October 12th, 2019- COWICHAN VALLEY WINEMAKERS –  Crush Pad Sessions in Cow Valley.  




The Cowichan Valley Wine Festival came and went.  I missed it due to a road trip.

However, it’s an ongoing story that I just couldn’t pass up. Many thanks for photos to: Corey & Heather Wood


By all accounts, it was a huge success,  with many comments about the “new faces” showing up.

A whole new wine fan has discovered this  region just North of Victoria on Vancouver Island!


Let’s face it, if you’re not The Okanagan Valley, you just have to try harder to get people’s  attention.

That’s exactly what Cowichan  Valley is doing.

I sent a message to Mike Nierychlo at Emandare to ask if he could wrangle a gaggle of winemakers all in one spot to get caught up on 2019.

Wrangle he did. On the crush pad at Emandare. (And he even brought the sandwiches)

I will admit that during the last interview with Joe Busnardo I had real trouble understanding what he was saying..his accent was thick and he really rambled. I just kept nodding and smiling. I hope you do better with Joe. He’s a real treat!

Today’s guests are:

Mike Nierychlo –  Winemaker/co-owner Emandare  https://www.emandarevineyard.com/

Brent Rowland – Winemaker at Averill Creek and joue https://www.averillcreek.ca/

Garrett Deol– The next winemaker at Deolhttp://www.deolestatewinery.com/

Zack Brown – co-owner/winemaker at Alderlea http://www.alderlea.ca/

Mark Holford – co-owner/winemaker at Rocky Creek http://www.rockycreekwinery.ca/

Marilyn Venturi – co-proprietor at Venturi Schulze https://www.venturischulze.com/

Lorin Englis – GM at Enrico https://www.enricowinery.com/

Dan Wright – Winemaker at Unsworth https://www.unsworthvineyards.com/

Michael Abbott – Vineyard Manager/Raisin Rancher  at Blue Grouse https://www.bluegrouse.ca/

Joe Busnardo –  Winemaker/owner/legend at Divino http://www.divinowine.ca/




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