,  Artistic Director of the Edmonton Folk Fest.

Yes, they’re all competitors but they’re also participants and partners. So when Covid and lockdown took over our world they formed a group to help and support each other.

The guests are

Fiona Black –  Vancouver Folk Music Festival (July 14-16) Thefestival.bc.ca

Chris Frayer –  Winnipeg Folk Fest. (July 6-9) Winnipegfolkfestival.ca  

Sue Panning – Canmore Folk Festival (Aug 5-7) Canmorefolkfestival.com

Kerry Clarke – Calgary Folk Fest (July 27-30)  Calgaryfolkfest.com 

Terry Wickham – Edmonton Folk Fest (Aug 10-13) Edmontonfolkfest.org 

We’ll find out how Vancouver Folk Fest survived the near collapse of their festival.

How they all worked together, as a community, to support one another.

Also, their talent lineup and who they think could steal the show.

Make your plans …Summer and festival Season is upon us.

Thanks all