EP 156 | Holger Petersen – Doctor of Blues

Our CKUA Radio Network Neighbour has always been Holger Petersen’s Natch’l  Blues.

It’s the greatest lead-in any show could have. Two hours of blues.

Holger celebrated 50 years of Hosting Natch’l Blues in 2019

But that’s not all Holger has accomplished.

He co-founded Edmonton Folk Festival

Co-founded Stoney Plain Records. (Over 400 releases)

Founded Alberta Music

Sat on Board of Directors for Socan

Inducted into  Folk DJ Hall of Fame  in New Orleans

1st non-American to win Best Public Broadcaster.

Hosts Saturday Night Blues on CBC

Now Holger has been awarded The Alberta Order of Excellence.

And he’s our guest on the Mulligan Stew Podcast. Amazing storyteller.

Here’s the complete interview with the iconic Holger Petersen.  Doctor of Blues