March 21st, 2020 – Impact of COVID19 on the Food and Wine Industry

Impact of COVID19 on the Food and Wine Industry

Welcome. We hope this finds  you  all well and safe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives.

Imagine what effect its had on the food and wine businesses we know and love.

I reached out to as many owners and winemakers as I could find in a single day in the hope that their answers could become your answers.

The basic questions were:

How are you doing and how is your business handling this crisis?

How can we, the consumer help sustain your business?

Suggestions?  Ideas? Are you open and if so, under what restrictions?

 This will be the first of several specials  I hope to do over the next couple of weeks.

 I would like to thank the guests below for stepping forward to offer insight, suggestions and support!

One thought stood out from this collective thinking.  They are talking to the food and wine fan yes BUT they’re also strongly talking to the businesses involved.

If you have a restaurant or winery please have a listen to these guests..perhaps some of their ideas will start to become a new direction for you.

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 Today’s guests are:

 Chef Robert Belcham – President of the Chef’s Table Society of BC  (Vancouver)

Exec Chef Mark Filatow – Waterfront Wines and Wine Bar (Kelowna)

Sandra Oldfield – Founder Elysian Projects  (South Okanagan)

Sandra Oldfield

Miles Prodan – President and CEO of BC Wine Institute (Kelowna)

John Skinner – Founder of Painted Rock Winery and member of Okanagan Wine Imitative (OK Falls)

John Skinner

James Iranzad – Partner in Gooseneck Hospitality (Wildebeest, Bufala, Lucky Taco, Bells & Whistles) (Vancouver)

Tim Meeks – Food and Wine Fan and  Senior Nurse   (Seattle)

Tim Meeks

Jean-Benoit Deslauriers – Head Winemaker Benjamin Bridge – (Gaspereau Valley Nova Scotia)

Michael Bartier – Founder/Winemaker Bartier Brothers Wines (South Okanagan)

Michael Bartier


Virus Crisis – Part Two

Revisiting projects that have been cancelled because of Virus.

OK Falls pours in Vancouver

Locals Only in Vancouver

Top Drop – Victoria


Swirl and untapped in Parksville

Mexico’s  Senior Mescal Master Sosima Olivera

Stay well