Mulligan Stew Sept 23rd 2023-Guests Marc Jordan and Anna McGarrigle (The Girl in the Red Beret)

The first guest is singer/songwriter/composer Marc Jordan.

He and his love Amy Sky were show-stopping guests on the 2023 CKUA Juno Couch.

Then,  they were singing songs from their nominated album  He Sang. She Sang.

Now Marc returns to The Stew with his latest solo gem, Waiting for the Sun to Rise.


Marc continues his journey through his jazz-influenced songbook..getting cooler and more focused by the year.

Tracks like Rio Grande (with Randy Brecker), and Tears for Fears’ Everybody Wants to Rule the World. And the standout Coltrane Plays the Blues.

A small suggestion when listening to Marc Jordan play and sing. The songs invite you to – LEAN IN.

Jordan and Sky are both national UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors for Canada.

Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast.  The video version on the TDM YouTube

There’s a second guest on this week’s Stew. A brief visit with Anna McGarrigle (from the much-loved duo Kate and Anna McGarrigle)

In 1975 Anna wrote an amazing song called Complainte Pour Ste Catherine..  Initially as a B side for a single about Henri Richard and the Habs.

It was then rerecorded for their first self-titled album and became one of those rare songs that just stays with the listener no matter what age. It also became a hit.

It’s now the centrepiece for a  National  Film Board animated short  The Girl in the Red Beret.

Not so much about Ste. Catherine Street in Montreal but underneath it in the subway.

The song is sung by Kate’s daughter Martha  Wainwright and Anna’s daughter Lily Lanken.


The screenings take place on Tuesday, Sept 26 at the Edmonton International  Film Festival and Sunday the 24th at  Calgary International Film Festival.


In Edmonton Sept 26 : Muttart Theatre at the Stanley Milner at 12:10 (Lunchbox series)

In Calgary  Sunday 4 PM at Eau Claire 1 (Radiant Jewels Shorts) 


Details at



A longer version of the Anna McGarrigle interview will run on a future Stew and Podcast.

We’ll celebrate the birthdays of Ray Charles and Bruce Springsteen

 We’ll remember Bob Marley’s last concert. For the hour donors, we’ll bundle a September Harvest theme

With Neil Young, Earth, Wind and Fire and Frazey Ford.

We’ll salute the Canadians playing at Clapton’s Crossroads Festival tonight in LA.


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