EP 231 | Rebecca and Megan Lovell – Larkin Poe

Rebecca and Megan Lovell are Larkin Poe  –  “we are students of the blues”

Georgia Born – Nashville Based.

Friday they released their 6th studio album Blood Harmony

When I hear the title,  I think of the sound of their voices – together!

Just like all of the great ones…

The Every Brothers

The Beach Boys

Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart

Neville Brothers.

Wood Brothers

Staple Singers.

Bros. Landreth

Brothers Gibb

What they all have in common is family and the blood ties that go with it.

Sisters and Brothers have always made exceptional music – usually because they started as kids in grade school and worked at their harmonies as they grew up.  It’s second nature – like breathing.

The bonus with Larkin Poe is they play like they sing..and walk a fine line between roots, blues, rock, and gospel.

Rebecca and Megan bring with them stories and kind words about Canadian festivals and audiences.

After all, they talk about being True North in their music. When explained that those words are in the Canadian Anthem, they celebrate the connection.

Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast and video version on Terry David Mulligan YouTube Channel

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