Mulligan Stew Sept 9th 2023-Special Guest Ariel Posen

The Sept 9 Mulligan Stew has a special guest – Ariel Posen.

He’s just achieving liftoff in his career but there’s absolutely no denying he has a profile arc heading up.

A session guitarist in Winnipeg (I saw him as the second guitarist in Bros. Landreth. If Ariel is  playing beside Joey Landreth and more than  holding his own, you know he is good)

He began his career quietly showcasing new guitars online for the companies making them.

He had no idea the effect he was having on the guitar and music fans of the world, especially in Europe.

So. when he finally decided to start his solo career and released his first album How Long  (2019)  Ariel was gobsmacked to find a ready and willing audience in Europe and across Canada, then in the USA.

Then came Headway, Mile End, Mile End 2, Familiar Ground, the Downtown EP and just now Reasons Why.

He’s touring Canada

Sept 26th in Calgary

Sept 27 in Edmonton

Sept 28 in Saskatoon

Sept 29 Winnipeg  (home town)

BUT FIRST – On Sept 23 he performs at the 2023 Eric Clapton Crossroads Festival in LA.

Also invited by Eric are The Bros. Landreth. Also from Winnipeg.



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