EP 218 | Tom Wilson and Colin Linden-Blackie And The Rodeo Kings

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings.

The name alone gets your attention. I mean, they all wear black suits. So, you may ask, which one is Blackie.

They are all Blackie.

Stephen Fearing, has a fine solo career with a seriously growing fan base, outstanding critical reviews and he’s a Blackie.

Tom Wilson is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, artist, and author. A bear of a human, a Mohawk soul, and a good man.

Colin Linden is a music lifer. He’s doing what his head and heart told him to do. Starting when he was perhaps 8.

Colin left Canada fully formed and famous,  for Nashville and set up his studio. He’s been making music ever since. Solo career, writing, creating, and producing Blackie music.  Produced Keb’ Mo’s Grammy album. Produced the last 8 Bruce Cockburn Albums.

Toured as part of Bob Dylan’s band.

So Blackie is Stephen, Tom and Colin. Together, in spirit, in spirituality, and bound by 12 notes and the truth.

New album is O Glory: Lost those blues again

(Stephen spent a great deal of time teaching in the Maritimes this Summer. Was not available for our Zoom interview)

The zoom video can be seen and heard on our terrydavidmulligan YouTube Channel