EP 187 | Benjamin Cleary Writer, Director ‘Swan Song’


In the recently released film Swan Song,  Oscar winner  Mahershala Ali plays Cameron, an illustrator involved in a happy marriage,   father of one with another on the way.  He’s also terminally ill. This being the future, a medical procedure exists which allows Cameron to be cloned and have his memories and DNA  implanted in the clone. The clone then returns to Cameron’s wife Naomie Harris and family, so that they don’t have to deal with the grief of losing him.

In his first leading role, Mahershala Ali takes on a demanding role. Playing both  Cameron and his clone. Taking the stereotypical double role, he shaped it with such an amazing level of sensitivity and genuine craft, that he matched his work in his Oscar-winning Moonlight and The Green Book roles. He’ll very likely be in the middle of the Critics Choice and Oscar races yet again.

Swan Song also stars Glenn Close, Adam Beach, Awkwafina and is written for the screen and directed by our guest this week  Academy Award winner Benjamin Cleary