Mulligan Stew Nov 5th 2022- Barney Bentall and Caribou Express plus Doug and the Slugs Documentary

Barney Bentall guests in the first hour

Barney Bentall and the Caribou Express are touring through the West. Raising serious money for Food Banks and city/town support groups.

They do it every year. They have raised over 4 Million dollars!!

Barney says putting this group together and keeping it focused is  “like a goat rodeo”

This year the goats are

  • Kirby Barber
  • Dustin Bentall
  • Ridley Bent
  • Wendy Bird
  • Stephanie Cadman
  • Wild Honey
  • Leeroy Stagger
  • Matt Masters
  • Geoff Kelly

Dates include

  • Calgary Friday Nov 4
  • Saturday Nov 5  St Albert (Arden)
  • Monday Nov 7 Lethbridge
  • Tuesday 8th – Sherwood Park
  • Nov 16/17/18  Sydney BC (Vancouver Island)
  • Nov 19 – Vancouver (Vogue)
  • Nov 26 – Kamloops (Barney and Dustin with Blue Rodeo)

Barney also brings  tunes from his last two albums

Cosmic Dreamer and Ranch Writers (with Geoffrey Kelly)

Hour Two is a visit with Director Teresa Alfeld and original Slug Simon Kendall.

The film is a documentary Doug and the Slugs and Me.  The Me is Teresa.

The doc is working its way through film festivals and will soon appear on CBC Gem.

It’s been said if there never had been a Doug and the Slugs there would have been no BareNaked Ladies. One of those speakers was Steven Paige former BareNaked Lady.

Led by the charming and clever writer/artist man Doug Bennett, The Slugs cut a swath through a sea of really average 80’s bands to become the darlings of Canada’s music charts. Lots of hits. One after the other.

They sold out all 40 of their Commodore Ballroom gigs.

So….what happened to The Slugs and Doug Bennett?  That’s the bittersweet and complex story of this film.

Doug Bennett died at age 52 in 2004. The music lives on.


Director Teresa Alfred grew up next door  to the Bennett household and watched the very beginnings  of The Slugs. In making the film, she came to realize there was so much more to the story.


Appearing in the doc are

Sir Bob Geldof

Ed the Sock

Bif Naked

Ron Sexsmith

Steven Paige

And yours truly.


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